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Crime, Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Albert Hughes, Allen Hughes, The Hughes Brothers


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Tyrin Turner as Caine
Larenz Tate as O-Dog
June Kyoto Lu as Grocery Store Woman (as June Kyoko Lu)
Toshi Toda as Grocery Store Man
Samuel L. Jackson as Tat Lawson
Brandon Hammond as Five Year Old Caine
Glenn Plummer as Pernell
Khandi Alexander as Karen Lawson
Eugene Lee as Man #1
James Pickens Jr. as Man #2 (as James Pickins Jr.)
Nancy Cheryll Davis as Teacher (as Nancy Cheryl Davis)
Menace II Society Storyline: This urban nightmare chronicles several days in the life of Caine Lawson, following his high-school graduation, as he attempts to escape his violent existence in the projects of Watts, CA.
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Menace 2 society
This movie is by far one of my favorites. The acting in this movie is so perfect it almost as if its based on a true story. Although this film is similar to boys in the hood, it is yet a better film to me. Menace 2 society comes off as a funnier gangster film and boys in the hood is more serious. Some people also might be offend by this movie by it degrading black people, but it in fact was aimed to the black audience. Also the movie isn't just about violence and drugs, its also a story about survivng in the hood and there is indeed a plot. I recommend this movie for an older teen because it would show them the struggles going on that they don't even have to go through everyday, but not to a younger crowd cause it may portray violence into there heads
This movie was incredible and Larenz Tate was indeed a fine actor. It was a story of a guy growing up in the hood, who was telling his story of life and perhaps death. This movie showed the troubles in the inner city with gangs, teenage pregnancy, and theft. It also shows life on both sides of the track in a realistic form. Jada Pinkett was great. See this movie if you haven't. The greatest.
Yikes! And Awaaay!
I thought Boyz N The Hood was the ultimate inner city gangs film. Menace blows it out of the water, way, way out of the water. The opening murder scene puts the chill in chilling. The film is brutal, hilarious, sick, twisted, touching and beautiful. The Hughes Brothers would seem to have the filmmaking chops to go down in history as two of the all time great directors, if they could only make another flick as killer as this. And how can you not like a film that has a cameo by Samuel L. Jackson? Or as I call him, Mister Senor Love Daddy. The only downside is movies like Boyz and Menace and Grand Canyon took a lot of the romance and glamour out of life in sunny Southern California.

Why on earth Menace II Society wasn't nominated for Oscars for screenplay, direction, best picture, best actor and supporting actor is utter insanity. And the Hughes brothers have pointed out in interviews that this flick is about "gangsters" not gangs. That's pretty obvious when you see the main character watchin' old black and white gangster movies. The fact it's about gangsters and not gangs makes it more appealing. It makes the film seem like a modern day film noir gangster movie and not just another Boyz N The Hood clone. High praise indeed, dig?
a story that helps us understand how bad life can be
The film is without doubt on a par with the brilliance of Boyz'n'the Hood, it does however manage to surpass the 1991 Oscar nominated ghetto movie in production values as well as the acting stakes. Larenz Tate, an unknown at the time is spellbinding with the ruthlessness of his characters ways. It is extremely funny however in the opening scene with the shoot-out, when, as O-Dog is taking the store clerk outback, if you look at the top of the screen, you can clearly see the whole camera crew in the mirrors.
powerfully good
Extremely brutal, but gripping and compelling story of a volatile, alienated young teenager (Turner) growing up in the violent atmosphere of the L.A. Watts District and—against the advice of family and friends—makes no effort to transcend the harshness and ignorance of his surroundings, instead choosing to head down a dead-end path. Violent, almost unbearable at times, but faultlessly acted by the cast, and filled with powerful, authentic scenes. Tate is an absolute powerhouse as Turner's younger, impulsive, and extremely cold-blooded pal. Obviously not for all tastes, but a monumental achievement regardless, thanks to a superior cast of actors. ***½
One of the best movies in 1993
Menace 2 Society is definitely the best "Ghetto Gangsta"-Movie of all time. So powerful, so strong. Perfectly showing the hard life young black people go through in the ghetto. The main-characters are Caine, and O-Dog. Caine, is not the typical gangsta, he had a very hard childhood, with a dealer as father and a junkie as mother, but he doesn't want to live this kind of live and trys to change it. O-Dog is the opposite, a young man who's afraid of nothing and always has trouble with the justice. The movie shows us the road that both, including there friends do in this strange world of drugs, violence and poverty.

The best film the Hugh-Brother ever made, simply a must see, you will love it!!!
The Hughes Brothers' Menace II Society can be upsetting but still also worthwhile if you stick around to the end
Okay, after 20 years of reading and hearing about this movie by The Hughes (Albert and Allen) Brothers, I finally watched Meanace II Society on YouTube. Mainly about teen hood Caine (Tyrin Turner) and his life with fellow South Central L.A. pal O-Dog (Larenz Tate), among other events of that time, I found the whole thing a little upsetting with what I've now found out had the most use of the f-word of any of these black movies I've been watching these last few days, not to mention the constant violence. Still, it does get better when Caine's possible girlfriend Ronnie (Jada Pinkett before becoming Mrs. Will Smith) offers a possible out by moving out with her and her son Anthony (Jullian Roy Doster) to Atlanta. But then another girl he fooled around with named Ilena (Erin Leshawn Wiley) tells him she's pregnant and...oh, watch the film if you want to know. In summary, Menace II Society didn't really pick my interest until the last 30 minutes and I started to see it in a whole new light. So on that note, I highly recommend it with reservations.
Dead Presidents and Menace 2 Society
"We are being asked to take even larger doses of a medicine that has proved to be deadly and to undertake commitments that do not solve the problem, but only temporarily postpone the foretold death of our economy." - Hieronymos II (head of Greece's Orthodox Church)

