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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Adventure, Mystery, Fantasy, Horror
IMDB rating:
Adam Wingard


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Willem Dafoe as Ryuk (voice)
Jason Liles as Ryuk
Margaret Qualley as Mia Sutton
Jack Ettlinger as Kenny Doyle
Justin Stone as Undercover Agent #2
Christian Sloan as Agent Franks
Nat Wolff as Light Turner
Timothy Lambert as Dr. Norman Ludlam
Paul Nakauchi as Watari
Matt Anderson as Agent Young
Shea Whigham as James Turner
Kwesi Ameyaw as Undercover Agent #1
Death Note Storyline: Light Turner, a bright student, stumbles across a mystical notebook that has the power to kill any person whose name he writes in it. Light decides to launch a secret crusade to rid the streets of criminals. Soon, the student-turned-vigilante finds himself pursued by a famous detective known only by the alias L.
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Give it a honest chance
Like many films today, this one had negative feelings before it even was available to be seen. Then those same negative people watched it, griped, and sat arms folded. Give it a honest chance. No, it didn't blow my mind. Did I find it entertaining? Yes. It had a good story and the cast did fine with what they were given. Adam Wingard is one of the best directors in the horror genre today. He did a good job of making it his own with humor and the 80s influenced soundtrack. It was based on anime in another language? I don't give a shirt because anime is lame and you probably are too if you watch it. It would be boring to be 100% faithful to a story in another language. Grow up people. No, it's not Goodfellas. Watch it and enjoy or turn it off and shut the fork up.
Psychology and plot
So first time writing a review. Before watching I wanted to quickly recap the original anime, though it happened to become a binge watching, due to the anime being quite well put. I had a few problems in the way they depict this guy, to fit the story.

I noticed that Light(in the anime), was the prep school student, with the all around advantages such athletic skills, the looks and to top it off was very intelligent. This means that the chances for him to become arrogant are very high. Since most people judge people, based on these qualities, in which he excels. So him viewing himself, as some kind of "god" and thinking he is better than anyone else actually make sense.

However, in the depiction of the character in the movie, he was the usual smart ass loner type of guy, that needed a confirmation of identity and support from a girl and even being pushed by Ryuk. This just changes everything, since he is somewhat being manipulated by Ryuk and the girl. Whereas the original Light is the manipulator.

The reason I am looking at the psychology of the characters is that the plot is so damn important, and lays out a foundation for things, such as Psychopathic and narcissistic tendencies Light has in the anime, which makes him unable to love anyone but himself. This also gives rise to answer the question that it makes sense for him to kill so many people, without flinching.

When it comes to L, he was surprisingly good depicted by the actor and seemed somewhat believable. So a big applause to him.

Of course, the movie seemed to be only made for monetary purposes. Would I watch it, if not for comparing the original? - I highly doubt it and would not recommend it. I was just interested in the what way the plot would be changed and it is not a change I approve of.
Hollywood garbage
I am writing this to stop all those who liked the anime from watching this what i consider not a movie but garbage... *this might contain some spoilers so don't read if u don't want to be spoiled*

First of all the Light in this adaptation wasn't smart at all (no being a straight A kid doesn't make u smart, u study a lot u get good marks and that s what Light was) that they caught so fast u had to wonder if they didn't make him a retard. And a huge attention seeker that he revealed all the secrets of the death note to the first girl he met to impress her (i really don't understand why they have to force a romance in American movies) i think that the writers wanted to satisfy the American white audience forgetting that the whole world was expecting this movie.

i wont forget the scenario that's horribly written, and the horrible acting (the first meeting of ryuk and light for example)...

I think it would have been better if they weren't just rushing the scenes, if they took enough time to make a full complete story. They would have clarified a lot of things it they just made this into a TV show

I gave it one star and i wish i could give it less, cuz even if it was a separate movie that has nothing to do with death note i don't think any of you would ever like it.
Destination Twilight
This movie was awful. It was like I was watching a mix between Twilight and Final Destination. Being a fan of the anime series I was skeptical about watching the film, but decided to go through with it anyways. There are so many things wrong with the movie that just stray away from the anime/manga entirely:

1.) Misa or as they call her in the movie "Mia" was more obsessed with the death note than Light and ultimately chose the death note over him.

2.) Light was an emo, who got bullied. Not a "perfect" person who viewed himself as a god.

3.) L was too emotional, jumped to conclusions, violent and just overall off-putting (not in the way he should have been)

4.) "Mia" is able to write in the death note, touch the death note, yet she is still unable to see Ryuk.

Now I could go on and on about the way in which this movie has incorrectly represented death note, but if we separate the anime from this movie then we still have a horrible film. The actors were god awful, I couldn't tell if the movie was being satirical or serious half the time. The CGI was not good. Things just felt over the top and goofy most of the time. The characters were not likable what-so-ever, just whiny teenagers who were mad at the world. Overall this film gets a 1/10 from me; if I could give negative stars I would. To those of you who want to spare yourself, don't watch this movie.
I decided to rewrite my review, giving the movie another chance. The original Death Note manga and anime was just phenomenal, but this movie just didn't do it justice. People who only have seen this movie and nothing else from Death Note, just do not see why fans were so disappointed at this movie. This movie is like taking a masterpiece, and butchering the hell out it. Some people do like the changes, and I'm not discounting their opinions. Like what you like. I personally found it disappointing, but everyone has their opinions.

