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USA, Germany
Drama, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
David Fincher


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Edward Norton as The Narrator
Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden
Helena Bonham Carter as Marla Singer
Meat Loaf as Robert 'Bob' Paulson
Zach Grenier as Richard Chesler
David Andrews as Thomas
George Maguire as Group Leader
Eugenie Bondurant as Weeping Woman
Christina Cabot as Group Leader
Christie Cronenweth as Airline Attendant
Tim De Zarn as Inspector Bird
Fight Club Storyline: A ticking-time-bomb insomniac and a slippery soap salesman channel primal male aggression into a shocking new form of therapy. Their concept catches on, with underground "fight clubs" forming in every town, until an eccentric gets in the way and ignites an out-of-control spiral toward oblivion.
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My Favorite Movie
Fight Club, in my opinion, is the greatest movie ever.

The writing, acting, pace, everything is just right. And it just gets better with every re-watch as you catch little hints to the end of the movie that you may have missed on previous viewings.

Edward Norton is always great. Regardless of the movie, he puts on a fantastic performance. This is also some of my favorite work from Brad Pitt and Helena Bonham Carter. The work from all of the actors in this movie is superb.

All in all, I'd highly recommend this movie to anyone and everyone.
outstanding movie
this movie is about much more than fighting. its about the humans natural instinct to do more with your life, what you have always wanted to do but just didn't know it. throwing out all material items and reverting back to your primal needs and getting back at all the money mongrels.

based of the book wrote by chuck Palahniuk this is a must watch movie and a definite recommended read if you have the time. brad Pitt and Edward Norton where on the money in this one. hopefully you take the time to watch this dark movie full of twist and turns around every corner.
The Most Ridiculous and Overrated Movie in the History of Mankind
I have tried to keep the number of spoilers to a minimum, while making those that remain as vague as possible.

This movie has broken some long-standing records of mine. Let me list them:

1. The most irritating movie 2. The most ridiculous high-budget movie (beating Knowing) 3. The most overrated movie (beating Pulp Fiction - Gotta admit, I didn't think this record was being beaten for a while longer)

To describe this film as a train wreck would be the understatement of the century. There isn't a word or phrase in existence to sum up this colossal nightmare. The closest I can come to it is the word 'abomination'. But go ahead and knock yourself out with a thesaurus. It's definitely the worst high-budget or worst high-rated movie I have ever seen, and I don't think that's a record that will be beaten for a long, long time.

The person who wrote this had absolutely no idea how to create a believable or coherent story (or else was trolling). It literally cannot work in the real world in ANY WAY. Even if this were a comic book fiction, the plot would have more holes in it than Britney Spears' brain. But it's set in our world and with ordinary humans. Well, I say 'ordinary', but the humans in this film have seemingly had brain tissue removed so they can get from A to B without wondering what the hell is going on.

I could go through the movie and write a thesis on everything that is contrary to good storytelling, but I will instead highlight some things that spring to mind:

1. A man goes into his place of work and threatens to kill his boss and co-workers. His boss does nothing at all about it. Not to mention the man is coming into work all the time with a smashed-in face.

2. If the "Fight Club" were real, the people in it would be dead long before they could enact a master plan. No human could or would inflict this level of damage on such a frequent basis.

3. You cannot beat yourself up the way the main character in this film does. It's physically impossible - and probably mentally impossible, too. When Jim Carrey did this in Liar Liar, we all laughed because it's funny and worked in a comedy. How thick does a director have to be to think this can work in a serious setting? The laws of biology are also absent for the duration of this picture, because a silly thing like fact can interfere with a bad writer's screenplay. Some dumb individuals tried to create their own Fight Club after seeing this movie, but they quickly learned the difference between reality and bad fiction. Brain damage, pain, and serious injury exist in the real world, folks. Who'd have thunk it?

4. There is no way that one person (especially a nut job) could infiltrate so many organizations in such a coordinated fashion, or plant so many bombs without people finding out. The real world is a bit more complicated than the moron who wrote this obscenity. A Tom and Jerry cartoon has better logic than this film.

5. Man's apartment (part of a tower block) is blown to bits and the police find out dynamite was involved. Man is told not to go anywhere but is then allowed to jet about the country. He isn't even brought in for questioning. Are you realizing why this story is cuckoo, yet?

6. There is no possible way a psychopath could brainwash so many people and form a large-scale army, spread over such a wide area. But the plot needs it to happen - so it does. Oh, I love it when writers do that. Don't you?

