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Thriller, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Family, Animation, Musical
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Jennifer Lee, Chris Buck


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Alan Tudyk as Duke of Weselton (voice)
Jonathan Groff as Kristoff (voice)
Santino Fontana as Hans (voice)
Chris Williams as Oaken (voice)
Livvy Stubenrauch as Young Anna (voice)
Eva Bella as Young Elsa (voice)
Patricia Lentz as Additional Voices (voice)
Ciarán Hinds as Pabbie / Grandpa (voice)
Idina Menzel as Elsa - Snow Queen (voice)
Stephen J. Anderson as Kai (voice)
Josh Gad as Olaf (voice)
Kristen Bell as Anna (voice)
Robert Pine as Bishop (voice)
Maurice LaMarche as King (voice)
Edie McClurg as Gerda (voice)
Maia Wilson as Bulda (voice)
Frozen Storyline: Anna, a fearless optimist, sets off on an epic journey - teaming up with rugged mountain man Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven - to find her sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. Encountering Everest-like conditions, mystical trolls and a hilarious snowman named Olaf, Anna and Kristoff battle the elements in a race to save the kingdom. From the outside Anna's sister, Elsa looks poised, regal and reserved, but in reality, she lives in fear as she wrestles with a mighty secret-she was born with the power to create ice and snow. It's a beautiful ability, but also extremely dangerous. Haunted by the moment her magic nearly killed her younger sister Anna, Elsa has isolated herself, spending every waking minute trying to suppress her growing powers. Her mounting emotions trigger the magic, accidentally setting off an eternal winter that she can't stop. She fears she's becoming a monster and that no one, not even her sister, can help her.
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An astonishing disappointment
(Spoilers) At one time, sisters Elsa and Anna knew of and loved to utilize Elsa's (unexplained, apparently genetic? even though no one else in her family has them) ice powers. Then an accident and a warning by the (ostensibly) wise troll – that fear will make Elsa's powers dangerous – prompts her parents to fearfully seclude her, shutting her away from everyone and isolating her from her sister. The trolls erase Anna's memory of Elsa's powers. (No one apparently considers the implications of seclusion and terror regarding the power). The girls grow up. After their parents die at sea, Elsa becomes queen. For her coronation, the kingdom is opened. Prince Hans and the Duke of Weselton are among the visiting dignitaries. Anna promptly falls in love with the prince, and agrees to marry him. When the queen refuses to condone her sister's impetuous match, they argue and Elsa accidentally reveals her powers, prompting the Duke to demand that she be arrested. Elsa flees, accidentally shrouding the world in "eternal winter" and leaving in power Anna, who promptly follows after her – appointing Prince Hans to rule in her stead (!!!). Apparently in this world, chains of command, diplomatic decorum, and other such trifles cease to exist. Anna loses her horse, and then teams up with a poor boy named Kristoff and his reindeer Sven. They all end up working with Olaf, a quirky snow creation of Elsa's, to find her sister. A romance blossoms between Kristoff and the fickle Anna. Meanwhile, Elsa has embraced her "bad girl" image (complete with sultry walk/slit up the thigh), building herself a lovely snow palace. The girls talk. Things don't go well, and Anna ends up with "ice in her heart" (which the trolls, long ago, had warned would kill her but for an act of true love). In the meantime, Anna's horse had returned to the city, and Hans and a group of soldiers go looking for her. They arrive just after Anna, Kristoff and co are expelled. Weselton's men attack her, a fight breaks out, etc. Elsa is captured. Kristoff, meanwhile, reveals that he had been adopted by trolls – the same ones, coincidentally, that had offered their advice to her family years before. The trolls explain that only an act of true love can save Anna. Kristoff and Anna race back to Hans, for a Kiss of True Love (TM). Kristoff delivers her and leaves. Hans reveals – gasp – that he has simply been after the throne all this time, and locks her in a room to freeze to death. He then claims to the ruling council that Anna is dead, but that they had been married before she expired (witnesses, marriage certificates and funerals apparently don't exist in this world either) that makes him king. They welcome him with open arms. Thankfully, there are no other heirs, distant relatives, or people who remember that they still have a queen alive (!!) around. He (with no explanation) believes he can get Elsa to turn back winter. Meanwhile, Kristoff and Sven are coming back because, true love. Elsa, in her grief at learning of Anna's supposed death, accidentally unleashes a tornado-strength blizzard. Kristoff and Anna are going to kiss, but Anna sees Prince Hans about to murder Elsa. She intervenes, and almost freezes; but, that being an act of true love, she is saved. At this point, Elsa figures out how to recall winter ("Love!" - that's it, no explanation).

