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Crime, Drama, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Steven Soderbergh


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Katie Holmes as Bobbie Jo Chapman
Sutton Johnston as Levi Chapman
Boden Johnston as Dylan Chapman
Farrah Mackenzie as Sadie Logan
Eric Perez as Construction Worker
Adam Driver as Clyde Logan
Riley Keough as Mellie Logan
Tom Archdeacon as Max's Non-Tourage #2
Jim O'Heir as Cal
Rebecca Koon as Purple Lady
David Denman as Moody Chapman
Channing Tatum as Jimmy Logan
Seth MacFarlane as Max Chilblain
Logan Lucky Storyline: Two brothers attempt to pull off a heist during a NASCAR race in North Carolina.
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Funny, Clever Script Directed by a Returning Expert and Performed to Direction by an Incredible Cast on Top of their Game!
As the old adage goes, you should never say never – especially if you're a talented and well-respected filmmaker like Steven Soderbergh. Not that we really believed his retirement was for good (or perhaps that's just what we hoped). So we should be doubly happy; firstly because he's back in the director's chair (this being his first movie since 2013); and secondly because his comeback film Logan Lucky is excellent, one which makes us happy that he's back to doing what he does best. In a similar vein to his Ocean's films, but with more style, humour and personality, Logan Lucky is an excellent return for Soderbergh, bringing a mesmerising story, intriguing characters and genuine laughs.

Laid off from his job and in much need of cash to help support his daughter, we follow Jimmy Logan (Channing Tatum) as he decides to pull off a heist, robbing a stadium during a NASCAR race. Recruiting his one-armed – or one-handed – brother Clyde (Adam Driver), manic convict and explosion-enthusiast Joe Bang (Daniel Craig) and his two brothers Fish and Sam (Jack Quaid and Brian Gleeson respectively) we seem them plan and pull off an ingenious heist. In a similar manner to Soderbergh's previous heist movies like Ocean's, there's an abundance of clever stuff going on to amuse and impress you from start to finish, with twists and turns aplenty.

The story's good, intriguing and, at least on the surface, nice and simple. Yet Soderbergh and mysterious first-time screenwriter Rebecca Blunt keep it interesting and layered by giving us lots of enjoyable detail that make the plan seem all the more intricate and fun to watch. While it could be fun to have seen this play out like the Mission: Impossible films, where you hear the plan step-by-step and then watch everything go according to plan, what Soderbergh achieves is much more effective. Since we don't know exactly what the next stage of the plan is, not only does this raise tension levels, but more than this it seems ingenious and even more impressive when you see it unfold organically, managing to surprise you and keep you invested in the story more than you would be otherwise. Although it may test credulity in how conveniently well the plan goes (more so than the Joker's unlikely convenient plan in The Dark Knight), it's a joy to watch.

As captivating as the story is and as entertaining as it may be to watch everything go according to Jimmy's master plan, the structure and pace occasionally seems to struggle to keep up. Whilst for the most part it all goes perfectly and seamlessly; however in the latter half an hour or so, the gear changes dramatically – no longer is it a heist movie, the quasi-epilogue becoming more an investigation. Fortunately the clever twists come and it leaves us on a wonderfully ambiguous cliffhanger, however the last little part doesn't flow quite as easily as the rest of the film that precedes it. This doesn't detract from the movie as a whole though, and is really the only flaw of the film. Other than this, there does seem to be a few sadly missed opportunities, notably with Katherine Waterston's briefly appearing (but potentially interesting) nurse, Hilary Swank's tenacious FBI detective (who certainly deserved more screen-time) and Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane's amusing, but bizarrely pointless, Max Chilblain (good luck spotting this one, it took me a while to recognise him!).

