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Crime, Drama, Thriller
IMDB rating:
Joshua Safdie, Ben Safdie


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Robert Pattinson as Connie Nikas
Astrid Corrales as Bail Bondsman's Assistant
Gladys Mathon as Annie
Peter Verby as Peter the Psychiatrist
Saida Mansoor as Agapia Nikas
Eric Paykert as Eric the Bail Bondsman
Taliah Webster as Crystal (as Taliah Lennice Webster)
Barkhad Abdi as Dash the Park Security Guard
Ron Braunstein as Caliph
Rose Gregorio as Loren Ellman
Rachel Black as Rachel the Public Defender
Jennifer Jason Leigh as Corey Ellman
Good Time Storyline: After a heist goes awry, a bank robber tries to free his brother from Rikers Island, all in one night.
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I had a semi-good time, watching this movie. Nevertheless, I still wish it could had been little better. It was just okay.
It's really hard to like a Robert Pattinson film, after such stinkers, as 'the Twilight Saga', film series (2008-2012). However, this film is not that bad. It was honestly good, but it needed a little more work for me, to really like it. Directed by Ben and Josh Safdie, the crime film has actor, Robert Pattison as Constantine 'Connie' Nikas embarking on a nighttime insomnia acid trip through New York City's underworld in an increasingly desperate-and dangerous-attempt to pay off, the bait to get his brother, Nick Nikas (Ben Safdie) out of Riker Island, after a botched bank robbery. Without spoiling the movie, too much, one thing that the film has against it, is the lack of tone. I really have no direction, where this movie was taking us. While, some people might think, this is unique and innovating. I found the story, written by Josh Safdie & Ronald Bronstein, to be confusing and downright with intent nerve-wracking too messy. I really have no clue, if I'm supposed to take it, as a comedy about dumb criminals, in the same vain as the Canadian satire TV Show, 'Trailer Park Boys', or serious drama like 2004's film 'Collateral', that has a similar premise. Its tone is all over the place. It really has, no direction. One minute, it's about an emotional Nick crying explaining his parental troubles to unnamed doctor (Peter Verby), and then it cut to a hilarious cartoon version of Connie chasing after money in a drug deal, gone bad in a theme park. Those scenes does not really match. Not only that, but it also abandon, the focus on Nick, as we don't see much of him, after the first couple of minutes; which is sad, because Josh Safdie acting, is the best thing, about this movie. Since, they did that, it also cut the emotional levels of the brothers, frustration, with their parents; making forth, a weak connection in depth with Connie. Don't get me wrong, Robert Pattinson does a great job in what he is given. However, we barely get to know anything about Connie; besides being an unlikeable manipulative sociopath with no real positive personality traits; thus making the film, hard to watch at times as we, the audience can't relation to him. Even the focus on surface level Connie is abrupt, as we go through, a series of flashbacks of another supporting character, Ray (Buddy Duress); that adds, nothing more than filler. By this time, the movie is already, suffering from pacing issues, by staying, too long in a dark safe house with cringe-worthy kissing scenes with 16 years old, girl, Chrystal (Taliah Webster). To make the film even harder to watch, the movie has way too many produce placement, ranging from Subway, Dominos, to White Castle. It really makes all the fast food places seem like bad places to go. Not cool. I really have, no idea, what they were, going for, with showing that. The same, can be said, with the large amount of scenes of the protagonist, television surfing. Was the brothers watching shows like 'Law & Order' & 'Cops', as if it was a dress rehearsal on what to do if caught or was it, just curiosity, on ideas, how to get away!? Maybe, there was a meta-social commentary about 'schadenfreude' & how we are not better than the dumb criminals, we watch. While, it is true, that people get pleasure from other people's problems; I still, don't think the movie is sophistical, enough to notice that vague connection of 'Dog eat Dog' analysis. Who knows, what this movie was originally, going for!? All, I know, the soundtrack by composer, Oneohtrix Point Never AKA Daniel Lopatin, for this film is amazing. The weird dark synthesizer music really does fit the odd mood swings and paranoia of being a criminal. Along, with that, the movie does have creepy, cinematography by Sean Price Williams. It really does make the neighborhood of Queens seem like more like a hell-hole than it really is. However, it was a bit, too dark at parts with really bad lighting. I really couldn't see, much of anything, going on, at times. Another thing, this movie does, is have, way too much, close-up. Some of them, really works, like the beginning, but the shots to the face seem to get tiresome, as the movie went on. Maybe, it went a little too much close. Overall: While, this is a richly textured crime genre piece, packs a visceral punch with its restless visuals and adrenalizing music. It still could had been, a little bit, better in the story. It's seem to me, the film was just a form of trolling, with coy, self-disavowing provocation. Sometimes it flaunts its clichés— and other times, the story drop it, acting as if they were doing something cool and daring. Yet, it isn't. It isn't. It's stale & empty. That's why 'Good Time' is just meh. At least, it's not time, wasted.
an astonishing performance in an OKAY movie
So, this may be me thinking too hard about this, but... why does Connie (Robert Pattinson, and I'll get to him in a moment because he is by a 100 million miles the best thing about this movie, with the score a million miles behind) rob the bank in the first place? After a first scene in Good Time where we're introduced to Connie's brother, Nick (Ben Safdie, one of the directors) in a therapy session where he is asked some questions that leads to a painful memory being unearthed - and being whisked away quickly by Connie because, hey, he shouldn't have to be talking to someone like *this* - the second scene in the movie is the two Nikas brothers robbing a bank. Of course Connie is the mastermind, so to speak, as Nick could barely tell the time without some help, but this of course leads to trouble as the bag is filled with that explosive ink that coats everything, and the cops get on the trail of the two.

