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Collin Alexander Brown 2017 Filmography

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Collin was born in Baltimore, Maryland. He spent formative years through Middle School in Queens, New York, playing stick-ball, freeze-tag and kick the can with the neighborhood kids, in Bellerose, Long Island. Best friends, deep memories and a taste of New York's artistic culture took an early hold on his life through modeling, music and theater. One of his most memorable early roles on stage is playing the Cheshire Cat in "Alice in BeatleLand," an adaptation of Lewis Carroll blended with the music of the Fab Four. His mom made the costume and he rocked a solo on "The Long and Winding Road." That was it, he was hooked. Collin moved throughout the east coast with family transfers and tasted many flavors of entertainment with diverse influences. Shortly after high school when he landed in Atlanta, these experiences led Collin to pursue both music and theater on a professional level. He took to the stage in productions in theater and touring musical acts playing piano, harmonica, and percussion. From New York to New Jersey and down to Alabama, he has played in bands that have opened for Dave Matthews and shared the stage with other great musical talents such as Jimmy Herring, O'teil Burbridge, Kofi Burbridge, Joseph Patrick Moore, and Jeff Sipe, to name a few. Theatrically, Collin studied under professional acting coach, Sandra Ellenberg Dorsey and was cast in several hit productions with top talents such as Carroll O'Connor and Will Patton at the outset of his career. While screen work was a deep passion, Collin desired to pursue formal education and spiritual interests. That journey led to a host of opportunities that continue to unfold, to this day. Collin has been working on several projects and been cast as a diverse set of characters. He is grateful for the doors that have opened and especially for his wife and his family, who have been a source of great inspiration. - IMDb Mini Biography By: CAB
USA ‘2017
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