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Drama, Biography, Comedy
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Eric Toledano, Olivier Nakache


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Clotilde Mollet as Marcelle
Cyril Mendy as Adama
Alba Gaïa Kraghede Bellugi as Elisa (as Alba Gaïa Bellugi)
Thomas Solivéres as Bastien, dit le Plumeau
Dominique Daguier as Amie de Philippe
François Caron as Ami de Philippe
Dorothée Brière as Eléonore (as Dorothée Brière Méritte)
François Cluzet as Philippe
Marie-Laure Descoureaux as Chantal, la femme de chambre
Anne Le Ny as Yvonne
Omar Sy as Driss
Christian Ameri as Albert
Joséphine de Meaux as La DRH société de courses
Audrey Fleurot as Magalie
Intouchables Storyline: In Paris, the aristocratic and intellectual Philippe is a quadriplegic millionaire who is interviewing candidates for the position of his carer, with his red-haired secretary Magalie. Out of the blue, the rude African Driss cuts the line of candidates and brings a document from the Social Security and asks Phillipe to sign it to prove that he is seeking a job position so he can receive his unemployment benefit. Philippe challenges Driss, offering him a trial period of one month to gain experience helping him. Then Driss can decide whether he would like to stay with him or not. Driss accepts the challenge and moves to the mansion, changing the boring life of Phillipe and his employees.
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One film you should not miss
This movie is so good that we watched it twice in two days. Such friendship honest, true and natural is something to be jealous about in the most positive way. A big surprise, so it needs a lot of very positive comments because you do not want to miss this one. Although you may think this is a dramatic movie, it is actually more a very warm movie loaded with very good humor. The trailers, advertisement and also the Dutch tittle actually first put us of to watch this movie. Then it is also a French movie so normally that comes with a lot of not too positive expectations. This all is easily overwon within just the first few minutes of the movie but gets totally shattered the longer the movie lasts.
Very touchable!
Prepare yourselves for one of the most touching relationships ever brought to screen! Forget Fred and Ginger, forget Humphrey and Ingrid, because now it's all about Phillipe and Driss. Most French films I watch are nasty (but brilliant) shockers like Inside and Martyrs. Of course I've seen the odd gentler one like, I've Loved You So Long but even that's depressing. The funniest French films I've seen are Jean-Pierre Jeunet's, Amelie and Micmacs, but Untouchable just about betters both of them. It's not just one of the most funny and touching French films I've seen, but just films in general. Only a seriously bitter and cynical person could hate Untouchable.

The film opens with wit and energy as we see Phillipe and Driss trying to out-run and out-smart the police for speeding. It's a funny and clever sequence and just a taste for the even more amusing shenanigans to follow. But of course we can't just jump into the middle of the film! We need what Midge calls, "a flash-back" so we can see how they got there. What Untouchable does so well is build up its characters so we can care about them. Driss comes from a working-class background, living in a tiny and over-crowded flat. He's also a thief and his Mum has kicked him out, and although Driss is a thief we can still care about him, especially as the film goes on and we see just how funny he is.

Phillipe is the opposite. He's a hugely rich invalid with silly money to spend on paintings that look like "a nosebleed" as Driss puts it. But like magnets opposites attract. Driss is obviously attracted to his lavish quarters, already bigger than the whole flat he used to live in! The film takes time building up their relationships, as we see them bond through some very funny and touching moments. The directors make the audience feel as though we're bonding with them, so in a sense it's a three-way relationship and becomes all the more personal. Untouchable is also a comedy, there are some hilarious moments which I won't spoil, but it had me and the audience laughing pretty much all the way through.

The directing is really well done, and I also really liked the music which made some touching scenes even more touching! It's no wonder that Untouchable was a huge hit in France, because it's such a light-hearted and entertaining film, yet is also quite memorable too, thanks to the wonderful performances, witty screenplay and classy directing. Untouchable is a sort of rom-com but Jennifer Anniston is no where in sight! It's one of those 'buddy movies' which shows a touching kind of platonic love similar to that of Rain Man. It's a relationship we can all relate to and care about the couple involved.

