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Crime, Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Luc Besson


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Jean Reno as Léon
Gary Oldman as Stansfield
Natalie Portman as Mathilda
Danny Aiello as Tony
Peter Appel as Malky
Willi One Blood as 1st Stansfield man
Don Creech as 2nd Stansfield man
Keith A. Glascoe as 3rd Stansfield man (Benny)
Randolph Scott as 4th Stansfield man
Michael Badalucco as Mathilda's Father
Ellen Greene as Mathilda's Mother
Elizabeth Regen as Mathilda's Sister
Carl J. Matusovich as Mathilda's Brother
Frank Senger as Fatman
Leon: The Professional Storyline: After her father, mother, older sister and little brother are killed by her father's employers, the 12-year-old daughter of an abject drug dealer is forced to take refuge in the apartment of a professional hitman who at her request teaches her the methods of his job so she can take her revenge on the corrupt DEA agent who ruined her life by killing her beloved brother.
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I have been dying to buy Leon for years now and when i saw it on the top shelf at my local music store (why it was there i don't know) i bought it straight away, went home and watched it and it was awesome. The directing was as smooth as a circle, the writing inventive, the action was limited but awesome when it was there, the acting holds up mostly and then there is the greatest villain of them all, Gary Oldman. Starting with the acting, Jean Reno aced his performance and really did portray the 'cleaner' profession, i really do wish all films based around hit-men could be like this, i really do. The writing, it sustained a brisk pace throughout the movie and plotted twists and turns in different places creating this fantastic film. But there is one character who i find unusually disturbing and this was Matilda played by Natalie Portman, Matilda was weird, disturbing and a little bit looney, but on the other hand she is still a innocent kid who loves to copycat and play games, yet she acts like an adult to lure Leon into her trap where who knows what would have happened. Matilda disturbed me yet showed me the innocence of childhood and that is exactly what a charterer like her should do, divide your opinion and question their every move. Then there is Gary Oldman, and he honestly was more disturbing, you could see the insanity in his eyes, yet he could be disturbingly calm or the complete opposite and we never actually get to know his character which i love to see, every film needs a character like this, i think it just keeps the audience on the edge of their seat just connecting the dots. To conclude i feel as if Leon has made it into my top 10 favourite films of all time so i award it with a 9/10.
I was in Wal-Mart yesterday looking through DVDs when I came across a movie I had seen several times on television, "The Professional." It was on the night before and I had to get it. I love this movie. Every character in it is an individual. When I told my mother and sister what the movie was about they looked at me with a look on their face that said "He's a hit-man. He's--a--hit-man." Who said hit men can't have a soul? This one does. The detail of character in this movie is stunning. It has no shame either, and proudly displays images and moments with the raw truth. This little girl does bleed, she does see violence and filth, she does smoke cigarettes and gets slapped by her father. She has no sorrow for her dead and useless family, only her innocent little brother. A hit-man is her idol because he showed her kindness, he did more for her than her family ever did.

Leon himself is a great guy. I found myself wanting to be like him at some points. Even though he is a killer, the man has morals. He has more morals than anyone in any other action movie with explosions and such that I've ever seen. He's very swift on his feet and even though he seems like a very serious person, he can laugh and grin a large smile. The character is just so natural, so graceful in acting. Like I said, detail is shown very well in this movie. Ooh, my favorite though...OH, MY FAVORITE...!...Is Gary Oldman's character, Stansfield. I LOVE him! The moment he comes onto the screen my face lights up like cigarette :). I was actually attracted to him because of his character....Ooh, so deliciously evil! He delivers comedy and cruelty all in one, and he holds that gun so well! I loved how close he got to people. To tell you the truth, it made me a little uncomfortable, haha. But he got so close to Mathilda. Just him and her, and he's poking a gun right in her face. It just goes to show how merciless and serious he can be. I was happy to see the extra scene they cut out from TV right afterward when Willie comes in and interrupts and he's deciding what to do with her.

