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Steve Hullfish 2017 Filmography

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Stephen Hullfish has been an editor since 1983, working on documentary films in Upstate New York. He moved to Chicago 1985 where he worked on sports, comedy and cooking shows initially, including SportsChannel and The Travel Channel. He then worked as a promotion producer/editor for WPWR-TV. In 1992 he started working on Avid and was hired at Del Hall Video, a post-production facility where he primarily edited "The Oprah Winfrey Show," "Investigative Reports," "The New Explorers" and "Cold Cases." He then worked for VeggieTales as an editor and producer and in 2004 started his own business, mostly creating marketing materials for feature films and high-end corporate clients. He also worked as a freelance colorist and feature film editor, cutting films like "Courageous," "War Room," "Champion," and "Clinton Inc." - IMDb Mini Biography By: Steve Hullfish
USA ‘2017
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