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Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
James Gunn


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Benicio Del Toro as Taneleer Tivan / The Collector
Peter Serafinowicz as Denarian Saal
Sean Gunn as Kraglin / On Set Rocket
Laura Haddock as Meredith Quill
Dave Batista as Drax the Destroyer
Karen Gillan as Nebula
Melia Kreiling as Bereet
Emmet Scanlan as Head Guard
Glenn Close as Nova Prime Rael
Vin Diesel as Groot (voice)
Zoe Saldana as Gamora
Djimon Hounsou as Korath the Pursuer
John C. Reilly as Rhomann Dey
Lee Pace as Ronan the Accuser
Chris Pratt as Peter Quill / Star-Lord
Guardians of the Galaxy Storyline: After stealing a mysterious orb in the far reaches of outer space, Peter Quill from Earth, is now the main target of a manhunt led by the villain known as Ronan the Accuser. To help fight Ronan and his team and save the galaxy from his power, Quill creates a team of space heroes known as the "Guardians of the Galaxy" to save the world.
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Would have been great if unrelated to MCU
What I liked

1. It is a genuinely funny movie

2. Racoon and Groot have a great bond

3. The characters have a good chemistry

4. I love the Star Wars feel this movie has

5. The songs

What I didn't like

1. It is tied to MCU, so there is of course a million references to the other movies

Overall this is a good movie and I really do enjoy it, but I feel like it should have been away from the MCU if it wanted to be at the top of its possible value. Instead we have a good movie that is tied down to the insane bondings of the other movies in this now trite universe.
Money for Old Rope
As a fan of Marvel movies I was excited to see Guardians of the Galaxy. However, this movie failed on several levels.

It is supposed to a comedy but the jokes are not funny. I genuinely laughed once. Furthermore, one 'joke' was weirdly inappropriate.

The story is completely generic. It seems like they just needed some story, any story, as a vehicle for the characters to get together and try to be funny.

I wanted to write a review without spoilers but the big set-piece ending of a spaceship crashing into the ground has to be called out. This was done in the Avengers and Star Trek: Into Darkness. To me, it's like directors have to have this '9/11' shot in every movie (big thing crashes into buildings) and it has to stop. It's boring now.

The only positive about this movie was the special effects and space backgrounds.

It seems that Marvel have figured out punters will pay cash money for any old junk if its wrapped up in special effects and a decent soundtrack. I will approach the next Marvel with extreme caution, and I will not see Guardians of the Galaxy 2.
A portent of the apocalypse (the biblical apocalypse, not the marvel villain)
So, according to this film's IMDb rating, it's better than Aliens, Apocalypse Now, Ben Hur, Back to the Future, Heat and 2001: A Space Odyssey. The list, I'm sure, goes on. Now, this film was not without charm, but I think people owe this a little more thought. I had no expectation other than to get baked and see some vapid 3D spectacle and, in that respect, this film definitely delivered. However, had it not been for the cushy recliners in the VIP theater and the fact that my friend drove, I may very well have left somewhere in the giant head part (and I sat through Anger Management). The comedy was so contrived, they might as well have thrown in a "don't go there" and a "talk to the hand." A motion picture treatment of Robert McKee's "Story" would've been less formulaic than this rubbish. The millenarian reactionary in me revels in society's departure from cultural excellence, recognizing this development as an unmistakable sign of our collapse, but the rest of me is scared and confused.
Massively overrated. What am I missing?
Went to see this in the cinema after the good reviews from IMDb and my friends, some of whom went to see it twice. What a disappointment. It didn't appeal on any level. It was a complete pile of Groot! Humour was limited and shallow, plot gossamer thin and the action was not really worth the effort on the whole. It's not as if I took the film seriously either. I really enjoyed the ludicrous Lucy, despite its numerous flaws. Surely I can't be the only one who didn't like this film? If it had been directed by Uwe Boll it couldn't have been much worse. If I never see it again I will be OK. Glad I didn't waste more time and money watching it in an IMAX. A 12 inch portable black and white would suffice.
Target Audience: Low IQ Adults and Children Under 8
To start, Chris Pratt did an excellent job with this film: he is the only detail of this production that carried my attention (oops sorry I didn't know how this machine worked--middle finger joke). At a length of 2 hours, I found myself stretching, and uncomfortably shifting in my seat, because I did not feel captivated by the trash before my eyes. Too much flashy CGI, and not enough character, intelligent dialogue, or a story worth watching.