Ultimately though the slightly wobbly pace and structure in the latter part of the film and the occasional missed opportunity with some characters are only minor flaws in a bigger picture. This is a film that isn't as focused on the plot as it is the characters. Frequent dialogues aren't necessarily intrinsic and necessary for plot development, but are purely for the brilliant character development – it's this emphasis that makes Logan Lucky the joy it is and more than just another clever heist film. We go on this journey to spend time with the characters; and when they're this well-directed, well- written and well-performed with brilliant pace it's an absolute pleasure. On top of this, it's a wonderful and eclectic cast playing parts we're not exactly used to seeing them in. Behind the thick Southern accent, Tatum's Jimmy has more brains than a lot of Tatum's other characters, quite competent as the leader. Yet more surprising and impressive are Daniel Craig and Adam Driver, the former being very different to his turn as James Bond, and the latter being equally far from his new Star Wars villain, Kylo Ren. This film is a showcase for how talented these actors really are, Driver and Craig in particular battling out to be the show-stealers. Driver's hilariously slow-speaking, but bright one- handed Clyde has great chemistry with Jimmy, while Craig's lunatic, bleach blonde criminal brings the laughs and personality (with an incredibly flawless accent). It's a strong cast performing a strong script excellently and it's a delight to behold.

All in all, Logan Lucky is a terrific film and a fitting return for director Steven Soderbergh. Despite the occasional wobbly pacing and structure towards the end and the odd missed opportunity with some potentially great characters, there really is little to fault here. Quick-witted and hilarious script, directed with style by a seasoned professional returning to fine form and performed to perfection by an incredible roster of actors who are on top of their game. We truly are lucky to have a film like Logan Lucky.
One joke refers to the caper as "Oceans 7-11". That about sums up Logan Lucky
Why do people like heist movies? Probably because they represent the anti-establishment and the boundaries that life sets. Though we have our fair share of stories about heroic cops that capture the villains, when we look at it from another perspective, the villain can often come out as the true hero. One often premise is that life has been unfair to someone and they want to balance out everything by taking what's theirs. Whether their right to do it is usually left to the viewers, but its common that part of the story has an officer looking for them.

Today's movie is heist movie by Steven Soderbergh, who you may remember having directed the Ocean's 11 remake and their sequels. This also marks a theatrical return for the director since his Liberace movie, Behind the Candelabra. So we already know that not only can he deliver a good heist movie, but is likely to shoot it in more of an auteur fashion. The big difference here is that while the Ocean movies were about classy criminals stealing from a casino, the heroes here are robbing a Speedway during a NASCAR race. This is Logan Lucky.

Jimmy Logan (played by Channing Tatum) was a once a potential football star whose career was cut short due to a leg injury. Now left with a permanent limp and lack of experience that makes finding work difficult, he's having a hard time paying for child support let alone support himself. He does have his brother Clyde (played by Adam Driver) for help. Though Clyde himself is an Iraq war veteran with a missing arm. After a fight with NASCAR driver Max Chilblain (played by Seth MacFarlane), Jimmy calls out "cauliflower", which is code for when he and his brother should commit a crime.

As Jimmy's previous job as a construction worker game him working knowledge of the Charlotte Motor Speedway's cash flowing system, they both agree to rob the place. They end up hiring a safecracker whose serving time in jail Joe Bang (played by Daniel Craig). They develop a plan for Clyde to get himself incarcerated and for him and Joe to escape temporarily during the upcoming Coca Cola 600 race. Once a prison riot commences, the two make it out and everyone meets up underground to commence the robbery.

For a simple story about not very bright robbers, this was a fun movie. Was it great? I wouldn't go that far, but it's entertaining and gave me my money's worth at the movies. It's clear that this film isn't trying to make a bold statement, but rather provide a simple caper (a lot like this years earlier Going in Style). I'll say upfront that I honestly haven't heard of a NASCAR heist story before. Not only how they do the heist is interesting, but you actually do become curious to see just how they orchestrate this. As I said, these are not smart crooks, but they do their best given their situation and the resources available.

Most of the performances are good, like the ones from Channing Tatum and Adam Driver; their passable, but nothing new. My biggest surprise came from Daniel Craig, playing a rare American character. Maybe its because I'm so used to seeing him as James Bond, that almost anything besides that will catch my interest. Thankfully, it pays off, as he plays him in a more comedic fashion then I would have expected. Is there a comedic bug within Daniel Craig we don't know about?