Untouchable is a French classic and one I hope to watching in years to come. I defy anyone to watch and not to become involved in Phillipe and Driss' wonderful relationship. An endlessly funny and moving film which those with a sense of humour can enjoy. It's a wonderful feel-good film!
Directors Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano have struck comedy gold.
Based on a true story, 'Untouchable' is a comedy about the unlikely friendship between Philippe (François Cluzet) and Driss (Omar Sy). Philippe is a wealthy man, paralysed from the neck down due to a paragliding accident. Tired of the sycophancy and pitying care given to him due to his condition and his wealth, Philippe takes a gamble and hires the brutally frank Driss who only applied for the job to keep the benefits office happy.

Philippe gets far more than he bargained for with the charisma whirlwind that is Driss, a young man who is never afraid to say what he thinks or lower the tone and is guaranteed to keep everybody smiling. Theirs is a cross-cultural friendship, drawn together by their mutual honesty and sense of humour. 'Untouchable' is an unashamed crowd-pleaser, the friendship between Philippe and Driss is undeniable and the jokes bounce along at a merry pace. A lot of the humour is based on the clash with cultural stereotypes, the film often lacks subtlety but Sy and Cluzet pull it all off handsomely. There is a lot of playfulness and mischief from both Philippe and Driss, the hilarious opening sequence of Driss speeding through Paris traffic and betting with Philippe that he could get away from the police is priceless.

'Untouchable' is an irreverent take on disability, Driss is hardly subtle with Philippe's condition but his forcefulness and boyish enthusiasm energises Philippe. The film works because Philippe is in on the jokes, it would be too easy for him to be the butt of all the jokes. Philippe is aware of the stuffy bourgeois hypocrisy that he inhabits and perpetuates, and thanks to Driss's anarchic influence plays a great trick on his art dealer. To the films credit there is a lack of sentimentality, nothing is glossed over but its evident what each of their many disadvantages are. Some people may frown at the often patronising stereotyping and the treatment of a character with a disability, but the films heart is in the right place.

Mismatched friendships and cultural clashes are nothing new and 'Untouchable' is often predictable, but when Cluzet and Sy click they're an irresistible double-act to burn through any cynicism you may have left. Directors Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano have struck comedy gold.
A well made film
Intouchables is a very nice movie about a man in a wheelchair and his caretaker-buddy who injects life in the boring life of the man. The performances are really good and in the case of Omar unexpectedly good given his little experience.There are many humorous scenes in this film but the overall climate is depressing. The reason I give it a 7 is because it isn't deep enough and you don't get to know the characters very well, maybe a little more screenplay time would be for the best. Also the ending wasn't really satisfying and left you a bit incomplete. But overall, you won't regret watching Intouchables, I guarantee you that!
Truly delightful
Once again out of the darkness comes another touching piece of something special.

Such reality and great character work, especially from Omar Sy. It never once veered from the storyline. Everything flowed well from start to finish.

Throughout this movie you will laugh, expect true laughter. The music was wonderfully matched and was not overpowering.

Usually one shy's away from predictability as we yearn for a mental challenges, especially through movies, truly this was not the case as you would not expect such touching representation.

Congratulations to all involved!
Touché ...
In less than two months, "Untouchable" became the second most successful French film by number of spectators, such an event by itself that people went then to see it, not because they thought it was good but to see what was so good in it: that's the virtual circle of success.

My biggest disappointment in 2011 was with "The Tree of Life", a movie I sincerely wanted to love but couldn't, and I left the theater before it ended with a bitter taste of frustration. Proportionally, my greatest positive surprise came with "Untouchable" because it was the opposite expectation: I was sure I would dislike it, figuring the movie manipulated viewers through the overused device of the improbable friendship. Why such preconceived negativity? Well, when a young black guy from French suburbs, darkly depicted in Mathieu Kassovitz 'Hate' and infamous for its occasional riots, befriends a rich quadriplegic, I immediately think of 'good feelings', 'mainstream populism' … unaware that I apply to myself a cynical judgment that can undermine my very way to enjoy not just this film, but any film. After all, why getting ready for hatred when it's so relieving to give the benefit of the doubt and get ready for appreciation? Especially since more than 15 millions of French people, from different ages and backgrounds liked it.