The story adds another chapter to the Marvel universe, as it seems every Marvel film is all tied in to a greater over-arching story, dealing with infinity stones, and control over the universe. These films created by Marvel, and now especially this film, Guardians, are nothing more than over budgeted daytime drama, like Days of Our Lives, Bold And The Beautiful, etc. The scripts of these daytime serials seem to carry the same story for years straight, and so do the scripts for the Marvel serials.

Guardians of the Galaxy could easily have an hour edited from its run-time and placed on Saturday Morning TV as a made for television movie for children. My 6.5 year old son loved this film. My wife (who enjoys Marvels Avengers) fell asleep in the theater, and I found myself enjoying watching my son laugh, only, hoping for this film to end.

To Marvels credit, the Thor films are incredibly entertaining, but are almost ruined by the lead character Thor.

So, the only reason to see Guardians of the Galaxy, is to watch children laugh, because this is the level of comedic and script writing talent that exists for this trash for cinema.
Huge loss of respect for humanity
I saw this listed as the best reviewed summer movie from two years ago and can't stand it anymore. When I watched this I laughed at how bad it was. Being utterly sadistic, I went to RT and IMDb to share in the deserved shaming. Instead, I found 90% glowing, not positive, glowing reviews.

Just to put it in perspective, I feel I'm pretty mainstream in my tastes, and can enjoy the utterly stupid if that's the point, e.g. Dumb/Dumber, Austin Powers, some Feig, and even Grandma's Boy or Broken Lizard is OK if I'm too tired to change the channel. I also like gratuitous violence just fine, and have willingly suspended my reality as needed since I left the Last Starfighter in tears about 30min in, and Transformers(animated) after the credits rolled. I reeeeally liked Burton's/Nolan's Batmans.

That said, I simply don't quite get all the respect for modern super-hero movies, or more specifically, all the respect for certain such movies. Ironman was good, but certainly not that good, and the Avengers is really no better in plot/acting than GI Joe or Green (insert balance of mediocrity here), they just have better directors/budgets maybe. Of course, I've gotten old since Keaton, and I'm willing to admit I am guilty of inflating Nolan's work b/c I dig the stylings, and perhaps b/c I don't like that I got old. So, I give the Thors and Cpt. Americas of the world a pass because I figure they're intended for 8 year olds like my previous self. If arrested development provides a wider audience these days, that's not the movie's fault. Similarly, if you think Tony Stark is better than Jack's Joker, I also blame your parents.

As for Guardians, I certainly can imagine an 8-12 year olds enjoying this (as I enjoyed TMNT in all its one liner glory), as well as 13-18 year olds who attend conventions (as I enjoyed the unsolvable mystery of who Adrian Paul would decapitate each week). I don't remember lines from them, and today's 8-18 year olds won't remember any from Guardians. E.g.: a)His race is without a sense of irony? (picturing writers high-fiving over ability to add in at least 4-5 one liners off this contrivance and not have to actually hire someone with any comedic talent to write a joke relating to the plot/action/previous line). b) I am groot means I am groot except if you're a racoon, then it predictably means everything (ala Chewie) from please and thank you to something super technical that it's just amazing/hilarious this character would know about. But hey, I didn't mind it in Star Wars. To be fair to me, Ford didn't wait for a laugh track after each line, and Chewey didn't magically transform three English words into a decipherable language instead of buying Han Rosetta Stone Wookie for Christmas one year; c) dance off. Oh, but what about using old/anachronistic/genre bending songs to create an atmosphere? Yes, awesome, and when Tarantino did it 20 years ago I thought it was just shy of Dre mixing rap and funk, so maybe we'll just add that to the homage bill. Love Pratt as a Lenny figure, but between this and Jurassic World, I really hope he saves any action movie paychecks just in case the Coen brothers don't come a calling by the time the next teddy bear/modern man's man next door shows up (sorry Krasinski, seats taken). Btw, didn't Pratt himself think this movie would bomb and end his career? That, and his great Top Chef appearance would make me go see said Coen bros. movie.

So, even if it weren't for the impossibly favorable reviews, this movie is one of the worst movies I've seen,since Thor, and before that Fast/Furious and/or Eye of the Beholder. That for a time I felt like I had to hide my disgust lest I be outed as the only heterosexual male aged 10-40 who doesn't think Gunn is the next Spielberg, makes me write this, and makes me almost as sad for my country as the d/t sandwich the major parties inflicted upon us this year. If not me, my son deserves more 7 years from now. You are groot. I am happy for you.
I love good superhero films, Captain America, Superman, Iron Man. This is not one of them. If I"d been alone I would have walked out and the last time I did that in a cinema was for The Wedding Singer.

