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Action, Adventure, Fantasy
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Rob Marshall


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Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow
Sam Claflin as Philip
Greg Ellis as Groves
Óscar Jaenada as The Spaniard
Damian O'Hare as Gillette
Anton Lesser as Lord John Carteret
Keith Richards as Captain Teague
Penélope Cruz as Angelica Teach
Kevin McNally as Joshamee Gibbs
Richard Griffiths as King George
Ian McShane as Blackbeard
Roger Allam as Prime Minister Henry Pelham
Geoffrey Rush as Barbossa
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Storyline: Captain Jack Sparrow (Depp) crosses paths with a woman from his past (Cruz), and he's not sure if it's love -- or if she's a ruthless con artist who's using him to find the fabled Fountain of Youth. When she forces him aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge, the ship of the formidable pirate Blackbeard (McShane), Jack finds himself on an unexpected adventure in which he doesn't know who to fear more: Blackbeard or the woman from his past.
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Cash Cow Cinema
The "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise takes the oddball, zany adventures of early Hollywood pirate movies ("The Black Pirate", "Captain Blood", "The Buccaneer", "The Sea Hawk", "The Black Swan", "Captain Kidd", "Hornblower", "Blackbeard", "The Crimson Pirate", "Fairwind to Java") and spins them off into even wackier territory. Indeed, much of the joys of the first three films were in watching the various tales and characters veer off into increasingly mad, busy and nonsensical avenues. Unfortunately this excess quickly got out of hand, "action sequences" prolonged to boredom inducing lengths, dull subplots piled upon dull subplots. Eventually the franchise struggled to modulate its madness and started to take itself too seriously.

"Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides", the fourth film in the franchise, has a shorter running time than its siblings. It's more light-footed, moves better and keeps the level of subplots and characters somewhat down, though its best madcap moments (mermaid attacks, Johnny Depp swinging from coconut trees, giant ships stuck in tiny bottles) never match the wacky highs, comedic power poses and ridiculous gags of the previous movies.

All actors love acting in pirate movies – it gives them a chance to chew scenery and munch on deliciously ridiculous dialogue – and so most of the cast is a delight to watch. The dull, straight faced Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley are jettisoned for this instalment, leaving more room for tongue-in-cheek grandstanding and juicy dialogue chewing. The dialogue here is itself really good, witty and injected with a kind of deliberate theatricality ("Death is upon us as we sail for the Fountain of Youth!", "I support the missionary's position!").

The plot is hokum, but the actual construction of the script is somewhat interesting. It revolves around a series of romances, each epitomising a different type of romantic love (love for one's self, unconditional love, selfish love, love for a father, love for one one cannot love, a love-hate romance etc). Director Rob Marshall is too much of a hack to make anything of this. The production belongs to its actors, set-designers and writers. Marshall's too prim and proper to properly marshal their madness.

7.9/10 – This is apparently the eight most profitable film ever made. Worth one viewing.
Better than the third
POTC-OST is not the best of the series, but it is a step in the right direction. If you, like me, were very disappointed with the third Pirates movie then I do not blame you for wanting to skip out on this one. In fact I was considering not seeing this one myself, especially when the critics reviews came out. I decided to give it a chance, primarily because I had seen the other ones. I was pleasantly surprised and ending up liking the movie. One of the major differences between this and the other Pirates movies (and it is one everyone is going to notice right off the bat) is that Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightely are not in this movie. I am not too disappointed, there story overtook the third Pirates movie, which is part of the reason I did not like it. I was also sick of Knightely terrible speech scenes (if you saw the third you know exactly what I mean). Furthermore a few other pirates who were franchise regulars were missing in this one. What is left from the original three is Jack, Barbosa, Gibbs and the monkey makes two brief cameo appearances.

There was a number of things wrong with the third Pirates movie, among them was the fact that it was long, or it felt long at least. This movie is the shortest of the Pirates films and it moves at a brisk pace. The third Pirates slowed down considerably in the middle, to the point it was almost unbearable to watch. This movie does not make that mistake. This movie is almost all action and because of this it did not feel long, at least in my opinion.

As usual the effects were great. The action is almost nonstop and when there is no action there is enough going on to keep the audience interested. There is also plenty of signature Jack Sparrow humor. Since the previous two (especially the third) were focused almost entirely on the story of Will and Elizabeth Jack was almost forgotten. Another reason the third suffered. It was great to have that story out of the way, because this movie is focused on Jack and that is a strength.

