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Régis Roinsard


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Frédéric Pierrot as Jean Pamphyle
Nastassja Girard as Evelyne Échard (as Nastassia Girard)
Marius Colucci as Lucien Échard
Nicolas Bedos as Gilbert Japy
Yannik Landrein as Léonard Echard
Emeline Bayart as Jacqueline Échard
Déborah François as Rose Pamphyle
Mélanie Bernier as Annie Leprince-Ringuet
Romain Duris as Louis Échard
Féodor Atkine as André Japy
Shaun Benson as Bob Taylor
Dominique Reymond as Madame Shorofsky
Bérénice Bejo as Marie Taylor
Miou-Miou as Madeleine Échard (as Miou Miou)
Populaire Storyline: Spring, 1958. 21-year-old Rose Pamphyle lives with her grouchy widower father who runs the village store. Engaged to the son of the local mechanic, she seems destined for the quiet, drudgery-filled life of a housewife. But that's not the life Rose longs for. When she travels to Lisieux in Normandy, where charismatic insurance agency boss Louis Echard is advertising for a secretary, the ensuing interview is a disaster. But Rose reveals a special gift - she can type at extraordinary speed. Unwittingly, the young woman awakens the dormant sports fan in Louis. If she wants the job she'll have to compete in a speed typing competition. Whatever sacrifices Rose must make to reach the top, Louis declares himself her trainer. He'll turn her into the fastest girl not only in the country, but in the world! But a love of sport doesn't always mix well with love itself ...
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Endearing comic love story
If it weren't for the very specific year during which the action in this movie is set, the perfect music for this would have been 10cc's 'I'm Not in Love' - Of course Louis is in love, and only he doesn't realise it. You can forgive him, after all, this is post second world war and he has lost too many meaningful people to want to risk another loss. Rose has perfect visceral understanding of the feelings of those around her. She's also a super-fast one finger typist. We 21st century equivalents may have super-fast thumbs instead. The period feel, superb costumes and believable dialogue make this a very satisfying production. Not sure about the brief bedroom scene that doesn't belong here. Fancy a good, uplifting entertainment, choose this!
Drumline with Typewriters
A very sugary fairy-tail esque romantic comedy with plenty of style and flavour. The male lead seems to have the issues, unlike the female lead, which was a nice reversal.

It's nothing too overly dramatic and stupid like most romantic comedies sercombe to in their third acts. Perhaps because of the "sports movie" element to it.

Overall it's very sweet. You'll love Déborah François in the lead role, along with Romain Duris as a man who makes very odd facial expressions. The cinematography is very beautiful and lush. Highly recommended for anyone.
Nearly a biopic of my mother (rental)
Well, the story of a lone girl, raised by a single parent in the french country after WWII who learns typing and builds an extraordinary life is the subject of this movie but it's also the resume of my mother. I was very moved by the parallels especially when Romain tells Rose that she's typing like an elephant! My mother is also noisy and the computer keyboard don't change everything. Like Rose also, typing and a caring boss were the keys to go aboard as my mother went to Athens to support the basketball team for which his boss was the president! OK the big difference is that she didn't married him but rather our hardworking father!

Next, the movie has the real flavor of the french country : small villages, wealthy families and exploited ones. The production of 1959 is bluffing and at first, the movie looks like it has indeed been shot this year ! Sure, the fashion looks happy and luminous as seen with 2K10 eyes but if you compare it with « American Graffiti », you'll understand quickly what it means to live in an « old » country !

Romain is good here, all the more than for one time he does nearly a « bad » character ! Rose, the secretary is a fresh newcomer for me. Thus, the movie is interesting in spite of being a bit slow especially in the middle.
Almost offensively out of date - what was the point
Well, I suppose some would say it is a comedy. In fact it is not really funny. Of course sometimes, occasionally, it might raise a smile, of sorts. But it is stretching it to call it a comedy. If it had been made in the 1950's or early 1960's when it is supposed to be set, rather uncertainly - there are inconsistencies in the set that could go towards its goof count - it might have interest as a historical document. But to think that this was made as late as 2012 begs questions of values the production team and others involved (except perhaps for the actors, who would always appreciate a crust of bread.) And it begs a similar question about those who were rating it as highly as they did.