Pros: - Pretty. Frozen is very pretty, very glitzy, full of beautiful landscapes, amazing snow shots and glamorous gowns.

- Different. It has a different feel, architecturally and culturally, from many of the preceding princess films, which is nice.

Cons: Pretty much everything else.

- The story was inconsistent. If you read about the series of "development hells" that preceded its release, it makes sense. They had no clue where they were going with this, and it very much felt like it at times: these were different ideas, different takes on the same story, all jumbled together.

- Character immaturity/stupidity. If you, like, can see this being a classic, then, like, whatever, because classic Disney princes and

- Plot idiocy. This ties into the first point. If fear is the enemy, why do you seclude/terrorize the princess with insecurities? How/why does "love" recall winter? Didn't Elsa love her family all along? Wasn't there "love" present all this time? There was zero explanation for how this worked. Just "love". Not to mention the flouting of anything like court customs, diplomacy, etc.: random foreign dignitaries are giving orders to arrest and kill the queen, foreign princes are left in charge of the kingdom, etc. Or the cringe worthiness of the trolls, and their irrelevance to the plot; and the fact that Hans never mentions having witnessed the royal family's first encounter with the trolls/how Anna's memory was wiped (Elsa also ignores this). The list goes on.

- Predictability. The scene where Anna and Hans meet was terribly predictable, and just...terrible. The scene where Anna and Kristoff meet was equally predictable. The betrayal was predictable. The conclusion was predictable despite being completely unexplained.

- Music. The music was of an exceptionally poor caliber in this film. The singers were overpowered by the instruments, the lyrics were indistinguishable, the songs out of place and silly, and often-times just cringe inducing (it's pretty bad when you're cannibalizing themes from your own previous films, like the troll rip-off of Hunchback's "A Guy Like You", and you completely, utterly blow it...)

Little kids will enjoy the prettiness of it all. Anyone who thinks about the plot, though, is going to end up with a headache. Certainly anyone who listens to the music. (And don't get me started on the rape-y Mickey/Minnie/Pete short that preceded the film. Yikes.)
An unfunny and predictable Disney Princess musical
I was hoping for something similar in entertainment value as Despicable Me. This movie was anything but.. I heard some talk about this movie, people saying how good it was and so on. I'm wondering if we even saw the same movie! The jokes were few and far between and the plot/conflict was more than predictable. Song replaces regular dialog for much of this movie to the point that it becomes tiresome. Unless you thoroughly enjoy nonsensical musicals with Queens and Princesses, you'll want to drive a railroad spike through your head to avoid watching anymore of this garbage. The preteen girls in the theater seemed to enjoy the film though..
My issues with Frozen.
• Idina Menzel was miscast. Her speaking voice was almost acceptable, but singing-wise, it didn't suit Elsa at all.

• It's not okay to fall in love after one day, but two is okay? • Elsa was extremely one-dimensional. Despite being the most interesting character, she is deprived of screen time and development.

• The story was overly simplistic - not at all deep and multi-tiered like Wreck-it Ralph.

• The Hans twist was underwhelming and unnecessary. The story lacked a good villain. It was also rather predictable.

• Too much of the movie is spent road-tripping to Elsa's ice castle in a rather trite manner. The most interesting parts seemed rushed, especially the ending, which was anticlimactic and unsatisfying.

• Anna was the same character the entire movie except for her realization of love's definition, which she had always embodied. Everything she did in the movie was out of love. She shouldn't've been susceptible to being frozen, because metaphorically, it makes no sense. Elsa was the one with the frozen heart. I half-expected Anna to have summer powers or something.

• Elsa had the world at her fingertips, and created an entire ice castle out of nothing, and yet she struggles to stay alive against dudes with wooden crossbows and her own falling chandelier. Impenetrable ice cage, done. Also, you'd think being alone in that castle with nothing else to do, she'd've learned to control her powers better.

• The trolls had no recollection of Anna. Neither did Olaf.

• The visuals were a little cold and lifeless and too computer-y; not nearly as breathtaking as Tangled's lush, painterly animations and sceneries. It feels like a lot more work went into Tangled, whereas Frozen was merely a mini-story.