Despite the fact that it improved on a number of the things that made the third bad, this one still is not up to par with the original. It is a good movie all around. It is refreshing and reminds us why we liked these movies in the first place. I recommend giving it a shot, don't expect anything great, just know that this movie is superior in every way to the third.
Back to basics and a smart choice. Could it be studios are wising up?
I will say that I am a fan of all the PotC movies, the second one is probably my favourite...but my reasons for liking sequels to action films or comic book movies is usually that while the first one is usually the best, it sets up the characters, they all meet, develop relationships, etc. so the second film leaves more room for action and advancing stories. Which is the case for PotC. The first one is definitely the best executed, but I enjoyed the second one for its action, effects, humour, etc. My complaints about Pirates 2 and 3 were that they became so complex and ridiculous that they were just wayyyy out there. I had no trouble following the plot but I couldn't help but think that younger audience members wouldn't know what the hell was going on at all. Also, in the first film we're not entirely sure if Jack Sparrow is trying to screw people over to secure his own gains, or if he's helping himself by helping others. It's clearly stated by the end of the film that he's actually a good man. Yet in Pirates 2 and 3 he's blatantly trying to screw people over who had helped save him previously.

So when I heard that a fourth pirates movie was in production, I wasn't thrilled. My main thought was "Whatever, we'll see." Once it was released I decided to go see it at the theatre and I was pleasantly surprised. The plot was straightforward, they're trying to find the fountain of youth and they list the steps needed to complete this. Jack is back to being the honestly dishonest (honestly) pirate we all came to love. There are mermaids, zombies (sort of) and of course the fountain of youth. But the plot never gets too complicated or completely ridiculous. My complaint about the film was the main villain Blackbeard wasn't fleshed out enough. He shows up fairly late into the film and he's never really shown to be the scariest pirate to sail the sea. Davy Jones and his crew were much more menacing.

All in all, if the series continues with this pattern of keeping the movies simple and fun then I'm all for more of them being made.
Washed Up Franchise
In London, Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) escapes from the soldiers that are chasing him and learns that an impostor is recruiting a crew and a vessel using his name. He meets the impersonator and finds that she actually is Angelica (Penélope Cruz), a woman that he had seduced in a convent in Seville. Jack is abducted and when he awakes aboard, the ship is sailing, Angelica tells him that her father, the pirate Blackbeard (Ian McShane), is cursed and he needs to find the legendary Ponce de Leon's Fountain of Youth to save his life. They force Jack, who knows the location of the fountain, to guide them.

Meanwhile, Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) is hired by King George to lead the British crew and dispute against the Spaniards and Blackbeard who arrives first in the fountain. But along their dangerous quest, they need to find first two chalices that belonged to Ponce de Leon and a tear of mermaid.

"Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" is a disappointed adventure of a washed up franchise. I have just watched this film with my wife and son on DVD and we three had taken naps along the 136 minutes running time. The film has good cast but without Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom; top-notch special effects but the problem is the boring and weak story. I hope the producers have the decency to stop this franchise. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Piratas do Caribe: Navegando em Águas Misteriosas" ("Pirates of the Caribbean: Navigating in Mysterious Water")
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
We all thought it had ended with the trilogy but no! as in this modern age there had to be a continuation, it had to be milked and a milked it shall be. New director, change of cast line up and a new myth to explore, this franchise has become the Indiana Jones of the era.

This film takes elements from actual real history this time and blends them with classic fantasy. The real bits involve the legendary English pirate Edward Teach and his flagship Queen Anne's Revenge and the Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon. Now this plot has relaxed a bit, its not a complicated mess of sub plots and tonnes of characters. 'Sparrow' is off to sea once again to find the fountain of youth, alongside him is 'Barbossa' who is now a privateer for the British Navy. At the same time 'Blackbeard' is also after the fountain along with the dastardly Spanish and their religious thoughts. Each party has their own reasons naturally which does as usual involve some double crossing and twists.

I must admit to liking the intergration of actual history into the plot this time. The franchise has slowly used various common old fables and sea myths to its advantage which has worked well, this time the inclusion of some real historic figures gives the whole thing a bit more class, credibility and a small sense of realism. Of course old Blackbeard has been given a slightly spruced up look with black leather top to bottom by the looks of it, aiming for the cool factor a bit too much methinks.

Gotta say I didn't really like the whole supernatural power thing Blackbeard had over his ship with the magic cutlass. That seemed pointless if you ask me, if he can control the ship like that then why use a crew?. His galleon has also been given a very fantasised appearance which makes it look like a unique ghost ride attraction in a fairground. Oh and his ship breaths fire out the front? really? did we need that silliness? they'd probably burn their own ship down with it.

