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Thriller, Documentary
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Bryan Fogel


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Bryan Fogel as Himself
Nikita Kamaev as Himself (archive footage)
Icarus Storyline: When Bryan Fogel sets out to uncover the truth about doping in sports, a chance meeting with a Russian scientist transforms his story from a personal experiment into a geopolitical thriller involving dirty urine, unexplained death and Olympic Gold-exposing the biggest scandal in sports history.
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A well-done exposé.
As many of the other reviews have mentioned, this is essentially two documentaries.

The first is an interesting, if a bit simplistic, depiction of doping in cycling and sport in general. It comes to the persuasive conclusion that doping is absolutely endemic in modern international competitions like the Olympics and the Tour de France and that no technological screening can be sophisticated enough to beat it. Bryan Fogel, the documentary's star and central driver, successfully dopes for an amateur cycling race, though the cheating doesn't seem to make a big difference in his performance.

The second part is the very personal story of a emigré Russian scientist and the massive fraud he successively administered and then revealed. It is intimate and exciting, even though most of us know the "end" of the story.

Though as Icarus reminds us, it isn't really over until someone crashes into the ocean.
Nice documentary - unfortunately propaganda
I watch every documentary in a objective way and in my opinion it is very critical when one country (USA) makes a documentary about another country (Russia), especially when it is about politics, corruption, doping, cheating etc. The audience should listen and watch very carefully. Here what they say, what words they are using and what the message is.

The beginning of this documentary was neutral, but after some time it is very easy to recognize what it is the main purpose of this documentary. Sentence like "Putin will kill me" - come on, really? Or saying "When Putin started the war against Ukraine" - every fool knows what Russia did was the reaction (!) of what the US did in Ukraine with the coup.

Unfortunately a documentary is not really credible, when there are lies and sentences like this included.

Just imagine the Russians, Chinese or any other country would make a documentary about the US government, Olympic team or military. It would be declared as "Propaganda" even before its release.
Baggy and overlong, but nevertheless shocking documentary
Say what you will about Netflix, the multi-million dollar streaming service used the world over that has come under intense scrutiny in the past year for its debatable participation in the Cannes Film Festival, but its ability to fuel water-cooler chit-chat has done wonders for the documentary genre. The 10-part true crime series Making a Murderer became a phenomenon, proving so popular that it managed to cast doubts over the guilt of its subject and on the American justice system as a whole. The service's most recent conversation-starter is Icarus, directed by amateur cyclist Bryan Fogel, which started out like a Super Size Me expose on the world of doping but evolved into something else entirely. While it certainly has its flaws, it's an astonishing tale that would have been missed by most on a limited cinema run, but in the wide-reaching hands of Netflix, it has a chance to cause a stir.

Director Fogel's only previous directorial credit is 2012's little- seen Jewtopia, a gross-out comedy which does little to suggest he is a natural fit for a crusading documentary filmmaker. But, in the early stages of Icarus, he proves himself adept chronicling his journey from amateur cyclist to doped-up competition-winner. Hoping to replicate the process adopted by the likes of exposed drug cheat Lance Armstrong, Fogel spends much of the films first half-hour injecting testosterone and God-knows-what-else into his thighs and buttocks, and hitting the gym to prepare to win a gruelling seven- day cycle across France. He seeks guidance from Grigory Rodchenkov, the head of anti-doping in Russia, who seems to know every trick in the book on how to cheat the drug tests and avoid detection by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). Yet while his tests show a huge improvement on his physical prowess, he struggles to make any impact on the race, with a huge margin remaining between him and the top 10 racers. It seems his entire documentary is crumbling around him.

Then the news breaks of Russia's participation in a doping operation that dates back decades, and Rodchenkov starts to worry for his life. When his friend and colleague dies under mysterious circumstances, Rodchenkov flees to America to turn whistle-blower, and Fogel, having formed a close friendship with the charismatic, larger-than-life filmmaker's dream, gets the scoop. The director wisely relegates himself into the background as Rodchenkov's story and personality take over, and the film takes on the tone of a thriller. It's a story you have no doubt read about in the media, but Icarus boasts the opportunity to hear it directly from the horse's mouth, and Fogel is happy to let his subject talk. Having stumbled upon a goldmine, it's a wonder why Fogel chose to keep so much of his original narrative in the movie. While his lack of vanity in accepting his failure is admirable, it would have worked better with 15 minutes or so shaved off, and the film feels baggy and overlong as a result. Still, Icarus has the ability to shock, revealing that the scandal goes all the way to the very top, and may have been employed as a politic tactic by Putin to justify his invasion of Ukraine.
If you love sports you may not want to watch this....
Watched this documentary and got so angry with the 'powers that be' in sports that allowed the crooked Russians to participate in the Olympics despite overwhelming evidence provided by a Russian official who risked his life doing so. Utterly sickening to see the IOC bowing to Russian pressure. I have always loved sports, watching in awe how Armstrong won 7 Tour de France for example. Seeing all these things just makes me sad. But if you want to know how this is done, how they get away with it, watch this. If you want to stay in the bubble, watch something else. I won't blame you.
Everyone in the USA should watch this great film - and they will love it.
This is a superb documentary and, under any circumstances, should be watched by everyone. In the light of what is happening to our country re Russia today, it should be considered one of the most important films of the year. A fascinating look at international intrigue. If Russia would go to this length over sports, think what they will do about our elections, and how efficient they are in doing it.
Probably the best documentary i've watched
It has everything, spies, conspiracies, involvement of world leaders, following world events like wars. Seems like a movie or something that was scripted, its exciting, has suspense and drama and other traits that usually in documentaries its hard to truly get.

Amazing job and about a very passionate topic SPORTS .
Incredibly informative
The content and the skill that was put into this documentary was awesome. Not only was the information and sleuthing well documented , the way the story was told was riveting. Kudo's to the work and film making ability of Fogle. a must watch. Show the repressive system the Russian people live in.
Just a bit too slick to be totally believable
I'm not saying that the cheating didn't take place. It did. But the movie spent a great amount of time and energy making us like the corrupt to the bone testing lab guy, and making him out as a victim. And it was just a bit too slick for a true documentary, with the victim's Orwell quotes and philosophical musings. Still, I acknowledge that it was well done and still worth the watch. Just not the 'best documentary I've ever seen', as many have proclaimed.
Truly Stunning
This documentary shows in a fascinating yet disturbing way the lengths to which Russian officials, and subjectively, the lengths of how everyone in sports takes winning over ethical and moral values. The truly intricate system in which Russia doped their athletes and evaded/cheated the doping tests is incredible, and even more baffling is how deep within Russian society and high level government officials the doping scandal gets. A truly fascinating watch, very well made, keeps you interested throughout its long run-time.
Amazing. Rarely write reviews, but best documentary I've seen in years.
I almost never write reviews for anything, but after seeing this movie and seeing a completely spiteful, misinformed review from another poster I feel obliged to post. This is an incredibly powerful documentary that had me at the edge of my seat for nearly the entire two hours. Honestly have no idea what movie the other poster was watching or if they're simply bitter or don't enjoy the documentary format, but I highly recommend this to anyone in an interest in sport, current world politics (US/Russia), or conspiracy. Both the director Bryan and protagonist Grigory are engaging and entertaining, and the movie will seriously leave you feeling like you just got a backstage pass to a very recent global conspiracy between Russia and the world.
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