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Action, History, War
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Nick Lyon


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John R Grounds as Nazi Soldier #2
Brandon Graham as Nazi Soldier #3
Justin De La Rosa as Nazi Soldier #5
Eddie Curry as German Scientist
Brian M. Alvey as Nazi Soldier #1 (as Brian Alvey)
Dominic Alvey as German Soldier #8
Darren Hill as Vincent Harris
Kyle Hotz as Sgt. Walker
Tyler Cole as Roger King
Ifan Meredith as Lt. Galloway
Michael Wouters as Strasser
Kimberley Hews as Angelique
Operation Dunkirk Storyline: A band of soldiers must battle their way through Nazi territory to rescue a scientist that could help turn the tide of WWII.
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Worst movie ever
This is without doubt the second worst war film I have ever seen. Why were they dressed as Para when the para's were not yet formed and why were they in the wrong helmets. Script just terrible. Nothing to recommend it all. I would have been better to spend the £7 on cider. My advice if you want a laugh buy this movie.
The Optimist's Review (why be pessimist, right?)
This is a GREAT comedy film.

A great-great-great COMEDY film.

If you want to laugh out loud, watch this.

People try to make comedy films like this one, and don't succeed!! This one manages to do it without effort! Great-Great comedy film.
Definitely under-rated, deserves at least a 2/10
OK - I saw this because I was confused about the two Dunkirks.. my bad.. Anyway, I didn't think it deserved a 1.7 (current rating), and so I wanted to bump that up a little with a vote of 2/10. Other comments here are accurate, regarding historical inaccuracies, poor acting (e.g. dying scenes). I would add to that some weak accents. My biggest problems were just really stupid things by the protagonists. E.g. one dude who just walked outside right in front of the oncoming Germans, knowing that they were in the area and would be coming for him; that would have been a good time to sneak out the back surreptitiously. And the band of soldiers who told the Germans that they would not surrender, rather than just either (a) shooting the heck out of those Germans (having the slight element of surprise plus a good vantage point) or (b) running out the back door -- but no, that would make too much sense; better to tell the Germans that you're not giving up and then wait for them to shoot at you (and yes -- one of the good guys gets shot..). And somehow in the end the allied planes up in the air can discern the good guys from the bad guys on the ground and they manage to shoot only the bad guys. (And I'll add the radio communications that are easily intercepted by the enemy, that give away the whole plan..) It's not asking too much to expect a moderately plausible plot...
Don't even bother
one of the worst and unrealistic war films I've ever seen in my life

First of all they were driving along in an occupied country not a care in the world pull up and the one in charge says its just on the other side of this field and they get out and walk...They were in a jeep why not drive across the field that's what they were made for. Next 5 armed soldiers on a mission that they have been told could win the war all armed, And they all stick their hands in the air for 1 resistance fighter with a shotgun. The bridge scene was a joke, After the explosion that knocked everyone down the first up were all English, All Germans were stunned for a few seconds more so what did the English do not pick up guns and kill the enemy they ran and fired as they went.This new breed of director seem to be happy with anything nowadays forgetting that its got their name on it and it will follow them
Wow, just wow
This review may contain spoilers...

The good: One scene near the very end reminded me of a scene from the movie "top secret" where Germans and Resistance fight hand to hand combat everyone mixed up on the floor and one of the resistance guys just shoot with full auto in the manpile on the floor killing all Germans without hurting a single resistance member.

I really liked "Top Secret" so the good thing was I got reminded I have to see it soon again :)

The bad: Well starting somewhere around 0:01 and ending with the after text....
WAME - Worst awful movie ever
I want to ask to this movie directors, to give me back 1.5 hours of my life spent on this thing. Awful at all senses, not worth watching. I can't believe that in 2017, people can' make movies like this. Bad acting's, bad music, bad story, bad actions, bad fighting's - everything was bad. Specially the worst scene was that on the bridge, with stupid actions & reactions, very slow and disgusting. This movie can be used to torture someone, for real!!!
Awful. Terrible acting,historical inaccuracies and poor writing
This movie sucked. I was fooled into thinking it was the movie "Dunkirk"... Boy was I wrong. The story is a about a group of raw recruits going to save some scientist with an "algorithm" (they say it 9000 times) Turns out it is some buxom french girl who has the codes, the Brits contemplate whether to throw her to the Nazis and abandon their mission...(What a total load of crap) I was so disgusted I had to turn it off. That is an hour I'm never getting back. Don't waste your time on this garbage.
loved it for what it was
Anyone who thought they were getting the dunkirk movie should read the movie title properly. I watch Asylum films regular and enjoy them for what they are. I never go into one of their films expecting an Oscar worthy movie, they are cheap budget rip offs but good films non the less. I wouldn't read into the ultra low scores.

Well done asylum
Teeribly inaccurate
Firstly, it is sad that at the start of the movie it has to mention "Americans' to try and captivate the American audience. The Colonel guy at the start was a good actor, then it just goes horribly wrong, watching the soldiers pass through a field of corn in May/June. Don't waste your time.
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