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Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Romance
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Alfred Hitchcock


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Cary Grant as Roger O. Thornhill
Eva Marie Saint as Eve Kendall
James Mason as Phillip Vandamm
Jessie Royce Landis as Clara Thornhill
Leo G. Carroll as The Professor
Josephine Hutchinson as Mrs. Townsend
Philip Ober as Lester Townsend
Martin Landau as Leonard
Adam Williams as Valerian
Edward Platt as Victor Larrabee
Les Tremayne as Auctioneer
Philip Coolidge as Dr. Cross
Patrick McVey as Sergeant Flamm - Chicago Policeman
North by Northwest Storyline: Madison Avenue advertising man Roger Thornhill finds himself thrust into the world of spies when he is mistaken for a man by the name of George Kaplan. Foreign spy Philip Vandamm and his henchman Leonard try to eliminate him but when Thornhill tries to make sense of the case, he is framed for murder. Now on the run from the police, he manages to board the 20th Century Limited bound for Chicago where he meets a beautiful blond, Eve Kendall, who helps him to evade the authorities. His world is turned upside down yet again when he learns that Eve isn't the innocent bystander he thought she was. Not all is as it seems however, leading to a dramatic rescue and escape at the top of Mt. Rushmore.
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Hitch's best
Hitchcock always called PSYCHO his "fun" picture. It seems to me this film, which is my favorite of his, would fit that term better (though PSYCHO, a great film, may have been more fun for him, because it was probably less of a hassle physically to shoot, and because it appealed to his warped sense of humor), since this basically kids the genre he helped invent, the suspense thriller. The plot, when you think about it, is a remake of his own THE 39 STEPS, and although I'm not a Hitchcock expert, others could probably point out echoes of other of his films in this one. At the same time, it still manages to be quite suspenseful.

Cary Grant was one of Hitchcock's favorite actors, and it's easy to see why; he lends a class and glamour to the film, yet allows himself to be put in all sorts of sticky situations which he is able to escape from, no matter how narrowly. Eve Marie Saint is one of the best leading ladies he ever had, generating not only sex appeal but mystery. Leo G. Carroll is quite good as The Professor, and I wonder if he was an inspiration for George Smiley. Martin Landau is slimy as Leonard. But besides Grant, the best performance here is by James Mason, who avoids going over-the-top to just ooze malice. I especially liked his last line; "Not very sporting, using real bullets." There are so many classic scenes it's hard to list them all, and Bernard Hermann's score is excellent as well.
Wow, one of the most entertaining films I've ever seen
I bought this on a whim, after someone made a joke about a drawing I'd done (of a man running away from something in a field) striking of Hitchcocks famous scene. After watching it, I am ashamed that I didn't see this instant classic sooner.

The film starts off and instantly you are hooked, the snappy dialogue (the brilliant Taxi skit), the comedy (pretty much any scene with Mrs Thornhill Sr) and the thrilling ambiguity and intrigue. The answers come in just the right places, so you're never wondering longer than is reasonable, apart from the scenes where Hitchcock has dragged it out to an amazing edge-of-seat effect.

Another thing I loved, apart from the great writing, story and direction, were the characters, a compound of the above three. All the actors do a brilliant job of filling the characters shoes, and Cary Grant is nothing short of irresistibly charming and brash as the troubled hero. Most film-makers nowadays would portray the characters as psychological train wrecks given their circumstance, but they exhibit the cool and likable persona's (even Mr Van Damme is a charming villain) that are sadly missed in most modern films.

In fact, a lot of things in this film are sadly missed from modern thrillers, the charm is irresistibly and I've no qualms about giving it a 10 and saying it's one of the coolest films I've ever seen.
A towering achievement.
This is Hitchcock's best film – quite an accomplishment, considering how many great films he created. And after half a century, "North By Northwest" holds up beautifully. This film has it all: suspense, glamour, humor, and images that capture the imagination and remain etched in memory. The legendary crop-dusting sequence alone is a master class in the art of pure cinema. Like the rest of the film, it's brilliantly conceived and brilliantly executed. All the elements come together to produce the finest form of entertainment. Bernard Herrmann's frantic fandango captures the complexity and pace of the action. Ernest Lehman's script is full of sophisticated dialogue. Performances are spot on. Has Cary Grant ever been more engaging? Is James Mason the ultimate in charming villains? And Eva Marie Saint's allure is multi-faceted. Movies just don't get better than this.
One of the best directed thrillers of all time
Roger Thornhill (Grant) is mistaken for another man by a group of foreign spies and after a few unfortunate events, finds himself on the run.

