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Katy Rowe 2017 Filmography

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Lovely and voluptuous brunette knockout Katy Rowe was born on December 9 in Temple, Texas. The youngest of three siblings, Rowe attended Crawford High School in Crawford, Texas and began her professional acting career in theater. Katy made her film debut as slutty cheerleader Amber in the enjoyable tongue-in-cheek slasher romp "Spirit Camp." Moreover, Rowe has also acted in TV commercials, television shows, and webisodes (she had a recurring role as Bunny on the Internet series "Pink"). In addition, Katy is featured in the music video for "Dear to the One" by Clairmont. She enjoys baking and painting. Rowe lives in Los Angeles, California. - IMDb Mini Biography By: woodyanders
Spirit Camp
Spirit Camp
USA ‘2009
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