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Drama, Adventure, Biography, History, War
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David Lean


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Peter O'Toole as T.E. Lawrence
Alec Guinness as Prince Feisal
Anthony Quinn as Auda abu Tayi
Jack Hawkins as General Lord Edmund Allenby
Omar Sharif as Sherif Ali
José Ferrer as Turkish Bey
Anthony Quayle as Colonel Brighton
Claude Rains as Mr. Dryden
Arthur Kennedy as Jackson Bentley
Donald Wolfit as General Sir Archibald Murray
I.S. Johar as Gasim
Gamil Ratib as Majid
Michel Ray as Farraj
John Dimech as Daud
Lawrence of Arabia Storyline: An inordinately complex man who has been labeled everything from hero, to charlatan, to sadist, Thomas Edward Lawrence blazed his way to glory in the Arabian desert, then sought anonymity as a common soldier under an assumed name. The story opens with the death of Lawrence in a motorcycle accident in Dorset at the age of 46, then flashbacks to recount his adventures: as a young intelligence officer in Cairo in 1916, he is given leave to investigate the progress of the Arab revolt against the Turks in World War I. In the desert, he organizes a guerrilla army and--for two years--leads the Arabs in harassing the Turks with desert raids, train-wrecking and camel attacks. Eventually, he leads his army northward and helps a British General destroy the power of the Ottoman Empire.
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Amazing film to see on the theater screen.
I had been meaning to watch this film for quite sometime but the length kept me from moving it to the top of my Netflix queue. However, I kept hearing wonderful things about it so I really was looking forward to getting a chance to see it. When the AFI Silver Theatre near me decided to show a 70mm print of it, I decided I could not put it off anymore. From all the things I had heard about this film I knew I would regret it if I passed up the chance to see it in the theater. So, even though the only time they were showing it was 7pm on Sunday nights and the theater was over an hour away, I decided that I would see it. It was well worth the lack of sleep I got that Sunday night and the grogginess I was feeling all day at work Monday.

Clocking in at just under 4 hours the movie is still paced extremely well and never seems to slow down or drag. The story is always intriguing and the characters always interesting. Peter O'Toole does a marvelous job as T.E. Lawrence, he makes this over-the-top character seems 100 percent real like few other actors could do. The supporting cast is just as wonderful; Omar Sharif, Alec Guinness, and Anthony Quinn all do a wonderful job portraying their characters. And even though this movie is about T.E. Lawrence, the supporting characters are just as important to the story and had the supporting cast not been just as wonderful as Peter O'Toole the movie would not have held me for 4 hours. However with wonderful acting all around the movie is a pleasure to watch, even once your backside starts to go numb.

The direction and cinematography of the film are some of the best I have ever seen. The desert landscapes look amazing. The battles scenes are brilliantly shot and editing together. However, the smaller, more intimate scenes are just as memorable as the larger than life battle scenes. Perhaps that is due in part to the larger than life character of T.E. Lawrence though. In fact the most memorable scene for me was the scene where Lawrence admits that what most disturbed him about killing wasn't the act itself but that he enjoyed it. Intimate scenes like this along with the huge battles scenes such as when the Arabs take Aqaba give the film its wonderful pacing that keeps the moving going.

Probably one of the most memorable shots in the film is when the character of Sheriff Ali is introduce, riding his horse through a mirage in the desert. Capturing this mirage on film could not have been an easy task and it makes for such a wonderful and beautiful effect that would probably be achieved digitally these days. This one scene those is just an example of how wonderful this film looks from beginning to end. This is one of those movies that you could take almost any frame and it would be a wonderful photograph that you could hang on your wall.

The musical score of this film is also simply amazing. Now, I don't really know a lot about music and I don't always take notice of the musical score for a film but you can't help but take notice of the score for this film. It always fits perfectly with the film and the overture at the beginning really puts you in the perfect frame of mind for the film.

