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Instant Death
Crime, Action
Ara Paiaya


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Lou Ferrigno as John Bradley
Craig Malpass as Policeman
Tom Bennett as Police Telecoms Engineer / Armed Police Officer / Drug Factory Worker
Michael James MacMahon as Colonel Neal
Tania Staite as Jane
Jason Bailey as Cooper
Levi James as Calder
Angus Brown as Sunny
Jade Fearon as Terry
Tony Banham as Inspector Fisher
Steve Speak as Gary
John Chapman as Doctor
Instant Death Storyline: A vicious gang war for drug dominance draws in a disturbed Special Forces veteran John Bradley. Trying to adjust to normal life and haunted by inner demons of a violent past, the underworld's retribution on his last connection to humanity, a daughter and grandchild leads to a descent of fury and violence that not even the brutality of gangland is prepared for.
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don't waste time to watch
i would like to give only 2 start, old story line with same revenge drama with action scenes without sense. poor screen play poor action sequences poor cast poor story line. in start i was really expecting some good action because of the strong character of villain shown in move but later on table turn around like we are watching a dream and hero start killing big gangsters like nothing without getting single wound from them.
Cult classic!
I love a good action movie cliché. It only takes 23 minutes for us to get to a strip club! Lou does a run-in on the strip club from earlier and bitch slaps a bunch of the guys before beating the utter pulp out of everyone and taking out the boss man. Ferrigno's fighting style is very tree-like. I mean, the man is 65 years old so he can't be expected to move like he's still 25. His bulking size keeps it from looking too ridiculous at any point and I bought in pretty quickly. Cult classic!
Indie revenge thriller packs some unexpected punch.
Directed by Ara Paiaya, who also co-wrote and produced, Instant Death rides on solid, well-worn tracks, keeping true to a number of tropes the genre laid down in dozens of films that came before, from inept cronies that fall like harvested wheat, to women in jeopardy, to phone calls between heroes and (slow-clapping) villains, to higher-ups who help on one side and those who pull strings on the other. It's classic Revenge 101, and yet, that doesn't mean it's not done well. Paiaya keeps things zipping along fast, and builds plenty of decent tension, while Bradley is reduced to a one-man army with no equal.
The Fury of Ferrigno!!!
Sometimes, a guilty pleasure can be a lot of fun. Watching the straight-to-video, Lou Ferrigno, action release "Instant Death" rekindled memories of Charles Bronson's "Death Wish" movies, Liam Neeson's "Taken" trilogy, and the Sylvester Stallone "Rambo" franchise. If you haven't seen "Death Wish" (1974), you'll have a chance to watch Bruce Willis step into Bronson's shoes for the 2017 remake when it comes out later this year. Suffice to say, "Death Wish" dealt with a mild-mannered New York City architect who embarked on revenge spree after his wife's murder and his daughter's rape during a home invasion. The Charles Bronson hero doled out vigilante justice from the barrel of a revolver to several low-life criminals that prowled the streets after sundown. Ironically, he never found the hoodlums who terrorized his family. Nevertheless, while cleaning up the city streets, he evolved into an urban legend. "Death Wish" qualified as one of the high points in the revenge movie genre about a private citizen who avenged his relatives when the police proved ineffectual.

"Skin Traffik" director Ara Paiaya and scenarist Adam Davidson replicate the revenge movie formula with neither subtlety nor deviation. Were it not for the steely presence of body-builder Lou Ferrigno, who rampaged on television as "The Incredible Hulk" from 1977 to 1982, "Instant Death" would remain just another routine crime thriller. Indeed, Ferrigno is the star attraction rather than merely a supporting character or an actor appearing in a cameo. The 66-year old Ferrigno performed all his stunts. Now, I know what you're thinking. Can Ferrigno act? Although he seems self-conscious around other actors, Ferrigno plays a flawed father figure hero that might behave in such an aloof manner. A metaphor for the Grim Reaper, Ferrigno's paterfamilias suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. The realistic, gritty action occurs primarily in contemporary London, and the filmmakers pit the former "Hulk" against a thoroughly repellent Cockney gangster nicknamed 'Razor.' Jerry Anderson plays Razor, and he is a dead ringer for popular British tough-guy actor Ray Winstone. Anderson plays such a deranged dastard that the actor should think twice about strolling in public without bodyguards. Imaging what Ferrigno's revenge-minded father will do to Razor when they tangle heightens the suspense in "Instant Death."

