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Alistair Legrand


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Adrian Flowers as Charlie
Dion Basco as Jeremy Platt
Nestor Serrano as Dr. Saul
Kevin Rahm as Alex
India Eisley as Nora
Vinessa Shaw as Dr. Jane Mathis
Clinical Storyline: A psychiatrist tries to put her life back together after a violent attack by seeking to repair the life of a new patient, but he has his own terrifying history.
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somewhere between a thriller and a horror
Every horror site I visited the last week(s) showed me the trailer of this netflix original. Netflix do make good series but for horror you don't have to go to them. Trailers did show some nasty shots so I gave it a try.

Is it worth watching, well if you are into action or horrors that give you the creeps then this isn't a good choice but if you do like psychological horrors with a twist then I recommend it.

The opening sequence of Clinical offers some nasty shots because it involves a child doing awful things. Once after that this flick turns into a flick about characterisation and psychology. I can't go too deep into the story because I would be spoiling.

Here and there it do gives some bloody scenes but it's at the end that the real horror comes back and the red stuff do sputter around. The ending will leave you with a few questions.

Overall i enjoyed it but I solved the puzzle quickly. Some say that a lot of scene's were too dark and I agree here and there. The effects used were above mediocre and done on-camera without CGI.

This flick will have his pro's but also a lot of contra's because it's a mixture of horror (begin and ending) and a thriller. Not for the gorehounds but for those who can dig a good riddle mixed with red stuff.

Gore 1,5/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 3/5 Story 3/5 Comedy 0/5
Works okay as horror, not as thriller
I would consider this psychological horror rather than thriller and I think it works quite well in this respect. I am now more afraid of the human psyche and I know for sure that I would never want to be a psychologist. However it is very repetitious in the first half and so it gets boring very quickly. Also there is not much going on visually in style, colors, shots, camera movement, etc. Overall I think it does a good job within its obviously small budget.
Horrible ending
The first half of the film seemed promising enough by giving us a mystery that unlocks as we progress with the viewing. However, the ending totally destroys any sense of impressive writing by the creators. Not only is the supposed twist easily predictable, but there is almost no logic to the progression of events in the end. Nor is there any satisfying explanation which brings us to the one major fault that overshadows all others: there is no closure to the story. Are we just supposed to assume on our own how the story of our protagonist actually ends? At least other non-closure endings like inception were intentional and meant to make the viewer think. This one however doesn't. Its as if the story has a beginning, middle, almost done, but no real ending. Did no one teach these writers how to close a story out? I'm guessing not, and hopefully in the future they may go back to school and actually finish 8th grade writing.
Good film
No spoilers here...this rating of 5.1 is undervalued... film was great..plot was great...and i wasn't confused at all with story line like one reviewer said...i voted this film 7 because of the script...its all in the script with this one :) The casting was good, i was glad to see Nerd from Nikita in this carried some weight for me because i think he is a great actor...also... there are a few familiar faces in this movie which made it better..if there were no mark actors in this film i don't think it would have carried so good job on the casting crew :) the SFX were above average so id score this film SFX wise 6.5/10. The film had me curious from within 10 Min's..then on i couldn't stop watching till i found out the ending..
A surprisingly smart and enjoyable mystery/thriller
'Clinical' was a very different film to what I expected going in. Based on the synopsis and then the opening scene I thought we were looking at more of a psychological horror. There are elements of that to it, but it would have to said it is more of a thriller than anything with a dash of mystery. The story manages to be both intriguing and captivating all at once. There are two stories being followed throughout the film and we the audience don't know whether they connect or not, and if so how. All this makes for a fun watch.

Vinessa Shaw in the lead role thoroughly impressed me. Halfway through the movie I had to look her up to see where I recognised her from. It was from 'The Hills Have Eyes' which I also quite enjoyed her performance in. The rest of the cast were surprisingly strong as well and all this made for a very pleasant viewing experience.