Overall this is just a very enjoyable film and definitely was a pleasure to see at a movie theater as it was meant to be seen. This movie also, most definitely gets my "Seven Samurai Award for Excellence in Pacing in a Film Exceeding Two and a Half Hours." Usually I am of the belief that if a film clocks in at over two and a half hours it probably could have benefited from a better editor. This is one of the few films I have seen that breaks that rule, and it is always a joy when a film is able to do that.
Am I one of the few who didn't like it?
Just saw this for the first time. Although the movie has a great cast, there is very little in the way of drama to keep you interested for 230 minutes. It's not a very good biography in that I didn't come away from the film knowing any more about Lawrence than I did when I sat down to watch. The movie is watchable just for the cinematography, but if you're looking for a good story, forget it.
An Overrated Borefest
I've heard about Lawrence of Arabia for years, but not really knowing what it was about. One day, while I was on the internet, I came across information about the film. I've learned that it won best picture in 1962; I've learned about how it influenced filmmakers like Martin Scorsese and Steven Spielberg; and I learned about how it adapted the memoirs of T.E. Lawrence and made them into a feature length film. This interested me so much that I decided to head down to blockbuster and rent it. Now that I've watched it, what do I think of it? Well, to be honest, I thought it was just plain out boring. The problem I had with this movie is that not once I cared about Lawrence or his conflict. I did not see any depth in his character and I did not for once care for what he was fighting for. To me, this felt more like a boring history lecture than an actual film. There is a plot in this movie, but it doesn't really surface in an interesting way and the viewing of this film just becomes tedious.

I do admit that this film was very well made, but it's only icing covering a bland, tasteless cake. There are some good scenes in this film, but why couldn't the filmmakers make Lawrence or his conflict more interesting. At least in Seven Samurai, the conflict was simple enough and the characters were well developed to keep me interested, but Lawrence doesn't have that.

I can't recommend the film, but I know other film buffs will want to see it. If you want to see, by all means go ahead. I hope you enjoy it. I sure know I didn't.
Lawrence of Arabia
David Lean's 1962 Best Picture Academy Award winning film, Lawrence of Arabia leans on Lean's inventiveness as a filmmaker. The film clocks in at just under 4-hours and relies wholly on the concept of developing Peter O'Toole's titular character. Joining O'Toole are notable actors Alec Guinness and Omar Sharif to tell the story of T.E. Lawrence, the English officer who sought to go into the desert to unify the divided Arab tribes to fight the Turks in WWI. Lawrence took the burden of unification onto his shoulders voluntarily, believing he could be a great force for unity; Lean's portrayal of Lawrence's story is nothing short of an artful masterpiece.

This film captured my heart from the opening scene. A backward narrative always pulls me in, and can almost guarantee that I'll be engaged through the entire film. We learn of Lawrence's fate with the opening scene, then, we are shown his life and his various unexpected accomplishments. a multi-faceted, somewhat difficult English officer T.E. Lawrence (Peter O'Toole) who seeks to go into the desert and further the English ambition against the Turks. The only problem was, as much as Lawrence was revered for his mind, he was chastised for his tongue. Lawrence was no rank and file soldier; he often mouthed off to high command and never abandoned his own principles. Lawrence just might be crazy enough to make this work, was the consensus of the high command as they sent him to deserts of the Middle East. After overcoming a rocky start, Lawrence made friends along his travels, eventually earning the respect of Sheriff Ali (Omar Sharif) who holds great power in the Middle Eastern deserts. After much intricate maneuvering, Lawrence eventually brings together the divided Arab tribes against the common enemy, the Turks; all the while furthering the English position against the Turks. Lawrence is the most unlikely hero, yet his idiosyncrasies suited him perfectly for the task at hand.

