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USA, Puerto Rico
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure
IMDB rating:
Phil Volken


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Danny Glover as Constable Haagen
Rafael Perez Martinez as Harbor Master Clerk
James Gordon Jennings as CAPT Gerald, USCG
Elid Barrios as Miguel's Wife
Mauricio Alemañy as Andy Riley
Jorge Cabrera as Jorge (Horhay)
Genesis Castro as Miguel's Older Daughter
Stephanie Baez as Miguel's Younger Daughter
Barkhad Abdi as Miguel Kaba
Marilinda Rivera as Doctor Bethel
Bethany Joy Galeotti as Julie Riley
Eion Bailey as Kevin Riley
Tim Griffin as Actor
Extortion Storyline: When a Caribbean family vacation takes a disastrous turn, a father finds himself at the mercy of a cold-blooded fisherman, and a desperate race against the clock to save his wife and son.
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Don't listen to the bad reviews.
Yes, the actors are unknown. Yes, it seems a little low budget. Yes, the camera is shaky (that is a style of visual effect, btw).

I for one could see past all that for what this movie really is. It had me on the edge of my seat almost the entire time, wanting to see what would happen next. It was interesting, suspenseful and well, I just really enjoyed it!

..The only thing I kinda thought odd about this movie was.. Why was the kid a Hispanic child? I mean his parents were 100% Caucasian yet he looked, and sounded, 100% Mexican.. Adopted? I dunno, it didn't say.
Pleasantly Surprised!
This movie was rented solely for the interesting title. I'd never even heard of it. Subconsciously, I was wishing for one those "sleepers", unknown-type treasures that I find every now and then. Like an awesome secret that only a few know about. And low and behold!! It did not disappoint! It's an exhilarating thriller! Of course- some things are sorta predictable- but it doesn't take away from the edge-of-your-seat story-line. There are somethings that might not be plausible- but hey- it's a movie! There are events that take you on a path of common predictability- then the twists spice it up all over again.

The glaringly obvious- however- is that they expect us to believe a cute little ethnic boy, with a heavy accent, is the biological child of the couple! HOW?! If the story had told us that the little boy is adopted because the couple desperately wanted a child but weren't able to conceive, it would remove this giant casting blunder. Otherwise, why would this couple have a child who speaks with a heavy, non-U.S. accent, and look like his parents are Latino. Could've been easily fixed.

Rent the movie! You won't regret! Hope this crew makes more movies! Sans the obvious boo-boo. I enjoyed watching it!
Pretty good thriller that delivers despite a few plot holes
I really enjoyed this movie which I assume was a low budget straight to Netflix production The movie is based on a true story which is interesting in itself and provided you can turn a blind eye to some dodgy plot twists it is a fast paced thriller with lots of action that keeps you guessing until the end. The cinematography is excellent with beautiful shots of the Caribbean islands just off the coast of Puerto Rico where the film was made and the actors including Danny Glover give good performances. Special mention must go to the director Phil Volken who has only directed a handful of movies so far however I was impressed by this effort and look forward to his next offering
It's not Captain Phillips, but still a solid achievement
"Extortion" is an American movie from this year (2017), still relatively new and fresh and it is probably the most known work by award-winning filmmaker Phil Volken, who is the writer and director here. His film here probably receives a major boost thanks to the inclusion of Somalian Oscar nominee and BAFTA winner Barkhad Abdi. And Abdi plays a character pretty similar to his career-defining performance, even if this film takes place in an entirely different part of the world. The crime reference is there once again and also once again the connection with water. And his physical presence is equally strong again. It almost felt like the same character and one of his earlier illegal career "achievements". But there is more to this film than just Abdi. Donald Glover around the age of 70 plays a police investigator who was a bit underwritten though and I think there was certainly more potential to the character. And then there is Eion Bailey, who is mostly known for his prolific television work, but also appeared in "Fight Club" for example. By definition, it sounds like a truly baity lead performance, but eventually it feels more like it is all about the thrills and the mission to save wife and son, so I would not blame Bailey that his performance is probably not among the most memorable aspects of the films. It's all about how everything is written.

The movie runs for 110 minutes (including credits), which is fairly long admittedly and I do believe that there are segments that could have been shortened or maybe even left out. I personally felt that the film was really really good until everything escalates at the home of Abdi's character and until that point I was even tempted to give it a 4 stars out of 5 and this include it in my very favorite films of the year by now. When the protagonist wakes up afterward at the hospital, it sadly gets worse and the film loses itself a bit with the lone wolf going out there to save his family and it becomes a bit stereotypical and the way it ends eventually is also a bit unrealistic and feels very much on the forced happy ending side. Makes me a bit sad to see that Volken did not manage to pull through until the very end with his quality filmmaking really. But nonetheless, it is still a fairly decent achievement for a young filmmaker and definitely something to build on for the future. Yes you can say that the topic and premise was dealt with sufficiently in the past and that there was no need to make this film because it does not deliver anything new really. But it's only partially correct. First of all, it may have been done in the past, but it rarely was done as good. And besides with the hundreds of thousands film (maybe millions) made in the past, it is really tough to come up with something entirely new and refreshing, so why not take familiar plots and give them your personal take and ideas. The way it was done here is pretty convincing. I recommend checking it out, especially for the really strong first 70 minutes.
Better Than I Expected
I didn't know what to expect from this film with no reviews posted as I write this. What I found was a thriller that contained wild twists and turns as it progressed, but which also contained, at times, such highly implausible plot elements that I found myself shaking my head in disbelief.

