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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Stephen T. Kay


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Sylvester Stallone as Jack Carter
Rhona Mitra as Geraldine
Johnny Strong as Eddie
John C. McGinley as Con McCarty
Alan Cumming as Jeremy Kinnear
Michael Caine as Cliff Brumby
John Cassini as Thorpey
Mickey Rourke as Cyrus Paice
Mark Boone Junior as Jim Davis (as Mark Boone Jr.)
Garwin Sanford as Les Fletcher
Darryl Scheelar as Security Guard
Crystal Lowe as Girl #1
Get Carter Storyline: Years ago, Jack Carter left his Seattle home to become a Las Vegas mob casino financial enforcer. He returns for the funeral of his brother Richard 'Richie' after a car crash during a storm, atypical of the careful house-father. Talking to the widow, daughter Doreen and enigmatic Geraldine, Jack suspects it was murder. Cliff Brumby, whose club Richie ran, is financially linked to porn and prostitution baron Cyrus Paice, who claims to be just a front-man for ITC tycoon Jeremy Kinnear. Someone hired goon Thorpey to make Jack return to Las Vegas. Jack's partner Con McCarty is restless, apparently about their boss Les Fletcher whose wife had an affair with Jack. Someone breaks into Richie's home, looking for a crucial CD.
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why remake this?
OK, the original version of this movie wasn't imposing so why bother to remake it? The storyline is Stallone plays a Luca Brazi type mob enforcer who heads home for his brother's funeral. When he gets home he learns some of his old cronies were responsible so you know the drill....revengeeeee! I say the only reason this movie is watchable besides the usual Stallone delivery is because of Rachel Leigh Cook...this was back when she was in her true prime and she is GORGEOUS in the movie.

The movie is more cerebral than action so if you're into that sort of thing give it a look, otherwise better bring some pillows and a blanket.

The highlight of the movie is the opening scene where Carter beats the shyt out of the dude and Con tries to talk him out of it 4 out of 10
A simple story very well told
I can't believe the critics this movie gets here. I hated Stallone as Rambo, as Rocky and I love him in this role. And even if you have seen the 1971 original, not everyone can remember all the details - at least I couldn't. (I think there is just about two or three movies about Jesus, and nobody cares about the remakes). Stallone is out to take vengance on the murderers of his brother, a decent barman working to support his family. The story takes place in seattle, and as you can imagine, there are a couple of shootings, car chases and so on. But that's not the movie. The movie is the fight from a bad guy against the bad guys to get justice for someone who didn't do anything wrong. The movie has an extraordinary visual quality, the titles and the music are worth seeing and hearing this movie. And one very seldom quality at the end: This movie is not to long. Get Carter! 7 of 10!
Effective. Complex. Layered. Well acted. Sharp. Smart.
I simply do not get what certain people have against this movie. Sure, it's not a cinematic breakthrough, but it is very sharp, smart and focused. Jack Carter's brother, Richie, dies under mysterious circumstances. Jack goes back to his home town to check things out and perhaps find out the truth. What he finds is not all that easy to get to grips with.

This is not your usual run of the mill revenge movie. The story has some layers to it and I am surprised to see that people did not appreciate that. Jack Carter is not a good guy. He is a bad man working in bad town doing bad things. Always was a bad guy. But he reaches a moment in his life when the things that take place between him and his boss's girl Audrey, the things that he finds out about his brother and his brother's family, all of them act as a catalyst. For once in his life he tries to set things right. How does he do that? By doing what he knows to do. He does bad things. The guys he goes up against are a little a out of the reach of the law. To wait for justice to set things right is not a concept Jack is familiar with. The only things he knows is to take care of his own dirty laundry. And at the moment his life is his dirty laundry. He was not there for his brother, for his niece and he missed some oportunities... Time to set things right. But he does only bad things in this movie. He kills people by shooting them, by throwing them out of the balcony, by beating them up in the elevator. WHY? Because these are the same things that would happen to him if he let his guard down.

Great acting performances form most guys in the movie. Stallone seems to have found some serious acting genes within himself. This is some of his best work and his best is very good. Not only for the genre. Although when looking back at Oscar (his 1991 comedy), D-Tox (a very underrated movie) and Copland I have to say that this is not a one off. No sir. When the script, the director and the rest of the cast are good he can act big time. Michael Caine made a very good movie called get Carter back in 1971. I love that movie and is always one of my favorites to watch on Turner Classic Movies. The remake, I felt, is just as good. Sure it has the sort of usual happy ending, but that is just the American Way of ending action movies. They love a hero. Mickey Rourke, Alan Cummings, Michael Caine and Rachael Leigh-Cook are very good in this one. Somehow Miranda Richardson seemed a little over the top in her angry widow/mother scenes.

Michael Caine acted in this one simply because he knew it was good. The movie could have been done without him, without a doubt. But he did it because unlike other remakes, this one is just as good as the original. It has it's own style, a somewhat different story and a happier ending. Otherwise, they are two very similar movies. And even if some consider the original as better, they should not write this one off. The layers are there, you just have to dig. And this only because the producers did not get this movie. The director, the cast, everybody got this movie and knew what they were making except for the producers who seem to have been thinking of another movie. Michael Caine seems to have given his seal off approval to Stallone's acting in this one. The producers wanted a classic 80's action movie. At least that's what I feel. So, this is a very good movie. Just as good (or almost as good, depending on how you look at it) as the original. It has great acting, sharp directing, nice car chase scenes, nice action scenes, some great moments, some wonderful music, a simple yet effective storyline that keeps you guessing and wanting to see more. And as someone put it, crap like XXX, The Fast and The Furious (+sequel, at least is has some cars), Charlie's Angels (+sequel. could not even watch) and other such teen-hormone-slang-flash-driven movies have a higher rating, IT SIMPLY ISN'T RIGHT!!!!!! 7.5/10
Could be Sly's last great role
Hollywood does not owe Sly Stallone very much. And chances are the feeling is mutual.