The "girls", adult women, are treated as performing chimpanzees, set up to compete - in the final showdown indeed in a non-contact cat-fight, as speed typists, the acme and ultimate ambition for women in the man's world that is/was an office. The romantic line running through it, that may allow some to ignore the reality of what the film said it was about, is really thin and full of stereotypes, and the final denouement is sad in its predictability. Really, have they learnt and understood nothing about the relations between the sexes, patronising bosses (patrons), lecherous bosses' sons, equal opportunity, sexism and discrimination and so on. It is not a question of "political correctness", just of maturity in film-making. This is not mature. Who was the intended film audience, what were they wanting to say to those people? That that was some halycon, good-old-days ? There is a place for re-creating old film styles. For a brilliant film that does successfully to the highest degree, by contrast with this, see:he Artist another French films made only a year earlier in 2011, also called a romantic comedy-drama (written, directed, and co-edited by Michel Hazanavicius). Ironically that film also had Bérénice Bejo who deservedly was praised for he part. In this film there was nothing that she could have done. Or anyone for that. Sorry folks, that's all!
Rocky with Typing.
This is a very entertaining film that gives you big laughs, lovable characters and true feelings of emotions positive and negative.

Let me explain (badly no doubt) my Rocky comment

From a comment in a game of tennis between the 2 main men in the film onwards tho i noticed that it was Rocky. OK a romantic comedy where the boxing ring has been replaced with desks and rather then punching each other the prize fighters are slopping it out to see who can type the most characters per minute. I noticed elements of the first 3 Rocky's and i am in no way saying this is not a bad thing, it was almost like they were paying homage to it in someways.

Like all Good subtitled films within the first 5 minutes i didn't even realise i was reading.
Wonderfully silly and bright and well acted
Populaire (2012)

A French comedy, set in the late 1950s, and centering around a typing championship? Yes, bizarre, and warm and funny. I liked it a lot.

The star here is the completely delightful Deborah Francois, who is cast and who acts a bit like an Audrey Hepburn type, which is a total compliment. Not that Francois needs that kind of comparison—she takes on the task of learning to type with enormous focus and humble prowess. With two fingers. And she almost wins a competition that way.

Enter the other star, a bigger name in France, Romain Duris. He's a comic oddball, meant to be very handsome but not a hunk (sorry Romain). He depends on his wry, underplayed humor to win the hearts of the females in each movie—and in the audience. He takes on Francois with the idea of teaching her to use all her fingers and maybe, with some serious athletic training, compete for the big time. At typing.

It's a farce, but overflowing with charm. The sets and colors are wonderful per- 60s "gay" and light. French style. There is an ongoing critique built in (in a watery way) about how women in that era have typing as their ultimate goal. And typing for men. The irony (and falseness) are apparent.

There is inevitably a troubled romance that gets stirred in the mix—and it's a classic mismatch made in heaven.

In all, well done, funny, and smart. And styling right to the end with the big finale—well, I can't say where or why. See it.
"Why not just insure my fingers?"
Looking round for the fun mutant monster pig French Horror flick Prey to give as an Easter gift to a friend,I decided to take a look at Prey's co-star Bérénice Bejo's credits.Spotting a credit that I had read a good amount of praise for from its screening on BBC4,I decided that it was a good time to find out how popular populaire is.

The plot-

France 1959:

Wanting to get away from working in the local family shop and the marriage that her dad is pushing her to do, Rose Pamphyle decides to leave the small town behind and go to the big city in order to apply for a job as secretary to insurance agency boss Louis Échard.Sitting at a typewriter for the interview, Pamphyle types up a letter at lightning speed,which leads to Échard hiring Pamphyle on the spot.

Seeing Pamphyle get into the rhythm of typing, Échard starts to think that Pamphyle could enter the contest/sport where the best (and fastest) typist in France is found. Initially afraid of joining the event, Pamphyle soon begins to type a new chapter in her life.