It's not without merit but with $170 million spent, I would hope not. The design overall is very good, the effects also and unlike some I liked Chris Pratt and the Ronan actor. But the attempted humour in the dialog is supremely irritating and the racoon character's grating voice was enough on its own to make me hate the talking scenes.

The film is so derivative it could have been assembled by cut and paste. But at least it does not take itself seriously, we are thankful for small mercies.

Enough said, I will go out of my way to avoid James Gunn films in future.
c'mon, people
Some of you might argue that this movie deserves better than one star. I'm perfectly aware that there are some movies infinitely worse than this. Jupiter Ascending, for one. Or any Mark Wahlberg film from the past ten years. However. Guardians of the Galaxy does not deserve an 8.1 rating either, no sir. The storyline is a poor man's Avengers at best; a kitsch full of clichés, a childish mess; though I have to add that the raccoon with the anger issues and the tree with the one-word vocabulary are probably the best friends possible for the movie's infantile protagonist, Starlord (with the mommy issues). My rating just wants to restore some measure of reason to this... galaxy.
Another overrated movie from marvel
So , I was yesterday to see this "big" movie, which has a rating of 8.7, close to "The lord of the rings" movies, the same as "Matrix" or "Inception" and even better than "Seven" or "Usual suspects". It should be good right? Doesn't matter that Marvel made only crap movies, most of them anyway, with a few exceptions, some of the first Spiderman movies and some X-men movies, maybe they nailed it this time.

So, the movie starts and after the first scenes, we see our hero on an abandoned planet, dancing as he goes to collect the item he came for. He is not thinking that while he is listening music at his headset, someone may be nearby. Anyway, he got what he came for, and the scene is very similar to the one in Indiana Jones. No surprise, this entire movie is a rip -off of other movies, you have you hero which is a smuggler and becomes one of the good guys (Star wars), you have a pair, a raccoon and a tree, only the raccoon understands the tree (Star wars), again, our hero out of the nowhere falls in love with the female(again.... Star wars), only in Star Wars, the process was more real and more fun. Also, like other Marvel movies, the characters do illogical actions in the most important moments. Gomora after she fights to the death with her sister trying to cut the power, tries to save her when her sister was holding on the edge of the ship, while Peter Quill and the others were waiting for Gomora to cut the damn power. Another stupid moment was when Ronan, at last he lands, but he doesn't destroy the planet, the thing he wanted the most to do, no, he looks at our hero dancing... speechless... And how did Drax survived when he and Ronan are hit by a ship at full speed, piloted by raccoon?

So, Guardians of the galaxy is a movie full of meaningless special effects, explosions after explosions, characters that are poorly written, actors that don't act very well, a poor script and ideas borrowed from other movies.

Conclusion, another boring movie by Marvel, highly over rated, I don't know how, I think Marvel fans are overzealous or the people are just getting dumber day by day.

You wanna see a good sci-fi movie, watch any of the Star Wars movies.
Another shallow money-grabber
This movie is a mess of the worst kind: a never-ending cascade of contrivance after contrivance.

The plot, if it could be called so, is kickstarted by the theft of a magical plot device that evil people want. This also happens in The Avengers and Man of Steel, and it's not getting any more creative. The evil people fight the good guys, there's explosions and snarky humor everywhere, and it never rises above the level of an excuse plot. Characters get beaten close to death so the movie can have a sad moment before they get revived - all the protagonists are invincible. There's one particularly shameful scene where a character gets cast out into space and another character risks death to save them. But surprise! Somehow, a fleet of spaceships somewhere managed to find their exact location and arrive to save both within a minute! See, friendship saves the day again!

The dialog is just as useless as the plot: the characters either make juvenile jokes, exposit once again that they need to bring the magical plot device somewhere in order to prevent genocide by the evil guy (in case the audience forgot), have ham-fisted discussions about the value of friendship and overcoming adversity with all the subtlety of a bull in a china shop, or explain completely obvious things. The worst of this is when a character steps out into a visibly darkened corridor and comments on how dark it is.

I saw this movie because it was compared to one of my favorites: The Fifth Element. This comparison is worthless because while The Fifth Element was a movie, The Guardians of the Galaxy is a product. Every bombastic special effect and every cardboard cutout character reek of a movie trying to sell itself and its tie-in action figures and comic books to 12-year old kids. The humor is juvenile, the plot and characters are shallow and facile, explosions and fighting are shoehorned in at every turn... there is no natural characterization, no genuine emotion, and no signs of intelligence. This movie is junk food cinema at its worst. We deserve better.
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