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Thriller, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Family, Animation, Musical
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Jennifer Lee, Chris Buck


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Alan Tudyk as Duke of Weselton (voice)
Jonathan Groff as Kristoff (voice)
Santino Fontana as Hans (voice)
Chris Williams as Oaken (voice)
Livvy Stubenrauch as Young Anna (voice)
Eva Bella as Young Elsa (voice)
Patricia Lentz as Additional Voices (voice)
Ciarán Hinds as Pabbie / Grandpa (voice)
Idina Menzel as Elsa - Snow Queen (voice)
Stephen J. Anderson as Kai (voice)
Josh Gad as Olaf (voice)
Kristen Bell as Anna (voice)
Robert Pine as Bishop (voice)
Maurice LaMarche as King (voice)
Edie McClurg as Gerda (voice)
Maia Wilson as Bulda (voice)
Frozen Storyline: Anna, a fearless optimist, sets off on an epic journey - teaming up with rugged mountain man Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven - to find her sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. Encountering Everest-like conditions, mystical trolls and a hilarious snowman named Olaf, Anna and Kristoff battle the elements in a race to save the kingdom. From the outside Anna's sister, Elsa looks poised, regal and reserved, but in reality, she lives in fear as she wrestles with a mighty secret-she was born with the power to create ice and snow. It's a beautiful ability, but also extremely dangerous. Haunted by the moment her magic nearly killed her younger sister Anna, Elsa has isolated herself, spending every waking minute trying to suppress her growing powers. Her mounting emotions trigger the magic, accidentally setting off an eternal winter that she can't stop. She fears she's becoming a monster and that no one, not even her sister, can help her.
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Got To Say It....Good But Vastly Overrated
Frozen is the story of two sisters, Elsa and Anna, who are extremely close as children. Elsa possesses a magical ability to create ice and snow, but unfortunately after an accident endangers the life of Anna, Elsa locks herself away in her bedroom, growing up alone. Elsa eventually appears but only for her coronation. However, after a series of events trap the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter, Elsa runs away. Anna sets out to find her sister, and along the way she meets Kristoff and his trusty reindeer, Sven. Together, they set out to find Elsa so that they can help her and restore Arendelle back to normal.

We've come to expect the animation in Disney movies to be excellent, but it's definitely something to behold in Frozen, especially on Blu-ray. Everything is crystal clear and amazing to watch, especially the vast winter landscapes the movie is set in. The animation, as stunning as it was, isn't everything though, and Frozen had the danger of being one of the most boring Disney films I had seen because of the amount of musical numbers that are in the 1st half of the movie. I enjoy old classic Disney movies that have musical numbers in them like The Jungle Book, The Aristocats, and The Lion King, but they weren't overloaded with musical numbers like Frozen. Thankfully, the musical numbers become few and far between and this is when the movie got MUCH better.

The movie has very likable characters with the classic comic relief part coming in the form of a snowman named Olaf. The voice cast do a good job and all work well together and there isn't really one annoying voice/character to put you off. It's just a pity, with all of the positives that the movie had in the 2nd half of the movie, along with the animation throughout, that it wasn't this strong to start with because if the song numbers were kept down then this could easily have been one of the best animated movies from the last few years.

