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USA, Japan, South Africa
Crime, Thriller, Action, Mystery
IMDB rating:
Daniel Espinosa


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Vera Farmiga as Catherine Linklater
Stephen Rider as Richards
Jenna Dover as CIA Analyst
Nora Arnezeder as Ana Moreau
Fares Fares as Vargas
Joel Kinnaman as Keller
Rubén Blades as Carlos Villar
Liam Cunningham as Alec Wade
Ryan Reynolds as Matt Weston
Denzel Washington as Tobin Frost
Tracie Thoms as CIA Analyst
Sam Shepard as Harlan Whitford
Brendan Gleeson as David Barlow
Robert Patrick as Daniel Kiefer
Safe House Storyline: Matt Weston ( ) is a CIA rookie who is manning a safe house in Cape Town, South Africa, when Tobin Frost ( ) the CIA's most wanted rogue agent is captured and taken to the safe house. During Frost's interrogation, the safe house is overtaken by mercenaries who want Frost. Weston and Frost escape and must stay out of the gunmen's sight until they can get to another safe house.
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Competent but unimpressive
It's not bad for the type of spy flick it is, but it does nothing unusual, really, goes pretty much where you expect it to, and has no particular surprises on any level. Some of the behaviors seem questionable -- "Why the HELL did he do that?" and so forth. Not enough to mess up the film but all too much to make it at all good, too. Actions that only serve to advance the plot, not ones that make sense in the context.

In short, if you're bored on an afternoon, this is probably watchable, but there are definitely better action flicks out there. It's on the cusp between a six and a seven. I gave it the lesser of the two just because of the lack of anything to recommend it on.
Watchable but pretty unremarkable
Opens with a brief bio of Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds). His relationship with his partner is going smoothly unlike his career where he complains to his boss about passed over for promotion. Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington) is a wanted man for selling secrets.

Action, espionage thriller that is claustrophobic and fast paced. Subtly is nowhere to be seen. The action sequences get monotonous - punch, punch, bang, bang, repeat, repeat.

Everyone performs well enough but it feels as though they are well inside their comfort zones. The performances are not memorable but the material they are working with is somewhat banal. The script is okay but the storyline lacks any real originality.

Safe House is watchable but not memorable.
Do you want to be the guy that lost Tobin Frost?
The spy who came in from the cold. This time it's Denzel Washington, who has been hiding for 10 years. Why do they consider him a traitor? Why did he suddenly come in?

Fans of Bourne will see nothing new here, but it s Denzel, with Brendan Gleeson as a bonus. Add Robert Patrick and Sam Shepard, and you have the makings of a real action flick.

A lot of bullets flying as you try to figure out who the bad guys and who the good guys are. It switches fast and the action never stops.

Not Denzel's best effort, but I'll take any Denzel.

And, you just knew how it was going to end. I hate predictability!
Sissy Meltdown Shatters Tough Guy Veneer
Mild mannered Steve Harrigan, a TV talking head, underwent water-boarding on air. He should have been the protagonist, because junior spook Ryan Reynolds had a sissy fit when his organization decided to water-board rogue agent Denzel Washington.

"Is this legal?" Reynolds asked breathlessly, as the movie used camera angles, dramatic scene switches and shock-horror music, as if a government agency water-boarding an American perceived traitor were the same as beheading him.

This happened about ten minutes into the movie. I immediately stopped watching, weary of the agitprop prevalent in most movies, and more of the trivial Bush bashing. Pathetic.
Below average action flick.
"Move along people, nothing -new- to see here". This old police saying (with a twist) certainly fits in this movie's review.

The movie starts promising but soon after that you realize that this movie will be nothing new. We've seen it all before.

There are so many plot holes that makes you wonder if they writers gave any credit to the viewers intelligence when they wrote it.

On top of that, the action sequences are nothing to brag about. Plus the shaky camera style doesn't help. There is also a pretty useless romantic subplot that doesn't add anything other than useless minutes to a movie that shouldn't have been more than 80 minutes.

Ryan Reynolds has a pretty good performance, but Denzel Washington's action performances are really getting old and clichéd. Don't get me wrong, he was once a great reliable actor, and still is a great actor, but the amount of average action movies that he has been doing lately makes me wonder if he has some gambling debts to settle.

The rest of the cast seems a bit out of place.

With that said, not all is bad. If you are the action type you will probably be a bit entertained, just don't expect to be blown away.

My 5/10 stars rating suggests that is worth a watch.
Nothing new, a dumb actioneer that has to reach an end somehow
When I first heard about the movie I was expecting more of a "Safe House" suspense, an 'Assault on Precinct 13' kind of single-location tense thriller. Then the trailer gave away it was all out action, but it still looked cleverer than it really is (and I think I know what to look for in those nicely packaged samples).

The only original thing was to have the action unfold in South Africa, still it was nothing more than a gimmick. The only plot point is about CIA not having backup teams available so far down on the overlooked continent, but aside from this the action could easily have been relocated to LA. When there's a furious car chase in a Bourne movie you know it's a different country, but Downtown Cape Town, sunny highways, what's the difference?

Safe House, the title, is still high concept, too bad they just used it as a starting point to yet another overblown actioneer. Characters are flimsy, even more so as they run to give and get lots of blows and run here and there until it's time to kill those who get in the way of a simplified ending.

