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Action, History, War
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Nick Lyon


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John R Grounds as Nazi Soldier #2
Brandon Graham as Nazi Soldier #3
Justin De La Rosa as Nazi Soldier #5
Eddie Curry as German Scientist
Brian M. Alvey as Nazi Soldier #1 (as Brian Alvey)
Dominic Alvey as German Soldier #8
Darren Hill as Vincent Harris
Kyle Hotz as Sgt. Walker
Tyler Cole as Roger King
Ifan Meredith as Lt. Galloway
Michael Wouters as Strasser
Kimberley Hews as Angelique
Operation Dunkirk Storyline: A band of soldiers must battle their way through Nazi territory to rescue a scientist that could help turn the tide of WWII.
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Don't waste the bandwidth
The single worst 'war' movie I have ever seen - switched off in less than 20 minutes. No effort was taken in authenticity or for that matter story line or production. Pretty much everything covered already by other posts here. Really should check IMDb in future before hand instead of wasting time and spondoolitz!
Really, really crap film
Extremely poor script, extremely unlikely scenario, "Vot is the Algorithm" features a lot.

Unrealistic representation of the French Resistance.

Only person who knows Vot the Algorithm is happens to be tall, reasonably good looking and female.

Apparently the whole concept of radar depended on Vot the algorithm was.

The Germans are German the French are cowards and the Brits are plucky.

What a load of crap.
Rides piggyback on a blockbuster
Quite frankly, I thought I was going to see "Dunkirk", the new blockbuster ...

As it so happens, it turned out to be a complete waste of an hour and a half ... time that I will never get back.

The CGI is worse than 95% of movies I've seen over the years ... and that's the best part of this movie.

Do yourself a favour ... go watch grass grow ... or paint dry.
Operation Dunkin-Donuts !
Well i'm really glad you came here before viewing this complete & utter piece of rubbish !. I got about 15 min into it & realised 'this is it'. The 'actors' the uniform,machines & general demeanor of people attempting to portray scared & desperate body of men in a huge push to save as much of the structure & integrity of the British ARMY ! & send a very sad crew of the paras to certain death. 'nuff said,it's rubbish !!.
Very boring moving
The title of this movie was promising a lot, however don't spent your time watching the movie. The most exciting in this movie, is watching the clock in the cabin staying at 10 minutes to 2 and see it advancing in time when the people leave the cabin. Even the German officer couldn't speak real German. Low budget with 10 actors Disappointing
Can't believe i just watched this crap from start to finish
What can i say about this film that others have not already said already? Everyone has said it is unbelievably bad and that is an accurate description. The reasons i actually watched it from beginning to end is that it amused me, the continuity errors, the bad acting and the God awful dying. Someone should have taught these actors and extras how to put a little life into their dying skills. Their bad dying made me laugh. One more thing before i sign off, and this is more of some advice for film directors, do not have actual working clocks in the shot, there is a scene in a house in a French town with 2 British soldiers in a room chatting away, one minute the clock says 1.48pm, the next it says 1.45pm, the next you can't even see the hands of the clock , then the next minute it's back to 1.48pm. Either the director has managed to manipulate time or he/she has seriously messed up continuity wise. My bet is on the latter. My advice is stay away from this film unless you are really into bad acting, bad dying and continuity errors. It is because of these points stated that i gave this film 2 out of 10 rating because they managed to make me laugh.
The Optimist's Review (why be pessimist, right?)
This is a GREAT comedy film.

A great-great-great COMEDY film.

If you want to laugh out loud, watch this.

People try to make comedy films like this one, and don't succeed!! This one manages to do it without effort! Great-Great comedy film.
This movie sucks
This is a rip off movie, I knew this was not the real Dunkirk movie but it was hilariously bad . I just watched it for the wrong equipment and other bull***t. Jeeps in 1940, Germans wearing 1990s Bundeswehr Goretex parkas, German machine guns with Picatinny rails, Stengun with magazine pointing down, British soldiers wearing American helmets, Para berets that were not there for 2 years, The extra's playing German soldiers look as if they work as an accountant in the tax office, Soldiers wearing hipster beards and much more ( find the cellphone antenna). This is a fun movie for military equipment recognition hobbyists to spot all the incorrect material .
Don't even bother
one of the worst and unrealistic war films I've ever seen in my life

First of all they were driving along in an occupied country not a care in the world pull up and the one in charge says its just on the other side of this field and they get out and walk...They were in a jeep why not drive across the field that's what they were made for. Next 5 armed soldiers on a mission that they have been told could win the war all armed, And they all stick their hands in the air for 1 resistance fighter with a shotgun. The bridge scene was a joke, After the explosion that knocked everyone down the first up were all English, All Germans were stunned for a few seconds more so what did the English do not pick up guns and kill the enemy they ran and fired as they went.This new breed of director seem to be happy with anything nowadays forgetting that its got their name on it and it will follow them
Absolutely Unreal
This is one of the worst WW2 movies I have ever seen and I have seen dozens. Totally unreal, the costumes/uniforms on both English and German sides were pathetic, as was the acting, as was the apparent unlimited ammunition and tactics. Bizarre is another word to describe it.

Not worth the time or money.
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