7. The twist makes as much sense as the rest of the film. It's not just impossible, it's ludicrous. It's so bad that even a three year old would laugh at it.

Fight Club also joins Pulp Fiction and Goodfellas as films to be in the top 20 simply because of gratuitous violence and gore. At least Goodfellas is a decent film with some basis in reality.

The only reason this film has been rated so high is because the dumb masses will swallow anything with violence and a pseudo-intellectual script. People who gave this film 10/10 are either gormless fools or mindless barbarians. It's an absolute travesty for the human race that Fight Club is currently in the top 10, let alone top 250.

It's beyond all my powers of reasoning to accept something as lazily written and ridiculous as this festering disease of a film. It has absolutely zero credibility.

My rating 0/5: DO NOT WATCH. STEER WELL CLEAR. Even the name 'Fight Club' should tell you something about the intellect that created it - by the looks of it, another sneering champagne socialist.
Highly Overrated!!!
Last night was the very first time I have ever watched this movie. One of my Facebook friends bought me a copy because I had never seen it. I knew this movie had a cult following and after finally watching, I'm trying to understand why. Maybe if I watched it several more times, it'll grow on me, but I have a feeling I won't for quite a while. It wasn't all bad. It did have some decent and funny moments. I liked Helena Bonham Carter's character. The middle half of the movie was probably the best, but it went down-hill for me when the 'fight club' basically turned into a cult and the weird twist involving Brad Pitt's character.

Edward Norton stars as a traveling automobile company employee who suffers from insomnia. He's known as The Narrator because he visits support groups to see how other people suffer. He eventually meets a woman a lot more miserable than him named Marla Singer. After his apartment explodes, he calls up Tyler Durden, a man who he befriended on a plane. They slowly start a 'Fight Club' where guys meet up and just beat each other up. If you like movies that are supposed to be considered 'great' you might enjoy FIGHT CLUB!!!
"Fight Club" Fantastic Movie of LIfe
Basically, this film changed my life. Not simply on an individual level additionally as a motion picture watcher. I see motion pictures distinctively subsequent to seeing this motion picture, since it separated entryways.I generally cherish motion pictures that keep you engaged and keep you speculating, and this film scores a 10 in both. The individuals who appreciated The Game, Memento, or The Matrix should look at it.
fantastic thrill ride
Say what you will about Fight Club but it keeps you on the edge of your seat right up until the very end of the film. Edward Norton and Brad Pitt work together in a beautiful twisted relationship of degeneration. Things get weirder and weirder but never uninteresting. Fincher directs a gem of a film that will clearly stand the test of time. Instant classic if you will.
The movie was about a person who can be anybody describes how he could not sleep and that everything around him lacked meaning.
This review has spoilers* Movie summary and comments.

This movie was based on 4 character: The main character (narrator) – Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) – and bob (Meat loaf) and Marla Singer (Helena Bonham). There was no development on Helena Bonham (Marla Singer); we just know that she believed that anyone can die at any time; Meat loaf (Bob) a depress person who had his testicles removed. Then different shots were made just to develop brad Pitt (Tyler Durden) character. He was described as a movie editor, a restaurant waiter and a soap salesman.

The movie was about a person who can be anybody describes how he could not sleep and that everything around him lacked meaning. He meets Tyler on a flight and after having his apartment caught on fire, he asked Tyler if he could go live with him. Then he and Tyler started a fist fight outside a bar which then it became something they would do more often. People around them asked to be part of the fights; therefore, the fight club was form. The club main rules was "you do not talk about fight club." Then the main character describes how fighting gave him an escape from his reality. The reality he describe was based on his boring routine. At some point of the movie, Tyler started to recruit people to start a something called project mayhem. The main character did not know the meaning of project mayhem. The project was based like fight club; you were no allow to ask questions. When the main character confronted Tyler, he was asked to let go of reality and to stop trying to control it. When the main character try to find Tyler, he realized how big fight club became; however, he did not know how. Finally, a person called him Tyler and he realized that he has been Tyler all along. Every decision made or action taken by the member of the fight club was done by the main character. He realized that he created a personality called Tyler to escape from his routine. Project mayhem was based on caused. Blowing up the buildings were the credit cards information were storage. In the end all those building were blow up and the main character shot himself to get rid of Tyler. In my opinion, you don't really know which personality of the main character survived at the end of the movie.