Frozen was good but could have been so much better.
Load of poop.
Terrible songs, sounded like they were sung by Idols rejects. Really bad sound mixing and mastering. The characters singing voices changed for each song. Easily the most unpolished animation I've seen. A real shame to the creator of one of the greatest movies ever, Mary Poppins, which they blatantly ripped off in one scene. Doubtful anyone who rated this movie more than 2 would even know this though. The fact that this film did so well represents everything that is wrong in society today. I'd to recommend this to no one. Totally appalling. On the other hand, perhaps my expectations were set too high after hearing this was better than Toy Story.. what????
I just don't see it
When I first heard all about Frozen I got very excited. " Wow, a new Disney movie with stunning animation and quirky characters!" What I got was a bland mess of reused character models, poppy songs with no value whatsoever, an over the top feminist storyline (note: I am totally cool with feminism but here it was overblown), One of the most annoying Sidekicks ever in a Disney film and overall just a down right mediocre film. It's funny how the people who love this film to death have panned such classics as 2001: A Space Odyssey. This just blows my mind! Whats so damn good about this film. People say the animation, the animation is reused from every other current Disney films. Anna, the girl from Epic and the girl from Tangled are all the exact same model but with different hair. That's pathetic Disney. Some say that this movie is a masterpiece, I say go and watch some Hitchcock films instead of this feel-good piece of crap.
Frozen was without a doubt the most overrated movie over our millennium. The entire movie lacks tremendously. But why is it so overrated? Because general audiences and stupid kids don't need any kind of structure or bar for comedy and story. The formula for this movie was: Cliché princess story + pointless side characters + other pointless side character only made for unfunny quips and merchandise ÷ impressionable children and brainwashed parents = $$$$$$$$$. I cant stand Frozen, its everywhere to, after all these years I still see Frozen Socks, and Underwear. UNDERWEAR, why buy quality undergarments when you can buy a made in China piece of sackcloth with Olaf's face on it. The movie was bland and its only purpose was to make a quick paycheck to repay George Lucas for buying STAR WARS. Also, that wretched song "Let it Go" is the most overused ANNOYING song in cinema history, that's all I hear from kids these days, JUST SHUT THE HECK UP ALREADY. Its not even a good song. I especially hate Frozen because it has infiltrated every aspect of my life, I can go five seconds without seeing some brat carrying around an iPhone 7s with a Olaf phone case, or some little girl whining that she wants some stupid Elsa puzzle or a pair of socks with Anna's face plastered on. Disney saw big dollar signs and the demonic focus groups at Disney Animation Studios had no problem exploiting their primary demographic to the fullest extent possible and BEYOND. But the most disgusting abomination this movie has caused is the way it is being shoved into the general media. I was a Christmas Tree lighting in SanFransisco and I had no idea the horror that lay ahead. The entire ceremony was a Disney Propaganda commercial, complete with, YOU GUESSED IT, THAT DEMON SPAWN SNOW MAN.
Hyped for the wrong reasons
Strong female leads are nowadays more desirable than they ever have been. Frozen capitalizes on this as strongly as possible, but fails at almost every turn. Their attempt at showing a more platonic love story is misguided and blunt with it's delivery. The story is full of plot holes and strange plot devices that make little to no sense within the context. The relationships feel forced and the message of the movie feels completely benign. Albeit, I am writing this from a 22 year old male's perspective, but having grown up with Disney movies and after the sheer gold that was Tangled, I have certain standards.

Instead of going on a long winded explanation as to my complaints with this movie, I'm going to summarize in a numbered list instead. Here are the 6 biggest problems with Frozen.

6. Elsa is boring. Aside from the brief moment with her as a child, we only see one emotion from Elsa for the entire film, worry. Her character is completely one dimensional and frankly, really disappointing. After seeing her smiling face on everything from cups to buses to billboards, I expected her to be some sort of revolutionary new character, the Ice Queen! But no. Not really no.

5: It tries and fails to replicate the chemistry between Flynn and Rapunzel with Kristoff and Anna. My favorite exchange between the two was whilst they were under attack by the wolves and hearing the sheer disbelief in Kristoff's voice, but it all goes downhill from there.

4. The songs are lazy. Let it Go feels as if the sequence was made before the rest of the movie was even written and then had to be fit in somehow. The song itself is very nice, but nowhere near what the hype train had me believe. The lyrics to Fixer Upper are horrible, but I'll be getting to that later. The rest are just forgettable really.

3. Olaf. Granted he did add an edge of humor back to this dull story, I couldn't shake the comparison to another horrible side character made for comedic purposes; Jar Jar Binks. Both suffer from having the entirety of the movie's humor lumped on them like some unwanted burden and both have a bad habit of completely derailing the immersion of the story and snapping the viewer back into a state of disbelief at their very existence. (Also, it was never explained how he came to life. That in itself was annoying.)

2. The Trolls. My reaction to these annoying, strange, out of place little creatures could be summed up in one common acronym, wtf. Unexplained, unnecessary, undesirable and just plain unintelligent in both sound and design. They are apparently love experts? The 'Fixer Upper' song was horrifyingly bad and essentially tried to bypass the chemistry of Kristoff and Anna's relationship with one big push. They simply didn't fit the world, there was no explanation as to why Kristoff was friends with them OR how the elder somehow knew how to help Anna, they were just tiny, terrible plot devices.

1. The message/revelation. Surprise! Platonic love is a kind of love! Did the movie REALLY need to be so heavy handed about this? Elsa was protecting Anna the entire movie because she loved her, so this apparent epiphany shouldn't have even been a thing. Sure, little girls everywhere apparently learned a lesson, but it was such an underwhelming resolution to the film that I was left walking away with that feeling.

