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USA, Puerto Rico
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure
IMDB rating:
Phil Volken


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Danny Glover as Constable Haagen
Rafael Perez Martinez as Harbor Master Clerk
James Gordon Jennings as CAPT Gerald, USCG
Elid Barrios as Miguel's Wife
Mauricio Alemañy as Andy Riley
Jorge Cabrera as Jorge (Horhay)
Genesis Castro as Miguel's Older Daughter
Stephanie Baez as Miguel's Younger Daughter
Barkhad Abdi as Miguel Kaba
Marilinda Rivera as Doctor Bethel
Bethany Joy Galeotti as Julie Riley
Eion Bailey as Kevin Riley
Tim Griffin as Actor
Extortion Storyline: When a Caribbean family vacation takes a disastrous turn, a father finds himself at the mercy of a cold-blooded fisherman, and a desperate race against the clock to save his wife and son.
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Extortion up there with Taken (spolier alert!)
A movie that leaves you still thinking about it afterwards a good movie! All action thrillers have some element of 'unrealistic'. It doesn't matter...its not based on a true story.. I could really 'feel' the desperation of the father...just wanting to get back to that Island where his family lay helpless. You never saw him eat anything or even sleep because time was of the essence..just like Liam Neeson in Taken..the time factor was crucial. Its what made this movie an edge of your seat Thriller! The constant ticking of his brain for the next move just made you go YESSSSS!!! The extortionist was perfectly hated him even though you see why he did what he did later.. Danny Glover was fantastic, just cool calm not overplayed as the cop in charge. The main actor was the father who at times resembled Bradley Cooper 😉. The only thing I would have liked is 'more' to the leaves you that bit more satisfied that all is OK, whereas Extortion leaves you to assume it. Great movie nonetheless..I can see an Extortion2!!
Unrealistic movie
Firstly i want to say that this is my first IMDb review, and English isn't my native language, so please excuse me if i make grammar mistakes.

I personally can't understand how such an awful scenario for this movie was approved. It is full of mistakes that in real life would never happen. I watched it just because of Barkhad Abdi acting in the movie.

Spoiler alert from now on !!!

In this review i will try to explain why this movie was so bad for me.

- In the beginning of the movie, when the family arrives on the island, the father rush to rent a jet ski to ride with his kid. When he is told all the jet skis are already rented he does a desperate move renting a boat from a local man, like he was in his last day of the vacation.

- Another thing that it seems weird to me, is that the boat has no radio station so you can emit an S.O.S. if needed. The biggest thing that i can't understand is the lack of cell phone on the family. Like really? No camera, no phone, no nothing when you go on a vacantion ?? A GPS on a phone would resolve so many things...

- Throughout the movie Kevin Riley is seen wearing a watch. From the moment he wakes up in the boat took by Miguel he can look at the time and calculate how much time was until they arrived at the harbor. This information would narrow the search area for the police.

- He is taken by Miguel to a payphone to raise the money needed. He is shown calling multiple persons. From where did he get the numbers? Highly improbable that he would memorate all that numbers.

- When he is left to drawn in the boat, the wood walls are old and frail so it is hard to believe that a strong man cannot put a hole in those.

- Highly improbable that the crossbow would trigger when put down gently.

- He escapes the hospital very easy, running with a fresh wound.

- Jorge get's run over by somebody right in the middle of the road, with no brakes, no nothing.

- With he's dying powers Jorge points a island to a map he barely seen (Kevin has three maps, but when Jorge opens his eyes he has the correct one in the hand) and is for the first time he is seen them.

- Again with a fresh wound Kevin runs for the nearest harbor but with just minutes ago he cannon run for more than a few meters.

- When refueling the boat the contor on the fuel pump run very slowly, but in the next shot it goes very fast, filling the 1200 litres fuel tank in just under a minute.

- When reaching to the island he miraculously saves his son life by doing cardiac massage (manage to get there just when his heart stops beating...)

