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Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Family, Animation
IMDB rating:
Kyle Balda, Pierre Coffin


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Kristen Wiig as Lucy (voice)
Nev Scharrel as Agnes (voice)
Katia Saponenko as Niko's Mother (voice)
Jenny Slate as Valerie Da Vinci (voice)
Dana Gaier as Edith (voice)
Brian T. Delaney as Commercial Announcer / Military Officer / Additional Voice (voice)
Trey Parker as Balthazar Bratt (voice)
Michael Beattie as TV Show Host / Scar-Faced Man (voice)
Miranda Cosgrove as Margo (voice)
Steve Coogan as Fritz / Silas Ramsbottom (voice)
Steve Carell as Gru / Dru (voice)
Andy Nyman as Clive the Robot (voice)
Julie Andrews as Gru's Mom (voice)
Despicable Me 3 Storyline: After he is fired from the Anti-Villain League for failing to take down the latest bad guy to threaten humanity, Gru finds himself in the midst of a major identity crisis. But when a mysterious stranger shows up to inform Gru that he has a long-lost twin brother-a brother who desperately wishes to follow in his twin's despicable footsteps-one former super-villain will rediscover just how good it feels to be bad.
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The next adventure of gru
I will say that while the third chapter of the despicable me franchise is still decent that provides lots of laughs but it feels as though it lost a bit of its charm, the minions while still hilarious, are not often featured enough despite their hilarious moments in an Americas got talent type spoof which is hilarious. Also the absence of dr nefarious is felt. The premise of guru having a long lost twin brother named dru, isn't very original but an interesting one to see how the twin brothers are different.
Consider for whom the film is meant
I saw this film with my nine year-old granddaughter. I had not seen any of its predecessors and was not familiar with the characters or their histories. I quite enjoyed it.

At the end my granddaughter told me that she had really enjoyed seeing the film. It was better than the other three ("Despicable Me","Despicable Me 3" and "The Minions Movie"), easily the funniest.

For a film such as this what is the most important reaction to consider ? It is that of the target audience. One's own verdict must be guided by that.

The highlight for myself - the Minions performing Gilbert and Sullivan !
Great Movie
I really enjoyed Despicable me 3, I thought it was a great addition to the series of movies. It was very funny at times although at other time it was very serious. I liked how they jumped into the movie at the start instead of a boring build up of unnecessary scenes. The animation was beautiful and the locations were marvellous. I would recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in a movie full of fun, action and comedy.
More throw away material
I did not have high hopes coming into this movie, yet I am still disappointed with the lack of passion that went into the creative side of this movie.

First with the positives of this movie. For me, the idea of the dance fighting I found new and pretty fun. Also the positives of this movie include Steve Carell and the animation, which was done really well. Also the minions character go to unexpectedly dark new heights, which I thought was a risky but worthwhile choice by the writers.

Now onto the negatives, and there are a few. First I have to get this out of the way. The character of the wife of Gru is undoubtedly the most annoying character as well as being a very belittling character towards women. This character annoyed me greatly and made the audience feel like idiots. Next is the introduction of the character Dru, which could have gone two ways but did not work and did not add any comedic purpose and seemed just to serve as a massive cliché of two different characters having to work together. But in my opinion the biggest problem with this movie is the incredible lack of jokes that hit throughout the run time. This was a huge fault in my opinion with the screenplay of this movie.

For any adults that have to attend this movie I feel sorry for and will most likely take away from the movie experience that we all love. At best this is a fun movie that some kids who will stare at the screen blankly for an hour and a half while the parents consider whether they will be taking their kids to see another movie again.
I have two words for you...Dance Fight!
As a good guy, agent Gru gets an arch enemy in Balthazar Bratt, a deposed teen star who holds a grudge against Hollywood. Gru discovers he has a twin brother and together they team up to stop Bratt and do some bonding along the way. The girls and Minions provide some subplots.

I had to laugh. Fun for adults and kids. Great 80's tunes. Makes fun of Hollywood action films.

Closest thing to swearing was "son of a beta-max" and the minions say "boobs" and who knows what else.
Huge fan disappointing - Waste of time
-------------Spoiler Alert-------------------- ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------- -------------Spoiler Alert--------------------

This is my first review, only because I'm extremely mad. They advertise the minions everywhere, in McDonald's, in every single movie they show a minion affiliated clip, in YouTube, on shirts and flip flop, on school bags and lunch boxes, almost everything possible from a toothbrush to winter gloves and pencils, everything got a minion on it, but where are the minions in the movie? because there are none in the movie, only about 5min total of seeing minions all the rest are the human characters of the story, I came to see THE MINIONS, not some family drama, the kids came to see the funny minions, everyone from age 4 to 50 are enjoying the funny minions but there Aren't any minions in the movie. Where are the minions which I paid for? they are in 90% of the trailer, they are on every film poster, but NONE in the movie, Extremely disappointed
Probably worth seeing if your kids were fans of the first two movies too.
'DESPICABLE ME 3': Two and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

