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Rene Moran 2017 Filmography

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Rene Moran was the first of three children. Born in El Salvador, to two young hard working parents, at the age of one his family picked up and fled to Los Angeles to escape the enduring realities of a Civil War. At the age of four, he and his family moved to Orlando, Florida. He regards to himself as a "Florida Boy" because of the formative years he spent in Orlando being exposed to the rich Caribbean culture. Salsa and Bachata taught him how to move, and Arroz Con Gandules and Platanos kept his body nourished. At the age of 20, he made the difficult choice of leaving the family to move back to Los Angeles. Leaving home was one of the most difficult decisions he's ever had to make, but looking back, it was also the best and most exciting decision as well. His first years in California were a journey of self-discovery. He eventually found a job within the entertainment industry where he learned a lot about himself. He worked side-by-side with agents, managers, attorneys and casting directors, and built lasting relationships he would grow to cherish. He had never formally acted until he met Donald Pemrick and Dean Fronk of Pemrick/Fronk Casting. They introduced him to the world of acting and provided him with his first audition (and eventual booking) for a film entitled, "Stiletto." He then met Dani Wulff, his current commercial agent, who believed in him and began representing him as an actor. He was also then introduced to Philip Leader, of Brown Leader Group, who became his manager. From his role in "Stiletto" he became a member of SAG and went on to book national commercials for Ford, Ihop, Nike (directed by David Fincher), and Miller Lite (directed by Antoine Fuqua). He's also had roles on television shows such as Lie to Me (Fox), Stevie TV (Vh1) America's Most Wanted (Fox) and various other full-length films and film shorts. Rene is constantly working at improving his craft. He's studied Meisner technique at Playhouse West under Wolfgang Bodison, Improv at Upright Citizens Brigade under Johnny Meeks and continues to take various Workshops. In addition, he is frequently working on creating new content and attends new workshops and classes on a consistent basis.
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