They catch up to Nick, he goes to jail, gets beat up and is put in the hospital, so Connie's initial search for bail funds quickly turns to an escape plan. But the question I had bugging me, not all the time but often way... why did this happen at all? Good Time is like if you took some ingredients from, I dunno, Of Mice and Men (maybe) with Before the Devil Knows You're Dead and took it down to the grittiest street level, with a thousand and one dirty close-ups during dialog (and often non-dialog) scenes. It's meant to provoke us and to put us into a terrible state of anxiety and tension because we don't know how Connie will get his brother out of this mess. It's so visually intense that I almost had a headache watching - no, I confess I apologize, I did - as the brothers Safdie mean to put the audience totally on edge: Connie has one motivation above everything else, to keep his brother safe.

But what about himself? The bank robbery is a bust, of course, but what was the plan to start with? Why was he doing this? If everything had gone to plan, if there even was one, what was the next step? To be sure, with a downward-spiral sort of narrative like this where absolutely nothing goes to plan and that's the idea - this includes the person that Connie thinks he's slipping out of the hospital in the wheelchair that is poor, defenseless Nick, is NOT that person but a criminal scumbag who has his *own* story, with a face that looks like Paul Dano halfway through his interrogation in Prisoners, and that leads to other mad events here - and it's never *badly* made. I can see why it's getting the rapturous praise by certain critics out there because it doesn't look like any movie this year, or most years, and it has a score by Daniel Lopatin that feels like there's a good successor to Tangerine Dream. There's atmosphere to burn here, and they burn it like a gigantic, multi-colored spliff.

At the same time, I didn't get invested in what this man's struggle even was to start with. I know it's the wrong thing to do usually in screen writing terms, but in this case a little motivation, a moment or two more with this grandmother that is practically never seen on screen (one might infer there is no mother and father in the picture... I guess Jennifer Jason Leigh was a relative? the mother? a girlfriend? I don't f***ing know, but she has a couple of scenes as a spacey older woman who's credit card doesn't work), to get me into what this dynamic between the brothers is like and how Connie got into this desperate situation. There may not even *be* a motivation, and that's fine too, but we got to know that.