Next to that we see mermaids which is about time really if you think about it. The fact they are actually fearsome creatures that kill innocent sailors was a nice touch if rather obvious. But that plot detail causes confusion with the main mermaid character who we are meant to feel for, but that's hard knowing her kind are merciless killers of the deep, plus the 'Splash' finale for her was too much cinematic deja vu.

I think the film in general is let down by totally unrealistic action sequences that just feel implausible when they are suppose to be reasonably plausible. The escape set piece at the start is a good example, its overly long and over the top in every sense. Sparrow is leaping around like an acrobat (clearly a stunt double) and doing things that just wouldn't work, the worst bit is seeing all the English soldiers prat falling about everywhere trying to catch him, its cringing. We all know the franchise is suppose to be fun fantasy but apart from the actual supernatural stuff you do expect a degree of slight realism with some stunts. If it becomes too outrageous then it ceases to be fun and simply becomes a joke, what's worse is the fact its not meant to be that kind of joke.

The film is full of these daft action sequences really, it looks bad because we all know Sparrow isn't that kind of character, we had 'Turner' in the trilogy for that. So now seeing the campy Sparrow mincing about doing these big hero stunts looks stupid as its actually taken semi seriously. As I said earlier the plot does also go down the route of old Indy with the chalices thing and especially the finale for Blackbeard which is pretty much a rip off from 'Raiders' and 'The Last Crusade'.

Altogether the adventure feels a bit flat to me, nothing much happens that we haven't seen before or made me go wow!. Most of the characters are running low on juice now accept for Barbossa who is always brilliantly played by Rush. Cruz was a bad casting choice and did nothing whilst McShane wasn't all that intimidating as Blackbeard if you ask me. Kudos to Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey for being gorgeously cute as the mermaid and Richard Griffiths in a small role as King George II at the start.

On the whole very very average in my opinion, hyper stunt laden action sequences can't divert from the fact the film is actually kinda dull. It all looks terrific and very atmospheric in that Monkey Island kinda way but you can tell the difference in direction with the film, it does stand out. I just feel they have now used up most avenues of pirate legend both real and fantasy, I can't see what they can do in the fifth film without it being a complete rehash, especially with this struggling for a fresh look. Who's left to utilize? 'Long John Silver'? 'Sinbad'? 'YellowBeard'? (lol!) what other old creatures and myths can they possibly crowbar in?? Atlantis?.

The fact they even squeezed in the minute unrelated hobby of ships in a bottle shows how far they were stretched to incorporate anything remotely olde worlde and piratey into the film. I think this film just about manages to be semi acceptable but that's now it, no more can or should be done. I think Sparrow has had his moment in the spotlight, time to retire in the sun matey.
Overall Disappointing
I'm a huge fan of Capt. Jack Sparrow and the Pirates Franchise. I saw the film today and must say I'm utterly disappointed with the storyline. First of all why the hell the Spanish people were there? Just to crush the Chalice in the end? its like nothing was suiting then lets introduce the Spanish. Then where's the enchanting crew of beloved sparrow. There's unwanted fighting sequences and unwanted cameos. It takes one fourth of the movie to finally put jacky on the stranger tides. Its like the script have been written by whole new writer whose doesn't know the very essence of pirates. Also there's no need of the mermaid love story although mermaid fighting scenes were very engrossing....

But none the less there were some upbeats too. Like ever gorgeous and enchanting Jack Sparrow(there must be Capt. in there somewhere). The performances from Rush, cruise and Mcshane were brilliant. The mermaids were beautiful and freaky too. I miss the black pearl but can sustain the fact that it wasn't required in the movie(the second part gonna be on this i guess). The freaky awesome crew of black pearl must return. Still a must watch for a die hard fan on this franchise but beginners must see the first 3 so as to digest the disappointment.

Eagerly waiting for the next one and please its an humble request from makers to develop a solid script like the previous three.
A Stupid, Boring Waste of Time
What a disappointment. Compared to this the third film looks like a masterpiece. I mean, say what you will about Dead Man's Chest and At World's end, but they were fun. They had style, and plot, and actors that looked like they gave a crap. The visuals where creative and cool to look at. This thing lacked atmosphere, cohesion, logic, and even a plot. What happened in this movie? I don't even think the writer's knew. This movie feels like if a film crew went into the jungle and got stoned, then just wondered around, occasionally dancing with swords. There are villains in this movie, but they don't do anything. They lack intimidation and focus. Everyone looks bored. What happened to Jack Sparrow, did someone castrate him? His character was so different from the way he was in the other movies, but then again in the other movies he WAS a character, while here he was a cardboard cutout who sometimes spouted a terrible line of dialog. It was obvious that the director was trying to create memorable characters, but he failed miserably, and I remember pretty much nothing tat happened. What became of the serious tone of the last film? The transition is so jarring and bizarre. The CGI was pretty bad too, the fountain of youth looked OK but was really quite uncreative. The mermaid scene was the only good scene, but the rest were either too cartoonish or too boring to work. Oh yeah, and the 3D sucked too. I can't believe I'm saying it, but bring Orlando Bloom back.
Welcome back Pirates of the Caribbean!
I thought the first Pirates film was excellent, the second one started to confuse me a little however I still very much enjoyed it while the third film was so confusing and I was beginning to fear the worst...

