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USA, Germany
Drama, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
David Fincher


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Edward Norton as The Narrator
Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden
Helena Bonham Carter as Marla Singer
Meat Loaf as Robert 'Bob' Paulson
Zach Grenier as Richard Chesler
David Andrews as Thomas
George Maguire as Group Leader
Eugenie Bondurant as Weeping Woman
Christina Cabot as Group Leader
Christie Cronenweth as Airline Attendant
Tim De Zarn as Inspector Bird
Fight Club Storyline: A ticking-time-bomb insomniac and a slippery soap salesman channel primal male aggression into a shocking new form of therapy. Their concept catches on, with underground "fight clubs" forming in every town, until an eccentric gets in the way and ignites an out-of-control spiral toward oblivion.
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Classic movie top five all time favorite
Hold up even 16 years later, the performances where right on, never did it dip in the intensity and re-watching movies are occasionally hard to do, due to the fact that you know whats going to happen next. Fight Club keeps you in the moment and never anticipating the next scene. Love this movie since I first saw it in the theaters in 1999, and will always be a 'stay on' when I come across it channel surfing.
A lot of depth for those who look.
To the world: This isn't really a movie about dumb guys beating each other up because they're too bored to do anything else. No, Fight Club is actually about personal and cultural revolution within a corporate consumer society that destroys the human spirit. At least, that's how I saw it.

I loved this movie, and rating it a ten is not some whimsical fancy--I don't hand out gold stars for nothing. It looks good, sounds good, pacing, dialogue, acting, etc. are all excellent. Why it didn't rate higher on the mainstream critics' lists for cinematography alone is beyond me.

What really makes this movie shine, though, is the unflinching way in which it looks at North American society--our mass consumerism, our slavery to stuffy corporate office jobs, our growing lack of what makes us human. The movie doesn't pull many punches.

Norton's character is the automaton office lackey who is desperately searching for meaning in his materialistic shell of a life, Pitt plays the modern-day surfer/hippie Tyler Durden whose devil-may-care, spontaneous attitude to life offers the perfect (?) solution. These two personalities struggle to reconcile their different perspectives on life without destroying their relationship. To make things more difficult, Bonham Carter creates a love triangle to further test the friendship.

Is it better to be free, alive, and chaotic, as in Pitt's anarchistic vision, or safe, secure, and bored like Norton's capitalist American Dream life? Or, can a compromise be found? Can love conquer all? This is the peripheral, deeper stuff Fight Club is made of, not the smack-down action that the trailers and critics focused on.

This movie demands at least one viewing. If you're queasy about violence (there is a graphic fight scene or two), then watch it with someone who's already seen it and ask for an edited version. Even if you don't end up respecting the movie's message or the complicated questions it asks, it remains a well-crafted film, deserving of recognition.
A wonderfully crafted break in your psyche.
We all live our lives trying to find happiness, but what if we should just be looking for a reason to keep on living? Fight club takes you on a journey to discover not who you are, but what you can achieve when you put your... mind to it. This movie was made an instant classic that had people talking for years. If you haven't seen it yet, it's time to get on it and go for a mind exploding journey. See you on the other side!
it is, one of my favorite movies i watched