Overall, I can see the power this might have for young girls, but that is all the power it has. Kristoff's character was underdeveloped and Hans' (despite his decent motive) was a strange plot twist, but far from the worst thing in the movie. I would recommend this only for the most die hard of Disney fans or those particularly fond of sister-centric plots. For a real example of a good modern Disney film, see Tangled.
Frozen – Flawed Masterpiece
Frozen is a legitimately great film but also a flawed one.

First, let's look at a few flaws, then admire its successes.

Frozen's biggest shortcoming is in not making Elsa, its most interesting character, the main protagonist and main heroine of the movie. As it is, she is a co-protagonist, but Anna is given far more screen time.

Yet Anna's story is nowhere near as interesting as is Elsa's. Where Anna merely seems bored and a little lonely at the beginning, we know that Elsa suffers terribly throughout her young life, in being forced to inhibit her emotions, live with the guilt of nearly killing her sister, and seclude herself, in order to protect Anna from the danger that her magic poses. Yet we barely see Elsa's side of the story.

But when Elsa transforms into the Snow Queen during her Let It Go sequence, that's when we especially wish and expect to see more of her. That feels like a great beginning, a launching point for the character, from which Elsa will go on to have an exciting storyline in her new identity.

But instead, the movie relentlessly keeps us down with Anna on what is a not very original or interesting road trip.

It would be as if, in Beauty and the Beast, the movie spent most of its time not in the Beast's castle, but with Belle and some villager on a road trip to and from the castle (and the castle would lack any magical objects, and Belle and the Beast would never fall in love).

Think of how much poorer a film that would have been, compared to the Beauty and the Beast movie that does exist, in which the very BEST moments are the moments in the Beast's castle and the scenes involving the Beast.

Frozen deprives itself of those very scenes, which would have been the best in the film, for no reason whatsoever.

But one could even forgive Frozen this, if it wasn't hindered by a second missed opportunity: It doesn't give Elsa a love interest, no prince to win her heart, no man to love, who would love her back.

This is baffling and unforgivable. Countless Disney princesses have been given stirring love stories when they didn't particularly need them. But in Elsa, Disney created a character of aching solitude and isolation, one for whom a love story actually would have mattered. It would have been as beautiful and rapturous to see as is the Beast's love story in Beauty and the Beast.

But it didn't.

The ending of the film feels very disappointing for that reason, giving Elsa at best a glass-half-full conclusion, showing Anna (the sister who has suffered less) blessed with both sisterly reconciliation and romantic love, while Elsa's reward for a lifetime of self-sacrifice and pain is...merely survival, and a touch of equilibrium.

On the other hand, the movie does a number of things very well.

It keeps the setting in Scandinavia and populates the story with actual Scandinavians, instead of making Arendelle look demographically like a modern American metropolis.

The animation is breathtakingly beautiful throughout. The depth of attention to detail, incorporating authentic Norwegian culture, is admirable, and one hopes that it might inspire Europeans and European-Americans to better appreciate their own heritages.

Making Elsa the heroine of the story rather than the villain was truly inspired. This is the film's one, true claim to greatness. In fact, throughout the movie, Elsa is actually the moral center of the story. Every one of her actions is selfless and noble, even as other characters make morally questionable choices. Added to that, she is traditionally feminine in appearance and demeanor, so this film redeems such essential feminine qualities (which are otherwise often vilified or erased in modern culture) by giving them to its most popular character.

Even more subversively, at many points in the story, the roles of the sisters reverse and it is actually Anna who becomes the antagonist to Elsa (as Elsa never is).

Anna is the one who causes the accident in the girls' youth by goading Elsa into playing the game and not stopping when Elsa told her to do so.

Anna takes Elsa's glove and refuses to give it back at a state function, throwing a tantrum in the middle of an important diplomatic affair, selfishly thinking only about her own wishes instead of how she is humiliating Arendelle itself. (It would be like the brother of the U.S. President throwing a tantrum toward the President on Inauguration Day.) And when Elsa tells Anna to leave the ice palace, Anna stubbornly refuses, agitating Elsa and causing the blast of magic.

Time and again, Anna is Elsa's antagonist, a situation that only changes at the end of the film, when Anna finally makes a selfless act – the kind of selfless act that Elsa has been making her whole life, in sacrificing her happiness for the safety and well-being of others. Finally, at the end, Anna learns the lesson that Elsa's example has provided to her.

Beyond that, the Hans twist is unnecessary, and the scene of his turn is incongruously melodramatic, his monologuing almost self-parodic.

Nevertheless, Elsa's "Let It Go" sequence is among the finest moments ever created in Disney history, and as a whole, the film is visually breathtaking.