North by Northwest is recognized as one of Alfred Hitchcock's finest films and with the adrenaline soaked narrative and a great central performance it is easy to see why.

Cary Grant (Charade) delivers a sensational portrayal of advertising executive Roger Thornhill, a simple man who is mistaken for someone else. Thornhill is wonderfully sarcastic, very charismatic and plaudits must go to Grant who has created an original hero, an ordinary man who turns himself into an action hero within a short space of time in Alfred Hitchcock's wonderfully realistic world.

Hitchcock's action styled direction is picture perfect for this fast moving thriller. The British director cements the realism down to the ground with his cutting edge close shots and the fast sweeping direction, most noticeable in the landmark plane scene in the fields.

It is easy to overdo action in modern day films and Hitchcock has expertly managed to balance the action alongside the everyday events of the protagonists.

This film is close to resembling a Bond styled genre, though obviously was made before Bond films were. The cocky yet sophisticated Thornhill is well directed by Hitchcock to create the ultimate action hero in a sharply written narrative that is more realistic and entertaining than the Bond spy genre.

The reason this 1959 thriller works is down to all the genres it covers. Through Hitchcock's action and realistic direction, viewers are thrust into action sequences, romantic moments and crime sequences to, providing viewers with the ultimate adventure. Covering different genres is not a stroll in the park as recent films show and can be appreciated here with Hitchcock's wonderful balance.

The balance of the action and romantic genres works well with the whole mystery concept of what is happening to the central character.

The settings are well executed and further add to the intensity of the plot, particularly the field and the climax on Mount Rushmore.

North by Northwest is a top notch action thriller, made so by Hitchcock's direction, great writing and a fine central character.
One of Hitchcock's Best
I am a huge Hitchcock fan, and compared to some of his others including the mind-numblingly dull "Suspicion" or the messy "Rebecca," this one shines, along with "Psycho" as one of his best films.

Cary Grant is Roger Thornhill, a New York businessman who is suddenly thrust into a conspiracy that plots him as a killer. With no one to trust, and no one who believes him, he goes on the run, fleeing deeper and deeper into the mystery and the peril. On a train to Chicago one night, he meets Eve Kendall (Eva Marie Saint), a steely blonde who he becomes involved with both romantically and in this plot against him. The lives of the two intertwine continuously through the rest of the chase, where the characters and plot twist like a winding mountain road, which is a perfect analogy for this movie, which climaxes on Mt. Rushmore, in one of the most gripping, suspenseful climaxes Hitch has ever directed.

This truly is a great movie, in all ways. The music is appropriate and extremely well-fitting, and is in second to the theme of "Psycho" as the best music in a Hitchcock film. The acting is totally on par, especially by the two stars. The chemistry between the two of them on the train is perfect, and adds to the list of memorable pieces of this movie, along with the famous cropduster scene (which had me cringing in fear) and that gripping, edge-of-your-seat, breathtaking climax on Mt. Rushmore. Hitchcock has never directed a climax as good as that. This is his best, second being the gasp-inducing climax to "Psycho." I loved the way the character of Eve Kendall changed so many times, and twisted and turned. At first she appears to just be that girl that will end up by Thornhill's side the whole movie, then she becomes the double-crossing spy, but then she double-crosses the enemies, and we realize so much more about her, that she becomes the most versatile character in the film, played to honest perfection by Eva Marie Saint. And also to mention was the very creepy-looking Martin Landau in a smaller role as one of the spies. Just the look in his eye made him a great antagonist.

This really is a great movie, and as I said, one of Hitchcock's best. Hitch really came a long way from his minimal British productions, all of which seemed to look and feel the same. This is definitely one of the best chase movies around, and has remained as powerful as it was when it first came out.