• The movie as a whole didn't feel as fully fleshed-out as Tangled in terms of characters and plot, despite being the same length. It would've been much more satisfying if it were given an extra 20-30 minutes.

• "It's easier to change your head than your heart." First of all, I dislike the false dichotomy between head and heart; they're one and the same, and it's nonsensical correlate them to the actual physical components. If the head is taken to mean reason, and the heart means emotion, then the latter should be more volatile.

Overall, it's a fun trip with great songs and likable characters; I only wish they had spent more time weaving the story, capitalized on their strengths, and not missed some great opportunities.
Another PC animation - bashing, denigrating and humiliating Men and Boys.
Once again we have sit through another politically correct, contrived work that Hollywood and it's biased writers produce these days as comedy and amusement. Once again we have the females at the fore, that in itself I do not have a problem with.

What does stand out in this entire piece of sexist, male-bashing indoctrinating piece of work is the endless, unrelenting "Male-Bashing". This has got to be the worst so far. If this attitude increases any further, why do they bother writing in any male characters at all because all they do is hold them up to ridicule, abuse (The princess smacks a male just for fun).

Just about every action undertaken by any male in the obnoxious animation is loaded, no, flooded with endless bumbling and incompetent behavior that could only ever be generated by a staff of writers who have determined and specifically designed that entire movie to display and promote it.

Surely we should see the END of this unrelenting and viscous male-bashing that Hollywood has now enshrined into every movie those biased bigots now generate. Surely seeing your Father or Brother of Grandfather being continuously made to look a complete fool is way beyond a joke. It's viscous, biased, sexist and downright unforgivable. Please vote accordingly. I gave this movie a ONE for that reason. It is sickening.
Great Visuals, Unremarkable Script
First of all, I strongly disagree with any assertions that Frozen hearkens back to the great Disney films of the late 80s and early 90s. The music is nowhere near that level, and the storytelling is not nearly as sharp. Even suggesting that this is the best *since* The Lion King rings false with me. I have not seen every Disney film of the past twenty years, but offhand I can say that Tangled, Bolt and Meet the Robinsons are all far superior examples well-written stories than Frozen. In my personal opinion, of course.

Second of all, Frozen definitely skews towards the younger crowd, with little to none of the sophisticated touches or wittily mature humor that have come to be somewhat more commonplace in recent animated films. This one is aimed at the pre-teen crowd. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing, but it is worth noting.

The overall story is an interesting one, but the execution is rather sloppy and the narrative meanders a bit too much. The dialog, in particular, is not a strength. Unlike the best films, in which every line and every scene feels both essential and perfect, Frozen is more of a loose joyride. Again, there is nothing inherently wrong with that approach, but in my personal estimation, it earns lower marks as a storytelling method.

The songs are for the most part unremarkable, and some of the musical sequences suffer from not fully committing to dialog or singing. They just feel hastily-choreographed and not fully thought out. And do not even get me started on the troll song. Yikes.

Two of the songs, "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" and especially "Let it Go," do work very well. The latter ties into what is unquestionably the best scene in the film on every level. It provides the one glimpse of true majesty, the sort of quality that would explain all of the extremely positive "this is the greatest" reviews that are being posted by others. Unfortunately, the film descends most of the way back into mediocrity after that scene.

On the positive front, however, Frozen offers a fantastic, gorgeous take on the visual elements of winter. Deep blue ice, snowflakes, white mountains contrasting with colored skies. It is an unspeakably lovely display of a subject matter than CGI animation has never (in my experience) turned its energies to before, at least not like this. Of course, it goes without saying that all of the animation in Frozen, characters and landscapes alike, is excellent.

For me, Tangled was much more satisfying than Frozen. I applaud Disney for honing their CGI skills, and for finally adapting The Snow Queen to screen. I just wish that they would have spent more time on the script.

With films like this one, a distinction needs to be made between loving it for the visceral takeaway ("it was sweet"/"it had a great message"/"it made me feel good") and looking at it from a critical standpoint. Now, I understand that one needs to just "forget about being critical" and enjoy a film - for me, the best films take care of that themselves. It is the ones, like Frozen, that seem like they clearly could have been much better, that get me thinking about just that.