Stansfield is so strange and shifty, he motions to her awkwardly with the gun to come with them, but then suddenly points it at her and takes aim, but then just thinks to himself "forget it" and puts his arm down. Great character. The storyline itself is good too. No one is afraid to talk about/do things that a lot of other movies won't do. They don't censor out what makes people seem real. They give a 12 year old knowledge she shouldn't know and ways of acting that most parents would shudder at. The hit-man is human and considers what he does a job and when he's not doing his job he's a very decent human being. The villain is a little wacky, but he pulls it off very nicely. He fits the part of a psycho perfectly. The lines in the movie can be catchy and touching, little moments make it all worthwhile. The scene where she walks past her dead family and up to Leon's door is so amazing. She's crying helplessly for him to open the door. I mean, you really can see it in her eyes that she's begging. Wonderful acting, especially for such a young actress. It amazes me how well she does with adults, right in her face too, and all the adult related topics too that she deals with. Anyway, I wish I could write more passionately and interestingly as do a lot of people who write comments, but I just don't think I have a large enough vocabulary. This movie is not easy to explain in words for me. I can only sum it up as "Unique, inspiring (the whole hit-man thing...), amazing, conscious, dramatic, wonderfully acted, and talented." Well, those words poppped into my head. I could say more, but I don't know how.
Leon is another amazing movie that adds to one of cinemas greatest years, 1994!
To me, no year in cinema history is as important as the year 1994. It is the year that created cinematic masterpieces, Pulp Fiction, Shawshank Redemption, Forrest Gump, the great Lion King and another masterpiece, that some may forget, Leon: The Professional. This alone makes the movie a must see Leon the Professional is a masterpiece Crime Drama movie about a hit-man named Leon and a young girl, who after the loss of her half family, seeks revenge on the people responsible for their murders by training alongside Leon. This movie has a plot that is extremely simplistic and just very easy to follow. The movie is also absolutely amazing in pretty much every way.

The acting in the movie is superb. Young Natalie Portman really shows exactly how good an actress she could be at the age of 13. Since I haven't seen Black Swan, this, to me is her finest performance. Jean Reno as Leon was absolutely wonderful as the two shared some great scenes but the star of the movie, to me, without any doubt is Gary Oldman. There is no need to go on about him as an actor in general but in this movie, he is something absolutely unbelievable. He does that Heath Ledger's Joker type performance and is absolutely amazing as Stanfield, the one who murdered Mathilda's parents.

The story itself is incredibly movie. By now, its a story that's being done to death with a bad guy falling in love with kids and growing a heart but no movie has ever nailed the idea like Leon. Seriously, the 2010 Despicable Me is the exact same story and is done horribly when compared to this. Leon is far more detailed. I mean, its not like Leon saw Mathilda and just loved her straight away. No! He tried to kill her during her sleep. He gets annoyed at her, he plays with her and he does everything. The way the relationship was executed was phenomenal.

The characters in the movie are just absolutely wonderful and are extremely detailed. Mathilda is probably the finest child character I've ever seen, as Empire Online have said themselves. I could NOT agree more! There is just so much depth to her and not just she lost her brother and wants revenge. You understand her as a character for some strange reason and everything feels real. Leon is just an exceptionally cool character who keeps reminding me to the Terminator. The way his life turns on its head after meeting Mathilda is fantastic. However, my favorite character of the film is the one they didn't give enough screen time, which is a pity, and that is Stanfield. Seriously, he was such a great character in the movie. When Mathilda stated that the only one whom she loved in her family was her younger brother, we get a bit of an idea as to why but I honestly wish, that it was shown more so we could perhaps care for Mathilda EVEN MORE! The cinematography is great in the movie, the soundtrack is well composed and the editing is very nice.