While the preparation and actual heist proved to be fun, it's the conclusion where things slow down and not in a good way. The last twenty minutes feels like that they go on for way too long. I tries to expand the story by adding an FBI investigation subplot that not only comes out of nowhere, but I added very little. Despite a committed Hillary Swank playing the role of a detective, they could have cut this out and it would have not changed the story much. It certainly doesn't ruin the rest of the movie, but it's like the editing added more padding for a longer runtime.

I'll give this seven prosthetic arms out of ten. Lucky Logan is the kind of caper story that has a lot of creativity, but could have used more of it when it came to the ending. This is not much of an action movie, but rather a comedy. I think it's worth the watch at least once. On a rainy day, it would have to be a TV movie.
Daniel Craig steals the show!
Steven Soderbergh's return to the cinema is not exactly something spectacular, but it's a fun and entertaining film.

Even if it doesn't have "laughing out loud" moments, the performances of Daniel Craig and Adam Driver will make you smile all the way through.

The movie is following Jimmy Logan (Channing Tatum) who is trying to rob Charlotte Motor Speedway during the biggest NASCAR race of the year. His younger brother, Clyde (Adam Driver) joins the party despite of his belief that the name "Logan" is cursed.

To penetrate the safe, they must hire Joe Bang (Daniel Craig) who at the time is in prison and they must get him out in order to fulfill the job. Daniel Craig's performance is brilliant, and he saved the movie for the most part. He removed the dull moments every time he appeared on screen.

Steven Soderbergh wanted to emphasize George R.R Martin's incapability of finishing the "Game of Thrones" series, a really fun scene, especially for me, being a fan of the novels and the TV show.

"Logan Lucky" marks S. Soderbergh's return to the big screens, a pretty modest comedy, with an interesting twist, even if it's boring from time to time and the film is pretty slow moving.
Logan Lucky Film Review
The new comedy crime film Logan Lucky starring Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Daniel Craig, Seth MacFarlane, Hilary Swank, Katie Holmes, Riley Keough, Katherine Waterston, Sebastian Stan, Brian Gleeson.

In Logan Lucky Jimmy Logan (American actor Channing Tatum - White House Down, Foxcatcher) is from a blue-collar family from the hills of West Virginia, whose clan has been famous for its bad luck for nearly 90 years. After being fired from his job, and with his ex- wife Bobbie Jo Chapman (American actress Katie Holmes - Batman Begins, Phone Booth) threatening to move out of State taking their daughter Sadie Logan (Farrah Mackenzie - Lawless Range, Nanny Cam) with her, Jimmy decides he has to do something to get his family's life back on track. With a little help from his brother Clyde Logan (American actor Adam Driver - Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Lincoln) who works in a bar called Duck Tape Bar & Grill, his sister Mellie Logan (American actress Riley Keough - Mad Max: Fury Road, Magic Mike and is the eldest granddaughter of the late American singer Elvis Presley and American actress Priscilla Presley and the daughter of Lisa Marie Presley) and an incarcerated explosive expert, the aptly named Joe Bang (English actor Daniel Craig - Skyfall, Spectre), he plans to steal $14 million from the Charlotte Motor Speedway on the busiest race day of the year. Directed by Academy Award-winner Steven Soderbergh (Ocean's Eleven, Magic Mike, Traffic), Logan Lucky also stars Amierican actress Hilary Swank (Million Dollar Baby, The Next Karate Kid) as Special Agent Sarah Grayson, American actor, creator, writer, director, producer Seth MacFarlane (Ted films, A Million Ways To Die In The West and the creator of US Animated TV Series Family Guy and American Dad) as Max Chilblain, English actress Katherine Waterston (Inherent Vice, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them) as nurse Sylvia Harrison, Romanian actor Sebastian Stan (Captain America films, The Martian) as Dayton White, Republic Of Ireland actor Brian Gleeson (Snow White And The Huntsman, Tiger Raid and is the son of Republic Of Ireland actor Brendan Gleeson and the brother of Republic Of Ireland actor Domhnall Gleeson) as Sam Bang Joe Bang's brother, American actor Jack Quaid (The Hunger Games films, Ithaca and is the son on American actor Dennis Quaid and American actress Meg Ryan and the nephew of American actor Randy Quaid Dennis Quaid's older brother) as Fish Bang Joe Bang and Sam Bang's other brother, American actor Jim O'Heir (US TV Series Parks And Recreation, Accepted) as Cal Jimmy Logan's boss at work, Irish actress Rebecca Koon (A Time To Kill, Let's Be Cops) as Purple Lady, American actor David Denman (13 Hours, After Earth) as Moody Chapman Bobbie Jo Chapman's husband, Boden Johnston as Dylan Chapman Moody Chapman's son, Sutton Johnston the identical brother of Boden Johnston as Levi Chapman Moody Chapman's other son and Levi Chapman's brother, American actor Charles Halford (Being Charlie, Darling Companion) as Earl, Daniel Jones (The Afflicted, Savannah) as a Judge, American actress Lauren Revard (American Made, Keeping Up With The Joneses) as Sylvia's Colleague a nurse like Sylvia, American actress Ann Mahoney (99 Homes, Barefoot) as Gleema Purdue, Jon Eyez (Parker, Get Hard) as Naaman, American actor Dwight Yoakam (Crank films, Hollywood Homicide) as Warden Burns, American singer LeAnn Rimes stars as herself and Macon Blair (Blue Ruin, Gold) as Special Agent Brad Noonan.

