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Renee Harmon 2017 Filmography

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Date of Birth:
18 May 1927
Date of Death:
26 November 2006
Buxom and attractive brunette Renee Harmon was born Renate Elisabeth Harmon on May 18, 1927. Renee married an American G.I. in Germany, where she had a background in ballet. Since her husband was a colonel in a surface-to-air missile program, she moved with him to West Texas and started a theatrical group amongst the officers' wives. Harmon eventually became involved in a handful of offbeat low-budget independent exploitation features as a writer, actress, and producer. Renee was especially funny and memorable as the sexually frustrated wicked stepmother in Al Adamson's gloriously ghastly futuristic sci-fi musical abomination "Cinderella 2000." Her other noteworthy movie roles are evil scientist Lil Stanhope in the incredibly muddled fright flick "Frozen Scream," the deadly, yet alluring Linda Allen in the enjoyably cruddy martial arts action oddity "Lady Streetfighter," and pesky journalist Celia Amherst in the hilariously horrendous urban vigilante opus "The Executioner, Part II." Moreover, Harmon was an acting teacher with her own workshop in California and taught screenwriting at the College of Sequoias community college in Visalia, California. Renee wrote the books "Film Producing: Low Budget Films That Sell," "Teaching a Young Actor: How to Train Children of All Ages for Success in Movies, TV, and Commercials," "Film Directing: Killer Style and Cutting Edge Technique," "How to Audition for Movies & TV," and "The Beginning Filmmaker's Guide to a Successful First Film." Renee Harmon died at age 79 on November 26, 2006 in Visalia, California.
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