Lots of dumb violence - I mean violence is not dumb with Jason Bourne, it's realistic, sharp and short - and then cut to a nice cute clean ending. Blah.
Safe Bet on Washington.
Safe House (2012): Dir: Daniel Espinosa / Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Denzel Washington, Vera Farmiga, Brendan Gleeson, Sam Shepard: Interesting idea about trust. Ryan Reynolds plays a safe house agent assigned to watch an ex CIA agent turned criminal, played by Denzel Washington who possesses files that are sought after by people from both sides. After a massive blood bath shootout, Reynolds escapes with Washington and from there the screenplay becomes one big chase and violent encounter after another but we know these two will be on the same side. One problem with this film is its making Washington a hero figure simply because viewers like him period. That is not to say that the film isn't entertaining. Washington and Reynolds are an electrifying pairing with Washington's soft spoken presentation that conceals a deadly consequence for those who oppose him, verses Reynolds's frantic race to maintain composure in the midst of turmoil. The ending works and director Daniel Espinosa allows for several great action sequences but perhaps supporting roles could have been broader. Vera Farmiga and Brendan Gleeson are two effective actors but here their roles seem more like props leading to revelations that many viewers will likely already see coming. Sam Shepard is a veteran actor lost in cardboard material. While the film doesn't always work, it maintains an entertaining pace thanks to its two leads that rise above what the material might have been without them. Perhaps next time the screenwriters will spend more time in the safe house and produce a more convicting film. Score: 6 / 10
I'll take it from here
Not much to write about. I'm a little surprised that the movie got so many good ratings, but then most of them probably came from action fans. That being said - yes, if you are an action lover you will probably enjoy this movie. A lot is happening, shots are being fired constantly and the chase never stops. What I enjoyed most about it were the filming locations. Captivating shots of Cape Town and South African landscapes - big props to the filmmakers for choosing such a stunning scenery. The acting was good, but then again there is not much acting involved in making a movie like this. It was a little disappointing when Denzel Washington's mumbling made it very difficult to understand what the real cause for the mess depicted in the film was really about. About that - the whole idea of a file incriminating numerous agents all over the globe - I believe that if the writers tried to come up with something more original, maybe the movie would get a better purpose and become more sharp. All in all, this is only my opinion - I'm sure thousands of people will really enjoy 'Safehouse' for the non-ambitious piece of work that it was.
The usual action guff
SAFE HOUSE is a South Africa-filmed action flick that inevitably finds itself heavily indebted to the whole Paul Greengrass BOURNE style in the tale of a cop and a crim who have to team up when they find themselves pursued by a ruthless and murderous gang.

What we have here is an entirely familiar film that nevertheless manages to score a few points along the way, mostly in the action stakes. For SAFE HOUSE is a fast paced, action-oriented movie that features a handful of breakneck shoot-outs, and a film that's held together for the most part by another assured role for Denzel Washington.

Washington can do these kinds of roles in his sleep by now, and it's fair to say that the character of Tobin Frost is hardly a stretch. Nevertheless, he's the best thing in the film by far, delivering a kind of laconic toughness that really works in its favour. Ryan Reynolds is, inevitably, less impressive as the forgettable younger lead, but there are a handful of decent supporting parts for the likes of Liam Cunningham, Brendan Gleeson, Vera Farmiga, and Robert Patrick.

While the plot is routine to say the least, SAFE HOUSE at least looks good and the cinematography is strong. The plot has its share of twists and turns to keep viewers engaged, and I thought the violent but inevitable climax was particularly decent. Not a great film then, but a solid one nonetheless.
I'll take it from here.....
Tobin Frost is a CIA agent who's turned rogue. When he is pursued by men who want to kill him, he goes to the American Consulate where he knows he will be arrested.

When the CIA learns of this, it's decided to bring him to a safe house in Capetown. Shortly after they arrive, the men who chased Frost storm the safe house and kill everyone there.

Matt Weston, the agent who's tasked with looking after the safe house, is the only one left, so he takes Frost and they go on the run. While on the run, Frost tells Weston that the only way those men found the safe house was that someone on the inside told them about it.

Eventually Frost escapes and Weston is told to report to Langley but just as he's about to, he recalls something that Frost did that helps him figure out where he could be going.

But just as he arrives, the men who are after Frost show up but Weston saves him and they head off. But Weston knows that Frost is holding something back....

Denzel Washington is one of those actors that can open a movie regardless of the content. And here is another example. It's your usual story of corruption in the government, and Washington holds the answer.

It's another great performance from the actor, but Frost is a different kind of character to the ones we are used to seeing.

If you mix Harris from Training day and Creasey from Man on Fire, you comes up with the closest answer to Frost. The character on paper is despicable, but once the film gets going, he's not all bad after all, but still carries an evil streak with him.

Reynolds has never been better than his performance here, and proves he has acting chops as well as the looks. The narrative is good, and the action is very loud and up close, but not as irritating as some are saying.

So all in all, it's nothing special, you can pretty much work out who the bad guy is in the first five minute, but thanks to Washington and Reynolds, an average thriller, becomes thrilling.
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