So, I saw it … and loved it.

The story of "Untouchable" is the kind of unintentional masterpiece that only movies can provide every once in a while, it has no other pretension than to depict a magnificent and inspiring friendship story starting as a simple job. A young man with a Senegalese background, Omar Sy as Driss, only needs a signature to prove that he attended an interview for a live-in carer job. For some strange reason, Paul, the rich man, played by a wonderful François Cluzet, gives him the job, with a one-month trial period. The reason of this choice is smoothly handled by the script: the film starts with all the job applicants, every one of them unnaturally posing and getting mixed in prepared answers. Then, Driss casually enters, without waiting for his turn or knocking on the door, he's got enough problems to deal with, unemployment, an experience in jail, being a pariah for society, and undesirable even in his own family, especially her adoptive aunt. Driss' attitude pleases Paul, because after his paragliding accident, he can't feel his body from neck to toes, and needs caring almost 24 hours per days and 7 days per week, so he really doesn't have time for bullshit either.

And this is a remarkable aspect in the script written by the two directors Eric Toledano and Olivier Nakache: it doesn't waste time cementing the friendship, the two leads rapidly get fond of each other, a feeling illustrated in the poster with both posing with natural smiles. The film shows Omar's struggle to learn how 'needy' Paul is, which provides some priceless comedic moments, but "Untouchable" goes immediately to the core, an eye-opening message about the life endured by a handicapped person, making all the wealth in the world pointless and the richness of heart and mind, priceless. Through Driss and Paul's interaction, the film explores the real needs of people in life, respect and understanding, acceptance and love. Maybe if it was handled by other directors, it would have been predictable but in "Untouchable", the complicity between the two heroes feels absolutely real. There's one scene when Driss shave the bushy beard of Paul,… well, I won't spoil it for you, but the part was a clever mix of realism and comedy because anyone would have done what Driss did at one moment, and that's the secret of the film: it feels real.

Some movies can work with a good story but they need good performances, in "Untouchable", it's almost impossible to determine who carried the film, both Cluzet and Sy were great. And I don't get the complaints: why they didn't respect the original story where the carer was an Arab, or how they 'sugarcoated' the handicap? I even heard that in America, they were accusing the film of racism because Driss was portrayed as a sort of (I quote) 'helper monkey'? Seriously, this is getting old …The way handicap is approached never flirts with an exaggerated pathos, nor the opposite, which is the most intelligent achievement. There's a sort of heart's intelligence in the way Omar teases Cluzet with his own handicap, and the film provides the extraordinary message that pleasure and thrills have unlimited media, whether they come from pot, an ear-massage or even paragliding.

Many of Paul's friends criticizes the presence of Driss in Paul's life, but Paul doesn't care: Omar is a man full of life, big, tall and strong, and when he uses violence to teach a man the respect of a parking sign, Paul admits this is the right method. Both are in the same wavelength. I wondered if the title "Untouchable" referred to the lowest caste in India, echoing the two men's conditions, both outcasts physically and socially, but I guess, their relationship evolves into a friendship precisely because they're both strong-minded, and together, they become even stronger, until getting untouchables ... in the noblest meaning of the word.

There are real people in "Untouchable", nothing works as plot devices even if some situations are so cinematically appealing: Omar inviting everybody to dance during Paul's birthday, his learning of the aristocratic world, the art of abstract painting, and the way he breaks the conventions with an unconventional charisma reaches a level of energetic comedy that reminds of the greatest days of Eddie Murphy, with Cluzet as a perfect straight-man not deprived from a sense of humor. "Untouchable" is simply an inspiring story of friendship with whatever defines this beautiful virtue.

And yes, it's one of the best French films ever, and certainly one of the best of 2011.
Gorgeous, delightful, funny and a change
A typical, wonderful, french film, full of surprises that grip the mind and the heart, being an Englishman living in France and having a good grip on the French language this film enveloped me like a cozy blanket on the sofa on a Sunday.

