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Sol Rodriguez is an Argentinian actress of Spanish and Italian descent. She is best known for the role of Mecha in the Nickelodeon Latin America's original series Grachi. Rodríguez has released several songs from the soundtrack of Grachi, sung along other members of the cast. Her first TV gig was for Nickelodeon Latin America, where she landed a co-starring role in the original production of Nickelodeon "Grachi". Thanks to the response of the fans they did three seasons in a total of 205 episodes, being number one in ratings in many of Latin Americas countries and Europe. There was also a musical tour during the second season, Grachi: El Show en Vivo, that traveled to many Mexico cities. In Argentina they did 10 shows in Teatro Gran Rex and traveled to Santa Fe getting great response from the fans. Rodríguez recorded a song for the second Grachi album with Isabella Castillo named M.A.P.S and she was nominated to Nickelodeons Kids' Choice Awards Mexico for Best Supporting Actress and Kids' Choice Awards Argentina for Newcomer. She has worked in several TV shows for Telemundo NBC, Univision and Venevision. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Management
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