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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action, Adventure, Biography
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Paul Greengrass


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Tom Hanks as Captain Richard Phillips
Faysal Ahmed as Najee
Mahat M. Ali as Elmi
Mohamed Ali as Asad
Barkhad Abdi as Muse
Michael Chernus as Shane Murphy
David Warshofsky as Mike Perry
Yul Vazquez as Captain Frank Castellano
Chris Mulkey as John Cronan
Corey Johnson as Ken Quinn
Catherine Keener as Andrea Phillips
Max Martini as SEAL Commander
Captain Phillips Storyline: Captain Phillips is a multi-layered examination of the 2009 hijacking of the U.S. container ship Maersk Alabama by a crew of Somali pirates. It is - through director Paul Greengrass's distinctive lens - simultaneously a pulse-pounding thriller, and a complex portrait of the myriad effects of globalization. The film focuses on the relationship between the Alabama's commanding officer, Captain Richard Phillips (two time Academy Award®-winner Tom Hanks), and the Somali pirate captain, Muse (Barkhad Abdi), who takes him hostage. Phillips and Muse are set on an unstoppable collision course when Muse and his crew target Phillips' unarmed ship; in the ensuing standoff, 145 miles off the Somali coast, both men will find themselves at the mercy of forces beyond their control.
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A great performance by Tom Hanks
This movie is very exciting, almost from the beginning to the end. Tom Hanks and Barkhad Abdi deliver a truthful performance.

The movie is about Richard Phillips (Tom Hanks) who is a captain on a big Maersk container ship. Everything goes as planed until a unidentified boat with Somalians. The Somalians soon hijack the ship and get in control with it. As the crew tries to stop them, the Somalians take Richard Phillip as a prisoner on a life-boat from the Maersk ship. The Somalians think that they are in control but soon the US force shoots the Somalians and free Richard Philips.

A great movie with a lot of thrilling and excitement. A great performance. Defiantly a must watch movie if you want a good and touchy movie. 8 out of 10.
Gripping film that will take you hostage to the very end...
You got to admire film directors and producers who take a gamble. With this film they could have played safe and stuck to clichés. Yet instead this film is a brave portrayal of its characters in a tense situation that is as fascinating as any piece of great fiction.

We have Tom Hanks playing the captain, portraying the title role with a mixture of emotions without the need to force feed the point to the viewers. Courageous but frightened, intelligent but still feeling lost. It's an intriguing position.

The protagonists are Somalian pirates, who rather than being written as some set of simple Bond villains, they instead are shown to be again a mixture of characteristics: loathsome and greedy, but really chancers who are ill-prepared and desperate, in over their heads. To the immense credit of the director, he has avoided some cheap simple and racist creation, and you feel you get an insight into these men's mentality.

This was a tense thriller, a very frightening film too. This fact based film based on true events does leave the viewer on edge wondering what will happen next. It does surprise and all will find this film engrossing despite the discomfort they may feel through many points of the film.

I'd recommend it highly. It's a truly great film.
Good All-round entertainment
Captain Phillips is based on true events and director Paul Greengrass who has his roots in docu filmmaking has already plenty of experience in making military themed films. It's filmed in his trademark shaky-cam style: this gives it a more dynamic feel and more immersion for the audience but for some people it might get a bit annoying. Performances are all-round excellent with Tom Hanks as the venerable Captain and some unknown actors as the Somalians. A good choice as well known actors might have been distracting and less believable. It's also obvious the US military lent their cooperation to this movie as it clearly demonstrates how the American army works as an efficient machine. Some actors in this film are also real-life army personnel. In this film it's not a problem as it doesn't feel like a military promotion as some other films like Annapolis or Act of Valor. Captain Phillips will keep you entertained for a good 2 hours so it's certainly worth the watch. For me it can win some Oscars but Gravity still remains my favorite.
True Story or Not, it's a Hollywood Movie.
While it would be difficult to give a movie based on the incredible bravery of a real life individual a completely bad review, it is only fair to consider this on its own merits as a movie. In which respect, it's perhaps only slightly above average.

I don't know how accurate a portrayal of the events is given here. Of course, the fear and tension of being in such a situation can never be fully conveyed through a medium in which peril and danger are commonplace. We all know that the titular character returned home, the prolific news coverage has ensured that we are fully aware of this event and rightfully so. From a filmatic perspective this leads to a movie where we the audience know the ending and this in itself takes even further away the sense of uncertainty and fear that must surely have been overwhelming in the real events.

