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Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Andrew Niccol


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Cillian Murphy as Timekeeper Raymond Leon
Will Harris as Ulysse
Rachel Roberts as Carrera
Aaron Perilo as Bell
Elena Satine as Jasmine
Alex Pettyfer as Fortis
William Peltz as Pierre
Ethan Peck as Constantin
Colin McGurk as Citizen
Justin Timberlake as Will Salas
Toby Hemingway as Timekeeper Kors
Amanda Seyfried as Sylvia Weis
Matthew Bomer as Henry Hamilton (as Matthew Bomer)
Olivia Wilde as Rachel Salas
Vincent Kartheiser as Philippe Weis
Bella Heathcote as Michele Weis
Ray Santiago as Victa
Yaya DaCosta as Greta
In Time Storyline: Welcome to a world where time has become the ultimate currency. You stop aging at 25, but there's a catch: you're genetically-engineered to live only one more year, unless you can buy your way out of it. The rich "earn" decades at a time (remaining at age 25), becoming essentially immortal, while the rest beg, borrow or steal enough hours to make it through the day. When a man from the wrong side of the tracks is falsely accused of murder, he is forced to go on the run with a beautiful hostage. Living minute to minute, the duo's love becomes a powerful tool in their war against the system.
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Not pushed far enough
In the future, science has stopped aging at 25. Everybody is allowed one more year. However there is the ability to transfer your time. Your life becomes currency and you work to earn time. In that way, society has divided into people who live day to day and people who are basically immortal. Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) lives day to day in the ghetto. Rachel Salas (Olivia Wilde) is his mother. One day he rescues a rich Henry Hamilton (Matt Bomer) who is tired of life and leaves him 116 years of time.

This is a great sci-fi concept. It's awkward to try to keep track who are older and everybody's relationships. However I feel there's something missing. The concept wasn't exploited enough. Half the time it's trying to explain the world rather than showing you the world. And the 'ghetto' isn't as rough as it ought to be. When the clock ticks down to zero, I can't believe that people aren't going crazy robbing everybody that they can. The idea of an apocalyptic world isn't pushed far enough.
See it if you have time to kill
I saw a trailer of the movie some time ago, and I waited it since. I found the whole "time" idea interesting and philosophical, simple and yet so innovative. So I went to see this movie with very high expectations. But all that changed after watching the first ten minutes of the movie. My fist disillusion was the acting, which was poor to say the least. No one gave me the impression that they really care about the time they have, the actors were rather like the characters of a computer game. There was no attraction between the two main characters and the director tried to save the most dramatic scenes by choosing large angles rather than focusing on people. But maybe all that was because of the poor script. I don't understand how can you fail starting with such a good idea, but Andrew Niccol did. He tried very hard to make the life of his characters miserable and they concentrated so much on how to survive one more day that the denouement seemed random. Maybe it should have remained just a trailer. After all, Justin needs just four minutes to save the world...
Not a waste of time.
'In Time' is one of those films that you enjoy watching but can't help but think there's something missing.

The acting is generally good, Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried are okay but it's the other actors like Cillian Murphy, Olivia Wilde and Alex Pettyfer who strengthen the film as a whole.

The plot is very interesting; a world where the currency is time itself. Films set in a dystopian world are common but the intricate details of this film are what make it unique. The plot is discussed well in the film, there are no points where you find yourself asking questions about the reasoning behind the fact that time is used as currency, scenes where people discuss their lifestyle as being like 'capitalist Darwinism' are really interesting and give the story a better setting. Some parts of the story could have been developed further, however. Johnny Galecki's character should have been given more screen-time. When his off-screen death is announced you feel bad but they could have done a lot better with that aspect of the story.

The dialogue was the main fault, there were some scenes particularly involving Timberlake and Seyfried where conversations were so basic and lifeless that it just didn't seem natural at all. Even some scenes with other characters involved discussions which lacked something, it was too obvious the conversations were scripted and not natural.

Overall, I would recommend this film. It's thoroughly entertaining and there are no obvious flaws aside from some scenes where the dialogue is weak. It's a film worthy of watching, however.
Pretty faces, Ugly script... Don't waste your time
Why does Hollywood insist on spending on stars, but not enough on script? Massive fail, gaping plot holes. You will know what you're in for when the opening line is "don't know how it happened, it's just like that". Suspend my disbelief is fine, just don't insult my intelligence.