Otherwise, by the end when (spoiler, surprise?) Connie gets caught, my thought was... "well, what was the point of all of that?" While Ben Safdie does fine in his (few) scenes as the brother, mostly as the book-ends to the film (and they *are* strong emotional bookends that, if I cared more about the story, would get me more invested in this downfall of Connie's and possible by proxy Nicks own damnation, could work), it's Pattinson's movie. Good God is this perhaps the textbook example of an actor being monumental, earth-shatteringly brilliant in a movie that can only barely support him. He has the force of Pacino in 1975, and if he had been around back then he could've been strong competition to star in that film. Every moment he's kinetic, alive, aware, constantly trying to think though his mind is going a mile a minute - it can't be helped, given the s*** he's in - and despite the directors trying to make him grungy and disheveled (a hair dye mid- way through gives him a Cobain image, especially in his final shot), his star quality actually shows. It doesn't make me take back what I've thought of some of his quite poor work in the past like in Twilight (as bad as those are he's actively *horrible* in them, but hey, maybe I should reevaluate them up to a point), rather Good Time makes me realize that with the right character he IS someone that should be taken seriously.

This is a performance for the ages, and in that sense it does make it kind of a must see. The movie almost is.
A Very Good Time
Very ironic title as a good time was not had by Constantine "Connie" Nikas (Played by Robert Pattinson who I'm sure is having a good time over the praise he's getting from the film). His brother lands in jail after a bad bank heist and Connie is trying to raise the bail money to get him out, which turns out to be a serious night walking down the danger zone.

Robert Pattinson does do an amazing job in this movie. I come from a stand point of a person who has never scene Twilight so I have little impression of who he was really as an actor prior, except to say he looks very different now and the difference is better. You can compare this performance in this to DiNiro's in Taxai Driver, it does stand up like that.

I really liked what the Safdie brothers have done here. Ben (Who doubles as co-director and plays Connie's brother, Nick) and his brother, Josh have created a well told adventure here through the gritty part of The city, using that strange retro 80s style all the fresh young directors in their thirties seem to be doing. Good Time is raw and grounded yet slick and stylistic. Makes me want to see the rest of their filmography.

It's oddly colorful and filled with characters. It does not seem like the type of movie people would get but it's relateable, thanks in large part to the focus on Mr. Twilight, cause it does pay to have a well known actor in your movie.

Good watch!
Pattinson's best work
OK let me come out and say it, this movie is not likable in the traditional sense of the word. In fact you may walk away hating the main character and you will have every right to.

But damn, i'm proud of Robert Pattinson. He's joining that club of former YA actors like Daniel Radcliffe and Kristen Stewart who are pushing themselves when it comes to their independent film choices now.

Credit should be given to the Safdie brothers, who I honestly don't know much about but this movie makes me want to look into their past work.

You can tell they have a visual style. This is one of the grittiest looking thrillers to come out in a while

and the way they have colors just pierce through the darkness and edginess just fuels this acid-induced thriller more.

Every time these guys turn up the suspense this movie just grabs you by the cortex and never lets go. Part of that is the most kick ass musical score you've ever heard. This score is phenomenal, it is workout music times 100.

But yeah, the reason this works so well is really Robert Pattinson. This is his best role ever. I know there are going to be teenage girls who are like "noo", but i'm saying yes, mostly because the dude is mostly making you have to like him through facial expressions alone.

He plays a guy whose brother is mentally disabled and in order to get them both out of a shitty situation, he manipulates the brother into robbing a bank in which case the brother is arrested and he has to figure out a way to get him out of jail.

And that Pattinson manages any sympathy at all is really something cause he does some seriously screwed up stuff in this movie, like try to seduce a 16 year old type badness.

He's a scumbag and Pattinson never makes you lose sight of that but he's a character in a story with many scumbags and in the end his motivations are at least understandable.