I just found that every teenage character in the movie is just surging with hormones, acting brashly, and too emotional. They just want to do it with each other, then they bicker whine. How are they smart enough to get away with killing people and not get caught? That's not even me comparing it to the original.
IMO, a well thought out American version of a Japanese anime classic
Many people are slamming this title due to it being different from the original content. I have to say that I appreciated the change. Don't get me wrong, I love the anime and will always be a fan. But, having watched and finished it, I'm happy with a movie version that isn't just a rehash of the same thing I just watched; otherwise, I'd just watch the anime again. I loved that this movie took a popular Japanese show, rooted VERY deeply in Japanese culture, and showed how Americans would handle any of these given situations. It, to me, was very relatable, and it shows a deeper side of human thinking that most people won't delve into due to ethics/morality.

The acting wasn't the best I've ever seen on screen, I can admit. But what the acting from the individuals lacked, I felt they made up with their chemistry. You could tell that they enjoyed/had fun working on this project; such as when Light and L first met in person, just like in the anime, I was excited and waiting to see how it would turn out. I can say that in neither was I disappointed. The dialogue was witty, gave me some chuckles, and showed the intellect of the 2 main characters.

I hope that people can give this a chance before just writing it off and saying that they don't want to see their favorite anime destroyed. Even if you don't like the movie, just rewatch the anime and let it rejuvinate your spirit.
You could rename this movie Final Destination 6 and no one would know
This is probably the worst TV to Movie adaptation out there, and I watched the Last Airbender. Tried too hard to be edgy and just turned into a Final Destination rip off with bad effects, choppy editing and a death god who looked more like a burn victim. The Charatizarion and motives were all awful and completely wrong and the stupid twists were cheap and predictable. Just do not waste your time.
It's not that bad.
It's actually not that bad! There are points that really push the boundaries what the Death Note is really capable of, but I'll be honest, I liked the movie! I think it will broaden Death Note's audience in the west! As far as character development, it does okay for a movie. Ryuk is the best part by far, but Light is fairly likable too. Mia is WAY better in this movie than she ever was in the manga or anime! People going into this from the anime and manga are going to be disappointed as they were when watching those goofy live action Death Note movies from Japan! You can't fit a full length anime or manga series into a single movie, but you can tell they really tried with this movie! They cast William Dafoe, whose Green Goblin portrayal inspired the original Ryuk in the manga! Yeah, a lot of love and passion went into this movie!
Don't let the reviews turn you off, I found it very entertaining.
If you are expecting to see the manga or anime you will be disappointed, it is its own story so if you go into it with that mindset you my be surprised how good the movie is. I have read the manga and watch the anime, And i found the live action adaptation to be as good or better than the original and honestly can't wait for a sequel. So go watch the movie and decide for yourself if it's worth watching or not. Hope this review helped!
God help me but I actually liked it.
First of all, it's not like the original. At all, really. I felt like with a rewrite, it'd have made more sense to just make it an original story with new characters and names that was set in the Death Note universe. That being said, it is not a legitimate criticism to say it's not like the original. Changing things is fine. Making the story completely different is fine. The question is if it thematically suits the original, and if what was changed works.

Well, I think it does. Mostly. It has a lot of the same themes of the original, even if the characters were mostly completely different. It questions the morality of murdering bad people without trial, and demonstrates the fanaticism that can arise with power. The film overall seems to be presented stylistically, moodily, with some nice musical interludes in a Donnie Darko sort of vein. It has a few twists and a pretty nice ending that makes it relatively satisfying, and it doesn't follow a predictable Hollywood format, which makes it at least a bit refreshing. And if you don't believe me that it's thematically similar to the original, the original author and artist of Death Note both praised the film believing it was a good adaption thematically.

There were things wrong with it. The pacing wasn't great. It starts off well and then it just shoots off like a rocket, making it hard to follow the second act. It made a pretty big directing faux pas by introducing new characters and concepts right inside a montage. A lot of the dialogue isn't written so well, making characters occasionally sound banal. The Final Destination-esque Rube Goldberg deaths were often overly done and comically gratuitous. I don't think it fits the themes very well to literally laugh when someone gratuitously explodes. You don't need to make huge stretches to be hardcore just because you're on Netflix, guys.

Overall I think this is not a film for the fanboys. They're going to hate it because it's different. I feel like I like it mostly because to be honest with you. However, honestly? I found the original to be flawed too. I think it will be an interesting but flawed film for pretty much anyone who doesn't worship the original. It is aesthetically (except for the utterly gratuitous deaths) and thematically pleasing, but has some pacing and writing issues. Hope this review will be helpful.
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