*Spoiler begins* Time is the only currency, and once out you get a massive heart attack and die. Transfer of currency is by skin contact and doesn't even need compliance from the owner... Which is called a "fight". This is my most major beef with the script. Even credit cards need verification to process transactions, in this show one can can just touch and take. Gives a whole new meaning to touch of death.

The nonsense continues: I seriously LOLed when the stars "rob" a bank (just crash a car through the front door) and the "villain" Cillian died. He plays a "Time Keeper" but dies by forgetting to watch his time... the mysterious stranger who gives away time also needs no reason to, other than being tired of living.

There was even an oversight somewhere in the middle, whereby JT asks AS for a "loan" only to get rejected though he has but hours to live. He handles rejection by falling asleep only to wake up in the morning (presumably sleeping past his heart attack). Surprised ANYONE in this make-believe world could fall asleep, seeing as you might be death touched in the night... *spoilers end*

If anything, this show taught me the importance of time. Don't make my mistake, do NOT watch this movie.
Very Good "LOGAN'S RUN" Reimagining WITH A MESSAGE
"In Time" surprised me! Justine Timberlake does a good job here, Amanda Seyfried is adorable & feisty & Cillian Murphy continues to be a presence in film.

But can I just take a second to congratulate OLIVIA WILDE (from TV's "House" & "Tron") as she's excellent here and has a scene which is truly heartbreaking & proves she's not just a pretty face...EXCELLENT Job Olivia.

The story is very 'Logan's Run' (Limited Life Span) but it's set in a different time & scenario, there are no flash special effects, no robots, no sanctuary, no big cityscape but the twist put on it is EXCELLENT.

Time is Money...The Rich get richer & live longer...The Poor remain poor and die young...The Government is corrupt & has everything in order that is until Timberlake is given a gift which he tries to use to change things for the majority rather than the minority.

The story is pretty basic but the MESSAGE is a good one... Life is precious and much can be achieved in JUST 1 DAY A Sci-Fi Drama that holds the attention and plays out well. It may not be Logan's Run but that's a good thing as it asks questions Logan's didn't.

RocketeerFlyer says..A POSSIBLE FUTURE 'CULT' MOVIE FAVOURITE & gets an Up Up & Away 8/10 from me.
Good thing it isn't real, this would have been a SERIOUS waste of time!
I saw the trailer for this, and thought, wow, what an intriguing idea for a movie and for the first 10 minutes I was right.

Then it all went wrong! It's not often that I'm tempted to turn a movie off half way through, in fact I think I've only done it once before (mike myers - The Love Guru)

In the end I did manage to sit through the whole thing, but only so my partner and I could mock it.

I see what the director/set crew have tried to do, make this movie grim and bleak, but instead they have hit BLAND and hit it so hard it's teeth fell out! I've never seen so many shades of beige used in a movie before and it seems to take place in the same 3 or 4 locations, re-used repeatedly. It seems the designers tried to be stylish too, in choosing retro sports cars for the police interceptors, but instead, it just looks tacky. Everything about this movie seems tacky, as though it were made on a shoe-string budget. Which would be excusable if it hadn't cost them $40,000,000!

As for the characters....WOW! what characters??? Timberlake, who can usually hold his own remarkable well for a presenter turned singer, turned actor, totally phones in his performance. He never seems overly bothered by anything going on around him (something that pretty much every character suffers with in this) It's not his fault alone though, Cillian Murphy, hams it up so badly it looks like he's auditioning for "maniac cop" and Amanda Seyfried is so boring you don't care if her clock runs out. (I would of stolen her time while she slept just to be rid of her!)

Spoilers coming!!!!

The villain of the piece, the leader of the "minute men" or whatever he's called, is possibly the most ridiculous character in the movie (and that takes some doing) He over-acts to a West End Shakespearean level and is about as threatening as a dolphin chewing a Chibi Pet, and Why in the name of all that's sane would you challenge a guy to a (really poorly thought out) "duel" that runs a serious risk of ending your life, when you have a team of thugs with guns and the upper hand??? Steal their time, kill them and go back to being a pantomime villain MORON!