fight club every day. this movie is so brilliant from start to end. pure gold, i can watch this many time and never get bored. actors, music, effects, everything is fantastic. outstanding performances by main actors create unique atmosphere for movie ranking among the finest achievements in the history of cinema.
The first rule of Fight Club is to watch Fight Club!
I watched this movie along with District 9 on a long car ride. I approached both the same way I approached the 1986 version of The Fly: is this going to be so disgusting I'm going to barf ten minutes in? Luckily, like The Fly, both movies were incredible, and Fight Club was definitely the better of the two. The plot tells the story of an insomniac man (Edward Norton in his best role) who wants to improve his life. He gets that chance when he meets Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt in one of his best roles), an increasingly insane soap maker who creates the fight club of the title. Finishing off the terrific team is director David Fincher, whose work includes Se7en, The Game, and The Social Network. Without giving anything away, the 3/4 mark of the film gives us a MAJOR unexpected twist. After finishing the movie, I didn't know what to make of it. Five minutes later, I knew this film was a modern masterpiece that deserves its place at #10 on the top 250 list.
very good movie 8 out of 10
In David Fincher's 1999 Fight Club Edward Norton's character is a depressed insomniac that is stuck in his boring life but looking for an escape. In an attempt to find his escape he attends support groups, until Marla Singer(Helena Bonham Carter) starts to do the same thing that he is doing. When he see's this he is distraught and doesn't know what to do until he finds Brad Pitt's Tyler Durden. Soon after they move in together and begin fight club, a club for men to get together to relieve there aggression and problems. The club quickly develops in to something very different; They start vandalizing around the city as a means to topple the country's social structure, and fight club becomes project Mayhem. As Edward Norton's Tyler Durden gain's knowledge of the larger plan he begins to hunt down Brad Pitt's Tyler Durden to stop all of this, but he soon realizes that Brad Pitt's Tyler Durden is a figment of his imagination and he is the one that caused all of this. The film ends with Edward Norton's Tyler Durden watching buildings collapse and the social structure topple as he wanted. Although film noir is not a style that has a happy ending we see many elements of film noir through out Fight Club. So is this a film noir or just a film with many film noir elements. Film noir has many key elements to it such as lighting flash backs and voice overs. It also has many key story elements such as loss, nostalgia, lack of priorities. Through out the film we see many of the elements that go into a film noir such as lighting. Lighting has a key importance in this film, it is very expressive and high key used to show the modes of the scenes. The lighting plays a huge role in the scenes where fight club is held in the basement of the bar. The fight scenes are very dark and mysterious only having enough light to show what is happening. When light is put on someones face only half of their face can be seen, this adds to the idea that you are not yourself when your in fight club; By only showing half a face you do not show someone's entire identity but only part of it. Another way lighting is used is in showing dominance in the fights. The scene in which Edward Norton's Tyler Durden is on top of one of the members and punching his head in to the ground we see that his face is light from the bottom this is showing dominance over his opponent. This scene is also interesting because of the camera angle. In this scene a low camera angle is used to show Edward Norton's Tyler Durden's dominance over the other fighter. The camera along with the lighting give him a different type of dominance and power almost making him look sinister. These are two prime examples of very stylized lighting that is used in the film. On top of the fight scenes being dark and mysterious the entire moving tends to be quite dark with only few scenes with actual full lighting. The majority of the light seen through out the film tends to be very dim with the backgrounds tending to be very dark. Other key elements such as flash backs and voice overs are also seen through out the film. Flash backs are a big piece to this film, the entire film is a flash back. In the beginning of the film we see Edward Norton's Tyler Durden tied up and being held by Brad Pitt's Tyler Durden; The film is one large flash back of how he got in to that position. Along with Flash backs you will see voice overs, those two go hand in hand. These are two big elements of film noir and they are seen through the entire movie not just parts of it. Other than the elements of film noir the muse en scene in fight club also stood out. Through out the entire film Edward Norton's and Brad Pitt's Tyler Durden both were in the center of the frame. This showing that they are the center of attention and are the most important characters through out the film. This also shows their dominance over other characters throughout the film being in the center of the screen. Another thing that happens through out the film is that when Edward Norton and Brad Pitt are in the same frame Edward Norton is in the center and Brad Pitt is off to the side a little. This has to do with the plot and how they are related. Brad Pitt's Tyler Durden is made up by the imagination of Edward Norton's character so it makes sense that Edward Norton is in the center and Brad Pitt is off to the side a little. Is this a film noir or just a film with film noir elements; This is a film noir, there are a multitude of film noir elements and themes. So this is a film noir that happens to have a happy ending.
That mind game...
I think that one of the most amazing things about this movie is that the movie itself is just as same as his main character. Messed out.

I have to be honest, at one point in time, i did not have any idea what to think of this whole plot. I was just like "lets see what happens at the end". I didn't know on which side is the truth. And I loved it. That whole confusion that is lived by Lou is transferred to watchers and i consider that among the best qualities of this film. A story that is told is what we feel and it is hard to describe it. It is something you have to experience.

I like that revolutionary spirit, that rebel prism we all look through on this movie and that state of mind which is totally broken and that made me think about what is my purpose in this world, in my life, in whole this universe. That freedom of doing a scene that co respond with Lou's (or Tyler's, I still don't know what to think) mental disease and having that true feeling that entire movie is just a picture he sees. I say again, it is so hard to describe.