This film is a fun one for kids, and great to look at for adults, but it is far short of being great, or a masterpiece. More focus on an truly excellent story, and it might have been.
Some People take things WAY too seriously!
This is really a lovely, enjoyable cartoon. And it's just that a lovely, enjoyable cartoon. And basically a fairy tale. One that moms and dads can feel happy to take their children too. Let it be that. Is there anything truly remarkable about it? Probably not. Are the songs particularly inventive or that much different from all the countless other Disney movies? No, not really, but they are catchy and pretty and fit the movie. And the "In Summer" song with the snow man in summer is pretty cute, if not a little jarringly placed! But, catchy.

Having said that, some people on these reviews are taking this way too seriously. Why would you give it one star just because other people liked it enough to give it a 10? Is that too show how much smarter you are than everyone else? It really shows nothing but taking a carton movie too seriously instead of just going with the flow. It's not real. It's not a real story. It's a cartoon fairy tale.

I give it an 8. It's not perfect but I enjoyed it.
frozen goodness
Captivating for the entire family, Frozen is the perfect combination of humor and musical numbers with an underlying seriousness of the importance of family. From talking snowmen to castles made of ice it's no wonder the Disney film has won in over 30 different awards show including two Oscars. The detailed effects inspire the artist in all of us while the songs ignite the singer. The talking snowman excites the little kid in us while the family aspects could warm even the Grinch's heart. Whether you are three or 83 there are important lessons scattered throughout encouraging all of us to embrace the uniqueness that makes us who we are. Persistent themes include bravery against your fears and kindness to both those whom you love and those who you might not get along with and the consequences of demonstrating both. It can make you laugh, it can make you cry, whatever the emotion it will leave you wanting to watch it again. Certainty top ten best movies I've seen and easily one of Disney's greatest movies.
I think it's time to let it go.
Before I go into this review, I'm just going to say: I hate Frozen. For three years, kids have been constantly buying their merchandise, singing their songs and rejoicing that it is the best film ever. And it's not always just the kids. I can understand why Frozen is liked by many, but at the same time I can't. How can a film last for three years. I will first talk about the story, the character development, the music, the presentation and my point of view on how the film is so successful and 'good'.

The plot is very bland and it's all over the place. To have a good successful film you need a great plot, something that this film doesn't have. There seems to be no character development in the plot either, but we'll get to that soon. The climax is so weak and the main villain is the good guy cliché is strong in this. However, the story isn't the worst thing about this film...

The characters are so two dimensional. Elsa has nothing promising about her character apart from her ice powers. However, the quote 'Conceal, don't feel' won't explain much about her. Anna is just a clumsy princess with a fun and energetic nature. I've heard that one about 20 times... Olaf is just placed in the film for the sake of comedy. He's just a character that's there to attempt to make the film funny, but it just makes the film cringe worthy. The other characters are empty shells just there for the sake of making the film a bit more crowded.

The music is quite forgettable and bland. When people talk about the soundtrack being good, they're only talking about 'Let it go'. This song has been overplayed, overpraised and it is overrated. The lyrics are terrible and the chorus is lazy.

If I can praise this film for anything, it's the animation. The animation is great and vibrant. The character designs are decent and the backgrounds and effects are high quality, and you can tell that they spent all their effort on the presentation. Probably explains the lack of effort on the other categories.

This is not only my opinion, but mostly true on why the film is Frozen: the children. This film was made for children. But why? Steven Universe, Adventure Time and other kids shows have good plot, animation and music, and they're for children, so what is this films excuse? Adults even enjoy some kid shows. The children encourage businesses to feed off their excitement. Overdosing on toys, songs and spin offs. There's probably even going to be a sequel that's even worse than before, with even more bland characters and long lasting music. I'm afraid of what kids films have come too. Disney. Please stop...
HIGHLY overrated, has a weak plot, and many inconsistencies
This is most definitely not Disney at its finest. I can take an educated guess and say that people claimed this is a fantastic movie because of the song "Let it go". I saw the song "Let it go" on Youtube before I saw the actual movie and I was amazed with the animations and the song in general. I connected that to the movie being amazing, but trust me, it is FAR from amazing.

The movie begins with Elsa and her sister Anna playing in the castle, with Elsa using her supposedly cursed ice powers. Why exactly is it a curse? Disney neglected to provide an explanation. Elsa hurts Anna and this causes Anna to be taken to some trolls whose cure her. I guess humans wouldn't suffice because of the whole magic-cure scenario. The trolls then tell Elsa that her 'dark' powers will grow and that if Elsa cannot control the powers, she will be a threat to all around her. Elsa's parents (who, by the way, are the most idiotic parents I have ever seen) tell the trolls that Elsa won't harm anyone and then proceed to seclude Elsa from human contact(after wiping out Anna's memory of Elsa's powers).