Ferrigno plays veteran Special Forces soldier John Bradley. Although he has been out of combat for six months, Bradley hasn't recovered from the untold horror of combat. The lonely lifestyle that he describes to his sympathetic psychiatrist recalls the toxic activities that Robert De Niro's cabbie Travis Bickle indulged in throughout director Martin Scorsese's classic urban shoot'em up "Taxi Driver" (1976). The psychiatrist recommends Bradley reconnect with his two surviving family members: his grown-up daughter Jane (Tania Staite of "Crossing Bridges") and his young granddaughter Wendy (newcomer Sophie Wembridge), who live in London, England. Bradley catches a flight out of New York City. After he lands and sets out to visit Jane and Wendy, Bradley witnesses a vicious gangland slaying. A ferocious underworld enforcer, Razor (Jerry Anderson), is eradicating all rival drug dealers in his domain. Anybody who peddles narcotics on Razor's turf won't die from old age. The desperate fools who buy those taboo narcotics don't last long. Razor is torturing an independent drug dealer, Carnie (Sven Hopla of "The Foundling"), when Bradley sees the murder. Not only does Razor kill the rival drug dealer, but he kills another innocent bystander who walks in front of Bradley when Razor tries to shoot our hero. Razor sends his intimidating henchmen out to liquidate Bradley. Before he eludes Razor's thugs, Bradley guns down two of the henchmen.

A furious Razor wants Bradley's corpse. A young street hoodlum locates Bradley after he follows him to his daughter's apartment building. Naturally, Jane is ecstatic about finally seeing her dad. Bradley rarely spent time around his family while he was in the service. He explains he must visit an old friend in town the next day. The old friend turns out to be Colonel Neal (newcomer Michael James MacMahon) who served with Bradley in the military. Essentially, Colonel Neal is comparable to Samuel Trautman (Richard Crenna) from Sylvester Stallone's "Rambo" quartet. Trautman acted as the go-between Rambo and those who availed themselves at his combat skills. Predictably, Razor and his hooligans show up at Jane's door inquiring about Bradley. When Jane cannot tell them where her father has gone, Razor's henchmen rape her on the dining room table. Later, Razor brandishes a razor and carves up Jane's face. Before he leaves, Razor smothers helpless Wendy with a pillow. After Bradley learns about his family, he launches his own crusade for vengeance on Razor and his depraved crew.

"Instant Death" resorts to neither humor nor comic relief characters. The violence is staged with a sense of spontaneity, and our hero turns out to be just as cold-blooded as his nemeses. For example, Bradley holds an arrogant British gangster at gunpoint, and the gangster proposes they negotiate. Our grief-stricken hero refuses, and the gangster's head vanishes in a bloody explosion. This could rate as the darkest movie that Lou Ferrigno has ever toplined, and he delivers a solemn performance as John Bradley. Paiaya produced the straightforward but violent "Instant Death" on the streets of London for added authenticity. He does a good job of establishing both the characters of Bradley and Razor before he turns them loose on each other. Part of the fun of watching "Instant Death" is that you can savor what the hero will do to his foes. Mind you, you won't find any gratuitous nudity in the unrated DVD version of "Instant Death," because it emphasizes both blood, gore, and guys. The homicidal content and the casual depiction of murder and rape may appall the squeamish but appeal to stout-hearted action junkie fans who can tolerate a little blood and gore. One of the virtues of "Instant Death" is British director Ara Paiaya doesn't let his efficient 84-minute melodrama wear out its welcome.
Obviously Jason And Ray Didn't Want To Appear In This Rubbish
An ex=special forces soldier John Bradley visits his daughter in London who lives on a rundown estate. While there he witnesses a murder carried out by local thug Razor and Razor and his gang don't take kindly to witnesses