One thing I didn't like, one among the very few, is braking of the barrier between the movie and watchers. Concept was endangered and that, beside some small but pretty lame mistakes like some total coincidences, made me give it 9 instead of 10.

A great psychological game with a watcher's mind, well set and done movie plot, great story of a man's mental rise and fall, unusual love story, rebel awakening in viewers, outstanding acting, unexpected twist... This movie has it all. A 'Must watch' type of movie.
(SPOILERS) Watched This At Random, Became My Favorite Movie
I had seen the previews for this movie, and I had written it off as, well, guys fighting each other. I was pretty disinterested.

One night I had 24 hour duty, and this movie was playing. Without trying to spoil it, this quickly became my favorite movie. Nope, not because of the soap or fighting scenes. I was in the process of becoming a Psychology major, and I realized this movie epitomized the dissociative identity disorder diagnosis.

After seeing the movie, I decided to read the original book by Chuck Palahniuk. Mind... = BLOWN. If you haven't seen this yet, read the book first.
Welcome to movie heaven!
Let's ignore the advice and talk about "Fight Club". This film was a milestone; although it bombed at the box office, Fincher's cinematic language left a mark that can still be felt now, 14 years later, on many current releases. Despite the risky 'cutting edge' nature of the film, Fincher got a huge budget for this and it shows: the camera effects and the whole production design are amazing.

This movie has a raw energy that grips me every time I watch it. What a crazy, fun ride! Whether it is a very clever satire or pure testosterone going on a rampage - both are fine by me. A film so visually stunning and sexy, with career best performances by all involved - welcome to movie heaven.

My vote: 10 out of 10

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Consumerism in Film
Fight club is a very interesting look at the the way we live our lives compared to how we want to and what the reality of our dreams could look like. The Narrator lives the quintessential "American Dream" a decently paying job with travel around the country and more material items than he knows what to do with. And when life turns down for him, his apartment blows up, he realizes he has nobody to turn to. This in itself would of been a travesty of life but as is revealed toward the end of the film, the Narrator did this to himself. I view this as the manifestation of the Narrator's distaste in his current life. He lives a life trapped in his own discomfort, going to cancer meetings and pretending to be dealing with real issues when in fact he is dealing with depression stemming from his hatred of his own affluence. Once he has to face this reality, by Marla Singer also feeding off the pain of others. Her character is more emotionally complex in that she lives in a crack apartment and steals for food. She doesn't have superficial problems with her life, she has real issues and things to have a reason for being upset or hating existing. Maybe her reason for false consolation is her inability to face real adversity. Just like how the Narrator can't face his life sucks and hates it. Fincher's use of framing throughout the film creating a feeling of claustrophobia, putting the viewer in the mental state of the Narrator. All the action is centrally focused with external characters rounding out the shots. The end shot of the credit buildings falling is the first example of an open frame. This connects emotionally to the Narrator for the first time allowing another human being to embrace him in a non violent or aggressive fashion. Fincher also used lighting on an emotional level throughout the film. Even during shots during the day time there was an aura of darkness around the Narrator, again the film didn't seem bright or with life until the final explosion shot as the building falling seemed to be acting as fireworks in celebration of his personal escape from his self made prison. Costuming of the characters was also brilliant. As the gaudy outfits of Tyler and Marla seemed to exemplify what a regular person would think would happen to anybody if they lived at a slot machine for 5 years and took a flight to New York City. The underlying message of the film however seems to be kind of fuzzy. It is very obviously anti consumerism and an attempt to show the furthest extent that a person can be pushed to when they live their life defined by what they own. However the film itself doesn't seem to be outside of this corporate influence. As Pepsi has a prominent presence on the screen, even featuring an actual Pepsi ad in front of the news report on the smiley face building. This could be seen as an active decision, seeing the irony in this and allowing it anyways. But I don't buy that. It seems that the main message is fogged down by the true reality of modern film. As much we want to believe they are free forms of creativity and free from foreign influence. They still need to be funded and still need to appeal to as many as possible. So as creative a movie Flight Club was, even its anti consumerism message cant escape the grasp of what has become big Hollywood controlling what gets made and what is inside these films.
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