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Drama, Romance
IMDB rating:
Stella Meghie


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Danube Hermosillo as Rosa (as Danube R. Hermosillo)
Marion Eisman as Nurse Janet
Nick Robinson as Olly Bright
Amandla Stenberg as Maddy Whittier
Robert Lawrenson as Mr. Waterman
Peter Benson as Dr. Chase
Françoise Yip as Dr. Francis
Sage Brocklebank as Astronaut
Dan Payne as Joe
Anika Noni Rose as Pauline
Everything, Everything Storyline: A 17 year old girl named Madeline Whittier has a rare disease that causes her to have to stay indoors 24/7 with her filtered air. Her whole life is basically books, her mom, and Carla(her nurse). One day, a moving truck pulls in next door. There she sees Olly. Olly Bright is Maddy's new neighbor. They get to know each other through emails. The more they get to know each other, the more they fall in love. Olly starts to make Maddy realize that she isn't really living. This starts the adventures of Maddy's new life.
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Teenage love
At first seeing this movie was a little bit nerve-racking to me because, in my opinion, every movie that has a book before it never really is up to par with the book. Although Everything, Everything stayed in the story line the ending felt very rushed to me and you could not get the same feeling of the shock that her mother was keeping her inside her whole life because of her personal fears.I believe that Amandla Stenburg and Nick Robinson did an amazing job in their performing and although they had a different hardship than the usual interracial relationship does, the directer using Maddy's(Amandla) talent of building sculptures to bring them together through their text messages was a very good contribution to the movie.Reading the book first also had it's peaks because you got to know more about the story like Olly's high energy level and why he kept walking across the green room and flicked his rubber band at her. Besides the ending being a bit rushed the film really brings the book to life and tells the story of the newly 18 year old that has never gotten to go outside because of her uncommon disease ,skid, and all in a few days gets the adventure of her life, gets the truth and her freedom. It is still an amazing movie to go and experience has an amazing soundtrack and good actors that fit the characters perfectly.
Isn't this plot pretty much the same as Bubble Boy?
Here's why: - Kid is lied to about having some illness that prevents them from enjoying the outside. - They fall in love with their pal nearby. - Their pal nearby helps them get out. - They discover they are not sick.

Just thought this was interesting.
Loved it!
I've just watched this movie and I absolutely loved it! I'm just sad I didn't read the book first, because I love reading and I think it's better to read a book first, and then watch the movie based on it. I'm a hopeless romantic, so this movie was perfect for me, especially on this days when I felt really bad, so it helped me a lot and made me smile. I DEFINITELY recommend it to everyone!
A beautiful movie just as good as the book.
I went to the theater not expecting much, having previously read the book, I doubted the movie would be as good. I was wrong. Everything everything is a beautiful movie for everyone. Seriously, just go watch the movie.

If you need more convincing, let me break it down for you. It's a diverse movie without the main topic being race. Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson both to beautiful acting jobs, bringing their characters, Maddy and Olly, to life. Both characters are interesting, deep, and most importantly, alive.

I'll probably use the word beautiful to describe this movie way too much, but that's because it really is a beautiful movie. The visuals are gorgeous, every shot is artistic. It's also a very aesthetic movie to watch. I also really enjoyed the music played throughout the film and during the credits. It was a beautiful story with depth.

In conclusion, just go watch the movie.
i loved it
the movie was just so empowering and it shows how short life is, i definitely recommend it for teenagers like me who love the romantic type of movies -- and the actors were both perfect for the role in my opinion. this is the 2nd movie i've seen with Amandla Stenberg in it and i loved her in this.
Im my opinion it's obvious she gets out of the house-pls read till the end
I titled it this as i don't want to get banned for not revealing its a spoiler even though it's obvious she's going to get out. Let me start by saying i've never, as far as I can tell, even heard of a film dealing with this issue. I saw the trailer and didn't even watch the end before i wanted to watch it.It was so well done too. The boy from next door, the way the film shows how they interacted with each other, which is so well done,I loved it. I could go on but the whole reason , i wrote this review is because of the end. I won't spoil the end. A big problem for me watching films is I always know the end and it makes it less good when the inevitable happens.I can honestly say this is a film ending I never saw coming in a million years. I won't give away the end. What i will say, as the title suggests, it's obvious she was going to get out of the house. What infuriated me was of all the possibilities they could have chose, they went with the worst. It really angered me and ruined the film for me. I was genuinely going to buy it till I saw the end.
The review of the best movie I have watched.
It is the best movie I watched in a while.. it is like i was the girl from the movie.. you can just fill how she feels. I just can not believe this movie is so brilliant. Sometimes life is like some people around us want us to be, but when we find something to be happy about we have to do everything in our power to become the person we always dreamed of. Life is too short for being inside and not seeing the world. If you find your happiness you ave to work to get to it. I am a 18 years old student who loves to travel and i have the smile on my face like she had when she saw the sea. I want all of you to watch and feel the movie like I did.You HAVE to watch it. :) enjoy.

Nastja from Slovenia.
It just about fitted into the time left on my flight!
At the back end of a trans-continental flight I scanned those movies which I could see to their conclusion in the time left, and picked this.

Early on I thought "OK, sad story, but where is it going?"

And then it referenced 'Rigoletto' with nurse Carla allowing Maddy to secretly see Olly. And in no time after that the incongruities began to creep in. When the mother fires Carla and appoints a tyrannical replacement with a face like a half-sucked lemon, you think "Hey, this is an 18-year-old. She's an adult, and her mother is imprisoning her" and the inevitable conclusion begins to play out.