With his "expendables" franchise, Sly was more or less telling his fans that he has minimal respect for them, that decades of stardom have taught him that filmgoers prefer pyrotechnics and fluff to real drama.

And maybe he was right.

But this production, coming at that particular stage of his career, is anything but fluff. The script is tight. Ditto the casting, ditto the acting. Sly slowly but surely takes hold of the viewer's focus and retains it, not so much for what he does, but for what his character is "capable" of doing. Big difference.

Seen it a few times. It holds up nicely.
Actually probably Stallone's best in a long while
STAR RATING:*****Unmissable****Very Good***Okay**You Could Go Out For A Meal Instead*Avoid At All Costs

Stallone's remake of the 1971 classic of the same title finally arrives over on British shores.Only it arrives straight to video.This probably isn't very surprising anyway.The Michael Caine (who also appears here,albeit not in the title role again!) original is seen as an untouchable classic by our movie-going public,and an American re-make would probably be interpreted as the ultimate kick-in-the-teeth.

But for those not bothered about cultural rivalry or who weren't alive when the original was released,this really isn't that bad a film.It has a really involving camera style and the mystery of Stallone's brothers death is intriguing.There are some interesting characters,with Caine as a mysterious promoter type,Mickey Rourke as an old rival of Stallone's and Miranda Richardson as his deceased brother's wife.

This is sadly though,however,a real case of style over substance,all of these things are really well thought out but for some weird reason,they don't really blend that well together.

Still,considering Stallone's recent turkeys,this is quite likely his best in a long while and really not a bad effort.***
An actionless action movie
Not worth viewing, Get Carter is a boring remake of gory 1971 UK cult classic. The actors all seem to be going through the motions as the movie moves from scene to scene. Its disappointing to see Caine in such a role because he was so brilliant in the original. SPOILER ALERT Stallone's performances just seem to get worse with age as this one lacks any emotion whatsoever even in the most emotional parts when he has to confront his niece after he has discovered the she was raped. Overall, the movie is just not worth the money. If you really want to see Get Carter just rent the original, its much better and you get to hear all the nifty English accents.
UGH! Unwatchable. Too bad, what a waste.
I wanted to see Get Carter last night, but I couldn't.

Oh, the multiplex was open, and I had the money, and I bought a ticket, and I sat in the theater. BUT THIS MOVIE IS UNWATCHABLE! The worst example yet of vid-rage editing to seep out from under the MTV door. I WANTED to see the action. I ATTEMPTED to see it. I even kept my eyes open in the thinnest of slits to TRY to see it. But nothing worked. Much of this movie is invisible in the literal sense INVISIBLE: (adj.); unable to be seen.

A videographer's ego trip, and a viewer's nightmare.
Great movie depending on your stance...
This 2000 re-make of "Get Carter" can be seen in two different lights. If you've seen the re-make, I probably wouldn't reccomend the Stallone, beefy 2000 version at all. I, on the other hand, did not see the original - and thought this movie really catches your eye, and is worth a watch. Great performances by Stallone, Rourke, and Cumming.

But it seems to be missing a few aspects which downgrade it to around a 2-star rating. Nevertheless, if you're looking for a movie that's rough around the edges, Get Carter will fit the ticket. Just don't get lost in the glitsy, and sometimes annoying, camerawork.
Tough Stallone avenges his brother's killing and softens toward his niece
I do not compare remakes to their originals, because a basic story can be scripted and even altered in so many different ways. Besides that the techniques of filming and editing change so much over time, and the kinds of characters that are put on the screen change too.

I like and respect Stallone as a writer and an actor. This part suits him to a T. He was well cast in the role of a tough enforcer from Las Vegas who travels to Seattle, where his brother has met an untimely end. It was supposedly drunk driving, but Stallone doesn't buy it. He sets out on a quest to find out what really happened and put it right. While doing so, he grows close to his niece, Rachel Leigh Cook, who does a very nice job. This subplot merges into and becomes essential to the main plot nicely.

It is pure pleasure to see how Stallone intimidates people who need to be intimidated. The story makes great use of his physicality. He can tear up too.

Strong support comes from Mickey Rourke and Michael Caine.

Add in some decent car chase scenes and you have a pretty good crime thriller movie with a fair amount of pizazz. I dock it a point for its plot holes and for some awkwardness in the acting here and there. But I think it's definitely better than the 4.8 it gets at present from IMDb voters.
Not really worth the wait...
As a Sylvester Stallone fan, the UK, and Glasgow in particular, is a bad place to live. 'Get Carter' was never released in British cinemas (as far as I know), 'Driven' did not play in any of the Glaswegian cinemas, and 'D-Tox' could be seen in Glasgow for one entire week! Needless to say that I was not able to visit my local cinema during the 7 days the latter was playing.

I bought the DVD of 'Get Carter' in Holland last week, since the British DVD release date still lies 2 months ahead of us. Of course I had high expectations of this film since it was the first new Stallone film I had seen since 'Cop Land' but I should have known better. Sometimes the critics are right!

Although the film really tries to be 'stylish', with its strange camera and editing effects, it cannot hide the fact that we do not really care about what is happening. At least the film is fairly short, which does not make it too boring, but this Stallone vehicle is offensively mediocre!
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