Filming locations in Logan Lucky include US States like West Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia.

Overall Logan Lucky is a really good comedy crime film filled with action, comedy, crime, funny moments, swearing, tongue and cheek stuff, chaos, carnage, violence, things getting wrecked, destroyed, blown up, on the edge of your seat stuff, prisons, prisoners, NASCAR race cars, bars, hairdressers including the hairdresser called Hair We R, fights, punch ups, arguments, falling outs, loyalty, family, friendship, togetherness, team work, lots of money, cool cars, good eye catching scenery, a race against time and many other things throughout the film.

So I will give Logan Lucky an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars and Logan Lucky is well worth seeing if you like the Ocean films from the noughties, Let's Be Cops, Dumb And Dumber films, the Ted films, A Million Ways To Die In The West, Midnight Run, Raising Arizona, Snatch, Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels, The Big Lebowski amongst others.

So if you get the chance to see Logan Lucky in the cinema then you should go and see it sooner than later.
A Trailer Park Ocean's Eleven
Logan Lucky is a black comedy heist film written by Rebecca Blunt and directed by Steven Soderbergh of Ocean's Eleven (2001), Traffic (2000), and Erin Brockovich (2000) fame. "Rebecca Blunt" is an unknown British screenwriter, which has led some to speculate the name is a pseudonym. Whatever the case, it's a fun movie with the same fast-paced and clever film making as the Ocean's series.

When Jimmy Logan's (Channing Tatum) ex-wife, Bobbie Jo Chapman (Katie Holmes), plans to take their daughter, Sadie (Farrah Mackenzie), from West Virginia to North Carolina with her new husband, Moody Chapman (David Denman), two Appalachian families rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway during the Coca-Cola 600 to pay for a lawyer to contest the move. The threat of the "Logan family curse" hangs ominously over the operation.

Jimmy is aided by his one-handed brother, Clyde (Adam Driver), their sister, Mellie (Riley Keough), and Joe Bang (Daniel Craig) and his brothers Fish (Jack Quaid) and Sam (Brian Gleeson). Together, this crew of eccentric misfits pulls off the heist and each lives happily ever after, or so it seems. In the final scene, we see a FBI agent played by Hilary Swank carefully watching them under cover.

The song "Take Me Home, Country Roads" by John Denver, a nostalgic tribute to West Virginia, frames the movie. As it opens, we see Jimmy Logan and his daughter fixing a truck while listening to the song. Near the end, Sadie gives an unpracticed but heartfelt rendition of the song during the talent portion of a beauty contest, winning over the audience and judges.