View on the film:

Darting across the screen in burning red hair,the gorgeous Bérénice Bejo gives a wonderful performance as Marie Taylor,whose icy queen bee Bejo melts away to reveal something much more delicate. Surrounding Pamphyle with praise as she enters the contest, Romain Duris gives a dashing performance as Échard by casing him in a shell of savvy confidence,which Duris cracks to show Échard wondering how far he should let his feelings for Pamphyle develop.Catching everyone by surprise with her typing skills,the stunning Déborah François gives an alluring performance as Pamphyle.Leaving the village behind, François gives Pamphyle a meek appearance which François splendidly peels away to paint Pamphyle with a fiery passion to do things her own way.

Set just as the French New Wave was kicking off,co-writer/(along with Daniel Presley and Romain Compingt) director Régis Roinsard & cinematographer Guillaume Schiffman largely stay away from New Wave flashes, (although they do find room for a small tribute to Hitchcock's Vertigo) to instead tap into the ultra glossy romantic Comedy/Drama movies of the early 60's.Backed by a sweet score from Emmanuel D'Orlando & "Robin" Coudert, (who is usually a fantastic Horror composer) Roinsard & Schiffman lavish the film with an immaculate,chic shine,from sweeping crane shots making the typing contest nail- biting set-pieces,to the ultra-stylised,candy coloured clothes and location vividly popping on the screen.

For the blossoming romance between Échard & Pamphyle,the screenplay by Roinsard/ Presley and Compingt keep things largely light and fluffy,but link some great rough edges to keep things from being too sickly sweet,as Pamphyle's attempt to find her own path is found with a delightfully quirky sense of humour.Sliding the genre into the 60's Rom/Drama's,the writers keep a run on the breezy romance with an exciting Sports lap,which along with impressively making type writing look like a stadium-worthy event (!) also leads to Pamphyle discovering how populaire she is.
Refreshing comedy, funny & a great story
One of the best recent romantic comedies! French cinema went somehow sideways after certain point in the 20th century, but this wonderful movie proved that it might flourish back again.

Action happens in the 1950s, which is excellent for those, who keep dreaming about times when full skirts, record players and pastels were all the range. You get to see awesome cars of that decade, great interiors, etc. But most importantly - story is pretty interesting and not that predictable, which is quite an issue with romcoms. There are no corny jokes and it's a pretty pure, nice film with a strong female lead in it, showing that anything is possible if you work hard for it.

If what you want an old-fashioned romcom Cinderella-style, you got it. That's the one.
American for Business, French for Love
In 1958, the young Rose Pamphyle (Déborah François) dreams on leaving the small village in the countryside of France where she lives with her grumpy father Jean Pamphyle (Frédéric Pierrot), who is a widower that runs a store and wishes that Rose get married to the son of the local mechanic. Rose learns by herself how to type using only two fingers and when she sees an advertisement for a secretary for the insurance agent Louis Échard (Romain Duris) in Lisieux, Lower Normandy, she immediately travels to city.

Rose has a bad interview but she impresses Louis typing at very high speed. Louis decides to hire her for a short period of experience and Rose shows that she is a clumsy secretary. But Louis is a former sportsman and he decides to train Rose how to type correctly to dispute a speed typing competition. He brings Rose to his home and she learns how to play piano to help her typing with Louis's childhood friend Marie Taylor (Bérénice Bejo) that is married with the American Bob Taylor (Shaun Benson). She becomes close to his friends and family. Rose becomes the fastest typist in France and now she needs to train to compete in the world title in USA. But Louis, who has fallen in love with her, believes that he is not enough to help her and decides to sacrifice his love to make Rose's dream come true. Is his attitude correct?

"Populaire" is another sweet French romantic comedy, with stunning art direction and two of the most contemporary charming French actress, the unknown Déborah François and the lovely Bérénice Bejo that became internationally famous with "The Artist". "Populaire" is not a masterpiece, has ups and downs, but is delightful to see and one of the most entertaining movies that I have seen this year. It is also nostalgic, for experienced viewers like me. Any fan of romantic comedies will certainly love the clumsy but charming Rose Pamphyle. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "A Datilógrafa" ("The Typist")
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