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Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Adam Lipsius


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Rickey Alexander Wilson as Tom (as Ricky Wilson Jr.)
Kevin Young as Phil
Jeff Harms as Nick
DeJean Brown as Earl
Jason Tobias as Josh
Cedric Jonathan as Rob (as Cedric Jonathan)
Paola Menacho as Marjorie
Roy Abramsohn as Ron Livingston
Paul Statman as Dr. Zicree
Oceans Rising Storyline: A scientist builds a boat after his warnings of an Earth-destroying flood are ignored. But when it's evident the disaster will occur, those who maligned the scientist now turn to him in desperation, boarding the ark and seeking his answers before the world drowns in a never ending sea.
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So god awful bad it's genius
This gem throws out all factual science, possibility and reality. If you can't completely suspend even limited understanding of what's real, then you're going to absolutely hate this flick.

The script is horrible. The acting is horrible. The direction is horrible. The special effects are horrible. The story itself is completely unbelievable. There's literally a complete lack of anything plausible or redeeming in this film.

It's pure comedic genius if you ask me. If each actor made $500 for being in this film, I would say congrats on robbing the film company for $495 each.
just awful
Encouraging they used a female President. But then they made her too young, too impatient and clueless. (Chelsea?) Terrible acting. The trip to Galveston looked like it was taken from a cheap mobile phone camera.At least the old Japanese horror flicks had a sense of humor. Ocean's Rising takes itself serious but doesn't deliver. Total waste of time.Try again Netflix, you have done some great shows.
It deserves a 10.
Is anybody so naive to not feel that this movie "Oceans Rising" (2017) was not "meant" to be so outdated ? In fact so many Hollywoodian movies are made to ridicule "conspiracy theories", or skeptics about "human responsibility" on climate change, etc.. ? As for the quality of the script, dialogues and acting, it was deliberately meant to be cheap, to even more ridiculing those. Start by asking yourself why Hollywood team produces this kind of movie, and "who profits from this crime?" I gave it a "10" for that well-served purpose. It really deserves it.
complete utter trash
I got sucked into watching this via Netflix as the rating was 4 1/2 stars so I thought cool, why not?

It is a complete and utter mess : acting, story, etc. I'm assuming this is an amateur production company who was lucky to get SyFy to show it.

Horrible. Just horrible.
Horrible movie.
This movie must be the worst I've ever seen. There should be laws against filming and distributing this crap, timewasting. The acting is not so bad but most scenes and background is unbelievable ridiculous. The boat scene is crap, it is a toy they have filmed in a bathtub or similar, their trip with the boat to Cern is insanely fast and hopeless ridiculous. I see some US users has given this movie a score of 10 and I believe this must be the cast and their family. Avoid this movie ffs.
Seen The Producers?
To anyone who has seen The Producers, it's pretty obvious what's going on here. Probably lots of investors, total shares equaling 900%. So their solution was to produce a flop, and nobody finds out. As Max Bialystock says, "We got the wrong play, the wrong director, the wrong cast. Where did we go right?" I'm proud to say, after reading the reviews here in, that I did not waste my time watching more than a few minutes of this movie. Apparently nothing went right.
I'm sorry I only have two thumbs, because this movie deserves more ...
... thumbs down I mean.

What an awfully compiled, awfully concocted load of rubbish. I'd like the name and address of those who funded this film because I have some ideas and they obviously have none.

I've paused to wrack my brain to see if I can think of just one thing to redeem this movie ... ... ... ... sorry, nothing at all.

Sad face coming up: 8^(
wow bad even for syfy
The acting is awful, just awful. A high school drama club could do better. The script is ridiculous. The science doesn't even pretend to make sense and the dialogue is completely unrealistic. The worst thing though is the special effects. The tiny model boat they use for the ocean scenes doesn't look anything at all like a real boat, let alone the boat the people are in. The ocean even looks fake. I don't know for sure but it looks like the ocean scenes might have been filmed in a kiddy pool with a fan blowing over the surface. It was not funny enough to be funny, campy enough to be another Sharknado, or good enough to be a time killer movie. Really, really bad.
Did I just watch this? ... apparently not.
It's probably unfair to give a movie 1/10 given there are quite a few people involved in putting even a terrible effort like this together, and one can't help but feel a little bad for them.

However, I think everyone reading this will rejoice that my review is based purely on other people's reviews, and I have actually not seen this horrible picture. In fact, I plan on never watching it.

Thanks other reviewers, appreciated!
Don't watch this movie
You have been warned. People that gave a rating of 10 must be from the movie company itself trying to promote this. If you want ANYTHING that's tens of times better than this, just watch random stuff made by amateurs. This movie is way beyond bad. Actually 1 is way to high for this kind of movie. 0 or below would be better.
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