I certainly know a lot from personal experience about domineering mothers suffocating their children's ambitions for a good and independent life, sometimes with tragic consequences. So that side of it was brought out. But on the whole it was lightweight, and merits no more than 6/10. But it did just fit into the flight!
Everything, Everything Is Captivating...Until the Contrived and Rushed Ending
Everything, Everything is a movie with a great premise for a story, but a rushed and contrived ending causes, what should have been an excellent film, to fall apart like a house of cards. It isn't just unfortunate. It's sad. I've seen plenty of bad films over 40 years of watching movies, but movies that disappoint me the most, are the ones that start off really strong, but then fail to deliver at the end during the "home stretch."

Maddy Whittier is an 18-year-old girl whose entire world is confined to her house. Due to a rare disease called SCID (Severe Combine Immune Deficiency), she is unable to step outside without literally risking her life, as she is vulnerable to everything.

Almost immediately, she sees Olly move in next door, and for some reason, she's captivated by him. Movies shouldn't always provide an explanation for such connections, since invariably people ARE attracted to others without knowing why. This film smartly moves forward. They first communicate via texting (never Skype, which doesn't make sense), and then eventually, Maddy's nurse agrees to secretly let the boy come over. Everything in the house, including people, are sterilized. They meet, and clearly there is a connection.

Maddy's true dream is to see and swim in the ocean, and she and Olly, decide to take off for Hawaii, thus putting her life at risk. But, isn't a day of living worth more than a lifetime in prison? As an audience member, we sympathize with her, despite knowing what is likely going to happen.

Up until this point, the movie is working, and then, fatefully, the writers and director decided to throw in a convoluted, rushed twist to ensure that the movie ends almost perfectly, nice and neat in a perfect box with a little bow on top.

It turns out that Maddy's mother has been less than truthful about Maddy's condition, thus turning the mother into a monster right out of a Stephen King novel! When Maddy finds out, her reaction is downright hilarious, when it shouldn't be. If you found out that you were being trapped in the world of your house because you were being manipulated for your entire 18 years of life, how would you react? Eighteen years of your life have literally been stolen from you. Everything you've dreamed of doing has been just that: a dream. Maddy's reaction is ridiculous and completely unrealistic, and only serves to help the writer to wrap up the film in a nice "Hallmark" contrived manner. It left me shaking my head. Any rational, logical character would have been overcome with anger and even rage. Instead, Maddy runs away. Maddy's mother shows up to apologize. And while Maddy hasn't forgiven her mother, they embrace in a tearful farewell. I teach middle school writing students who could come up with a better ending than the writers did for this film.

The movie turns in very strong performances all around. I was very impressed with the cast, and the story was working...until the end. Unfortunately, the ending is so contrived that a movie that I was ready to give a "9" to, ended up dropping because the ending hurts the entire film. I wouldn't hire the writers or the director to do anything else if this was the best that they could do. Talk about a wasted and blown opportunity!
Everything isn't everything
This review of Everything, Everything is spoiler free

*** (3/5)

YOU CAN SEE the appeal for Hollywood to star young pretty actors to star as people with a terminal illness. Think Me and Earl and the Dying Girl or The Fault In Our Stars and in its roots it's definitely effective. So it's really no surprise that young, pretty people are used for the adaptation of Nicola Yoon's best selling YA novella Everything, Everything. A story about a smart, inspirational 18-year-old girl who is diagnosed with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID), a rare immunity disease which basically states that she cannot venture outside her house until a boy moves next door and the two fall in love. Of course the irresistible leads help too.

There's Madeline played by Amandla Stanberg (The Hunger Games) and secondly there's Olly played Nick Robinson (The Fifth Wave) - these two are fantastic together sharing incredible chemistry and stunning performances. Madeline is a charming, beautiful young woman who lives her whole life in the pages of her books, she loves building models and imagines living her life outside the locks and the protection of her home. Olly is a handsome young man, who convinces her that she isn't living a life and helps her come out of her shell. They first communicate via email they dream of meeting face to face, but the problems that face her is that she cannot venture out her door otherwise she becomes ill.

It's essentially a more entertaining, gender-reversed version of The Boy In The Plastic Bubble and for a while it works, there is stunning narration between the two leads, shining moments in the imagination of Madeline and beautiful cinematography which shows the bright, vibrant world beyond her window. In addition the film thrives in the irresistible chemistry of the two leads. And they get incredible supporting help too, from Anika Noni Rose who plays Madeline's mother and Ana de la Raguira who plays her trusting nurse.

However, for all the praises and expertly crafted beautiful workmanship there are flaws, particularly in the storytelling; in some places the film has gaps of plot which are left unconvincing. Also the scripts that are given to narrate is often trite which begs for a re-write. And sadly in the third act some of the material is left rubbery and predictable. As there are a few swimming scenes that bounce around repetitively which unfortunately leaves the material perhaps begging for a re-hash. Sure enough, Everything, Everything isn't perfect by a long shot but the film succeeds with its impeccable characterization, stunning storytelling and fantastic performances which in turn make much needed amends to the flaws and help it score high.

VERDICT: A muddled yet charming, well-acted and fun YA adaptation which despite the drops, scores quite high in the teenage girl's film market.
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