What hurts this movie a little more than you may not be totally behind the characters is the down time. Sometimes it's funny and sometimes its clever but it doesn't exactly have a story populated with enough ideas or action to constitute the run-time.

So I go 7 out of 10 guys. If you liked this, check out Craig James Review on Youtube for more.
Good, Maybe ? Extremely Loud and annoying !
This is my first review. Only managed to get through the first half an hour. This looked like it might have been a good film, as it started well, but had to turn it off , as the loud music spoiled it, to the point that it was almost unwatchable, and i was having to strain to hear what the actors were saying. The music LOUD !, INTENSE ! and NON STOP and really put me off the film.
One of the Absolute Best of the Year
Good Time stars Robert Pattinson as a desperate criminal fresh off of a botched bank robbery that tries to free his accomplice brother from Rikers Island before he gets sent to general population. Written and Directed by The Safdie Brothers, Good Time is an exhilarating crime drama that brings back the grit that made these types of films so palpable and treats us to both a visual and emotional journey through the underbelly of NY.

Starting off with the robbery and subsequent botching, Good Time starts off like a bullet train and doesn't let up for even a second. Centering on Rober Pattinson's Connie Nika, the film is a crime odyssey much in the vein of Scorsese's After Hours. This is a ticking time bomb of a film that brings Pattinson to his absolute best. Make no mistake, this is a master class performance from him. This is far from the performances he gives in sappy romance films. This is a fully realized performance that is bound to be talked about for years to come. But as great of a performance as he gives, the credit goes to the Safdie brothers' phenomenal script.

The story of Good Time is very race-against-the-clock. But when broken down, this is a film about a desperate guy that wants to make a change. He doesn't want the hustle and bustle of NY, he wants a farm and his brother. He doesn't want to do bad things but he's willing to do it if it advances him to get to his brother. The whole story is centered around Love, much like their previous film Heaven Knows What. Love is a central theme in Good Time and it might be hard to decipher that through its gritty absolution but the end result will surely make you realize what really was important all along to Connie Nikas. It's a truly magnificent and heart pounding film that has surprising emotional heft to it.

Overall, Good Time is a fantastic film that finally allows that NY grit back into the scene and really cranks up the tension while doing so. With a great script and an undeniably Oscar caliber performance from Robert Pattinson, Good Time ranks with the very best of the year.
a thrill ride from start to finish..
I thoroughly enjoyed this film on several levels. The acting, direction and story line were all done extremely well. It was original and there is an element of commitment of love through the forced negative acts of the desperate protagonist.

I also have to say I enjoyed the psychedelic score which worked well with the pace of the film. Last, I grew up in the neighborhood much of the film is shot in so I am somewhat biased. This, however, is not what makes the film so good.

Pattinson is brilliant as the Big brother trying to make a better life for himself and his learning disabled brother. A bank robbery they attempt goes wrong and the remainder of the film is an attempt to recover his brother from a hospital after getting caught and beat up in jail.

I won't give any more away but have to say the film is thought provoking, exciting and fast paced. I also felt it was quite realistically done in the way each character plays their parts.

The only thing I found annoying was the credits ran into 22+ minutes of the film. Otherwise, a tremendous effort and success for the Safdie Brothers.
So surprisingly fresh and unique!
'GOOD TIME': Four and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

The new stylized heist genre flick from directors Ben and Josh Safdie; Josh also co-wrote the script with Ronald Bronstein (the trio performed the same duties on 2014's 'HEAVEN KNOWS WHAT'). Ben also costars in the movie with Robert Pattinson, Buddy Duress, Taliah Webster,Jennifer Jason Leigh and Barkhad Abdi. The film tells the story of two brothers that rob a New York bank together, but things go horribly wrong when the younger brother (who's mentally handicap) is caught and taken into custody by the police. His older brother will then desperately do anything to get him out of prison. It's received rave reviews from critics, and it also premiered at the main competition of the 2017 Cannes Film Festival; where electronic musician Oneohtrix Point Never's score won the Best Soundtrack award (Iggy Pop collaborated on a track as well). The movie is now playing in indie theaters, and I absolutely loved it!