"I'd invite you to my bedroom if I had a bedroom."
Allow me to add my voice to the overwhelming praise for this classic Alfred Hitchcock thriller; one of the legendary director's best. Cary Grant stars (in the last of four collaborations with Hitchcock) as an advertising executive mistaken for a spy and chased cross-country by foreign agents, as well as the police. What follows is one classic scene after another, including the famous scene where Grant is chased by a crop duster. James Mason and Martin Landau make excellent villains. Eva Marie Saint is the sexy double agent who shares some sizzling scenes with Cary. The two had palpable chemistry. Healthy doses of comedy help make this such an enjoyable watch. A great cast, a rousing score by Bernard Herrmann, and flawless pacing by Hitch are among the many elements that make this one of the most fun and exciting movies ever made.
From The Master of Suspense Came the Daddy of the Modern Adventure Thrillers
Many feel this is Alfred Hitchcock's greatest American movie, and I agree! NORTH BY NORTHWEST is the Hitchcock film to end all Hitch films, with all his pet themes covered with maximum wit, panache, and suspense, as well as a romance between Cary Grant and a soignée Eva Marie Saint that's as tender as it is sexy. Grant has never been more engaging and dashing (literally and figuratively :-), though the smoothly villainous James Mason nearly out-suaves him. My husband and I have joked that if Mason had played Thornhill, the film would have been over in mere moments. With all due respect to Grant, if the imperious, unshakably confident Mason asked the Glen Cove police, "Do you honestly believe that this happened the way you think it did?" they would immediately reply, "No, sir, you must be right, you're free to go, sorry we bothered you." :-) Also boasts a great early performance by a reptilian young Martin Landau as Mason's possessive henchman, as well as one of Oscar nominee Ernest Lehman's best screenplays (in fact, he borrowed liberally from it for his script for the film version of THE PRIZE starring Paul Newman) and one of Bernard Herrmann's finest scores. Anybody who wants to write or direct a chase thriller should watch NORTH BY NORTHWEST first to see how it's done!
Iconic Action Thriller
North by Northwest: The feeling I got during North by Northwest initially wasn't a great one. I couldn't focus on what was being shown to me on the screen, something about the story was off-putting, even the directing didn't settle with me at first. Once I relaxed into my chair and gave it a go, I had no regrets and enjoyed myself. As I watched it I realized how much of an impact this single movie had on the industry at the time of its release. Some of the stunts are incredible and the magnitude is just bigger and better than what was in movies at that time. It's Hitchcock's biggest film; it's not bloated, but it covers the territory necessary to best an iconic action thriller. Hitchcock stages everything well here, making the action feel innocent enough to not fall into the "Action Movie" stereotypes of today clichéd blockbusters. The roots of the action pieces are in suspense and timing. North by Northwest had great scope with unexpected instruments in the plot to further the film.

Rating: A

Grade: 9/10
duplicity as a game...
Why can't we do that kind of movie anymore? ... a lot of tension, many humor, a little violence and great but simple story, a recipe we seem to have lost!

There is a lot of Vertigo tension and some idea of the futur humoristic ton he will use in Marnie, but there is especially one great couple of actors. One of the best acting part for Cary Grant and the villain played by James Manson is actually a nicer guy than the introducing Thornhill. There both majestic and the little blond in the middle is both a woman and a girl, adjusting the tone perfectly. The characters are full of surprises and mysteries, they all played some double game a game for freedom!

The idea is basic -some twisted identities- but the shots and the tense music are still amazing! You can recognize Hithcock work everywhere: he spends as much work on the form and the background of his movie and this is a true lesson of Cinema.

We still enjoy his movies at this point and this is quite a collection of master pieces!
A perfect film for a rainy, cold October day
I saw this film for the first time when I was a freshman in college as part of an english class I took entitled "writing and the movies". Little did I realize that I would be seeing a film that would stay with me to this day and in essence become one of my all time favorites. Then, a few years ago, I caught it on the big screen at the Fine Arts theater in downtown Chicago. I remember that it was a rainy, cold October day. Perfect weather for a Hitchcock film I thought to myself.

For me, half of the fun of North by Northwest is its incredible story. This film has something for everyone within it: a little comedy, a little romance, great snappy dialogue and more action than any Bruce Willis Die Hard film combined. Hitchcock was a master at this and in North by Northwest he lets his genius shine through totally. It seems to me that whenever I watch it, everyone who made this film from Cary Grant on down had nothing but sheer fun making it. Perhaps my two favorite scenes are the infamous "crop-duster" sequence and the last twenty minutes or so at Mount Rushmore.

I must give special mention to Ernest Lehman who yet again managed to write a screenplay that totally knocks your socks off. How he came up with the idea, I've not a clue, but what an idea it is. The screenplay itself was nominated for an Academy Award that year, but lost to Pillow Talk. North by Northwest was also nominated for Best Set Decoration and Best Film Editing, but lost to Ben-Hur in both categories.

All in all, what a film. If you haven't seein it, do so ASAP. North by Northwest just reinforces my belief that Alfred Hitchcock was one of the greatest directors of all time. Period.

My rating: 4 stars
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