As part of my IMDb Top 250 quest, I'm glad I actually saw this movie as its pretty much a flawless classical 90's movie. 5 Words to describe this movie would be: Classical 90's Masterpiece, Great entertainment! To conclude it here, this movie is certainly one of the very best movies of the 1990's and when it comes to the great movies of 1994, it sits alongside the three masterpieces of '94. Please watch this movie as I'm sure you will be emotionally involved in this movie and have an absolute great time with the film. Its a great example of '90's movie magic.
a masterpiece with necessary flaws..........................
Leon(the professional) is a very underrated masterpiece.The greatness of this movie lies in its characters,no matter how many flaws story of this movie had you don't look at them as you are so involved and mesmerized from the emotions flowing on the screen.this movie without any doubt is among greatest movie ever made.however,critics rating doesn't justify its greatness and i can understand why first of all no can swallow the fact that a single man can beat the whole company of swat commandos without any automatic weapon and hideout,many would not swallow the learning of 13 year old girl how to be a cleaner by a professional killer,many people would not understand the relationship between Leon and Mathilda and they misjudged their feelings.but i think in the movie these all has been handled with correct moral and very finely.instead of all its flaws you don't care about them because all the emotions and characters conquer all of your attention from these flaws.

As i said the greatness of this movie lies in its characters,they had given such a depth to each character that every character left an profound impact on you.these movie have one of the most beautifully portraited characters.whether it is Mathilda,Leon and each and every character in movie they all have been very influencing and powerful,no matter how small are they. Leon and Mathilda however very peculiar and odd but one of the very lovable and sensitive lead pair ever created.

the character of Mathilda was of emotionally damaged 13 year old girl who behave like a grown up mature girl,do smoking,filled with revenge and love and above all she is innocent and cute.her feelings can be easily understand by looking into her dysfunctional family.She was neglected by her father,elder sister and mother and due to her protective feelings towards her younger brother,she grown herself mentally or we can say she lost her childhood to become habitual with her harshful life.the dialogs of Mathilda was very mature but you also get sympathized with her and also laugh on her innocence and her naive feelings.Her feelings towards Leon can be easily understood as he saved her and she wanted her revenge through Leon.the character of Mathilda played by very talented Natalie portman she give best performance of her career in her debut.

the protagonist Leon is also very complex and hard to understand because instead of being a professional killer, he is very good hearted and sensitive.jean reno played the character of Leon and he did very astonishing job because it was very difficult for audience to grew sympathy for a man whose profession is killing people and jean reno successfully accomplished this.Leon is one of all time favorite character for me and one of my favorite line from a movie "no women no kids".the feelings and love of Leon towards Mathilda was totally platonic and nothing was immoral and absurd in it.

another character of the movie who was highly influencing and impactful was of Stanfield who is the antagonist of movie and was portrayed by Gary old will always feel fear and shivering when he come on screen,a total psychopath,i wondered how did he passed the medical test for being a police will hate him as much as you never hated anyone before.

also the characters of tony,malky,Mathilda's family and even every small roles in movie were very beautifully and perfectly portrayed.

luc besson directed the movie very well,every thing was perfect with movie.the intensity and tension created during many scenes was unbearable and thrilled us from inside.scenes when Standford murdered the family,the sniper scene at roof,or the shootout scenes at beginning and ending of movie,the scene when Mathilda tried to shoot herself were very thrilling and almost stop my breathing. music of the movie composed by Eric Serra was very pleasant and played very important role for making movie more involving and touching for us.

i really get disappointed when i saw that Leon was not even nominated for any award.i believe that movie should have been nominated for academy for best movie,best director (luc besson)best leading actor(jean reno),actress(Natalie portman) and also for supporting actor(Gary old man) ,soundtrack(eric Serra).it was very unfortunate that movie remained unnoticed due to low publicity among movies like pulp fiction,Forrest gump and the shawshank redemption which was released during the same year of 1994.this movie has every potential to stand along with these movies.
I have long thought that owning films on DVD or video is a waste of money - you watch them once and after that they are left to fester at the back of a cupboard. Occasionally I make an exception - some films simply cannot be fully appreciated on just one viewing. Every time I watch Leon is as gripping and enjoyable as the first. Sad, funny, violent, incredibly touching - few films manage to tick all the boxes and even fewer are about hitmen.