Connie Nikas (Pattinson), and his mentally handicap brother Nick (Safdie), rob a New York bank together. They appear to get away with several thousand dollars of cash, until a dye pack goes off in one of their bags, and causes their getaway driver to crash his car. Connie and Nick flee the crash scene on foot, but they're stopped by police for questioning. Nick panics and runs, so Connie follows. Connie is able to evade capture, but Nick is caught and arrested. Fearing for his brother's safety, Connie desperately tries to get enough bail money together to get his brother out of prison. When Connie finds out that Nick was taken to a hospital, after being beaten in a prison fight, Connie attempts to break him out. He mistakes another criminal (Duress) for his brother though, and things keep getting worse from there.

The movie is so surprisingly fresh and unique, that I can't help but rave about it. It's stylized in a familiar genre way, but the story and characters are so original and different (than almost any other film out there), that you can't help but be completely captivated by every minute of it. The characters are mostly unlikable, and the entire setting is pretty depressing and disturbing, but the film leaves a very memorable impression by it's conclusion. Pattinson also gives arguably the best performance of his career (and I remember when I use to think he was a horrible actor), plus the soundtrack is also totally awesome and classic as well! I think this film is definitely worth seeing, that's for sure.

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One of the best films I've seen recently
I've been a fan of the Sadfie Bros since Heaven Knows What. This was a moving film about a night with some real characters. .especially liked seeing Buddy Duress. It's worth a watch, it's gritty, fast-paced and intense. All about Robert Pattinson trying to help his brother. I was not a Pattinson fan before this. I abhor twilight-refuse to see it. But, his performance here was riveting. Very believable. Plus lots of shots of NYC, the Sadfie's style immediately caught me from Heaven Knows What. This film almost seemed like it could be in the same universe as that. It draws you in from the opening scene, and doesn't let up. Jennifer Jason Leigh's supporting role was intense as well. I truly hope to see more from these director's.
A minor classic of crime and love.
"I think something very important is happening and it's deeply connected to my purpose." Connie (Robert Pattinson)

The depth in the heist-gone-wrong Good Time is the way the director brothers Safdie take us through the seedy side of NYC and the fraught love between Connie and his mentally disabled brother, Nick (Benny Safdie). These two are not bright enough to carry off a heist, proved by Connie's clumsily eluding NYPD and continuing to search for a pot of gold that will give him and his brother the peaceful life they are not meant for.

Here is a heist movie with a heart and enough cinematic savvy to make it an instant classic.

Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men lingers behind the devoted brothers, and Martin Scorses's Mean Streets and Sidney Lumet's Dog Day Afternoon provide the paradigm for clueless hoods confronting the underlife in their daily lives. In fact, interesting characters like mothers and minorities dance out of scenes almost as fast as they enter. Yet naturalism pervades the proceedings as different lowlifes and poor minorities come and go the way they would in NYC at night in the world of thieves and good but poor people.

Corey Ellman (Jennifer Jason-Leigh) is Connie's sometime girlfriend, who supplies money and hope for a vacation to Puerto Vallarta, neither of which is destined to happen. The actress is so fine, as she always is in indies, that her vanishing seems normal under the circumstances and lamentable for the audience.

Sequences such as the mayhem in an amusement park and a hospital teeter on the surreal while the frenetic action continues apace. The directors are geniuses with the close-ups, perhaps the dominant proxemic of the film. Much credit must go to Sean Price Williams' cinematography, which could have been the standard jittery hand held if it weren't so elegantly moving the characters through the night with frenetic abandon and inevitable doom.

Rob Pattinson has come a long way from the Twilight series, being the actor I am sure he wanted to be beyond his somber character in the famous series. Pattinson is the center of the action, withstanding the tyranny of the close up and a character so crazy with love for his brother that we root for Connie although he's a small-time hood without a real plan.
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