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Crime, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Simon West


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Antonio Banderas as Turk Henry
Ellie Goffe as Amy Fitzsimmons
Milanka Brooks as TV Presenter
Darko Alexandar as Jet Ski Operator
Ben Cura as Juan Carlos
Christopher Brand as Russian Thug
Aisling Loftus as Marybeth
Martin Dingle-Wall as Clive Muggleton
Anna Francolini as Sandrine
Mark Valley as Ben Harding
Jesse Johnson as Daniel
Olga Kurylenko as Sheila
Gun Shy Storyline: The story follows Turk Henry (Antonio Banderas); a mega platinum rock star who's married to a supermodel (Olga Kurylenko) and rich beyond his wildest dreams. Whilst on holiday, his wife is mysteriously abducted by a group of renegade, ship-less pirates. With little assistance from local authorities Turk is forced to embark on a mission to rescue his wife. With life skills better suited to playing bass, playing the field, and partying he is forced to navigate through deadly jungles and take on ruthless bandits in this truly hilarious, action-packed romp.
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Death by Llama
Antonio Banderas is terribly miscast as an aging British rocker, who had a part time accent. While vacationing in Chile, his wife Sheila (Olga Kurylenko) is kidnapped by a group of fishermen looking to get some money for their poor village. The million dollar ransom is not the issue if they can get the inept US government representatives from interfering.

Banderas plays for a group called "Metal Assassins" with their hit song "Teenage A** Patrol." They didn't even try to make it sound good. The film had some funny moments, but was mostly smile funny with overused beer humor.

Guide: Brief swearing and nudity. Sex talk.
Nice fun comedy
Certainly no worse than so many others and I am not understanding the bad reviews. The acting was intentionally bad as lots of comedies and TV shows do( eg, Friends TV show had absolutely horrible acting,but all of them were good. Yet, everyone loved it). It's a one-time-watch comedy with simple plot and quite a number of funny moments. I enjoyed it!
Brilliant at times, but not consistently so
"Gun Shy" has moments of absolute brilliance and others that are excruciatingly bad. I laughed frequently. I also felt it dragged at times and many of the jokes and gags fell flat. But it packs enough comedy that it's enjoyable despite the parts that felt they could have been much better. Much of it does feel as if the filmmakers threw material at the wall to see if it stuck.

The tone and style of humor are uneven. It tries to be raunchy at times, but also tries not to be too raunchy. An exchange between a diplomat and his local assistant is deftly executed. A fight scene involving a Taser is a riot. Some of the material regarding the sybaritic self-indulgent lifestyles of Rock & Roll stars is familiar and seems like it needed to be cranked up a few levels, but at other times Turk Enry's reflections seem almost cerebral. There are a few halfhearted efforts at political humor in the first act which largely fall flat. The tackiest gag involves a cheap swipe at President Trump.

Antonio Banderas's role seems incomplete. It should be what some writers call the idiot savant or the fool triumphant. The character is burned out, inept and insecure. He has heart and hasn't entirely lost his talent. But he doesn't really have a strong positive side. It's like Inspector Jacques Clouseau or Johnny English without the powers of deduction, the fearless dedication or indomitable spirit, all idiot without the savant. Banderas does an outstanding job with what he's given, but the character seems less than fully developed.

The film is hilarious at times, but frustrating in that it is not consistently amusing.
Antonio Banderas worst movie ever.
They made the trailer look somewhat interesting and it got me curious so I took a chance not expecting much. Well, it was way worse than I thought. This is by far Antonio Banderas worst movie ever. The directing and location sets were the only salvageable parts of this disaster, everything else especially the acting and writing were garbage high-school drama class quality. Seems to me whoever produced this garbage needed a tax write- off, and they got it. It's a generous 2/10 from me
It is funny because it is so bad
This film tells the story of a rock legend, who goes on a holiday to Chile with his wife. His wife gets kidnapped, and he has to pay one million dollars ransom. However, the US government stops him from paying the ransom, so he has to use other ways to try to save his wife.

"Gun Shy" is really so ridiculously bad! It knows that it is bad, and there is no attempt to hide how silly, contrived, clichéd or cheesy the story is. The story is so unrealistic that it becomes funny. For example, is the kidnapped victim really going to have a romantic talk on the beach with the kidnapper? The whole film is just so bad that it becomes funny, but hasn't made the elite group of films that is so bad that it becomes good yet.
Enjoyable, deserves a higher rating
I don't understand some of the negative reviews about this movie, and it's low rating is unfair. Antonio's choices of movie projects can be a bit hit and miss, but Gun Shy was a pretty funny movie. Don't expect it to be the best comedy, or anything great in cinema, that is not what this movie is about. It's an easy going hour and half of inoffensive fun. Gun Shy and it's cast and crew are not going to win any Oscars for this, but everything was done well enough to give the viewer a pleasant experience. It's not a deep thinker, and as such does not need to be over critiqued.

At least a 7/10
Daytime comedy funny and enjoyable movie
Daytime comedy funny and enjoyable movie

Don't keep your hops up so you won't be disappointed that's what I did and surprisingly was more than what I expected there was several funny scenes that i liked it wasn't that bad of a movie especially since 2017 the movie industry was so bad but this one better than a lot of others in my opinion
Talent wasted
Even Banderas couldn't save this attempt at making a movie. Best you wait for it to air on TV or better still, give it a complete pass. There's not a single likable or hateable enough's all so very awful at being very awful, it's like it was made by a group of drug addicts trying hard very hard to afford their next supply. I don't wanna bore anyone by trying to try explain what this motion picture is, in case I get blamed for ruining people's
Antonio Banderas what possessed you?
How can an actor go from playing parts like Desperado, Zorro to this stupid nonsense movie!?

The "Aussie" is portrayed as crude, rude! AN insult to Australians! We must look real bad to the rest of the cinema world for some reason!

The poster itself is misleading! Gun Shy? Who? Antonio held nothing but beer cans throughout the movie! Action Comedy? I expected a lot more. I have seen action comedy movies before which were really entertaining, not this one! I will be generous and give it a 3.
This one is cringe worthy and I'm embarrassed for Banderas
Reading the summary and seeing the reviews, I didn't think this movie would be great. I checked it out simply because Antonio Banderas has done some really great work in the past. I understand that his movies aren't all outstanding but I figured he could carry it if he had to...

I was mistaken. This movie was just plain bad. From the plot being laughably thin, the acting completely lacking, the ridiculous stereotypes and last (but certainly not least) the awful singing from Banderas, this movie was just one long cringe.

I am not usually this harsh on most of my reviews but this one definitely deserves the rating I gave it.
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