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Thriller, Documentary
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Bryan Fogel


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Bryan Fogel as Himself
Nikita Kamaev as Himself (archive footage)
Icarus Storyline: When Bryan Fogel sets out to uncover the truth about doping in sports, a chance meeting with a Russian scientist transforms his story from a personal experiment into a geopolitical thriller involving dirty urine, unexplained death and Olympic Gold-exposing the biggest scandal in sports history.
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Must See Film about sports and life
As a fan of Errol Morris, Bryan FogelI belongs in the same category of exceptional documentarians who capture the personality of individuals with exceptional talents and odd blind spots regarding their own selves. On the surface Fogel has made a multilayered film about human striving and self delusion, politics (the evils of the Putin Russian state), and performance enhancing drugs. However, George Orwell and the nature of humanity at present are laid before us. The film will leave an indelible impression on most anyone who watches it.
Starts in one place and ends somewhere else completely, awesome!
Saw "Icarus" on Netflix, awesome shaggy dog of a documentary that starts off as a kind of "Supersize Me" movie about an amateur cyclist, Bryan Fogel (director, producer, obsessive/futile/driven amateur cyclist) who is interested in how performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) would effect his own performance but then it goes down the rabbit hole of general athletic doping specifically in regard to Russia's state sponsored program. (His own project is jettisoned about a third in) Essentially, the movie maker stumbles on the main players involved in Russia and the movie becomes both a wonderful piece of muck raking journalism as well as an actual political thriller where real people's lives are changed/threatened. The movie chronicles how the Russian World anti doping agency (WADA) office actually was responsible for enabling doping in Russian athletics, similar to Generals in Mexico responsible for fighting the drug cartels who were actually heading the cartels. The main character in the movie, Grigory Rodchenkov, is a garrulous, smart and morally complex person who is put at genuine risk by "turning states evidence" against the Russian program. One of his closest associates has a mysterious fatal heart attack. His superior is a close friend of Putin's, and is now something like Deputy prime minister, so this goes all the way up. There was a very careful description how doping controls were cannily circumvented at the Sochi Olympics (lots of James Bond level subterfuge). Further, no matter your position on doping in sports, I personally don't care what adults do, turns out WADA is pretty helpless/useless. A truly great movie, starts in one place - ends up going somewhere else completely.
When The Truth Has The Heaviest Consequences...The Grigory Rodchenkov Story.
This is a explosive expose that really started with amateur world-class biker Brian Fogel's exploration of personally doping himself with performance enhancing hormones for the world's premier amateur cycling event held annually in Europe. The word explosive is in no way hyperbole. Fogel's desire to test negative led him to Russian chemist Grrigory Rodchenkov. Fogel soon became immersed in how Rodchenkov, the head of the system the Russian State drug testing lab, might be able to help him be able to pass drug testing while doping. After an introduction was made by a reputable US scientist Fogel and Rodchenkov became partners of sorts.

Rumblings surrounding the rumor that somehow Russian athletes dope while testing negative became louder. A few cracks opened and Rodchenkov looked like a goner. He even became temporarily institutionalized for his well-being. After a Putin reprieve he was once more doing The Russian State's work, but things were different. He now knew his safety was in jeopardy. He was a pawn, a slave, and he could just as well be expendable should another situation arise. This time preservation of life was his top priority as he decided to come to The US hopefully acquiring asylum. It would explode into a situation in which a deal to testify would be his only chance of remaining in The US as some of his fellow Russian collaborators met mysterious deaths back in the mother country.

Suddenly Rodchenkov became the epicenter of the entire world's doping problem. You think Barry Bonds and Lance Armstrong's cases, and troubles were big, Rodchenkovs were on a whole other scale as in life or death. This was one man accusing Russia of heinous crimes on a world stage and Vladimir Putin as the master criminal.. Because he could tie the various players in this illegal doping, right up to Putin, he had to give up everything and remain in The USA to insure his safety. His wife and child's passports were taken by the Russian government in attempts to rein the, now, criminal dissenter in. It's conceivable he may never see them again.