Another truly moronic moment (there are many) Is when Murphy's character neglects his time dose, even though it takes seconds to do and the machine that does it is next to him, just so he can chase down Sallis??? (something he could've done AFTER topping up!) This goes for the main protagonists too. Why do they not leave themselves enough time to survive, even though they had millions of hours to play around with, instead creating needless moments of "tension". Ultimately it smacks of poor writing, if you have to constantly use the characters stupidity to generate cliff-hanger moments.

This was a great premise, wasted on poor writing, poor directing and some bad acting, (from actors who are capable of so much more!) oh and somebody PLEASE shoot the location scout!

How this ever garnered 6.6 on here is beyond me!

If you like beige, you'll LOVE this!
This movie was wonderful. It contrasts the hand to mouth existence of the poor to the rich in terms of time rather than dollars. It makes clear that it doesn't matter what the currency is, the rich will always steal from the poor to maintain their domination of both currency AND the government.

I found it interesting that the timekeepers(police) themselves were only given a day to day time allocation. This is the only point of the movie where it strayed from reality as in the actual world the police are some of the fattest cats of all with their retirements at 50 and gigantic pensions at the expense of the time(uhhh tax) payers.

Definitely take time to see this movie. Definitely will make you think about the world in the context of winners and losers, again.
A movie worth watching a few times , DOESN'T waste your time !
I was actually thinking that this is just a simple movie about criminals(..?) and blahblahblah .. However , this movie was such a beautiful work that i did not have the chance to finish my popcorn and drinks , not forgetting ignoring everyone else around me ! The ending scene whereby Will Salas(Justin Timberlake) ran towards Sylvia Weis(Amanda Seyfried) to give her Time was the most exciting scene of all . Was wondering would it be like what happened to his mother . Movie is a mixed of romance and thriller , got me all touched . Watching it for the first time will definitely make you feel like going for the 2nd time ! Gonna go for the 3rd time this weekend . :) .
Almost didn't watch this because of the cast...
I thought it was going to be another singer-turned-actor star vehicle, with girls in the audience drooling over Justin and the pretty-but-bland Amanda Seyfried included to persuade the boyfriends to accompany them to the cinema.

I humbly admit that I was completely wrong on every score.

Justin Timberlake was awesome. Whereas most singers-turned-actors bring their star persona to the screen (Beyonce will always be Beyonce, no matter what role she's cast in), he looked like he was an actor, period, up there with any of the contemporary Hollywood A-listers. I could easily see him taking roles from Jake Gyllenhaal, Tobey Maguire or Ryan Gosling, maybe even Leonardo Di Caprio. There's a surprising grittiness about him, along with a real sensitivity to the needs of the role - he inhabits the character in a way that honestly blew me away.

Amanda Seyfried's previous work in Mean Girls, Mamma Mia and Dear John didn't exactly endear me to her either, but far from being just pointless eye-candy, she totally held her own in the role.

As regards the movie, it's an extremely interesting premise, well-considered and well-executed. While it's ostensibly a sci-fi, it plays more like an alternative present with realistic social themes - think V for Vendetta, Gattaca or Equilibrium instead of I, Robot, Total Recall or Minority Report. But it is equally an action movie, with car chases, shoot-outs and plenty of bad guys chasing the good. The movie also has some surprisingly tender scenes - it definitely has heart - and a little bit of romance thrown in along the way.

In short, don't ever judge a book by its cover. In Time surprised me by being actually very good and, unlike many other action/sci-fi movies, it sticks in your mind long after you've finished watching it.
Topical, enjoyable, suggestive movie.
It's possible that the film was not developed to the fullest. It is still a good movie anyway, enjoyable and interesting. Probably is not even easy to deepen all the aspects suggested by the theme. I find it very topical. The scenes in the workplace are certainly suggestive. From the time when the robberies start and the unlikely transformation of the princess into bandit, maybe the movie loses something, going in the direction of an action movie. But probably this was the original intention. There are however many interesting points and some key messages, which allow you to think and that tickle the imagination. This leads to further personal developments, which is at the end a feature in an good film, in my opinion. I think that the film may end with the phrase "you can do anything in 24 hours", since what follows is quite unnecessary and most suitable, in fact, to how the film was developed at the end. But the message stays clear, as it remains a good movie. It is not possible to give less than seven stars to the movie, beyond the development I give eight for the concept and to counteract the undeserved low ratings.
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