'Clinical' is exactly the type of film I like. It's daring, clever, doesn't insult its audience, and most of all it's a lot of fun to watch. I would certainly recommend watching this film if you get the chance.
I really enjoyed this movie
Overall, I really liked this movie. I don't know why everyone giving a bad review. Lets face it, nothing is original. But this movie is very good for a Netflix. Good acting, decent story and overall a good motion picture. If you are looking for a decent thriller and a good time I would recommend this film.

It is a bit slow from the start, but it picks it up afterward. Some really good scenes in this movie. I am not going to tell you what the story is about because I would like you to see this movie and judge for yourself. Remember to be clear minded about it. Some scenes were creepy and disturbing. Others are kicking about the last 30 mins of this movie being bad. Seriously, it's not BAD & yes, it is a complete picture. No cliff hanger.
Starts well but then decays
Netflix made a very good original films, but not all stories end well, this one could have been a 9 star movie at least but it was not the case.

In the beginning, it's a very good psychological thriller, but in the last 20 minutes it became a totally different movie, the ending is not well taken, so it ruins the whole movie.

The performance was good, more than anything the one of India Eisley (Nora), not bad effects and action scenes, and has an interesting dark tone at least at first.

It's worth to watch but don't expect much. 6/10
Throrougly unsatisfying
A psychiatrist finds in her office a young girl patient of hers. The girl is cutting her wrists and eventually slices her neck. The psychiatrist is left traumatized and bored with her other boring patients. We meet a girlfriend of hers, her own psychiatrist, her cop boyfriend, the guy running the clinic where the girl was being treated originally. She has nightmares and visions of the girl. She sees things everywhere and her cop boyfriend is there to help. But of course there's nothing nor anyone out there bothering her.

Finally an interesting new patient shows up. Even though she claims not to take post-traumatic stress patients of course she makes an exception for this guy, who has his entire face burned. She uses exposure therapy to help him remember what exactly happened the night of the accident. He stopped on the road for some victims of a car crash, got one guy out of car and then something happened. All this takes several sessions. And it wasn't entirely clear to me how this is worked out. In any case, there's a twist. In her stress, our psychiatrist ends up killing someone when she has another vision of the girl. That lands her in the psychiatric clinic but she manages to escape, to resolve things once and for all and some more surprises are in store for us.

Clinical has some good story elements but this movie is unnecessarily long and dull. It didn't manage to get me to care about the main character or even about the story itself. There are a couple of time lines going on here and at times things weren't clear to me and I didn't care enough to pay more attention. Things did get bloody at times. A shame the direction managed to botch a movie that should have been much better.
It was good......until the ending ***Spoilers***
This movie sucked me in immediately. The acting was well done and the story really gets you interested in finding out what's going on with a particular character. I felt like the movie was building up to a twist which is fine with me. I enjoy a good twist....the key word there is "good"...this twist was so ridiculous in my opinion. Then there's the character you would be most interested in...well he just takes a turn for the worst and it's almost as if the writers from the beginning of the film took off and they had to bring in the B team to hurry up and finish it. The last part of the movie is so bad it's not worth devoting any time to watching it. Netflix has done such a great job with their original stuff but this movie was just outright frustrating after having been so interesting and then it just peters out.
This Movie Had Its Moments But Not Many
The movie Clinical was categorized as horror under the online streaming option of in Netflix. This movie was certainly not horror, but more of a twisted thriller. The main character, Dr. Mathis, a psychiatrist that treated post-trauma patients went a little overboard with medicating herself. She herself needed help, but did not see it.

Mathis should have sought out psychiatric help for herself when she continued to have visions and flashbacks of a particular patient that previously slashed her own neck and blamed Dr. Mathis for the poor advice given her. Mathis was told to stop treating post-trauma patients because it was taking a toll on her and driving her over the edge. But she didn't stop, and the old adage, "Physician Heal Thyself", never entered her mind.

I didn't have any suspicions that the tormented and badly injured Alex character as being the one that was driving Dr. Mathis over the edge. Alex being the former patient's father, and who was out for revenge, was the only twist that helped this stale movie be somewhat bearable. Unfortunately for the viewer, the twist came close to the end.
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