In Logan Lucky, everyone seems to get what they want, except Jimmy Logan himself. Sadie wins the beauty contest, Joe Bang replaces the money his wife stole, Clyde gets a mechanical hand, Sylvia Harrison (Katherine Waterston) receives a large donation for her mobile free clinic, and even the Charlotte Motor Speedway gets a huge insurance payout after the robbery. But Jimmy's original purpose for stealing the money goes unfulfilled.

Because Logan Lucky was deliberately crafted as a "poor man's Ocean's Eleven," it's difficult to evaluate one without the other. Both are entertaining, fast-paced, smart, and a little subversive, but Logan Lucky fails in areas where Ocean's Eleven succeeded, particularly in the realm of character development.

With such an ensemble cast, it was difficult to follow all the characters' motivations. In Oceans Eleven it was easy because they were all thieves and their motivation was obvious, to get rich and pull off the most daring heist in history–to do something no criminal has ever done before.

In Logan Lucky, Jimmy Logan's motivation is explained, but most of his accomplices are just average people who are trying to put past transgressions behind them. His sister, Mellie, seems to be just going along with the scheme for no reason at all. No one even really tries to talk him out of it.

The characters in Ocean's Eleven are likable and have fully-developed personalities. Despite being criminals, we want to spend time with those characters and hope they succeed. In contrast, personality quirks substitute for genuine personalities in Logan Lucky, and we never feel animus for the Charlotte Motor Speedway like we did for casino owner Terry Benedict.

Joe Bang likes to eat boiled eggs. Clyde Logan has one hand and obsesses over the Logan family curse. Fish and Sam "got right with the Lord" and enjoy hanging out at the carnival. Mellie is a hair stylist. Beyond repetition of these character traits, they are just weird and gross people.

Moody Chapman, in contrast, seems like an upstanding guy, despite a questionable approach to parenting (his sons, played by Boden and Sutton Johnston, are hilarious). Despite Bobbie Jo having full custody of Sadie, he has no problem with Jimmy Logan spending time with his daughter and tries to treat both Jimmy and Mellie as family. For his efforts, they make fun of him, reject his overtures, and even trash his sports car. The audience is supposed to sympathize with these jerks?

Despite these shortcomings, Logan Lucky is a well-made and entertaining film that's fun to watch and keeps the audience on its toes. It plays on Southern stereotypes but not in a condescending or demeaning way. It continues the tradition of "white trash" comedies including Raising Arizona (1987) and O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000) and is a welcome departure from the other lazy, poorly written and acted comedies released this year.
Smartly written script and great fun
"Logan Lucky" is very similar to the heist movie "The Killing" in 1956 by Stanley Kubrick. The difference is that "Logan Lucky" is a comedy while "The Killing" is a film noir.

"Logan Lucky" has a smartly written script. The heist is carried out in an intelligent way with some clever technology. The movie deserves a nomination for Oscar original screenplay.

Thanks to the brilliant performance from the cast, especially Daniel Craig and Adam Driver, the film achieves genuine comedy effect in the sense that it can really make the audience laugh a lot.

As Jimmy's daughter sings "Country Road", I think of the years when I grew up listening to the song. John Denver has truly influenced several generations. Not coincidentally, the performance takes place in the state of West Virginia.
Logan Lousy
I'm not going to pretend I'm a professional critic and write a novel- length review...that's just pretentious. But I do want to say this: Logan Lucky sucked. It wasn't even remotely funny. It was extremely slow, dragged on, and the ending--I ticked the spoiler box just in case, but believe me, there's nothing to spoil--the ending felt so much like a cheap, lousy cop-out. Lousy, lousy, movie.
Ocean's 7-11
Greetings again from the darkness. When we think of public figures retiring, we typically accept that athletes, politicians and entertainers will no longer be honing their craft or grinding in their profession. Perhaps they will write their memoirs, or even dodge TMZ completely by spending their days fishing or playing golf. When Oscar winning film director Steven Soderbergh announced he was "retiring" from making movies after his 2013 SIDE EFFECTS, he simply transitioned to television (excellence in "The Knick"). Most of us assumed it was only a matter of time until he returned to the medium that made him famous. This "retirement" lasted less than 4 years.