After secluding Elsa from everyone, her parents tell her they are going on a cruise and leaving she and Anna alone inside the castle (they are still quite young) with no other family to take care of them. Not only have Elsa's parents pretty much told Elsa that she is a monster and must be contained, but they abandon her and die. This leads to Elsa isolating herself further and leaving her little sister to cope with the loss of their parents alone.

Coronation day! I have no idea who was running the kingdom after her parents died because it has been quite some time before Elsa is old enough to become queen. Perhaps politics was paused while Elsa was growing up. During the party, Anna meets some prince from some random country and they have that 'fall in love at first sight' moment and decide to get married...come on, seriously? Elsa, of course, declines to give her blessing and Anna decides to yell at her in front of everyone. This causes Elsa to become afraid and anxious, leading her to reveal her powers to the town and subsequently running away from her own kingdom after some random foreign guy tells gives the order to capture the queen. What the *bleep*?

Elsa runs away, and her sister starts giving orders. Since when can princesses give orders on behalf of the queen? Here is where the song "Let it go" is played, and Elsa decides to stop being afraid of herself and makes an ice palace, a supermodel dress, and eternal winter using her powers. When Anna finally reaches the ice palace with Kristoff (a guy who was placed so obviously to be the love interest), Anna confronts Elsa and Elsa decides to become afraid again. Didn't she moments ago in the song decree herself to be fearless and not care what anyone thinks? She unleashes her powers and hurts her sister out of fear.

Finally, when Hans (the random foreign guy whom Anna left in charge of Elsa's kingdom, again, what the *bleep*?) arrives to capture Elsa, a fight ensues and Elsa is captured and taken back to her kingdom. Anna, who at this point is near death because of Elsa's attack, is told by Hans he was merely faking the love (WAY TOO predictable) for the throne and leaves her to die. Some snowman guy comes in and frees Anna and Anna decides she needs to kiss Kristoff to save herself (the really obvious love interest) because he is her true love.

We then are shown Elsa freeing herself from captivity and creating a super blizzard. Hans, who is pursuing to kill her, stops her by proclaiming that Anna is dead. Elsa momentarily ceases the super blizzard and falls to the ground. Anna, who sees Hans about the kill Elsa, realizes she would rather die for her sister than save herself (but she is a selfless character, so makes sense). She runs up to Hans and turns into solid ice, destroying Hans sword and forcing him to the ground. Elsa turns around and sees her sister frozen and starts crying. Because this was supposedly an act of true love, Anna is freed from death. Elsa then says "You sacrificed yourself to save me?" WHAT THE HELL? If you knew he was going to kill you, your ice powers would have protected you anyway like they did during that fight in the palace. I guess they wanted to keep it from being the cliché 'guy kisses girl to save the girl' scene.

After Anna is freed, Elsa realizes love is the answer to control her powers. Now here is what I really don't understand. Did Elsa hate her sister, her parents, her kingdom? I thought she was isolating her sister to protect her (an act of extremely selfish love, but still love). Why is love suddenly the answer if it was there all along? Weak. This is followed by the 'And everyone lived happily ever after' ending.

The movie felt incoherent throughout. Elsa proclaims that love is the answer to control her powers even though it was there all along. Elsa knew Hans was about to attack her, but says to Anna "you sacrificed yourself to save me?" even though her ice powers would have defended her. The movie constantly sends mixed messages that are inexplicable and confusing. Characters like Kristoff and the Snowman and random songs (except "Let it go") were just thrown in to extend the time . The entire story is basically about Elsa's insecurities and Anna. The movie was at best average, but this was certainly not Disney at their prime. That honour belongs to Finding Nemo.
Most Overrated Movie of 2013
I'm an 18 year old girl, who is a HUGE Disney fan and loves watching what her friends deem "little kid movies". I was looking for a way to celebrate finishing my first semester at college(in December), so I went to see Frozen, which had gotten great reviews.

