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Ren Hanami 2017 Filmography

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Multi-talented Ren Hanami brings her brand of "Aloha Spirit" to everything she does. Ren acts, sings and dances on stage, screen and television. This dynamo has been in the entertainment business since her first dancing job at Disneyland as a teenager. Earning a degree in Theater Arts from U.C.L.A. gave Ren a strong foundation for acting in all areas of the business and she started her professional career while still in school landing a role in "A Flower Drum Song." She has enjoyed many regional stage productions of "Company," "My Fair Lady," "The King and I," "South Pacific" with Reba McEntire at The Hollywood Bowl, and most recently "Makeover" at TheatreWorks in Palo Alto. Ren is also very proud of her early leading roles in "Performance Anxiety" and "Canton Jazz Club" at East West Players, the oldest Asian American theater in the country. Her film and television credits include working alongside Academy Award winners Glenn Close in "Airforce One," Martin Landau and Lee Grant in "The Ali Gertz Story," Patty Duke in "One Woman's Courage," and Sally Field in a recurring role on "ER," as well as numerous other network series such as "Grey's Anatomy," "Without A Trace," and "The Storm." Ren is greatly influenced by her multi-cultural family, especially the strong ties to her Hawaiian heritage. One of Ren's most important on-going roles is as the television host and spokesperson for AAA Hawaii. As a producer Ren has created a series called "Ninja Mom," which she will also star as a soccer mom action hero (shero). There are plans for 3 films, games, toys and unique "giving back" built in with the Ninja Mom Foundation.
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