Eion Bailey stars here as Dr. Kevin Riley, who is about to embark on a much anticipated Caribbean vacation with his wife Jules (Bethany Joy Lenz) and their six-year-old son Andy (Mauricio E. Alemany). Upon arrival,they rent a boat from a local, but, at the urging of Andy, end up exploring a deserted island far out at sea. However, with their outboard motor failing and with no food or water, they will find themselves in a most precarious and dangerous predicament.

From there, a series of wild and life threatening events will begin, and without writing too many spoilers I will say that a local fisherman named Miguel sees a golden opportunity for extortion here. Barkhad Abdi, who was nominated for and won numerous awards for his motion picture debut in "Captain Phillips" again turns in an amazing and most believable performance as Miguel.

Overall, this movie, written and directed by Phil Volken, was better than I anticipated and certainly kept my attention throughout, but be prepared for some extremely implausible plot elements along the way.
SPOILERS *This is a definitely must watch movie, from start to finish I couldn't fault it, great picture, brilliant performances and directing from the cast and crew,one of the best movies I've seen All year. Had me feeling tense, excited, nervous, and emotional. Iff there was anything bad I could say about this film, was the pornographic music at the end, and a 3 time gold Olympic medalist mo farra up to no good shouting the odds wanting a million pounds transferred into his bank account within 2hrs!!!, absolute pandemonium lol, respect to all the cast and crew including Jim Carey, big Tony, Mr genuine, Dr harbinson, and last but not least David price (big pricey)
Now that's what I call a movie!
Hands down, one of the most entertaining movies I've seen in a long time and this is coming from a movie junkie. It starts out slow but the moment my boy Barkad Abdi appears, the movie takes you on some ridiculous ride! I love how the main character took action in ways that was similar to ones' own actions (ridicilous as it may be). The supporting actor was awesome in his roll and made some straight up evil moves that got one heated up pretty quickly. All in all, this movie left me clapping towards the end and that's what a movie should be doing. I'm baffled that it scored 6/10 on here, this movie is at least worth an 8.
Exceeded my expectations.
I am a sucker for all kinds of adventure/thriller or adventure/drama/thriller movies so I was excited to see that my favorite actress from One tree hill Bethany Joy was in this new movie. I rented it on redbox and got ready to enjoy a movie with my favorite actress, rather than an actual movie. And I was surprised. As much as a lot of movies like this are pretty predictable in how the events will unfold, this movie kept me "on my toes". It started off pretty slow, but then picked up a pace and it got my attention until it was over. Great acting, interesting "unpredictable" turn of events at some points, and pretty cool ending as I thought it might end differently. Yes, there are elements of "unbelievable" situations, where you might chuckle, but come on.... name one movie that is completely REAL and appears 100% legit in every darn thing. Exactly. Anyway, I liked it a lot. I might even watch it again.
Unrealistic, Bad Acting, but with "What I would do?" moments
I haven't been to IMDb site in probably 7 years. However, I was so curious what people said about this movie, that after googling reviews, landed back here and was reading. I felt compelled to register, sing in, and confirm the account all at 1 am my time. Just so I can share a review, that tells something about the movie?

The movie.

The most unbelievable plot ever made.

Plot is so bluntly consequential that you know from the very line of the neighbors about the lawn mower engine that something is going to happen. Now, movie is full of unbelievable and unreal scenes.

Adding to all of these mentioned before

Dad mentions owns a boating license when renting from a local, yet he goes out to open sea without a single bottle of water, no compass, first-aid-kit, etc all things you know and need to know if you get a license. Even if you buy one and not pass you know better.

On the good side, watching you ask yourself - what would you do (even if you wouldn't do such a dumb thing).

Acting is bad. Wife looks hot. Kid is a moron.
This father got my credit!
First of all, I'm the father of a daughter. If things happen like this I believe I would do most the same as this dad did in the movie. A message to some people seeing this is a nonsense movie, here are my concluding:

1. In real life, You have to imagine there will be a lot more worse and more stupid people than bad guys in the movie that you could never understand WHY!

2. in case no one trusts you, you have to find your own way to solve the problem, not to wait for any congenial ideas from any men, from any government. Because they are not living in your mind, not in your urgent time, not understand your situation, not living for your life, do not expect any empathy if they don't have it... So don't wait for them to say in their final word that is "we are sorry"...

In this particular scene, no men can search for his family among thousand of islands within 1 night and 1 morning, so don't blame that he is stupid unless you put yourself into this...

3. If the father waits for the police to catch that Haiti and tracing banking account, cell phone, interviewing suspects, doing process kinds of stuff... the next day will be wasted forever and could lead to the death of 2 fresh bodies...
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