The absolute highlight of this magnificent film is the incredible acting prowess of Peter O'Toole. O'Toole completely mastered the piercing stare, the jaunty walk, and the effeminate mannerisms consistently noted characteristics of T.E. Lawrence. O'Toole was a master as the awkward, undaunted British officer; well worth the top spot on Premiere Magazine's list of 100 Greatest Movie Performances of All Time. This was the first role of O'Toole's I have ever seen and I can't wait to take in more of this great actor's work. This film also has some of the best cinematography I have ever seen. Shot in real life deserts, Lean spared no expense bringing the toils of Lawrence to life. The stark realism brought about by the rigorous shooting schedule and intense commitment from David Lean have entrenched Lawrence of Arabia as a classic for audiences of all ages. Another standout from this film is the incredible soundtrack. The music transforms the audience from their couch to atop a camel bringing the travels of Lawrence to a relatable level. The magic of the music and the acting and the beautiful shots come together to gift the audience with a glamorous spectacle to enjoy again and again. Do yourself a favor, and watch Lawrence of Arabia, at least once.
Excellent movie. The lone heroic soldier unite Arab against the evil Turk
Seems that all modern movie to have the large computer effects to make great film. Not true with this old film. Seems good today as was when released decades ago. Movie show classic heroism as lone British operative help to unite the Arab people to fight the brutal Turk empire. Thomas Edward Lawrence is name of real life person who did this for British to help remove the destruction of the areas touch by Turkish armies in the Middle East areas. This movie also contains the acting by many famous actors. Most important is the film have one of the best direction a film could have. Film has some very dramatic moments such as scary Turkish torture scene and also the large build up to big battle scenes. Film also contain the stunning large amount of extras in the background. No computer gimmick like in the film today. Every person you see in scenes with thousands is actual real person! Film is as good as any film could be. Please hope that nobody says that book not like film or that they have too many differences with book since this film one of the best. Film truly worth 10/10.
The essence of cinema
One sure thing about this masterpiece it was done with great love for the subject, characters, place & the people of Arabia.

David lean spent nearly 2 years in filming this picture, and the result = the greatest masterpiece in film history.

The majestic landscape of the Arabian Peninsula combined with the majestic music by the genius Maurice jarred with a director vision, the combination of these three elements is a rare commodity through out the history of movie making.

I believe that David Lean actually fell in love with the Arab and became another T.E. Lawrence. Practically, you can not do such marvelous work without great love and devotion.

You probably saw a lot of the desert flicks, and I am sure most of them are stinkers. Because they lack a major value, respect to the natives and their way of life, I cant say that Lawrence of Arabia praised the Arabs, but he gave more than any film I can remember a wide range of characters that covers the whole human spectrum in any society, it do not have that cheap attitude towards the Arab as human beings as most of Hollywood films does.

The 2 years spent in the desert played a major role in realistically studying the natural Bedouins in their natural environment and to learn their customs, manners and even their body language, this was obvious in the acting, also using real Bedouins as extras gave the film its distinguished flavor. The costumes was something I always admire in this move, the way they show the Arabic dress is dignifying, its not like those fantasy costumes that Hollywood uses frequently even in modern cinema (hidalgo for example).

I think modern cinema lost its magic, although they are trying very hard not to, but they couldn't figure it out. its very simple the human factor is lost. Its not any more important like before, I can go further in saying actors became shallow, their real life is shallow and artificial and this is the human dilemma, the more technologically advanced and materially we become the less humans we became.

Life is soul, and you can not pump life in a dead body.

Cinema as an art form is losing its soul, I think the cinema will be revived but it needs another people that still did not lose their innocence and souls.
Lawrence of Arabia
Along with "The Third Man" and "Lost in Translation", this is my all-time favorite movie. "Lawrence" is one of those movies that is ageless, in another word, gets better with each viewing. The film is simply amazing, that holds few shortcomings. It has amazing shots of the "clean" desert, Dirction by David Lean (whose known for his scale in directing), great performances, and most of all, one of the best of scripts all time (were talking about a script that stands next to Casablanca's in greatness).

This movie is understated, and I am especially appalled that this movie is #28 on the "IMDB top 250" (especially considering that it ranked # 5 in AFI's top 100 movies). This is THE epic, and in saying that, also one of the best movies of all time.
Great piece of filmmaking, but Lawrence's yo-yo behavior hard to imagine!
First Thoughts: Lawrence of Arabia is one of those classics I've never watched all the way through and so I picked up a 2DVD series for a song on Though it's rated as one of the top films of the 20th century, I was not that impressed. Story & Plot: Love the cinematography of this film! The amazing desert sunrises, the mirages, the authentic costumes! The crazy Arab played well by Anthony Quinn! The sleek Prince played by Alec Guinness! (Yes, he did many films before Star Wars); Omar Sharif as Ali, the only character who, somewhat violent, had to keep running after Lawrence and guide him.

