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Drama, Romance
IMDB rating:
Stella Meghie


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Danube Hermosillo as Rosa (as Danube R. Hermosillo)
Marion Eisman as Nurse Janet
Nick Robinson as Olly Bright
Amandla Stenberg as Maddy Whittier
Robert Lawrenson as Mr. Waterman
Peter Benson as Dr. Chase
Françoise Yip as Dr. Francis
Sage Brocklebank as Astronaut
Dan Payne as Joe
Anika Noni Rose as Pauline
Everything, Everything Storyline: A 17 year old girl named Madeline Whittier has a rare disease that causes her to have to stay indoors 24/7 with her filtered air. Her whole life is basically books, her mom, and Carla(her nurse). One day, a moving truck pulls in next door. There she sees Olly. Olly Bright is Maddy's new neighbor. They get to know each other through emails. The more they get to know each other, the more they fall in love. Olly starts to make Maddy realize that she isn't really living. This starts the adventures of Maddy's new life.
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very nice; unique story with shocking turn; must for emotional people
Very nice acting. Excellent loving couple, they expressed love in very natural way. Story is unique with shocking turn and practical. Its an emotional movie and every character is playing their part because of their love. The mother towards her daughter, and guy towards her girl, the nurse towards the girl. In fact they are too much obsessed with their affection that they have crossed the limit. (excess of everything is bad :) )
Predictable but enjoyable
I will say when it comes to the genre of young adult love stories, they tend to be rather predictable with the boy and girl meeting and falling in love. The tradition continues but offers a somewhat different take in which the girl maddie is diagnosed with a immune disease that prevents her from going outside and lives Ina sterilized environment, the boy Ollie is the emo kid dressed in black who deals with an abusive father, the two meet and instantly fall in love.
Love is All and Everything
Amandla Steinberg stars as the female protagonist of Maddy an 18- year old, who never left her house due to suffering a disease and if she leaves her house that she lives with her overprotective but means well loving mother, a doctor named Pauline and Carla, a nurse and a good friend.

And one second out of the house, could die over it. But then she meets a new neighbor named Olly, the male protagonist played by Jurassic Park's Nick Robinson who moves with his never do well alcoholic and abusive father.

But his new world and her's new world both end up in a new beginning. And despite her disease and his troubled home, both strike up a friendship. Despite the cautious pleas of her mom not to get him involved

But still, that will not keep them away. As he urges her to live life to the fullest and that means taken chances. But will it come to her at a cost and to their blossoming relationship.

Really a tearjerker and really such a very much a love story as well.
A Beautiful Young Interracial Love story with a Twist
21 May 2017: I have been a fan of talented young Biracial actress, Amandla Stenberg since seeing her in the film "Colombiana" 2011 and then I met her with her mother in June 2014 at the Mixed race Multiracial festival in Los Angeles. She is very nice and charming.

I see and support All Interracial Love stories between men and women such as "The Lovings", "Something New", "Guess Who", "Zebra Head" and my all time favorite, "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" 1967.

Anyhoo, "Everything~Everything" is a beautiful young Interracial Love story, a film for all ages from teens to seniors. At first is was sad that a young girl whose whole adult life is locked inside of her home believing that if she steps outside in the real world, she could die. A note to point out is that I like the fact that Maddie's parents in the family photo is also exactly like Amandla's real life parents. Prior to seeing the family photo, I assumed that she was just playing a young African American girl, but not Biracial.

Then comes in her young prince charming actor, Nick Robinson as Olly who lives in the home across from her. The slow contact between them build to what we are all hoping for is that they will get to at some point actually see each other face to face and thanks to Mexican telenovela {soap opera} actress, Ana de Reguera that I watched in the Mexican soap opera "Gitanas" 2004, the young lovers finally meet face to face much to the chagrin anger of Maddie's mother when she finds out.

After e-mailing, texting and meeting in their windows, Ana as Carla finally lets Olly inside to meet Maddie. There is an instant sweet innocent attraction between the two of them (sort of like Brooke Shield first encounter in the film "Blue Lagoon" many years ago.

Knowing that she could die anytime, I like that she realizes that being locked up in a prison of her home is Not really living at all and she is willing to risk it all for the chance to go outside with Olly and take the risk of going as far as Hawaii, knowing that her mother who loves her and only has her best interest at heart, but what later appears to have been a lie to keep her daughter locked inside for fear of losing her.