It obviously helps when your leading man has as much screen presence as Jean Reno. Thin and wiry with toilet brush hair and a face like a bag of spanners, he is hardly your typical gun-toting action hero, but he has an innocence and compassion that makes you fall for him instantly. Leon's life is as simple as a small child's: TV, lashings of milk and the odd gangland assassination. He cannot read, he doesn't sleep, he hasn't the trappings of family or wealth (the fees for his hits are habitually trousered by his `benefactor': sleazy small-time Italian gangster Tony (Danny Aiello)) - In short, he lives like a robot. And then he meets Mathilda.

Normally I can't stand Hollywood kids. They are all doey-eyed, bouffant-haired brats who can cry on cue and are always ready with a cutesy, smart-alec comment that will cause their adult co-stars to tinkle with laughter or tousle their hair playfully. Often they are kidnapped and huge ransoms demanded while their parents go demented with worry. I for one am usually rooting for the kidnappers.

Natalie Portman's Mathilda is the antithesis of these namby-pamby Dawson's Creek actors-in-waiting. For starters, she has something justifiable to gripe about, in that her entire family has just been slaughtered by Gary Oldman and his gang of crooked DEA officers. This is a bit of a blow, to say the least, but Mathilda takes it all in her stride and teams up with Leon in a bid for revenge. So begins one of the stranger relationships in silver screen history, but one of the most memorable.

On the face of it, a love story between a twelve year old girl and a hairy French hitman would raise a few eyebrows among more conservative movie-goers, but director Luc Besson handles it so beautifully, it seems like the most natural thing on earth. They are united in being totally alone in the world - indeed, the scene where Mathilda walks quietly down the corridor past the carnage in her apartment and knocks on Leon's door, imploring him in a tearful whisper to let her in is as breathtaking as it is heartbreaking. Leon is wary at first, but she soon wins him round and starts to gently bring him out of the shell.

Portman is truly astonishing - one can almost forgive her for being a part of the appalling Star Wars prequels on the strength of this one performance. The iconic image of this tiny, grubby little girl clutching Leon's beloved plant and trotting to keep up with her lanky hero's giant strides is one that will live long in the memory.

Aiello and Oldman (at his sadistic, malevolent best) provide predictably excellent support, there is a wonderfully suspenseful yet satisfying ending - heck, there's even a decent Sting song playing over the credits - for this (if nothing else) it would be remiss of me to give Leon anything other than top marks.

A shameful praise of a fantastic film.
Leon (Jean Reno) is a tortured soul. He lives in squalor and misery, never truly happy or at peace with himself. After all, he is a hitman. He lives quietly from kill to kill, harming no-one whom he has not been paid to assassinate. He is a simplistic, childlike man who lives by his own set of morals but is troubled by them. The one thing he seems to fear above all else is change.

Mathilda (Natalie Portman) is Leon's neighbour. A young girl, she lives with her father, step-mother, half-sister and half-brother. As unhappy as Leon, she lives in awe of the dark stranger, unaware of his true profession. Beaten by her parents and sister, she has abandoned school and instead spends the day watching cartoons and trying to escape from the real world.

When Mathilda's family is brutally murdered by a drug crazed Norman Stansfield (Gary Oldman), her only chance for survival is to hide with her neighbour. When she learns of Leon's true identity, she becomes infatuated with both him, and the grim world he inhabits.

