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Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Kyle Balda, Pierre Coffin


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Kristen Wiig as Lucy (voice)
Nev Scharrel as Agnes (voice)
Katia Saponenko as Niko's Mother (voice)
Jenny Slate as Valerie Da Vinci (voice)
Dana Gaier as Edith (voice)
Brian T. Delaney as Commercial Announcer / Military Officer / Additional Voice (voice)
Trey Parker as Balthazar Bratt (voice)
Michael Beattie as TV Show Host / Scar-Faced Man (voice)
Miranda Cosgrove as Margo (voice)
Steve Coogan as Fritz / Silas Ramsbottom (voice)
Steve Carell as Gru / Dru (voice)
Andy Nyman as Clive the Robot (voice)
Julie Andrews as Gru's Mom (voice)
Despicable Me 3 Storyline: After he is fired from the Anti-Villain League for failing to take down the latest bad guy to threaten humanity, Gru finds himself in the midst of a major identity crisis. But when a mysterious stranger shows up to inform Gru that he has a long-lost twin brother-a brother who desperately wishes to follow in his twin's despicable footsteps-one former super-villain will rediscover just how good it feels to be bad.
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Lost its charm that the earlier movies had with less humor and forgettable villain.
Despicable Me 3 may have reach that limit were most great hilarious characters and humor usually wear off. The minions were the selling point, and they were always amusing and cute with the slapstick humor they pull off. The first two Despicable Me movies were fun to see about a villain turned good who adopted three little girls and tries to save the world for the good guys. This third outing has lost its steam were the plot is no longer engaging, the humor is fewer in between, and at least it still has the colorful entertaining animation.

Gru (voiced by Steve Carell) and wife Lucy (Kristen Wiig) are now agents for an Anti-Villain League. While on a mission to stop a villain Balthazar Bratt (Trey Parker), who was once a huge TV star as a kid about being a very bad boy. Until the audience grew out of it, and his shows were cancelled. He takes over a big ship by using his dance fighting moves, causing him to get away from Gru and Lucy. Meanwhile, the minions are slowly losing interest in their workforce area with Gru. When they are bored with Gru's new goody good lifestyle. While, they all leave for their own and end up walking to a Hollywood studio and trespassing on a singing talent show. Which lands them into prison. Gru receives an unexpected visit from a butler, who informs Gru that his twin brother Dru wants to see him. Shocked that he had a brother. His three girls Margo, Edith, and Agnes convince him that they should all go to see his brother. Gru meets his brother, who brings him back to the world of being bad by stealing from a candy truck and escaping the police. Lucy meanwhile is growing and learning to be a mother of the three girls.

The characters are what made these movies great. The humor and jokes is small and little in between each scene. The minions were cute and has some small fun moments but nothing memorable like the other movies. The villain Balthazar is also forgettable as the bad guy that keeps reminding everyone he is a bad boy. And always breaking into dancing when doing a heist or dance battling his way out. The minions barely have much to do with the movie as well as they spend time in prison in their comedic scene.

The third outing in the series may be running out of ideas and creativity before they start becoming easy cash grabs. Like the Shrek series, which became boring at the third movie and out. Same with Ice Age series.

Overall, Despicable Me 3 is a miss and lost its charm that the earlier movies had. The characters were once fun and cute. This film lost its humor, boring plot, and the new additions of Dru and the villain were forgettable. I do recommend the film for the kids which they will still love the characters and find it amusing. But for adults, this one was a bit boring.
Not as Smart or Original Like the First Movie, But It Still Has Fun With What It's Got
Unlike most people nowadays where they are sick and tired of these movies especially the Minions, I loved the first Despicable Me when It came out, It has somewhat dated animation and you've seen this sort of story before, but It felt refreshing, smart, funny and at times emotional, the two-time Oscar nominated Despicable Me 2 was not as fantastic as the first but It did Improve as a sequel, had a well crafted plot, well developed characters, It was Interesting and the Minions were still going as always, the Minions movie again not as good as the first movie but was more fun then the sequel for reasons that people may disagree, critics and audiences were mixed about It I generally liked, the choice of music, the characters, the jokes and references were really funny and It was a good prequel to the first movie and yes I did like a little more then Despicable Me 2 but I still liked that too.

Now when I heard they will be releasing the third movie this year and I saw the trailer last year, I was really excited to see how they will Improve the franchise even more with better clever writing and characters, even the second trailer looked like It It will still have the family element that the first movie had, after that avoided all the trailers Inlcuding TV spots because If there's something I learned from Smurfs: the Lost Village Is that, the more you show, the more It's gives too much away.

So I went and saw It today still really excited and....It was great, It has a Interesting plot, It got some new characters that are pretty Interesting and funny Including Balthazar Bratt voiced by Co-creator of South Park Trey Parker, all the recurring characters are all still good as they are, well most of them.