Maddie risk it all to experience Love of life and her first true love experience. In the words of Andy Dufrasne "Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying." Maddie gets busy living. I love when he tells her that he loves her, but her reply to him sort of reminds me of the words on Holy Bible, "God loved us before we were formed in our mothers womb." She says, I loved you before I knew you. That is really beautiful. The love scene in Hawaii is beautiful, tastefully done and does not seem forced. In fact, she is the more aggressive person between them.

We, the audience knew that at some point a big scare has to happen to find out if she would live or die and that happens to her while she is in Hawaii. Thanks to the nurse in Hawaii finally making young Maddie realize that she does Not have a rare illness at all, but her mom has been lying to her to keep her locked inside out of fear of losing her only because of a allergy or something that she has, but not a rare illness that will kill her.

We also find out that Maddie makes Olly happy not only because he loves her, but also it give him a chance to escape his abusive father who beats him and his mother, but that is Not really shown much here. Only one exterior scene show a physical confrontation between Olly and dad.

I liked a lot of things about this film. 1. A good film that never mentions the racial differences between the two. Just two people falling in love. True Love sees No skin color and that is the way it should be. 2. When we finally see the love scene with them in Hawaii, it is very nice and tastefully done, no degrading women with upper body or lower body nudity. 3. No profanity. 4. No violence on women or anyone. On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 9 and two thumbs up.
Teenage love
At first seeing this movie was a little bit nerve-racking to me because, in my opinion, every movie that has a book before it never really is up to par with the book. Although Everything, Everything stayed in the story line the ending felt very rushed to me and you could not get the same feeling of the shock that her mother was keeping her inside her whole life because of her personal fears.I believe that Amandla Stenburg and Nick Robinson did an amazing job in their performing and although they had a different hardship than the usual interracial relationship does, the directer using Maddy's(Amandla) talent of building sculptures to bring them together through their text messages was a very good contribution to the movie.Reading the book first also had it's peaks because you got to know more about the story like Olly's high energy level and why he kept walking across the green room and flicked his rubber band at her. Besides the ending being a bit rushed the film really brings the book to life and tells the story of the newly 18 year old that has never gotten to go outside because of her uncommon disease ,skid, and all in a few days gets the adventure of her life, gets the truth and her freedom. It is still an amazing movie to go and experience has an amazing soundtrack and good actors that fit the characters perfectly.
I saw the trailers and they made me want to see the movie but that strong emotion that the trailers seemed to have was really lacking in the movie. It was OK, and just that, just OK, Maybe my expectations were too high because I thought this had the potential to be a really emotional movie, a tear jerker. Nope not one tear was shed. Honestly I can't put my finger on what was wrong. Everything was adequate but nothing stood out.

The only emotional response I had at all was anger at the twist. Hadn't read the book and wasn't expecting that. At first I was mad at the mom but then my anger was at the writers when I realized the twist was just a way to tie things up for the happy ever after.

As said, it was OK, not sorry I watched it but I doubt seriously I'll ever watch it again.
Syrupy sweet teenage romance
This film is similar to the fault in our stars in many ways, it doesn't involve cancer but it does involve one teen suffering from a disease. Madeline (Amandla Stenberg) is an 18 year old girl who lives with her doctor mother in California, her father and brother died in a car accident years ago. And Olly (Nick Robinson) is an 18 year old boy who's just moved in next door to Madeline and her mother. Madeline has SCID, a disease where you're blood cells can't fight off simple bacteria, so she is forced to always stay inside the house because she could die if she doesn't. Madeline and Olly form a bond/connection through texting and holding up messages against the windows, they get to know one another and eventually begin to have romantic feelings towards one another. The chemistry between Nick Robinson and Amandla Stenberg was great, I really loved how they connected on screen and I bought their feelings for each other. The performances were very good from all cast members, Anika Noni Rose included. I thought Rose's performance was very commendable. The plot can be pretty predictable at times, but what made the movie work for me was the two leads performances and their romantic chemistry. That's what makes the movie worth seeing. 7/10, I do suggest everything everything.
Ehhhh...verything, Ehhhh...everything
Everything, Everything is this year's young adult novel turned film about young love facing the incredible obstacle of overcoming disability or disease.

It's like these studios lay in wait for another big deadly disease to come through and then say, "jackpot". Is there any other problem facing young adults other than death? Oh yeah, there is, studios are just too chicken to see if it's profitable enough yet.

Simply put, Maddy is a young adult with an immuno-deficiency disorder that makes going outside very deadly. Her house is basically like that hermetically sealed room Tom Cruise has to break into in the first Mission Impossible.

Her dreams include seeing the ocean and going to school but apparently none of that makes her want to jeopardize her health like seeing the new neighbor for the first time.

