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Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
Daniel Espinosa


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Jake Gyllenhaal as David Jordan
Elizabeth Vargas as 20 / 20 Anchor
Haruka Kuroda as Doctor
David Muir as 20 / 20 Anchor
Olga Dihovichnaya as Ekaterina Golovkina
Allen McLean as Student 1
Mari Gvelesiani as Student 4
Jesus Del Orden as Student 2
Rebecca Ferguson as Miranda North
Ariyon Bakare as Hugh Derry
Naoko Mori as Kazumi
Ryan Reynolds as Rory Adams
Hiroyuki Sanada as Sho Murakami
David Muir as 20 / 20 Anchor
Life Storyline: Six astronauts aboard the space station study a sample collected from Mars that could provide evidence for extraterrestrial life on the Red Planet. The crew determines that the sample contains a large, single-celled organism - the first example of life beyond Earth. But..things aren't always what they seem. As the crew begins to conduct research, and their methods end up having unintended consequences, the life form proves more intelligent than anyone ever expected.
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Watched it Right After Aliens
This was better than Aliens Covenant which was super-boring. Like so many others said, why do scientists continually make stupid decisions. Why is some of the dialogue and observances of the crew of the unknown ET organism like characters from a 1970 Godzilla movie? No safety protocols used lie CDC.. Stupid British scientist astronaut puts Calvin on his finger? Really. He is not some uber-trusting celebrity that believes anything foreign is harmless is he?

Nobody has mentioned that Calvin is smart enough that it anticipates (or reads) someone's thoughts. The air vents for escaping and then in the pod it pulled the lever down to get to earth.
Gravity meets Alien with a very poor script
If you want to experience what the world's most stupid space crew would do when they encounter alien life, then this is the movie for you. You will be spoiled with one idiotic decision after the other, making you wonder if the alien life-form also has telepathic powers, using it to dumb down it's prey.

At the start of the movie the crew is besides themselves with joy when they manage to reanimate a single alien cell that has been dead for billions of years. Even when it starts to replicate and grow very fast, none of them feels any sense of possible danger.

After the alien life-form attacks the scientist, there still seems to be no hurry to just shoot the lab into space. After all, it's just mankind's future that is at stake. No, the most important thing is to save the scientist. This crew would have benefited from a sociopath in their midst or a protocol obsessed captain. That would have saved them many times.

To make matters worse, a huge chunk of the dialogue is redundant. You see that the creature has grown, then somebody says "Wow, it has grown". You see the alien make a fast escape, somebody says "Wow, it is fast". You see the alien being smart, you hear someone say "How smart is this thing?". You see the alien look for air holes, you hear someone say "It is looking for air holes" …you get the picture. Who on earth would write a script like that and not notice the stupendous redundancy?

The movie does have some great tense and gory moments that work well. There just is not enough of them to make it work as a good horror movie. The alien itself starts out very realistic, but looks increasingly CGI during the movie and the many close-ups don't help. It looks too surreal to be threatening.

All in all, it was a huge disappointment to me. With a star cast like that, you would expect more than just a very bland space thriller.
Utter tripe where all the crew are morons and lifeform defies physics
The plot has so many holes it may as well be made of Swiss cheese. The whole story is just littered with so many gaping chasms of logic that it got boring spotting them...

A speeding multi-ton satellite can be caught with a flimsy armature as momentum doesn't exist in the universe the story is based in?

A mission where the architects thought to put in a multi-level quarantine regime, but didn't think to put in mechanisms for destroying any threat within it?

Quarantine that can be broken simply by the crew mechanic opening the door when he got a bit excited?

Crew stop and take the time to have a good cry when members get killed or have heart to heart chats in the middle of an emergency?

A planet residing, carbon based lifeform that can exist in the vacuum and low temperature of space for extended periods?

An initially single cellular lifeform, that has been trained in and given schematics on how to sabotage radio communications.

A crew who aren't fully aware of the concept and practicality of quarantine and so only find out about it in the middle of an emergency?

A space station costing billions that doesn't have backups for essential systems such as communications or computers?

After switching sides and hoping to see the lifeform dissolve a few of the crew, I got frustrated with the awful script and left. Basically a low-brow sci-fi that happens to have a few good actors I was surprised to see in such a poorly scripted, turd of a movie.
Space Star Fish Snorefest
This film is predictable and cliché and just down right boring. Absolutely no character development by either the stars of the film or from the actual life form, 40 minutes takes place in a sealed off science chamber with a new life form and a mouse. Then we get to see a jelly belly starfish take out the characters one by one. Kind of like what Jason Vorhees does in the Friday the 13th franchise.

This film has two major stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds, their acting was sub par, they are two actors that can't do a space film, it just doesn't seem like their type of role for some reason.

The whole film from start to finish feels off to me. It could be the fact that we have seen this type of story so many times before. I could just imagine all the people that actually paid to see this garbage, probably checking the time on their smartphones after the first 20 minutes.

Final Verdict.