However again, not as fantastic as the first movie, slightly better then the second but on par with Minions, Because there are a couple of things that this movie got a bit of downgrade from, the writing while executed fine, It has far too much going, Gru and his twin brother Dru (both voiced by Steve Carrel) are bonding, the Minions end up In prison, Lucy (voiced by Kristen Wiig) trying to be a better Mum for the girls, Margo, Edith and Agnes, Balthazar Bratt sitting around In his lair and Agnes and Edith try and find a Unicorn.

With too much going on, there Is no real plot to this, the most Is Gru meeting his twin brother and trying to stop Balthazar Bratt, It could of been like Toy Story 2 where they only focused on two while a couple slipped but they were kind of short towards, but these drag on although Lucy's sub-plot finishes very quickly and finally the other thing and people will be split with me Is that the Minions were somewhat misleading, In the first two trailers they were just the supporting characters, but In the film and the advertising they are In prison, they are In It for good like 10+ minutes, but they are everywhere In the advertising, sure they are iconic and are mascots for Illumination but they are not In the film often like the other movies, I don't know I just like when the Minions show up they can bring me a good laugh they do here but not as much as before.

So as you can tell I'm a bit mixed, the writing Is all over the place and the Minions are not In as much, but It does have okay execution, still great animation, the new and old characters are fun and It was still funny, as a long time Despicable Me fan, this Is not the best In the franchise, but not the weak thus far.

I'm giving Despicable Me 3 a 8/10.
"Life is like that: We're hoping for a Unicorn . . . "
" . . . and we get a Goat," Gru commiserates with daughter Agnes toward the end of Universal Movie Studio's latest horror flick, DESPICABLE ME 3. Of course, this film's villain, "Evil Bratt," is carefully drawn to evoke a thinly veiled version of current White House Occupant Don Juan Rump, Hell-Bent upon destroying America and its Institutions. In Real Life, Rump continually attacks such luminaries as Tinseltown Hero Sir Alec Baldwin, and the first thing that Evil Bratt does when he attains his full power through stealing Our Beloved Smithsonian's Hope Diamond is to stomp down L.A.'s iconic "Hollywood" sign. The alleged U.S. Game Show Host-in-Chief #45 is depicted here with a deplorable base of Core Supporters, called "Minions." This clueless minority babbles incoherently while voicing their idea of High-Brow Culture, "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall." Rump's yellow-bellied Minion Legion illustrates its concept of Cutting-Edge Modernity by staging a command performance of a Gilbert & Sullivan show stopper from the 1800s! Universal suggests that ALL of these Rumpster Minions MUST BE incarcerated for the treasonous traitors that they are, until they can be deported by blimp to Backwards Galaxies Far, Far Away such as Russia, Mongolia, Australia, and the Northwest Territories, areas more suitable to their Medievally Feudal World View.
I can't tell if these movies are getting worse, or if my tolerance is just waning
Either way, they're all too innocuous to truly hate. Lowest common denominator in every way: tons of lame jokes, forceful heartfelt moments that aren't earned, and random acts of cuteness. Carell deserves so much better than just being given a tired, silly accent like the worst of Mike Myers.
'Despicable Me 3' Review
'Despicable Me 3,' is, in summary, a fine but not amazing film that fails to match the wit of the first.

'Despicable Me,' was released in July of 2010. Developed by writer Sergio Pablos (an animator that worked on numerous Disney films such as 'Tarzan') it was originally titled 'Evil Me.' The film was supported by an ingenious marketing campaign, including the release of a Best Buy app exclusively created to translate the Minion language during the film. It was predictably, an immediate hit with parents and children alike for its relatively clever humor, likable lead, and of course, the infamous minions. Its sequel, released 2013 of July, encouraged even more enthusiastic marketing, such as a blimp coined 'Despicablimp' which toured for six months in North America.

To watch the 'Despicablimp' launch, use the following link;

Now an international sensation with a significant following, 'Despicable Me's minions earned their collectively loathed and demonized spin-off, 'Minions.' Although beloved by younger demographics, it was almost universally hated because of its bloated exterior mixed with an empty emotional core.

2017, the year of half-hearted sequels ('Cars 3,' 'Pirates 5,' Transformers 5...) is about to welcome a new member, the third 'Despicable Me.'

To read a full plot synopsis use the following link:


The animation is very stylistic and unique. Rather than aim for realism, such as other animation companies, Illumination goes for its own ridiculous, yet creative CGI technique(s).

The villain, Bathazar Bratt (Trey Parker) is amazingly campy and simultaneously enjoyable. A failed 80's TV star, Bratt's obsession (the show he starred in as a kid) is shown several times. You, along with the animators, can delight in the cheesiness of these flashbacks, that echo very similar sentiments to the American 1980's.


The film is trying to get too much done. There is a subplot involving Agnes (Nev Scharrel) and Edith (Dana Gaier) trying to find a real unicorn. Lucy (Kristen Wiig) isn't fitting into her new surrogate mother role. The now unemployed minions have hilarious antics to show. Seriously, they are hilarious. In the midst of all this, you remember that Gru (Steve Carell) has a brother, and that they're trying to retrieve a stolen diamond from Bratt (the seemingly main conflict of the film).

