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Rebekah Cook 2017 Filmography

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Rebekah Cook is a Christ-follower, actress, voice over artist, singer/song-writer, bilingual, bi-cultural, and middle of five siblings. Born overseas, she lived in Spain for over nineteen years before moving stateside to pursue her passion for screen acting. While in Spain she was a soprano and soloist with the town choir "Voces Del Guadalhorce" (dirs. Mario Porras Estrada and Jerome Thiebeaut) for five years, and studied clarinet under Maria Isabel Gonzalez. Since 2009 she has worked as both cast and crew for several feature film productions, the first of which was Alone Yet Not Alone. Participating in the casting and production process from both sides has given her unique insights into the industry and helped further her pursuit of acting. Rebekah loves working with directors and fellow actors as they develop their characters from the script and bring them to life on the screen. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Rebekah Cook
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