Frozen is a magnificent move even as it is, but with a re-emphasis on its most captivating character, Elsa, it could have been a true masterpiece.
Awesome and Empowering!! <3 ^_^
This is a great movie for younger and older sisters alike. It shows that you don't need to rely on a guy to save you every time you're in trouble. You may just need your sister's love. Because a lover's love is only temporary; a sister's love is forever. I watched this with my sister and mom, and we all agreed that this was a very good movie with a very good message. I especially liked how Elsa was in trouble, but then she was looking into Anna's face as she saved her. And she realized after Anna was back that it was not the love of a man, but the love of her sister and of family that will always save you from the things that will hurt you the most. Awesome movie!! Loved it!!
Total waste of money and time
I can tell that this movie was made for a good cause, but do the producers really have to make it so cheesy? I mean, sure, the little kids like it, but WHAT ABOUT THE OLDER GENERATION? Do you really think that a 13-year old would want to sit in a theater with a movie that is cheesy and has WAY too many songs that are useless?

Okay, Olaf was cute, but he was the only reason that I gave this movie 3 stars. He was adorable and funny, but Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel had such a singsong voice, like oh no! what are we gonna do! I like Anna and Elsa's kid forms, because they were so sweet. Oh God, am I praising this movie too much?

Lastly, the part that really got on my nerves was the fact that Anna and Kristoff HAD TO KISS. Blech! There's only like ONE Disney movie that didn't have any kissing or romance, Moana. Now that was a good one. But seriously? I was actually liking the end until Anna and Kristoff kissed. WHAT ARE YOU TEACHING LITTLE KIDS????????????

Overall, I disliked the movie (don't even get me started on the music), and I think that the only things worth praising are Let it Go and Olaf. Even Let it Go is getting annoying.
My issues with Frozen.
• Idina Menzel was miscast. Her speaking voice was almost acceptable, but singing-wise, it didn't suit Elsa at all.

• It's not okay to fall in love after one day, but two is okay? • Elsa was extremely one-dimensional. Despite being the most interesting character, she is deprived of screen time and development.

• The story was overly simplistic - not at all deep and multi-tiered like Wreck-it Ralph.

• The Hans twist was underwhelming and unnecessary. The story lacked a good villain. It was also rather predictable.

• Too much of the movie is spent road-tripping to Elsa's ice castle in a rather trite manner. The most interesting parts seemed rushed, especially the ending, which was anticlimactic and unsatisfying.

• Anna was the same character the entire movie except for her realization of love's definition, which she had always embodied. Everything she did in the movie was out of love. She shouldn't've been susceptible to being frozen, because metaphorically, it makes no sense. Elsa was the one with the frozen heart. I half-expected Anna to have summer powers or something.

• Elsa had the world at her fingertips, and created an entire ice castle out of nothing, and yet she struggles to stay alive against dudes with wooden crossbows and her own falling chandelier. Impenetrable ice cage, done. Also, you'd think being alone in that castle with nothing else to do, she'd've learned to control her powers better.

• The trolls had no recollection of Anna. Neither did Olaf.

• The visuals were a little cold and lifeless and too computer-y; not nearly as breathtaking as Tangled's lush, painterly animations and sceneries. It feels like a lot more work went into Tangled, whereas Frozen was merely a mini-story.

• The movie as a whole didn't feel as fully fleshed-out as Tangled in terms of characters and plot, despite being the same length. It would've been much more satisfying if it were given an extra 20-30 minutes.

• "It's easier to change your head than your heart." First of all, I dislike the false dichotomy between head and heart; they're one and the same, and it's nonsensical correlate them to the actual physical components. If the head is taken to mean reason, and the heart means emotion, then the latter should be more volatile.

Overall, it's a fun trip with great songs and likable characters; I only wish they had spent more time weaving the story, capitalized on their strengths, and not missed some great opportunities.
Frozen is the newest and cutest Disney creation.
The movie is about two sisters Anna and Elsa and how the older one, Elsa, is troubled with her ability to make ice and snow and freeze things. Elsa doesn't know how to control her powers and ultimately has to find ways to hide who she truly is her entire life. When Elsa gets exposed in front of her entire kingdom she leave accidentally creating an everlasting winter during the summer. It is up to Anna to make the adventure into the freezing conditions to find her sister and bring back summer. Along the way Anna encounters a ice man named Kristoff who is gentle at heart and his sidekick reindeer Sven who both end up helping her through her journey. My favorite character is a sweet little gullible Snowman named Olaf who just wants to help and experience all of the joys of life. The movie is a sweet musical with plenty of catchy tunes and comic relief for the grown ups and the children. I highly recommend this one for the whole family!
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