There is not much to say about this film. Essentially, you get what you (hopefully) paid for; a ridiculous kid's romp that isn't great, or even good, but colorful enough to occupy your 6 year old niece's attention as you use your phone.


60% (fresh)

Unnecessary but not Unwelcome
I liked the first Despicable Me and enjoyed Despicable Me 2 even more. Minions showed that some supporting characters really shouldn't get their own spin off movie but they're still going to make a Minions 2. Yay for that. Going into Despicable Me 3 I had some hope it would be more like the first two movies and less like the Minions spin off. In my opinion it was somewhere in the middle.

The animation looks acceptable but Illimination's animation artists still haven't been able to keep up with the talents of Disney Pixar. However, the backgrounds in some scenes were really vibrant with a European backdrop.

The story was rather scattered. You couldn't tell if it was more about Gru and Balthazar Bratt or Gru and Dru. As well as those plots we also had Lucy trying to become a good mother, Agnes trying to find a unicorn and the minions escaping prison.

The voice acting was good as always by Steve Carrell who got to voice not only Gru but now Dru. Trey Parker got to show off his voice acting skills as the villain of the film and the new kid voice actors did fine replacing their characters predecessors. Everyone else was fine.

The minions who I used to find hilarious are just getting on my nerves now. I honestly feel like their scenes were just written in for marketing such as when they are in prison or when they go on a singing show. I mean, the majority of the posters I've seen are minions with tattoo's and in black and white jail uniforms.

It appears that this set up a Despicable Me 4 which at this point I hope they don't do. I can't say I hated the movie. It's just a good movie to pass the time. It's still better than Minions.
More Comedy, Less Action
Some of the crude humor in this movie kind of went a little too far for a PG movie. I heard a few parents on the way out saying some things to their kids about those jokes, saying not to say them or copy them.

Also, this movie was stuffed with so much comedy, it over ruled the action, which made the movie more mediocre.

What I really didn't care for in this movie was that the minions were only in about 1/4 of the movie, which made me like the movie less and less. Plus, they should have made the movie longer so that they could add more of a downfall to the story, not just the little girls getting stolen.

This movie really just deserves a 6/10 for being too boring and lacking the action the last few movies in the franchise achieved. It didn't seem to live up to it's past successes.
Double trouble with Gru and Dru
"Face it, Gru. Villainy is in your blood!" Dru (Steve Carell)

As it goes in Despicable Me 3, so it went in 1 and 2: Our favorite villain, Gru, turned good guy and now is tempted by his charming, successful long-lost brother, Dru (Carell), to return to one more crime because it's in his blood. With the sure-footed direction of Kyle Balda, several seasoned writers, and soft-core family values, the franchise is healthy, still giving laughs, and revealing even broader social commentary than ever.

Besides the laughs from the minions, whose incomprehensible language is funny enough, Gru's kids and wife, Lucy (Kristen Wiig), provide their humorous sideshows. From Lucy trying to be a good mom while her former macho agent persona tries regularly to kick in, to Agnes (Nev Scharrell) searching for a unicorn that turns out to be a fluffy goat, the film uses slapstick and whimsy to reveal the contradictions in nature and the mixed success of most humans.

No better is this irony of living better exemplified than in the brothers. Gru fights his attraction to the dark side, and Dru is unfazed by the presence of good or evil, both of which find a home in his heart and make him much less a candidate for a heart attack than his uptight brother. Their bit about exchanging identities is not just lamentably flat; it's almost inscrutable. See Parent Trap for a better rendering of this motif, or Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors and Twelfth Night to see how identity switch can be done effectively.

The downside of this predictable brotherly union is the minions have less of a role—a mistake when you consider they are a certifiable home run at any time. It may be time for them to go on sabbatical.

Beyond these admittedly weighty subjects beats the heart of those minions, whose dance in prison stripes to the Pirates of Penzance's "I am the Very Model of a Modern Major General" brings down the house and reminds of Busby Berkeley's visual splendor in the 1930's. The look of the innocent but mischievous minions is constantly a rewarding pleasure of the Despicable franchise.

Shrek, for instance, ran its course. I hope Despicable's Gru lives to see another film as a James Bond wannabee, not a milquetoast husband, or it's toast for this delightfully witty and sardonic franchise.
Enjoyable film.
Gru faces off against Balthazar Bratt, a former child star who has grown up to become obsessed with the character that he played in the '80s, and gets into some sibling rivalry when he meets his long-lost charming, cheerful, and more successful twin brother Dru who wants to team up with him for one last criminal heist to steal the diamond that Bratt has stolen.
It's really fun
This film tells the story of the ex-villain Gru, who teams up with his twin brother whom he has never met, in order to fight against the former famous child star in Hollywood who has become a horrible villain.

"Despicable Me 3" is so much fun! The plot is super funny as usual. The cinema laughed hard many times. Every character is cute, even the villains. Using bubblegum as a weapon is a novel idea, and it's actually fun. The mansion is crazily nice, abs the minions are cute as usual. I enjoyed it lots, and the many children in the cinema enjoyed it too.
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