In this movie, The narrative sound effects make the viewer more engage on the things happening to the character. At this points we can only guess he is the main character of the film. A named is not given for the main character of the movie, but we know he is the narrator (Edward Norton). I have watched this movie before but I did not notice that a named was not given to the narrator character. Edward character can be anybody who is simple bored of his everyday activities.

The narration would also describe the characters feelings. It even describe the place and environment where they lived. I mentioned that you could hear the world around Edward to be loud but in one scene, he narrated "everything around him got quiet" after every fight. The establishment of the fight club was to escape from reality. There were close up of people work uniform, people with ties, engagement rings. It displayed that anybody could be at the fight club. The sound effect during the fight were done well. You could hear every punch taken or given as well as the noise of people cheering in the background. Even when the narrator would start talking, you could still hear noise around him.

After the fight club, the recruitment started. People were found and train like military. Then the project mayhem was created with member of the fight club. Same as fight club, you were not allow to ask questions. People in project mayhem did not have a named which means anybody could be part of the project. Only after death, you were allow to be recognized.

When the narrator realized he was Tyler, everything came to him really fast. Fast shots of the past shows the things he did. The sounds was loud and low depending on the character feelings. He realized that his insomnia became his other personality (Tyler).

The movie was done really well. The viewer did not realized that Tyler was not real until the end of the movie. The movie was a representation what happens when we don't accept the reality around us. It describe our breaking point and how our routine can ruined us. At the end Edward said "I have my eyes open now" which means he won't escape from reality anymore or it could mean that he won't ignore his reality anymore. Even if I know the end of the movie, I wanted to see if I could found a point of the movie were the main character should have realized that Tyler did not exist.
In a year of amazing films, this one always stands out for me.
Whenever I talk about different years in movies, I always pick 1999 as my favourite year. So many amazing films came out such as American Beauty, The Green Mile, The Matrix and Being John Malkovich. Out of every movie that came out this year, one stands out for me and that is Fight Club.

The first time I ever watched this movie was really late at night and I had waited for it to come on T.V and had to wait until everyone was asleep. I was in absolute awe over the sheer brilliance of the film. everything about it is amazing.

The first thing I noticed was the cinematography. Every time I watch this movie, the opening shot gets me excited and ready for a powerful film.

The story itself is so interesting, it doesn't have any dull moments. Even when a character's life is portrayed as boring you are just hooked in wanting to see what will happened next. The way the story develops also is very fascinating.

Then we have wonderful performances from both Edward Norton and Brad Pitt. But I think that the real standout here is Helena Bonham Carter. She plays one of the only female characters in the movie and truly makes you think about everything in the movie.

There is one negative point though, the fact that a few scenes feel random and tacked on, along with some plot holes.

Overall, if you haven't checked this out, this is a must for every person as long as you aren't squeamish.

Rating: 6.8/7 (or 9/10)
Incredibly overrated and makes little sense
I'm as confused as a rat in a maze as to why Fight Club is rated so highly and is in the top 10. The story and the overall film doesn't make much sense, I mean how on Earth does an insomniac office worker have a split personality believing he's talking (and fighting) to someone and starts up a cult following of men that not only do they all appear to enjoy fighting without moral question but are completely brainwashed and have become terrorists to his cause? Not only that but the main character breaks the fourth wall. I just find this film to be incredibly weird, also I don't understand why Marla just can't give a straight answer of things that are happening between them which the main character doesn't realise he's doing. But the weirdest thing about this film is when he's fighting with Tyler Durden, there's a part where he's being dragged and it's seen from a security camera which shows it's just him dragging himself, but how is this possible? He looks like he's being dragged by a ghost.

Personally, I didn't like this film and from what I think from a general consensus, no way is this a masterpiece, maybe the revealing of the split personality thing but everything else is just weird.
A Little Let Down
When I first got this movie, I was so excited. After hearing all the great things and how it was a top 10 movie of all time. As soon as I started the movie, it was honestly just weird, hard to understand, and random. As the movie came to and end, I was netural with the feeling about this film. Some things were good, some were bad. Now Tyler Durden, that was the best thing about this movie. He was a guy that many people are envious of. Laid back, cool, exciting. Brad Pitt played the part perfectly. But just the whole story line was, in my opinion, not that exciting. Don't get me wrong, there were some awesome parts, but there were some bad parts as well. I'm not at all saying this movie was bad, but I felt let down or disappointed after hearing all the rant and rave about how great of a movie it was. So overall, I view the movie as exceptional acting and awesome characters, but not so good of a story line. Other than that it was fine.
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