Save your money for something else, this film is just a tired story line with two major stars in it, that's the only thing that sold tickets. It was just a paycheck to these two main stars, and that's about it. On a side note, I see a score of 7.0, the studios must have their fake accounts up and running for this film. IMDb is so stupid, they think it's real users don't know what they do, bunch of half wit inbreeds that run this stupid website
Terrible script but magnificent directing
The movie started off visually stunning, every object moved smoothly as if in zero-gravity, it had great compositions, relaxing atmosphere, camera moved slow enough to not cause dizziness, and around enough to give us the feel of being in space. Our characters were introduced to us with great pace, showing little details of their background. Then it went downhill.

The rest of the movie insults the intelligence of all astronauts, all of us viewers, and all space programs. It was breach after breach of protocol, blunders, and plot-holes. Basically, stupidity moved the plot forward.

-- spoiler alert --

After the alien life-form showed aggression, broke a guy's hand, which resulted in him losing consciousness, what do you expect our team of highly intelligent, strictly disciplined, best of the best of humanity, would do?

breaking protocol #1, instead of incinerating the box and containing the aggressive alien, they did nothing. They watched as the aggressive creature took its time to escape the box.

breaking protocol #2, instead of incinerating the lab module, they opened the door, got another person stuck inside, and watched him die too, still not incinerating the lab. Why? for the sake of convenient plot device.

blunder #3 air vents suddenly opened! And it could not be closed! oh no! with a dead guy in the lab, what do 4 of our most intelligent people did? send one person to close the air vent one by one. why are they still not incinerating the lab? help me.

IS all the talk about firewall 1 (incinerate box) and firewall 2 (incinerate lab) just talk? sure, spend 10 minutes discussing firewall 1 and firewall 2 then conveniently forget to do either when needed to move the plot along.

plot-hole #4 dangerous murderous alien who went to hibernation after a minor turbulence at the ISS , is suddenly able to freely waltz outside the ISS in vacuum.

breaking protocol #5 In the event of murderous creature on the loose outside of ISS, our group of intelligent astronauts decided to send one person to die by walking around outside ISS.

Killer alien then attaches to said astronaut walking outside. BIG surprise, like seriously, what did you expect would happen?

breaking protocol #6 At that point, our intelligent astronaut was still trying to save herself, trying to get back into ISS, thinking perhaps the rest of the crew can get it off of her. Only in the last dramatic minute when she is supposed to open the door did she decide, oh, actually, it is better that I keep this dangerous alien outside of ISS, because most likely it will just kill everyone inside if it re- enters. Now we have a cheap thrilling/emotional moment where she sacrificed herself.

plot-hole #7 after killing the astronaut, alien decided to discard the life source it just got: the cooler liquid in the spacesuit and the glucose inside the astronaut's body. Instead of latching on to food, it decided to get back in the ISS. This could still be explained by saying it has developed enough intelligence to know deep space is dangerous, but I doubt after 6 consecutive, stupid plot devices, that the scriptwriter put more thought to it than just "it would be thrilling if it tried to get back into the spaceship now."

plot-hole #8 alien knows exactly how to get back into ISS. Viewers were just explained that there are 6 thrusters where it can get back in.

blunder #9 stupidly burn what little of remaining fuel to temporarily stop alien coming in, and at the same time, get ISS into entry orbit. Just what we should expect from our intelligent astronauts, throw away what little resources they have to temporarily keep a dangerous creature out while moving orbit into earth (sarcasm).

#10 after this much danger and breach of protocol, our remaining female lead astronaut decide it is still not time to announce that they should contain the alien in ISS, and prepare to sacrifice themselves. This leaves our Japanese astronaut to expect rescue.

This expectation to be rescued allowed our Japanese astronaut to accidentally set alien free, kill himself, and kill one random new astronaut.

#11 alien never split itself up to kill multiple targets even though it is a cellular organism.

#12 escape pod conveniently malfunctioned and propelled the other astronaut into deep space. Then conveniently work as intended in pod with alien inside.

#13 alien did not kill astronaut for the whole 15 minutes of him in escape pod. A gruesome body would have deterred the fisherman from opening the pod.


Such lazy script! What a waste of great shots! I left feeling drained, dumb, and stressed. Save yourselves and skip this movie.
Oh, that high tech facility broke, get a wrench!
---Spoiler Alert---

This paragraph doesn't contain spoilers, just my opinion: this fiction matches those who like gory and bloody thrillers, isn't made for those who like Sci-fi (with more "Sci" than "fi"). Appears to be written by a science illiterate guy. Plus actors didn't make any effort to look convincing in being a PhD in something.