however the reason I say welcome back was that after the third film it had seemed there would be no return for the franchise, however now with a much simpler story than the third and still maintaining the action, humour and still an intense storyline this franchise has well and truly taken off once more.

The return of Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush with Penelope Cruz and Ian McShane added to the cast creates an experience not to be missed. With much more focus on Captain Jack Sparrow you know the film was heading in the right direction, the film grips the audience from start to finish (I was lucky enough to go see the first seeing in the cinema) and while it was first thing in the afternoon the turnout was still good.

I throughly enjoyed the film and I suggest everyone who thinks this will be the same as the third one IT IS NOT! It is much easier to understand and it is easier to follow for the younger generation also.

Well worth 9/10.
I heart Pirates
I've been keeping up with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise since the beginning in 2003 with POTC:Curse of the Black Pearl. I loved Curse of the Black Pearl absolutely loved it.Soon after that Dead Mans Chest was released and I thought meh okay not as good as the last one but still a decent watch. Then came the bomb that was POTC: At Worlds End. At Worlds End was a big mess. There was too much going on and the plot was just all over the place.It got to a point where I didn't care about the plot anymore Im strictly watching for the effects now.

As for Stranger Tides I was impressed. This film reminded me why I fell in love with Curse of the Black Pearl. I wouldn't even call this movie a sequel it feels like a whole new beginning. Will and Elizabeth's story is over and now we get Jack and Angelica.Did I miss Will and Elizabeth? NOT AT ALL. I stopped caring for those two a long time ago. Im glad their story is over and IT IS OVER FOLKS. For a time their story was interesting and then I gradually started to get bored to tears with them. So yeah good riddance moving along.

The plot of this installment circles around the fountain of youth. Jack Sparrow(Johnny Depp)runs into Angelica(Penelope Cruz)a woman from his past. Its not entirely certain if its love and she wants to follow him to the fountain of youth, but then her intentions become clear when she forces him aboard the Queen Ann's Revenge, Black Beard's ship. Ian McShane's portrayal of black beard was pretty convincing I have no complaints about that. However my complaint lies within how the writers were trying to shove down the audience's throat the fact that Blackbeard was evil. For example there was a scene where Blackbeard, Jack, Angelica, and the crew are all standing over the edge of a cliff and Blackbeard orders Jack to jump. Jack refuses and Black beard says that if he doesn't he'll kill his own daughter, who just so happens to be Angelica by the way. It then cuts to an unnecessary scene of Black beard and Jack playing a game of "pick a gun any gun" Two of the guns contain a bullet whatever gun Jack picks Black beard will shoot Angelica with it just to prove a point.Why was this needed. At this point the audience pretty much knows that Black beard is a bad guy. Im sure it wouldn't surprise us if Blackbeard threatened to kill his own daughter.This wasn't necessary, it did nothing for the plot.Another complaint I have is that nothing is really explained about Blackbeard making people into zombies or the magic of his ship or why he has an interest voodoo.

The movie really picked up when the mermaids came. This was one of my favorite parts of the movie because it has a calm before the storm feel to it. You meet these beautiful captivating creatures that lure the pirates into false sense of security and in a way you yourself feel hypnotized as well. There's a lot of tension in this scene and you know something is going to happen, your just sitting there anxiously waiting for it to happen, and then comes the boom. They may look lovely but they are definitely deadly beauties. Which brings me to the whole Phillip and Syrena love story. It didn't bother me however it did feel a little forced.I wouldn't even call what they had "love" it was more so infatuation. The interest was there it just needed more time to develop and thats hard to squeeze in the last 30 to 45 minutes of film. If there's a POTC 5 I wouldn't mind seeing Philip and Syrena again just to know what became of him. But for the most part I think their story is finished. We may never know what happened to Philip. But I must say I would most definitely want to see more mermaids.

In conclusion I was satisfied with this movie. The beginning was pretty slow and boring but it began to pick up towards the middle and end. Its definitely a good reminder of why people like pirates.
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