It's fairly obvious who Ara Paiya wanted in this movie . Jason Statham as John Bradley and Ray Winstone as Razor. It becomes fairly obvious why Statham and Winstone turned the film down because this is obviously straight to DVD fair with one of the most deranged screenplay's you will see. From the outset things fall apart very quickly with an opening scene set in a psychiatric hospital in America with Bradley discussing his life with a Doctor. It's painfully obvious the actor ( I use that word in its loosest term ) playing the Doctor is British due to his laughably bad accent. Then the action cuts to London . Okay it's not impossible an American special forces soldier has a daughter with a London who lives on an estate but seems unlikely. It's also not impossible a former American soldier just happens to be on first name terms with a British army Colonel since the British and American forces fought alongside one another in Iraq and Afghanistan. What is unlikely is every other plot turn like Bradley surviving an early murder attempt then nonchalantly turning up at his daughter's flat as if nothing has happened. Was it written as it went along ?

Did I mention the casting ? Since the production team couldn't get Statham and Winstone that hasn't stopped the director being naughty because I genuinely thought Ray Winstone had been cast as Razor from the trailer. That was in fact the main reason I watched INSTANT DEATH and wondered why his name didn't appear in the opening credits. In fact I was ready to alert the scientific community that cloning is now possible and Jerry Anderson has the exact same DNA as Ray Winstone but as I said no established name actor would want to appear in this. There's a few contenders for worst performer and my nomination goes to the bloke playing Colonel Neal who has never appeared in anything prior to this and has probably spent most of his life pointing at maps in his geography class

But despite the casting director scouring every group of carol singers in London don't kid yourselves this is some sort of good natured parody. INSTANT DEATH is mean and nasty. It involves anal rape , blinding and child murder. If it's entertaining in anyway it's entertaining for all the wrong reasons. You can understand Jason and Ray throwing the script in the bin and the DVD will soon be put in the same location
Charles Bronson-style revenge!
One of the hottest things in the action genre over the past decade or so is the 'Old guy gets back into the killing game to get revenge for a friend or family member'. Any actor over the age of 55 has pretty much done this movie. Liam Neeson, Michael Caine, Sly Stallone, Clint Eastwood, and most recently, Keanu Reeves has gotten into the game. Now, it appears that even bodybuilding legend and former Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno has decided to knock the dust off of his old leather jacket and get some sweet Charles Bronson-style revenge! This film delivers in every way the action, the soundtrack, the ultra violence, girls, sweet revenge and lots of kills! The choreography is brilliant and Ara Paiaya makes Lou look amazing at fight scenes and shoot outs. Lou Ferrigno is 65! and moves like a 30 year old in this film. The Director obviously taught him a lot looking at his previous action films. One can only hope for more of the same! A must buy.
Great action film, they should do a sequel.
This is a well made revenge action film, Its director Ara Paiaya, made a great job in the martial arts choreography that fitted well with Lou ferrigno's talents. Ferrigno's acting was very good for an action centered film. They should do a sequel or at least a few more action films. This is not a high budget film but the story treatment and editing is more than adequate for its limitations money wise.

This should just be good start of a series of more Ferrigno action films.
Hulk meets The Terminator!
Hulk meets The Terminator! At some point during the finale the bad guys just give up trying to shoot Lou. They basically run at him while he clotheslines them and beats them up Kung Fu style. It probably works in their favor because some of them don't get their necks broken and if they had tried to shoot him they would have been dead to rights.I enjoyed the simplicity of the film and the brutality that ensued was just what I was hoping for. Props to director Ara Paiaya for making an entertaining and worthy addition to the 'Old guy gets back into the killing game to get revenge for a friend or family member' sub-genre.
Thoroughly enjoyed the film. Actors played their part very well. A lot of hard work has been put into this Take my hat off to the actors who played the Harder parts. An unexpected ending in which I enjoy about a film. Would recommend this movie who enjoys this type of story. Didn't want it to end
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