This stark portrayal of humanity and inhumanity is produced with the style and finesse that one expects from Luc Besson. In addition, the combined talents of Jean Reno, Natalie Portman and Gary Oldman provide not only an unmatched on-screen chemistry, but also three perfectly created characterisations, the like of which are rarely seen in today's cinema. This film has my personal recommendation of being the best piece of cinema that I know of. I have not seen anything that matches it in terms of intensity or emotion - and believe me, I've looked. I found myself caring for the characters involved, an unique experience in itself. This is not the type of film for a night in with your mates, but nevertheless, it is an unforgettable piece of cinematic history.

Very well executed
This film was absolutely amazing. I have spent hours re-watching various scenes and noticing all the perfection with which they are acted and directed. It's not the violence or action sequences that make this movie so great (although they are well done...), but rather moments like where Mathilda knocks on Leon's door. It would be so easy to just film the door opening, but instead we see light illuminating Natalie Portman's face, symbolizing something angelic. And the moment has so much more meaning.

I know a lot of people who have seen this film because they are action fans. I'm not. But I'm glad I finally found it, because it's a wonderful film in so many other ways.
It's NOEL for Natalie (DVD)
Funny but Natalie comes from natale, thus the birth of Christ, thus Christmas or Noel in french!

Seriously, for her first feature, she got a wonderful gift and was able to give in return a tremendous acting! I don't know for others stars but at her age of 13, she shows that she can cry and laugh and express all the feelings between with an evident talent! That's the kind of interpretation that hooked me for life. Her Mathilda character is very valuable because i find "beauty" in compassion, fragility and funny spirit. Those give us great moments of movies: the ring at the gateway, the disguise game, ... It was great to see how she can lead Reno (who isn't a soft man), how he can lead her on the final battle and how she is dismissed by Aiello.

I think the movie owes a lot to Reno as well and also to Besson. For the legend, it was him who found Natalie and gave her a chance, it was him who nurtured the cast with such grace (and that was him who directed the movie. If i like American movies in France, french movie in America are scarcer and indubitably, Besson has brought his French touch: i have never seen New York like this and his camera is alive, wide open, a mix between De Palma and Lynch! The opening credit is an homage to this "Big Blue" with the shock of civilization (we even saw the Twin Towers).

I don't know if a "Lolita" vision is acute here but i think that an

lecture that links unconsciously the flower as a feminine womb and the milk as a male semen add very powerful sense to the relationship!

A unique masterpiece in conclusion all the worth that a sequel seems highly unlikely.
Look for the international version
The US version of the film is heavily edited, which correspondingly causes the plot to break and makes some scenes seem senseless. I was not a big fan of the US version (it was basically an action film), but really enjoyed the international version. The international version explores the relation between Leon and Natalie Portman.

I believe the reason for the censorship is that many Americans consider any sort of a relation between an older man and a younger girl as pedophilia. This is not the case, and, it is a sad reflection on American culture that this is what viewers would see. In a similar vein, Disney refuses to release "Only Yesterday" as it contains a few references to the dreaded M word. Hello, aren't we over being Victorians?
One of the best crime films of the 80s or 90s...
My rating: 9,0/10 

Is actually a bit cheesy at times. But overall the film is very effective, and effective in all aspects. Starting with the cinematography: an oppressive look in the interior scenes _ houses with tight halls and grimy walls_ and a cold, desolated one in the exterior scenes _with a mostly gray palette of colors, streets with big corners and dead ends. This odd, dark ambient, added to a lovely romantic soundtrack, gives this film a distinct, perfect atmosphere. 

*About the story:* 

"There is poetry in the dialogs, and there is definitely some artistry put in this film. Is very similar to TDK in that aspect. Very good character development, something extremely rare in this sort of film. A few things felt forced here and there, but overall, a good and moving story about a kid growing up all by herself in a totally hostile environment." 

*And to finish, the acting:* 

"Great performances by Oldman, Reno and Portman. They are definitely the highlights of the film. Oldman is a scene stealer here, with his ultra over the top acting." 


One of the best crime films of the 80s or 90s.
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