Now spoilers and sad stories: - First minute, sound in vacuum... *insert here Ryan Reynolds gif saying "but why?" - 5 minutes later, Newton's Third Law is burnt to ashes: a space station is hit by a satellite-like thing (which is caught by a mechanical gigantic arm); stood still and unharmed... - 30 minutes later, an incubator starts to smoke, makes noises, all those noisy alarms, ahn ahn ahn.... then one doctor starts hacking the computer, like she was tapping all keys at the same time, and the Ryan Plumber Reynolds ran to tight something I couldn't see what... with a wrench!! hell, this was the worst technical troubleshooting scene in history. - While this, an alien thingy with a hell of a metabolism goes from microbial to a starfish-like super-intelligent and unlikely strong thingy... i just wonder why all super-intelligent alien in movies hate humans, I guess they would try a conversation first instead of roaring, nah?! - "Hans! Bring the flamethrower!" And the Plumber Reynolds starts heating everything up with a flamethrower, including rubber cables, plastic, glassware instrument. Although miraculously nothing burns or melts, breaks or explodes, neither the thingy did.... - 50 minutes past, the thingy has wings and of course is bigger... at this time you will wonder why they didn't take at least 5 grand from the 58 million budget to pay for consulting of a physicist and a biologist. - And the most goofy, Gyllenhaal character states that "Kelvin needs oxygen to live" even though the damn thingy was in outer space minutes ago...

One hour left and I gave up, a sponge wearing pants is more realistic.
Thrilling, original, extraordinary with unpredictable twists
The movie gives great insight into lives of the crew, making viewers emotionally attached to them. Great new and horrifying idea brings a thrilling experience throughout the entire movie. Great actors, great script, just enough effects not to overdo it yet create an unbearable tension to make you keep watching with expectations which rarely turn out to be true. It is filled with unpredictable twists and turns, a few in particular but let's not spoil such an amazing movie. ;)

I would definitely say this is a must watch for any sci-fi/space and thrill lover as the never ending tension builds up with the progression of the movie.
Storyline as thin as the air in space.
*Spoiler alert* So it all starts pretty OK on a space station that is about to receive some earth samples from Mars. We get to meet the crew and some of them are top cast as Ryan Renolds and Jake Gyllenhal. And off course it strikes me that at least one of these are the main character. But that thought passed as soon as Ryan Renolds dies after only 10 minutes in the most stupid way. So the movie starts, I'm awfully confused of who the main characters are, what kind of team they are. Who should I like? Why is Jake Gyllenhal so quiet? Why is the biologist so naive and the questions go on forever. The story line is as thin as the air in space and as simple as a one cell organism. Basically you are watching a indestructible starfish kill one by one in a gory way until everybody is dead. The end is so unoriginal that a 5 year old could make something better.
Too bad to even be funny.
Life is the kind of horror that relies on the viewer buying into the idea that supposedly brilliant people will all suddenly choose to to incredibly stupid things.

The movie fails so spectacularly after trying so hard to be realistic in it's portrayal of space travel that it fails to be anything more than a comedy with a few gratuitous jump scares.

At the core of this movie's failings is it's constant need to get it's alien antagonist to places it shouldn't be.

To make the point about brilliant people doing stupid things, barely half an hour in, a supposedly highly trained astronaut decides it would be a great idea to enter the lab containing an escaped and clearly dangerous alien to try and rescue a trapped colleague. This, of course, required opening the single door separating the dangerous alien which just severely injured on crew member from the other 5 crew members.

Really? I'm supposed to accept this as a reasonable decision?

Worse, this isn't even how the alien escapes. This mind numbing stupidity from a supposedly reasonable character is just the setup for even more ridiculous antics.

The decision to enter the room with a dangerous alien was merely the excuse to get the station's engineer into the lab, where he would proceed to use a flamethrower (really?) in a failed attempt to kill the alien. The flamethrower then sets off some space sprinklers (which wouldn't work due to the lack of gravity), allowing the alien to escape into the space station's fire suppression plumbing (which the actual ISS does not have, since, you know, it would't work).

In scene after scene, the movie continues to obliterate any remnants of it's plausibility, from the ISS's fuel being expended in 3 short burns (The Zarya and Zvezda modules carry over 6000kg of fuel combined, which the movie expends in about 30s), or the stations thrusters being inexplicably connected to the station interior to allow the alien inside (despite the fuel for the thrusters being extremely toxic to humans on top of being explosively reactive - i.e., why it's used as rocket fuel), to the crew not being informed of a final fail-safe measure, resulting in a crew member accidentally interrupting it (We're going to push you into deep space if containment fails is hardly some kind of shocking revelation when just getting to the ISS risks fiery death).

The constant and brazen violations of realism (which, let's be honest, could have been caught with 5 minutes on Google, or about 10 seconds of applying some common sense), in a movie that tries so hard to be serious in it's tone and presentation completely destroys any semblance of being either horror or science fiction.

I can not, in good conscience, recommend this movie to anyone who is not inebriated to the point of passing out.
The movie Life makes death less frightening.
Given a choice between suffering through this movie again or being eaten alive by the alien Calvin? I would probably welcome Calvin for dinner.

Epic bad and not in a fun or enjoyable way. The smartest creature in a movie filled with PhD Astronauts is the Alien. The most enjoyable aspect of the movie was watching each of the brain dead cast die.

Sharknado had a better plot and acting.

The only redeeming aspect of this movie was the run time being under 120 minutes.
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