The beginning of the movie was decent. Do You Want to Build a Snowman made me tear up and Kristen Bell and Santino Fontana's voices sounded like they were made for each other in Love is an Open Door. However, the positivity stops there. At the end of Love is an Open Door, when Prince Hans asks Anna to marry him, I immediately KNEW that something was wrong and that this was an attempt to mock the Disney "love-at- first-sight" cliché. Now, before I continue, I'd just like to point out that I am ridiculously sick of people praising Elsa for being the first Disney princess to say "You can't marry a man you just met".

1) This is a result of people on the internet poking fun at Disney Princess movies. However, if those people even bothered to REALLY watch them, they'd realize that although this movie may be the first to explicitly state that girls shouldn't marry someone they just met, this is not a new concept in the Disney world. In fact, I don't recall Pocahontas, Mulan, Rapunzel, Tiana, Jasmine, or Belle marrying men that they just met.

2) Re-watch that scene. She only said that because she was worried about Hans' brothers staying over for the wedding and having yet another social event that she'd be required to attend. She panics and says "No one's brothers are staying here. No one's getting married". See her priorities? Elsa's reason for not blessing their marriage doesn't stem from their quick engagement. It's much more self-centered than that.

Next, let's not forget the plot holes, the most obvious one being the anti-climatic ending: "Of course...Love!" Sorry, what? Elsa trying to protect Anna from herself wasn't love? Besides, why does Elsa even have powers? Why are there trolls and where did they come from? Why did Prince Hans protect Elsa if he wanted her dead? He could have been "distracted" when the guard was trying to kill Elsa. Why does Olaf come to life and where has he been the entire time the girls were growing up? Maybe the directors should have paid less attention to casting *famous* people and more to making a good plot. (Casting complaint: Elsa looked like she was in her mid-twenties and sounded old enough to be Anna's mother.)

Anyways, moving on to my next complaint: Olaf, the snowman AKA my least favorite character in the entire movie. His awkward attempts at jokes and sheer stupidity were torturous to sit through. In Summer was one of the worst songs in the movie, right up there with Fixer Upper. What is Fixer Upper even promoting? Cheating?!?! Because that's what I thought as the trolls sang about getting Anna's fiancé out of the way. Also, I could not stand how Anna flirted with and almost MARRIED Kristoff while engaged to Hans. Luckily for her, Prince Hans just *happened* to be a villain. How very convenient (and completely unnecessary). Elsa, having been alone her entire life, could have used a love story and Kristoff would have been the perfect match for her. Elsa and Kristoff could have bonded over her powers and his love for ice. Instead, Kristoff and Anna ended up being an extremely weak, unlikeable rip-off of Flynn and Rapunzel.

Lastly, having watched Disney movies all my life, I have to say, this movie has the largest percentage of bad songs I've ever seen in a single movie. "Let it Go" is the most overrated song I have EVER heard and I was quite disappointed to hear that it had won the Oscar for Best Original Song. The rhymes were unoriginal and it was not memorable at all, although after hearing people sing it 24/7, it does get ingrained into your brain. Some of the other songs were catchy, but there was still a HUGE lack of originality in the rhymes. Even my nine-year-old sister criticized the Frozen songwriters' creativity, pointing out that they rhymed "door" and "anymore" in four songs ("Do You Want to Build a Snowman", "For the First Time in Forever", "Love is an Open Door", and "Let it Go").

To summarize, this movie was not deserving of the Oscars it won. Then again, there was not much competition this year. This movie was basically a slap in the face to all the Classic Disney Princess movies and is tied for #1 with Brave on my Worst Disney Princess Movies list. If you REALLY want to see a movie worth watching, I recommend Tangled, which is as underrated as Frozen is overrated. The songs, plot, and characters are much better developed and the whole movie is absolutely delightful. The music was beautifully composed and don't even get me started on how amazing Donna Murphy, Zachary Levi, and Mandy Moore's performances were! Whereas I will never re-watch Frozen, I re-watch Tangled every couple of months even though I can quote the entire movie and sing every song. I know many Tangled fans went to see Frozen - expecting it to be as good as Tangled- and were very disappointed. Disney may be gaining new fans, but they're losing their loyal fans. Look at Frozen's percentage of 1/10 ratings compared to those of Tangled. Until Disney gets their act together, I will not be wasting any more of my time watching these movies in theaters. As Zazu said, "If this is where the monarchy is headed, count me out".

tl;dr- Plot holes galore. Lackluster songs. Terrible morals/lessons. Save your money and time.

(Apparently 0/10 is not an option, so I'll give it one point for the animation.)
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