The 3rd installment in the blockbuster computer-animated comedy series (the 4th counting a Minions spin off). It was directed by Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda (Coffin also co-directed the 1st two movies as well) and it was once again written by Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio (they also co-wrote the 1st two installments). Steve Carell returns to play the infamous super-villain turned hero Gru (for his 3rd time in the role), Kristen Wiig reprises her role (from the last film) as Lucy Wilde (Gru's new wife in this installment), and Trey Parker (of 'SOUTH PARK' fame) joins the cast as a former 80s child star turned super-villain named Balthazar Bratt. Coffin also once again voices most of the Minions, Russell Brand returns to voice Gru's elderly gadget man Dr. Nefario, and Jenny Slate, Steve Coogan, and Julie Andrews also voice roles in the film as well. It's received mostly positive reviews from critics, and it's also been a hit at the Box Office so far. I enjoyed the first movie (if I remember correctly), but I haven't thought much of it's sequels (or spinoffs) so far (including this one).

Gru (Carell) is now an agent of the AVL (Anti-Villain League), and he's also married to his fellow agent Lucy Wilde (Wiig); who's also now the new adoptive mother of Gru's three adopted daughters. The film opens with Gru and Lucy stopping the theft of a very expensive diamond, by the super-villain Balthazar Bratt (Parker); a former 80s child star obsessed with revenge against Hollywood (for the cancellation of his show many years earlier). Due to the fact that the duo is unable to capture Bratt (repeatedly), they're fired by the new AVL director (Slate). While Gru and Lucy are trying to figure out new work options, the Minions all quit, and Gru discovers he has a rich twin brother named Dru (also voiced by Carell). Gru decides to take his family to meet Dru, and Bratt steals the diamond successfully this time. Bratt then plans to use the diamond to destroy Hollywood, and it's up to Gru, Dru and Lucy to stop him. Gru and Dru of course bond in the process, and Gru discovers his father was also an infamous super-villain.

The movie is mildly amusing, like the second film, but it's not as clever or as witty as I remember the original being (although I've only seen it once, years ago). I do think it's probably a decent movie for kids though, and adults will (most likely) find it mildly amusing too (some might really like it). I think it's a little annoying that films like this are so huge at the Box Office though, when there's much better quality animation and kids' movies out there to see. Still, I can't give the film too bad of a review; it's definitely decent, and the cast all does adequate jobs in their roles. It's probably worth seeing if your kids were fans of the first two movies too.

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Oh god...
Being honest is one of the biggest crap I've seen in the last 5 years, but first I'll talk about the only good thing the movie had.

This "thing" has very good music, either in the Bratt scenes or in the absolute stuffing (but I'll talk about that), I really mean the style of the 80s and the atmosphere that creates the movie related to this is pretty well done, Now, to burn this "thing".

The first thing is that the film is not funny, many say the first 2 movies are very funny and if it is true but this third installment has 2 factors when applying your mood.

1-Eschatological humor (For example: Of gases) 2-Highlighting all the bad and evil that come to Gru

Almost all the scenes of the film seem that they are an excuse to make Gru like miserable person.

This movie has no conflict, at first sounds quite original with the part of the TV series "EvilBratt" but then we get that Gru has a twin brother who is forced to give some support to the movie, That Dru discovers this secret, I wonder.

How did you find out? At no time in the first 2 films are we shown to a close family member, not even to his mother, who knows of the existence of Dru.


And here are other things in which the movie fails miserably.

-Is very boring -Repetitive -One of the worst villains in the trilogy -The performances of the voices of the characters STINKS, well, it is more I spell it to you S-T-I-N-K-S!

The only thing that is saved is the animation that has a large color palette and looks nice and bright but in the rest, it is very meh.

Conclusion: A TRASH without remedy :)
It's like... meh
Not bad, not awful but also not great I mean they still have the minions in it so... yeah not that great although it is definitely the best movie yet (of the trilogy) and also the realist movie yet (of the trilogy). What I mean by that is well they have jobs (and get fired) than the evil guy kidnaps the girls at the end of the movie but they almost immediately get them back and okey. The movie has no plot twist/s it's just small stories tied together to make a movie, with a bad guy who started as a baby actor (he acted a bad guy) and then just decided let's make that a reality, so he spends awful a lot of money to make a "super fun bad guy base" WHAT! Excuse me do you not know how to bad guy, you don't need to mass produce bubble gum and dance like an idiot every time you rob something (I say something but really he only tries to steal a gem/diamond with no luck) and then somehow has money to build a huge mecha (it's a big robot you are inside of and control it).

Also why do you need to take everyone out of their clothes... you pervert
Uncomfortable humor and tried plot line
Going into the film, I thought it would be another fun, and enjoyable Illumination animated film, but there was something off with the humor used, and the range of characters from the start. Having one villain dance to 'Physical' against a pole, and on a exercise ball, wasn't really that appropriate. And with Gru's twin, it was played homage to the low level of entertainment that 'Jack n Jill' brought about, except being animated. Gru and Dru didn't properly embrace for a normal hug once, it was always just out of control strangling each other around the waist? And why would you have two twin brothers, in their underwear, lying down by each other, on a beach in the evening? Just an example of how appropriation for gender, and sexual curiosity has been encouraged for children's film, and in their everyday lives. You can say it is just a playful children's film, but that should be the reasons content like this should not be present at all.
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