Icarus is a real-life high-stakes story of a man who dared to come clean about the work he was doing at the direction of the most powerful men behind a country that still believes The Olympics are their finest world showcase of superiority…that is outside of the unthinkable. You should give this a watch as it's as worthy a thriller as a Ludlum novel only the stakes are real. Brian Fogel may have never became a professional world class cyclist, but with this movie he makes a strong case that he is that league of documentary makers.
A deliciously brilliant sucker punch
Icarus starts naively enough, like most documentaries with a desire to learn something. A "what if" that could make a good story; perhaps an episode-long piece on "60 Minutes" or "20/20".

Bryan Fogel, who directed it, is like a man wanting to learn what is like to be a tiger and, in wanting to get closer to the truth, inadvertently locks himself in the tiger's cage.

Icarus is like two stories. The silly, and somewhat egotistical quest of Bryan Fogel to prove that doping is rampant and easy to get away with (duh!) while helping himself win the amateur race that has eluded him for years. It is difficult to find a way to sympathize for any person during this part of the story. Then Bryan meets a very amusing and very cynical Russian scientist named Grigory Rodchenkov, who is going to help him. They talk via Skype frequently, and even their dogs participate. We then go into the obligatory montage of training, preparation, and failures that seems all too familiar. That is, until something changes.

There is a marked and brilliant turning point in the movie when Grigory, a smiling and joking class clown up until that point, faces directly at the camera in a Skype conversation with Bryan and asks "have you seen a movie about me?" From that point on, the story's point of view changes from Bryan to Grigory and we learn something that we cannot unlearn, and realize that there is no going back. We learn that Grigory is the real protagonist and we are heading in a very dark and dangerous direction for Grigory, for Bryan, and for those around them.

One cannot blame those viewers who, prior to that point, were bored and wondered if this would be yet another expose on how privileged guys like Bryan were cheating the system for a moment of temporary glory and how doping had permeated into the weekend warriors scene. One cannot blame those viewers for walking away (I almost did), if they thought that's where we were going. I am sure that's where Bryan thought he was going too. That is, until the cage locked behind us...

What I call the second story in Icarus is based on terror; a terror of the light, not the dark, to borrow a line from Grigory. Real people get killed (allegedly) - this is a documentary, so death is very real. The ride is frantic, claustrophobic, and bitter-sweet. There is an ending but, then again, there isn't one. At the end of the story, we care deeply for Grigory, Bryan, and even Max the dog, and continue to wonder "what if".

Icarus is one of the most brilliant documentaries that I have ever seen.
Probably the best documentary i've watched
It has everything, spies, conspiracies, involvement of world leaders, following world events like wars. Seems like a movie or something that was scripted, its exciting, has suspense and drama and other traits that usually in documentaries its hard to truly get.

Amazing job and about a very passionate topic SPORTS .
gripping documentary
I saw this at Sundance 2017, and it blew me away like no other film I saw there. The filmmakers started out on an interesting enough story in worldwide sports, but then uncovered a massive conspiracy beyond their imagining. Very exciting. Highly recommended to anyone who can see this.
Everyone in the USA should watch this great film - and they will love it.
This is a superb documentary and, under any circumstances, should be watched by everyone. In the light of what is happening to our country re Russia today, it should be considered one of the most important films of the year. A fascinating look at international intrigue. If Russia would go to this length over sports, think what they will do about our elections, and how efficient they are in doing it.
Shill reviewers huh?
So there is a person on here claiming "shill reviews". They certainly haven't seen this movie. It's now on Netflix, watch for yourself and see who is the shill.

FTR I only posted this because of the a-hole who is claiming reviews are shills. This is in no way a -10 movie. It kind of blew me away.

Watching the Russian doping scandal last year I think most of us didn't pay a whole lot of attention to it minus what we read on social media / reddit. But this brings it into a whole new light. If you have any doubt about certain powers manipulating the status quo you won't after watching this.

It really brings things into perspective with a first-person view of the craziness that can go on in politics with power-hungry people at the helm. And I never before stopped to think about how the freaking Olympics could actually influence the world.
Incredibly informative
The content and the skill that was put into this documentary was awesome. Not only was the information and sleuthing well documented , the way the story was told was riveting. Kudo's to the work and film making ability of Fogle. a must watch. Show the repressive system the Russian people live in.
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