When a line in the film describes it as "Ocean's 7-11", we can assume this is Mr. Soderbergh admitting that his "Ocean's" trilogy was the inspiration for this comedy-satire heist film focusing on a well-planned crime by a team of siblings, rednecks and convicts. Channing Tatum, Adam Driver and Riley Keough star as the Logan clan – Jimmy, Clyde, and Mellie, respectively. With NASCAR as the target, the Logans are joined by the Bangs: Sam (Brian Gleeson), Fish (Jack Quaid), and Joe (a scene-stealing bleached blonde Daniel Craig).

Joining in the unconventional Hicksville fun are Katie Holmes and David Denman as Jimmy's ex-wife and her new husband, a recently shorn Sebastian Stan as a race car driver, Seth MacFarlane as an obnoxiously rich blow-hard, Katherine Waterston in a too-brief role as a traveling medic, Hilary Swank as a determined FBI Agent, and Dwight Yoakum as a prison warden who rarely admits a problem. Also playing a key role is the music of John Denver … a move that teeters between tribute and punchline.

The set up and characters lend themselves to more laughter than we actually experience. There are more awkward moments than hilarious ones. As examples, brother Clyde's (Driver) artificial hand is the center of focus on a few occasions, as are Joe Bang's (Craig) expertise in science, and the small town West Virginia addiction to child beauty pageants. Their racetrack robbery plan is both ingenious and preposterous, which is also a fitting description of the film.

A writing credit goes to "Rebecca Blunt", which in keeping with Soderbergh's tradition, is a pseudonym (or nom de plume) for an unnamed writer (likely Soderbergh himself). The film mostly succeeds in delivering the opposite of the traditional Ocean's slickness, and it's entertaining to watch Channing Tatum and Daniel Craig (the credits list him as "introducing Daniel Craig) having such a good time on screen. While it doesn't deliver the laughs of FREE FIRE or TALLADEGA NIGHTS, it is nice to have Soderbergh back where he belongs. Rather than an instant classic, it's more likely to be remembered for Soderbergh's attempt to change the movie distribution channels … Google can provide the details if you are interested.
Logan Lucky Crosses the Finish Line Thanks to Its Light-Hearted Tone and a Cast That's Fully Invested
*Minor Spoilers Ahead* Logan Lucky centres on the Logan family. Jimmy (Channing Tatum), Clyde (Adam Driver) and Mellie (Riley Keough)) work blue collar jobs and try to get by. Jimmy is having a tough time right now, he's been laid off from his construction job and he's having trouble figuring out the custody of his daughter Sadie (Farrah Mackenzie). He wasn't well off before and now that he's lost his job, he's approaching desperate. He enlists his brother and sister to help him rob the Charlotte Motor Speedway vault, where he was working filling sinkholes before he was let go. But they'll need a little extra help so they go see Joe Bang (Daniel Craig) who is going to need to be freed from jail if he's going to be part of the crew.

Steven Soderbergh carries a certain standard. When you go to watch one of his movies, you expect a quality product. He's a well-rounded and experienced director but he's also comfortable working within the heist/comedy genre. He directed the Ocean's 11 trilogy to mixed success (I really liked 11 and 13, 12 not so much). Where those movies focused on the glamorous and theatrical side of robbing a casino, this movie has a completely different vibe. Logan Lucky is primarily set in West Virginia and North Carolina and instead of trying to ignore the attitude and style of those locations, they play it up in a strangely respectful way. Most of the characters in this movie aren't just rednecks, they're hardcore rednecks. Add in rusty pickup trucks, child beauty pageants, John Denver songs, county fairs where they play horseshoes with toilet seats etc. Yet the movie doesn't laugh at it, they seem to celebrate it. I laughed at these things but it was in the spirit of fun and I appreciated that instead of being cruel, the movie walked the line of being funny and yet giving these people their due.

