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Drama, Biography, History, War
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Steven Spielberg


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Liam Neeson as Oskar Schindler
Ben Kingsley as Itzhak Stern
Ralph Fiennes as Amon Goeth
Caroline Goodall as Emilie Schindler
Jonathan Sagall as Poldek Pfefferberg (as Jonathan Sagalle)
Embeth Davidtz as Helen Hirsch
Malgoscha Gebel as Wiktoria Klonowska
Shmuel Levy as Wilek Chilowicz (as Shmulik Levy)
Mark Ivanir as Marcel Goldberg
Andrzej Seweryn as Julian Scherner
Friedrich von Thun as Rolf Czurda
Krzysztof Luft as Herman Toffel
Harry Nehring as Leo John
Schindler's List Storyline: Oskar Schindler is a vainglorious and greedy German businessman who becomes an unlikely humanitarian amid the barbaric Nazi reign when he feels compelled to turn his factory into a refuge for Jews. Based on the true story of Oskar Schindler who managed to save about 1100 Jews from being gassed at the Auschwitz concentration camp, it is a testament for the good in all of us.
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Film on the happenings of the Holocaust.
Excellent filmography, the film just gets better with age and as it progresses. Extremely deep and meaningful and the casting was phenomenal, music choices were great and the overall feel of the film was emotional. There were many great choices made by all parties, being the director and actors as well as the designers. All these parts inside the film made me as an audience member feel as though i was really there experiencing these tragedies. The use of black and white was very powerful and showed how dreadful these things were, the end had a very dense and intense core and I loved it, highly recommended for any fan of this genre.
Good tragic story
this one of the most tragic stories; it is worth watching and one of the best movies from the last 25 years, warning its emotional, filled with historical knowledge, this movie is truly a one of a kind, a Masterpiece, simply Brilliant! Easily a Classic! Actors should be proud. Deserving of its audience, response and awards as its ability to reach our emotions is unbelievable, I am glad to have the privilege to be able to watch it. I recommend this to everyone, but will only appeal to an audience of older age. Quality of picture is great. A movie not for the emotionally weak, a Spielberg great like E.T.....................
Schneider's List - Terrible
Schneider's List would have to be the shittest comedy movies I have ever sceen the fact its called Schneider's List but doesn't actually feature Robert Schneider is f-cked up. The film is f--king re-tarted I went in with the zig zags and the chromosome dust thinking it was an autobiography about Robert Schneider but it ended up being about Seth Rogens f--king Jewish heritage don't waste your time or money with this film. Stay gold Adam Sandler - Owen Wilson
Is Oskar Shindler a good guy or a bad guy?
In Shindler's list, Oskar is faced with many obstacles in getting workers for his factory. Oskar is an all around good guy. He helped Jews get jobs, he helped them become better people, and he saved their lives. Without Oskar many of those Jews would not have survived the Holocaust. After a train full of women arrived in Auswtiz by mistake, Oskar did everything he could to try to get them back to the factory, and he succeeded. He realized what was going on at the concentration camps and decided to make a list of people to take with him back to the factory. He kept his workers there as long as he could, even though some might be too young or be missing a limb, he gave them life. Oskar risked his own life for those who were being discriminated and killed. Oskar was one of the very few who were actually good in the saddest movie I have ever seen.
The movie is one of the fewer biography movies that I have recommended to others.

The portray of each and every character is spectacular. Liam Neeson's acting was no less than a pure portrayal of shear reality. He depicted each and emotion with all its perfection. From an unconcerned person to a emotional being with so much humanity is the real transformation showed by him. The difference between what you can do and what you should do is the best thing shown the movie. Though a biography still all the additional factual details are also so minute that you can not differentiate.