If all this doesn't convince you that this is a bad movie i don't know what to say more.
very entertaining
The film is nice , beautiful scenery thumbs up to director/camera crew/editors, i watched it twice but found it kind of offensive towards the Bahamas due to unbelievable events, the actors are great, but not native, the picture reflects the Bahamas semi third world if that's possible, action packed, edge of your seat suspense, real fantasy and a darn good watch just missing originality. If your looking for action/adventure you might enjoy this.
The plot was repetitive, we have already seen in several movies, but I liked the movie
The plot was repetitive, we have already seen in several movies, but I liked the movie

The actors did a wonderful job with the material they had, although I would have liked to see the consequences of Kevin's actions at the end...
Actor Barkhad Abdi is a person I would not want to be on the same boat as him.

Abdi plays a poor fisherman, Miguel who thinks his golden goose has dropped a golden egg when he finds Dr Kevin Riley (Eion Bailey) a heart surgeon on holiday in the Caribbean stranded on a broken down motorboat with his family and in desperate need for help.

After drifting for some days, his wife and son exhausted, Miguel seizes the opportunity to demand money from the Kevin. Then once the money has been transferred he leaves them all for dead fearing they would go to the police.

Kevin makes the search for his family and Miguel once he realises that the local police are no help.

This is another American in peril story abroad. The good doctor should had figured that there was no way the fisherman would release his family once he got the money. It really is a B movie, cheesy, the acting is rather wooden, Danny Glover is really too old to play a cop but it has some thrills but the plot is nonsensical.
Highly entertaining thriller guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat
This is the first time i am ever writing a movie a review on IMDb. So bear with me if my English is not good. But this movie deserves one. This movie literally kept me on the edge of the seat and gasping on the violent and unexpected twists. Many a time a scene comes and you are left wondering 'what the hell just happened'. With hell lot of twists and surprises this movie keeps the action going on. There are no particular points along the time line where you are bored. Pure thriller from start to end. Also happy to see Danny Glover in action. all in all a must see. it deserves a rating more than 7.
Unbelievably bad
Please listen to me.

If you rent this movie, you will possibly become enraged while watching it.

Because everything about it is so stupid.

First of all, in the first scene, you hate the wife of the doctor because she's such an irritating rag.

Then, Doc, our main character, who's supposed to be smart because he's a heart surgeon, makes an idiotic decision, putting all three of them at risk of certain stupid, preventable death.

Seemingly endless unpleasantness ensues, none of it believable, until the fast-forward function is utilized.

Nothing adds up. Why was this script approved? Why was this "movie" made?

Wow. Didn't know a product such as this could find its way into NetFlix.
Now that's what I call a movie!
Hands down, one of the most entertaining movies I've seen in a long time and this is coming from a movie junkie. It starts out slow but the moment my boy Barkad Abdi appears, the movie takes you on some ridiculous ride! I love how the main character took action in ways that was similar to ones' own actions (ridicilous as it may be). The supporting actor was awesome in his roll and made some straight up evil moves that got one heated up pretty quickly. All in all, this movie left me clapping towards the end and that's what a movie should be doing. I'm baffled that it scored 6/10 on here, this movie is at least worth an 8.
Good movie with flaws.
Enjoyed the movie. Like others I had problems with 1)Son with a Spanish accent, 2)Doc with brainless actions at times, 3)Deckhand getting hit by a car but able to point to the island, and 4)Mouth to mouth saving kid dying of dehydration, but it was a suspenseful movie that I enjoyed. I wish they had continued it just a bit to see what consequences the doc was going to face after all of his illegal maneuvers to get his family back (murder, armed robbery, etc).
Great movie.
Actually a great movie , you would think its predictable family goes to a vacation get kidnapped and they make it out but no it leaves you thinking.Its very interesting, a good thriller contains great plot twist.Acting is fine, director has done a very good job , soundtrack well i didn't even notice any interesting songs , story as i said was kind of a cliché but its acceptable.Rating 8/10
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