Peter O'Toole's Lawrence is a bit crazy. I mean here you are as a British soldier who nearly "goes native", very independent, does his own thing, ignores warnings and crosses vast deserts and attempts the impossible.

It's really sad, his character! Lawrence is one time a hero, fancies himself ready to walk on water, then next moment he wants to throw it all away, can't handle the responsibility of freeing Arabia and just go back to England to "get a job". I mean really now! He lets a mad lust for killing take over and mows down the Turks. Nowadays this film would push the PG rating since there's plenty of death for the even the most die-hard film fan.

My DVD had a great interview with Steven Spielberg on how he was impressed by the film and how he met the director and picked his brains on the making of the film. Several documentaries and lots and lots of praise for the technical quality of the film.

Final Thoughts: It's a hard film to watch, with an ending that is somewhat disappointing. How a man can rise so high and crash down so hard is tough to imagine. Excellent authentic desert scenes and a new look at Arabian culture; but the cons include Lawrence himself, a conflicted man who can't decide if he is just an ordinary guy or an extraordinary being.

Worth the watch, won 7 Academy Awards, but I would not clamor for it!
An Epic Masterpiece for All Time
While this past weekend has seen the launch of the latest James Bond movie, Skyfall, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the first James Bond movie, this fall marks the 50th anniversary of the premiere of David Lean's Lawrence of Arabia, a winner of seven 1962 Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

Today I went to a local Cineplex theatre to watch the 2012 50th anniversary digitally remastered version; it had to be digitally remastered to be compatible with today's projection equipment. This was exposed when they had technical difficulties starting the second half.

Aside from its awards for film mastery it is unique in that there is a 15-minute intermission after a couple of hours. There are five to ten minute musical preludes to each half of the production. At 222 minutes it is only a couple of minutes longer than Gone With The Wind and the longest movie to win a Best Picture Oscar.

From the time I first saw it in early 1963 at the then multi-hundred seat Carlton Theatre in Toronto (next to the old Maple Leaf Gardens) it remains in my memory as the best film production I have seen over time. The amazing Super Panavision 70 cinematography, Maurice Jarré's symphonic musical accompaniment and the overall sound established new performance standards. More surprisingly is that, even today, the script is not out-dated, with its philosophical musings, innuendos and double entendres. The plot, covering and exposing the complexities and emotions of the constantly challenged soldier is still gripping and keeps you on the edge throughout (I have now seen it five or six times over the years).

The scenes of Arab tribal armies on the move are epic for their coverage of hundreds of riders thundering through each such scene. With its desert panoramas and these scenes of undisciplined herds of camel and horseback riders, it is really best seen on the large screen. It was perhaps the first movie to show the full advantage of, what was then, relatively new wide screen 70 mm film technology. The sound and music is still ringing in my ears hours later. To absorb it totally on even the best of today's home theatre systems would be a challenge .

For all the video and sound technology available today, Lawrence of Arabia established a new movie theatre experience that is only mildly embellished by today's technology.

Bottom line: Lawrence of Arabia remains an epic and one of the greatest films ever produced, withstanding the test of time. Read the Wikipedia entry for more background and recognitions.
A Majestic Masterpiece Beyond All Other
Spoilers herein.

There are films that define a time. There are films that define a genre. There are films that define cinema. 'Lawrence of Arabia' defines all of the above. Within its frames 'Lawrence of Arabia' captures the essence of a man, a time and place with unparalleled cinematic magic. Though a winner of 7 Oscars and one of the Top 100 ticket sellers of all time, most people were not able to see 'Lawrence of Arabia' the way it was intended until 1989 (and I still imagine most people have only seen it during one of its annual Christmas TV viewings). Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese and Robert Harris deserve massive applause for their efforts to restore this film to its 2.20:1 widescreen, 220 minute glory.