Spielberg is a gem of cinema.
Never seen Casablanca or Citizen Kane...but they must be spectacular to be rated higher than this film. Maybe its just the story and the characters but everything about this movie is great and memorable. It is the Mt. Everest of Holocaust films and the writing and directing makes you feel for even the characters with the smallest amount of screen time. Images that will remain with you include: Schindler looking for Stern at the train station, the little boy hiding in sewage and feces, the little girl making the slit throat gesture, the smoke at Auschwitz and the ash falling down, Danka leaving her hiding place to go be with her mother and many more. I admit the little girl in the red coat never impacted me.
Over-hyped and not over quick enough
This is one of the worst films I have ever seen. Only Steven Speilberg could take an astonishing story of courage and determination in the face of hideous oppression and turn it into a poorly made schmaltz-fest like this. Chief in a series of tacky, amateurish filming techniques is the legendary "girl in red coat". Having decided on black and white in an attempt to show that he can be serious about something, the paucity of Spielberg's imagination is clear in that he can think of no other way to make the girl stand out and be recognised - he seems to think that his audience is incapable of recognising, say, a face, and has to hammer home the identity of the girl by presenting her in an entirely different way from everybody else in the film. The monumental cheesiness of the closing scenes with the people saved by Schindler goes way beyond the point of tackiness - just more evidence of Spielberg's extraordinarily sentimental side sabotaging what should have been a meaningful film. On the plus side, most of the acting is superb, but on the whole the film sensationalises the violence and oppression which it should have set out to attack. Oskar Schindler was such an extraordinary man that his remarkable story, which everybody should know, deserved far, far better than this.
Disturbing, incredible, but...
I thought this movie was insanely wonderful. It was horrifically accurate and painfully real. The actors were all phenomenal. However, for being a movie about one of the most tragic events in history, there was too much sex. Granted, there wasn't actually a lot, but the unnecessary female nudity of Schindler's sexual partners was a tad distracting. I was hoping to watch a GOOD movie without any need to show women's bodies in a sexual manner. Besides that, it is really amazing and I recommend it to anyone who loves a heartbreaking yet eye-opening movie. Please don't get angry with me for being an arrogant feminist who "doesn't understand the moral", because I certainly do. It just made me uncomfortable. Although not extremely gruesome, the violence is unforgettable and shocking at times. Still an excellent film.
Terrific and Necessary... For One and Only Viewing
It is inevitable for a movie depicting the World War II era with such imagery and honesty to prevail and gain success. It is also inevitable for a movie depicting the World War II era with such imagery and honesty to not provoke and excite younger audiences. I belong to those younger audiences and that is the reason I have not given 10 stars to this picture.

We know Steven Spielberg is one of the greatest directors of all time. He proved it in 1993 by providing us the most decent and thoughtful depiction of one of the saddest facts that ever happened in man's history. A few complain about the Holocaust brutal scenes being unnecessary. I won't even put a comment to that. It's obvious that they won't thrill or excite us, but the power of the film is mostly based on those brutal scenes, which moved us all to think about those lives that were lost. The saddest thing is that WE can't do anything. But who could?

Schindler could. And he did. At the start of the movie you meet a respected official among the Nazi, with all the things you come to expect from a business man of their side, dedicated to his purpose. That means money, commitment, women and money. Absolutely no caring for other people... only profit and wealth counts. By the end of the movie, these things are nothing but ashes to this man. Step by step, the film is changing Schindler from a cold-hearted, normal business arrogant to a man feeling sympathy, love, care and affection for his fellows. Can his efforts matter? Do one's efforts against all odds and conditions really make sense?

Liam Neeson is great in the film, but clearly Ralph Fiennes gives the defining performance. Both portrayals are worth so much, mainly because they are so true to the circumstances of the time presented.

This film is a one-time significant piece of history; it places you for 3 hours in the unforgotten times of misery this world once saw. Perhaps it bores you in the beginning... but you won't regret a minute once you're at the end.
Good, but overrated.
Visually, this film is fantastic. It is very well directed, and easily deserved the acclaim for its cinematography and its direction. However, beyond that, there is really nothing spectacular.

If I'm being honest, this film felt kind of desperate to me. I watched it feeling as if I was watching a film designed to win Oscars and to cash in on a tragic event like this, and I think the fact that it's in English as opposed to Polish and German (which would be more authentic) prove this. Spielberg has made a very commercial film, and I feel like it loses a lot of its power due to this. I feel like The Pianist, by contrast, is more real, it feels very raw and fresh, whereas this almost felt gimmicky. I felt like it was trying too hard, and got lost.

Finally, Liam Neeson really ruined this film. His acting was laughable, it was actually embarrassing seeing him fluctuate between an Irish and 'German' accent. Ralph Fiennes was great as always, but Neeson was a joke.

This is a pretty good film, it's not bad, but it's certainly not worthy of a place in the top 100, let alone top 10.
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