"A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defence than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual doom." - Martin Luther King, Jr

"Austerity is difficult, absolutely, but it's necessary, for rich and poor alike, black and white." - Frank Campbell

"The more things change, the more they stay the same." - Jean Baptiste Karr

Albert and Allen Hughes direct "Dead Presidents" and "Menace 2 Society". Both films purport to be "serious" examinations of the trials and tribulations of post-Vietnam African Americans, but in reality function more as giant exploitation films. The influence here is Scorsese's "Goodfellas", which the young Hughes brothers – the perfect age to be seduced by Scorsese's pyrotechnics - attempt to mimic blow for blow. And like Scorsese's film, though absent of his considerable style, the Hughes' work here is thin, melodramatic and sensationalistic, with deaths, screams, headshots, bombast, snorting, swearing and fury schematically rolled out to shock, bludgeon and titillate rather than edify. An entire resurgence in African American film-making would be corrupted in the early 1990s with such films.

"This is how it really was," the brothers would claim in interviews, positing their early films as a response to John Singleton's (underrated) "Boyz n the Hood". Their films, the brothers claimed, portrayed the reality behind Singleton's supposedly "rosy" portrayal of the African American experience. But time has been unkind to their pictures. And as the baseline for what constitutes "realism" constantly moves, today "Dead Presidents" and "Menace to Society", once touted as being a form of "black neorealism" or "black naturalism", seem hilariously overcooked and gratuitous. And as with all these films, there is little understanding of why our cast of African Americans do what they do, behave how they behave or examination of the power structures and psycho-socio-economic forces at work. (Both films essentially boil down to blacks killing for money; but "economics" is itself the cause of "the problem", stretching all the way from Vietnam to the Slave Trade to the Roman Empire)

Still, there are good moments scattered about. "Menace to Society" opens with its best scene, an impromptu robbery/massacre in which a couple of black kids shockingly gun down the Asian shop-workers who insulted them. If disrespect is the root of all violence, we see that here, the larger marginalization of, or systemic disrespect toward, African Americans breeding both feelings of unworthiness and its opposite, a kind of manic need to protect, sometimes violently, brutalized egos. Black culture may have been mocked in the 90s for its "bling", its hysterical materialism, but this, as well as the numerous riots which rocketed across the US in the early 90s, was an understandable "response" to both widespread feelings of neglect and a culture with conflates wealth and worth. One should not have to prove one's humanity, one's worthiness, and when one is constantly forced to do so, pressure builds and one sometimes snaps. What's pertinent about "Menace's" "snaps" is that the victim's of such black aggression are always minorities or other blacks. Meanwhile, white faces are absent from the picture. Society functions in a similar way, Power deflecting hate away from itself – "down" the "social hierarchy" - and onto others. Unfortunately the rest of the picture degenerates into gratuitous gore and violence.

Better than "Menace" is "Dead Presidents", which opens in 1968 and attempts to charter the lives of three friends (played by Larenz Tate, Chris Tucker, and Freddy Rodriguez) from the Bronx. They fight in Vietnam, are abandoned by the state, struggle to make a living, battle addiction and are then drawn to a life of crime.

Like "Menance", "Presidents" at time shows traces of political savvy – one of the guards killed during the robbery is himself a Vietnam vet - but sensationalism, cynically employed shocks and thriller set pieces eventually undermine claims to earnestness. Blame Scorsese for this. Singleton's "Boyz n the Hood" was released before "Goodfellas" and so is stylistically somewhat different from most "African American" films of the period.

5/10 – Worth one viewing.
best ghetto movie ever made
Without a doubt this is one of the best ghetto/street movies I have ever seen. Larenz Tate is terrific at portraying the life of a young bad-ass (O-dogg). Tyrin Turner also plays a great role as Caine. This movie is worth seeing again and again.
Possibly the best urban movie ever made
**possible spoilers**

Menace II Society is definitely an unforgettable story as it is still spoken about today when you mention 'hood movies or black film. It revolves around Caine(Tyrin Turner) and his life. The film also shows in graphic detail about Caine's unfortunate childhood from his father(Samuel L. Jackson) bein' a hustler, to his mom being a heroin-addict who is so strung-out to the point where she steals out of Tat's stash just to get high which then 'causes Tat to raise his hand to her, to even witnessing his father kill someone over owed money at a card game(...and it wasn't the last) Also in Caine's circle is O-Dog(Larenz Tate), who in my unhumble opinion was the most unforgettable character of this movie. His short temper and trigger-happy tendencies made O-Dog such an unforgettable character surpassing the likes of Doughboy in Boyz N The Hood. I was real impressed with Caine's retrospective break down of his 'hood with the riots to the drugs, and before all of that - Dog shows a little of what I was talking about earlier at the grocery store in a very memorable beginning. Jada Pinkett is also in this as Ronnie, a single mother whose baby is fathered by Pernell serving a life sentence - who Caine looks highly up to. It's a very gritty look at the life in the streets and how decision can affect your life, more less be the difference between your life and death. Very well scripted and acted, it really felt like the real thing and there aren't many that will ever come this close as this did...

This is a must have on VHS or DVD or whatever unforgettable classic 10/10
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