I, myself (thankfully) have never seen any other version of this film. So when I first saw the film it was in its untainted glory and it's an experience I shall never forget. Never before had I seen a film that blurred the lines between storytelling and art so much. Never before had I seen a film so assured in visual storytelling. Never before had I been so transplanted into a film's world. The awesome acting, the stupendous story, the remarkable visuals, the sublime script, the fascinating dialogue and majestic music all combine to make a film like none other.

'Lawrence of Arabia' is played out in five acts, each one of them represents a different part of Lawrence's psyche. The first act is Lawrence's introduction into Arabia where he is very much an Englishman – albeit an outcast. The second act concerns his assimilation into Arabia, the taking of Aqaba and his rise to deity. The third portrays Lawrence at the peak of his military career and his growing egotism. The fourth act is his capture, torture, mental breakdown and dissertation of his troops. The fifth concerns his comeback, revenge and both his greatest and most flawed accomplishment: the slaughter of Turks and the liberation of Damascus. Every scene in these acts is essential to the development of his persona. Lean and Bolt raise the question of who Lawrence was, but they never answer the question. This is one factor that brings me back to the film time and time again – each time I watch the film I am left with a different perception of Lawrence's character.

The film contains an all star cast including Peter O'Toole, Omar Sharif, Alec Guinness, Jack Hawkins and Claude Rains. Only 'JFK' rivals it in my view. Of course, there was been many all star casts that haven't performed to their usual standards, but it is not the case here. Everyone is on top of there game especially Peter O'Toole who gives the greatest cinematic performance I have ever seen. From extremes of joyous extremes and heated contempt he dominates the screen with undeniable screen presence and charisma. Many an actor would be lost on screen amidst all the sand, but O'Toole never is. Watch Lawrence's scene in the mess hall near the beginning then watch his immense 'No prisoners' scene – the change is remarkable. Omar Sharif is also superb and it is easy to see why he became a big international star following his charismatic performance.

I have never been a fan of desert films and find the majority of them boring, but Freddie Young's 70mm widescreen photography brings the desert alive in such an exciting and absorbing way. The film is simply full of memorable and beautiful scenes such as Sharif's introduction, the long pan over the assault on Aqaba or the glorious reveal from a purple flag of Lawrence and Sheriff Ali leading their final army. 'Lawrence of Arabia' is a unique visual experience and one you will not forget in a hurry.

Although it comes in at over three and a half hours, 'Lawrence of Arabia' never lulls and if not for the forced DVD intermission I doubt I would move at all while watching it. The innovative editing (including some of the most famous examples of direct-cutting) keeps the film moving at a brisk pace. There are no gratuitous scenes. Every scene is a required piece of the puzzle. Maurice Jarre's phenomenal music also helps keep the film going. I'm sure some of the scenes of people crossing the desert would have been tedious without his music, but with his majestic music transplanted over the images they are simply compulsive viewing.

The epic action scenes are breath-taking in their scope and execution. But what gives them their impact is that Lean (perhaps limited by censorship laws) is not concerned with the visceral thrill of battle, but rather the effect they have on the battlers. What drives men to war and what do they get from it. And thankfully the action scenes are succinct and progressive with no blasted shaky-cam or CGI troops. Everything you see on screen is real and was performed, which just adds to the gob-smacking sense of the shots. It is this sense of realism that deepens the experience.

If one's respect for 'Lawrence of Arabia' is not enamored after viewing the film, perhaps it will be when thinking that we will NEVER see a film like this again. No studio would take the risk of a project this big that excludes many of their 'key demographics' and 'film rules'. There are no talking parts for women. There is no love interest. There is no happy ending. 'Lawrence of Arabia' a product of Hollywood showing its balls, which for many a year it seems to have lost. 'Lawrence of Arabia' is an awe-inspiring Goliath of cinematic perfection. The best film I can lay claim to having seen.
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