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James Rawlings 2017 Filmography

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Soon after the Deep Water Horizon tragedy (also referred to as the B.P Oil Spill) New Orleans native James Rawlings found himself unemployed. With bills quickly piling up and a daughter to care for he figured then was the time to choose a new career path. With nothing to lose, except his cloths, James joined the L.A Harbodies; Louisiana's hottest all male dance review. He was an instant sensation with his James Bond and Patrick Swayze dance skits. While touring the south coast with sold out performances he then realized that he was very marketable. With his new found fame he set his sights to bigger and better things. James quickly learned about Louisiana's tax incentive for the film and television industry, which was put in place by Louisiana's Governor Bobby Jindal. With the film industry booming James acquired a two year scholarship John Robert Powers. During his second semester at John Robert Powers James began working as a background artist. James was quickly noticed by the likes of actor / director Michael Jai White while working on set of Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown. White had no room for error being Never Back Down 2 was his directorial debut and yet he seen something in James and granted him with a Taft Hartley. James quickly caught the acting bug. Not long after his Taft Hartley on Never Back Down 2 James found himself onset of Hasbro's big budget sci-fi epic "Battleship". Again James caught the attention of Naval Advisor Captain Rick and actor / director Peter Berg and was granted with yet another Taft Hartley and promoted to Taylor Kitsch & Rihanna's team to hunt down aliens. When life seemed it couldn't get any better James was again noticed by director John Hyams. John used James for his first installment of "Dragon Eyes" featuring the legendary Jean Claude Van Damm. James learned a lot about stage combat from one of the best stunt coordinators (Larnell Stavoll) in the business while working on the "Dragon Eyes" project. John Hyams was impressed with James' performance and brought him on-board of the "Universal Soldier: A New Dimension" project. While on set James was able to give his best performance yet. While working with legends Jean Claude Van Damm, Dolph Lundren and new comer Scott Adkins James was able to learn more than any school could teach. With James' quick success going from background to actor, there was no way he was going back to the oil and gas industry. James achieved in less than a year what takes many working actors years to accomplish.
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