The central hurdle of any heist movie is that they're always going to stretch the truth to add the required thrills. Is it to the point where you can still buy into the plot? Even though a lot of the characters are as dumb as a bag of rocks, I was still able to go along with this movie. Are certain points unrealistic? Definitely. Do they always do an effective job explaining it? No, the movie is deliberately opaque even for this genre. But it never got to the point that I was angry with it or ready to check out. So while I can't promise complete realism, as long as you're willing to go along with this, I don't think you'll have a problem with the logical leaps.

Logan Lucky attracted the big name talent you would expect in a Soderbergh project and I think he got some really great performances out of them. Channing Tatum has transformed into a decent leading man. He's funny in the right places, dramatic in the others. He's consistent with his accent and he's does a solid job. Adam Driver is also good as his brother Clyde but his accent was touch too slow. Riley Keough gives an underrated performance but she's not given as much to do as the trailer would lead you to believe. There's a lot of superb acting from supporting performances: Farrah Mackenzie, Katie Holmes, Jack Quaid and Brian Gleeson. I didn't like Hilary Swank as much and although he was decent, Seth MacFarlane pushes the chewing the scenery boundaries. The guy who steals the show is Daniel Craig as Joe Bang. He looks like he's overjoyed to be doing this and although he's hamming it up, he's awesome in Logan Lucky. I think his performance will be one of the more memorable aspects of Logan Lucky.

My biggest problem with Logan Lucky is that the movie gets bogged down with meaningless subplots and it introduces characters that have little to nothing to do with the plot. Sebastian Stan's character of Dayton White has almost nothing to do with the central plot and I kept waiting for his subplot to pay off and it just never came. It was the same thing with Katherine Waterson's character Sylvia Harrison. Its nice that they setup a potential love interest for Jimmy but when you consider their scene together, it has no impact and I don't understand why Stan and Waterson were featured in the marketing for this. The movie didn't drag for me but coming out of the theatre with the friend I saw this with, we were adding things up and realizing how much they could have cut out of this.

After stepping out of the theatre and discussing things with my friend, it crossed my mind that I could really pick this movie apart if I wanted. But the bottom line is that I had a big grin on my face for the entirety of the movie. This movie was a lot of fun and while that seems like a simplistic description, that's honestly how I felt. The movie was well-shot, funny and it rarely missteps. At worst, the movie doesn't know when things need be streamlined a little more. If you're looking for a fun and offbeat heist movie, give this a chance.
They let the chains off Daniel Craig
I know I'm late to the party with this review. While it is still in cinemas, I want to urge you to go and see it.

Steven Soderbergh returns to the silver screen with Logan Lucky. Soderbergh previously brought us Ocean's Eleven, Ocean's Twelve and Ocean's Thirteen. Next year he will produce Ocean's Eight. It is without doubt that Soderbergh knows how to film a crime caper filled with complex plotting, serious human moments, dead-pan humour and a significant twist at the end.

The plot is straight-forward. Two brothers (played by a charming Channing Tatum and a brilliantly dead-pan Adam Driver) attempt to pull off a heist during a NASCAR race in North Carolina. Along the way they enlist the help of an explosives expert, appropriately names Joe Bang (played by Daniel Craig, who clearly has been let loose and chews up the scenery with gusto).

Set in the heart of Trump-land (it is a thing you know) and close to recent racial protests in Charlottesville, this caper is Ocean's Eleven in a hillbilly world. Are there stereotypes? Yes. Are there southern tropes? Yes. Does it take itself seriously? No.

The film is well put together based on the screenplay by Rebecca Blunt (As of July 2017, suspected to be a fictitious person; a pseudonym for an, as yet, unidentified person. The real person exchanged emails with Channing Tatum, Adam Driver and Daniel Craig, cast members of Logan Lucky (2017), during filming. They believed she resided in the UK).

To invoke a litotes, the film is not without it's faults but where it succeeds is in the performances of this stellar cast. They clearly had fun. The late introduction of Hillary Swank as an FBI agent assigned to investigate our villains/heroes is a masterpiece of casting and Swank makes the most of her limited screen time.

Too much analysis will spoil what is a thoroughly silly, yet enjoyable film. Enjoy!

3.5 out of 5
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