He's a long-haired, pretty boy skateboarder named Ollie who starts out by giving her this douchey smile and literally waving his hair in the sun. I swear to God I haven't wanted to see a skateboarder smash into something in a real long time.

There's no question these two are going to start a romance- one that includes Ollie performing funny skits from the window right across from her, making her a playlist, and taping pictures of every ocean to the outside of her living room window.

The cuteness factor actually get's laid-on pretty thick here. It's hard not to think around the half hour mark that if it weren't for a couple missing white blood cells these two would already be on "16 and Pregnant".

I do really like Amandla Stenberg though, who played Rue in "The Hunger Games". She's actually 18 now and not much makes me feel old, but this does for some reason.

Anyway, she captures the repressed teenage longing of someone who wants way more than she'll ever be allowed to get but she's also spirited at the same time. Her few scenes of social awkwardness, like impressing Ollie with a handstand, work too.

Being that the entire film is told from Maddy's perspective, Nick Robinson isn't as good, more of a vague outline of a troubled kid. But he's cute and kinda funny and that seemed to be enough for most of the audience I saw this with.

The movie actually goes down like milk and cookies really, I mean even the disease doesn't get in the way of the romance too much unless it's mentioned as getting in the way of the romance and the second half just keeps the swooning going.

Anybody looking for anything other than swooning might want to look elsewhere but this is a sweet, good-looking couple, and a good-looking movie that takes us from California to Hawaii.

If only the ending didn't jump the shark so badly in a way that makes you question one character's mental health and makes you think that another has been living a situation like out of a Stephen King story or something for so long.

It kinda ruins what was a mildly diverting, enjoyable time. So i'm going to say the movie is a mediocre 5/10.
"Shape of You -- If Human Life is A boat, Happiness will be an Ocean!". **Good Movie for A Beautiful Mind**
It's no coincidence that the recent years of the world cinema, many directors are somewhat inclined toward the production of emotional film genre (love/romantic) stimulates the psychology of teenager -- because they don't have much experience in life marriage or family.

The first time I saw this poster I thought of Alessia Cara play the role of main character -- the girl (Maddy) look like exactly. Does anyone else think like me (?!). That's a joke -- no need to pay attention. Let's-get-back to the point by now!

At the beginning of the story we can see Maddy's appearance - a person who has a disease (don't want to say is terminally ill) that thing interferes with her social interaction.

The girl is coming to the most important stage of her life but she is unfortunately unlucky when she has a terrible disease. Of course, we can see people are so "small" in life when they are completely helpless, can't prevent bad things its from happening to themselves or save themselves -- it seems like a game (win/lose).

Perhaps fate has put two strangers together so closer when Olly, a neighbor boy meets Maddy -- two lives, two different fate but with the same aspirations of life: for a love surpasses all..

I think the director may have been successful in building this detail -- making viewers feel moved and shocked when they realized: "In the face of the temptation, the difficulty of life can they find their real lover?!".

The story doesn't seem to end there, and again, the film starts (on screen) Maddy sees that Olly's father attacked him at the same time that Pauline realized that Maddy was near Olly, and fired on Carla.

"A beautiful love but is prevented by the cruelty of human?" -- We can't possibly not see that thing through the film!

Notable when Maddy, she decides to risk her health to realize her dreams of interaction and experience in the outside world, and runs away to Hawaii with Olly, and they "interact" with each other. Unfortunately, for Maddy, she was becomes ill and is paralyzed.

Obviously, we can't deny that thing! Because its provide the fact: its has brought to the truth that everyone is shocked when the desire for human life is so intense, in the face of difficulties and they don't surrender!

Not long after, the illness once again had a profound effect on Maddy, and she realized how long she could not live (!).

Maybe, the audience will ask yourself -- and of course it will always have the answer through the film!

A teen girl with an aspiration desire to conquer life (as Maddy) because of a disease that can make she become hopeless until she realizes another shocking truth (not convenient when it comes to, watch-the-movie and you know how it feels!).

After that event, Maddy with obsessive memories decides to move to New York and become husband and wife (Happy Ending) -- This is the valuable time for you relax some emotions!

The viewer may surprise with the details in the middle of the movie, but they may be "feel so down" at the end of the movie (because the story lines its a bit fast) if any one of someone not concentrate on watching the movie. As a result, they will feel its boring and slightly "unattractive".

This movie is not rated high **Look IMDb ratings before you reading this lines!**

My opinion: I really like the film because it contains a lot of elements of the human emotions (teenagers should see) -- they will be able to experience a lot of life experiences through this film, the precious things they are looking from a long time...
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