The Acting is marvelous, the scripting is genius, and the Paris 'decor' helps to give it a certain romance between the 2 principal actors.

A must see even if you can't understand French get yourself an auto-translator or take some french student with you that can translate "en-direct".

Go watch it!
A carefree (yes, carefree) comedy about a quadriplegic
This movie does not really need another review, but after seeing what Daily Beast's (Marlow Stern) and Variety's (Jay Weissberg) critics have written about it, I feel that one thing needs a serious clarification. It is somewhat disturbing and, at the same time, really telling a lot about USA's culture that American reviewers see this movie as "race-relations" feature.

I've read all of the 38 reviews written here on IMDb until now and I would suggest to both Stern and Weissberg to do the same. Maybe they could learn something. Most of the reviews here were written by non-Americans and, tellingly, most of them do not even mention race or race relations or anything similar. To me that shows how deep anything to do with a difference in color of skin has been intertwined with USA culture when even in this film - where nobody from, let's say the rest of the world, does not see any racism or anything similar - the only thing USA critics do see is the difference in color of skin. Sad, very sad.

I'm, therefore, afraid that, if it shares Stern's and Weissberg's opinions, most of the USA audience will not see the real beauty of this film and will, probably also under the influence of critics' reviews, see the movie as a race-relations feature when that's the only thing it's not.

And what it is? It is (I can't believe I'm gonna write this) a carefree comedy about a quadriplegic and his personal aide. The movie does not at any moment come even close to apathy or pathetics which is a success on its own. The movie also has just about the perfect amount of black humor and political incorrectness and does not cross those borders at any time. I think this is the only movie about a disabled human where, after seeing it, you will go out of the theater laughing. And I can't remember any movie which approaches such a difficult theme with such ease.

Additionaly, the soundtrack - both Einaudi's score as well as selected tracks - is fantastic.

A lot has been written here about cast and I would just like to add that along masterful performances of both Sy and Cluzet, the rest of the actors are equally great, especially Anne Le Ny and Audrey Flerot.
It will make you laugh and it will make you cry. but more then that it will make you feel again
This is my first time stepping to the other side, from been a viewer to been a reviewer.

This film made me do it. It shook me and made me realize that when you have nothing to lose then you have all to earn. It start with two mans that are in the lowest points of there lives. They are so different yet so connected. It will show you that you don't need to judge by look or by color and anyone can have a chance to influence the life of the other.

I will not say any more but this: Go and see this movie. this is a once in a lifetime.
A moving story that make you laugh & cry - Du rire aux larmes
When I went to see Intouchables I am expecting to see a good movie because the buzz in France about it right now is pretty unbelievable, to the point that a 10:30am screening was full (10 days after the release), I left the theater happy because I didn't see a good movie but the best movie I have ever seen. I loved Nakache & Toledano previous movies, for me they represent what French cinema does the best these kinds of comedies that always put you on the verge of tears while laughing at jokes that feel so real. With Intouchables they put that characteristic even further; the movie is FULL of jokes and it also treat one of the most serious subject. François Cluzet is at the top of his art, the best (French) actor of his generation for sure. Omar Sy delivers a spot on performance, I particularly enjoyed his melancholic look, you can just see the emotions in his eyes. Their on-screen friendship is probably one of the best I have seen and we can summarize it with these words from the movie "These guys they have no pity" a friend of Philippe-talking about Driss- to which Philippe answers "You know sometimes he hands me the phone because he forgot". Driss forget that Philippe can't move his legs, his arms, can't feel anything that is under is neck and this is priceless for Philippe. In a world where everybody looks at him like an handicapped, Driss' behavior is more that a fresh air, it's a reason to live for, to think that maybe there are others people like him, that can see further that his wheelchair. The music is also spot on, just enough to make you feel the emotion without being too much. I really hope it's going to win lots of Césars. It's really going to be a tie this year for the best actor performance between Omar Sy, François Cluzet and Jean Dujardin (The Artist).

I predict an American remake in a few years, you know Hollywood...
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