Now most film-goers should be fully aware of the Hollywood-isation of these kinds of movies. It's easy to spot in places, perhaps less so in others. Tom Hanks role as lead seems more like a blend of high profile star and, given his status as an actor, mark of respect. This leads to a case where the Captain Phillips in this movie seems more like a Tom Hanks character than a representation of a real person. Very little is shown of him prior to the main event giving only minimal indication of the person he is, while this may be a case of respecting privacy, it further leads to the feeling that this is a Tom Hanks drama rather than a portrayal of a real event.

Having seen the trailer several times prior to release, I was under the impression that we may be given at least a reasonable amount of depth to the Pirates themselves. The sympathetic villains who themselves were victims of a bad circumstance driven to acts of atrocity by the trappings of a criminal empire of which they were little more than pawns. While this may have been hinted at, it was given little more than a minor recognition.

So what we have is a story (true, fictional or somewhere in between) of a good, upstanding, hard-working American as he survives the ordeal of capture by a group of greedy, immoral, ruthless Somalians, ultimately saved by the decisive actions of the defenders of the free world. However much truth there is to this story, it is also the perfect plot for any Hollywood movie, especially the sort with Tom Hanks as the lead.

In no way do I wish to devalue the undoubtedly horrific experience of the real-life Captain Phillips, nor do I wish to encourage forgiveness for those that imposed such suffering upon him. But we all know Hollywood takes liberties and we all know that this is a movie expressly made to entertain and earn money. My criticisms lie fully with that in mind. It's certainly not a bad film, Tom Hanks is, as always, on top form. Forgetting the previously known resolution, it is still tense and exciting. Even at over two hours long, it is a well- paced movie, never drawn out and never feeling over long. By all criteria I can think to offer fair judgment, it's an above average movie. Nevertheless while the real story is compelling enough to warrant viewing, this offers little more than another opportunity for America to demonstrate its greatness to the viewing masses.
2016-01-29 slow it hurts!
Thought I'd give this a watch due to good review's

In two words...

.....don't bother.

A story that could of been told in an hour tops.

Sorry Tom never seen a bad film from you up till today.

If you read the real story its better tha this Hollywood take off and is worth a read as the real event changed attitudes to Sommallian piracy due to the court case brought by members of the crew against Cap'n Phillips et al.

Out of court settlement but piracy is now finished in that part of the world.

All in all a real damp squib of a film.

Glad it was freeview
Makes a Better Yahoo News Story Than a Movie
I first saw this movie a few weeks ago out of pure interest. The high ratings and rave reviews intrigued me enough to give it a look see. I knew nothing about this film apart from it being based on "actual events". Now, like any film based on real life events, there's always two sides of the story being told. What those who experienced it say, and what we see on the big screen. Nevertheless, I went into this film with an open mind. Tom Hanks once again proves his range as an actor, although for this film it wasn't as extended as in other roles he's portrayed. The reason I'm giving this movie a 6 out of 10 has nothing to do with any of the performances in this film. Everyone was excellent, including Barkad Abdi, who does incredibly well for his first time on screen ever. The reason for the low score, the story is bland. I understand that not every film needs to have guns blazing, cars exploding, or CGI in every scene to be a good film, this movie is just bland. There are a remote few times where your heart gets racing about how a scene will play out, then you get dragged on for extended periods of time where nothing happens. I mean no disrespect to anyone in this film, nor those who went through this ordeal, but this is just not the type of story you turn into a major motion picture. This is something you read about in 5 paragraphs on a headline article on Yahoo News.
Where is the NRA when you need them !
Whether or not you want to attack this movie for not being a truthful depiction of what really occurred to the real Captain Philips, I can see this movie being a talking point for anyone who supports the NRA (National Rifle Association) Can't you see a Spokesperson from the NRA use this movie as an example why we need to have more handguns in the hands of "good" people as oppose to "bad" people. I do not in anyway want to support or defend the NRA on any matter, however, I can see the point of having firearms available on the boat to defend oneself against Pirates who want to kill you and take your boat. I am not an expert on the common practice and law in the world of Captain Philips, but it seemed if the crew was "packing heat" that day, this movie would have been a 30 minute short instead of the epic that it was. I'm sure the millions of dollars spent on the rescue mission that took up half this movie would have been saved if someone had a sick shooter next to the first aid kit for Tom Hanks to use to defend his crew. Overall, Tom Hanks gives a good performance like he has in the last 20 years. The movie is an intellectual roller coaster on the high seas. The movie starts slow but finishes strong, and the movie leaves you thinking as well as somewhat entertained. Still, the idea of having the second amendment on the boat with you against Pirates makes you kind of angry that the second part of the movie was allowed to happen. I don't' think I am alone on this....thoughts?
Might Have Worked Better With An Unknown Lead
CAPTAIN PHILLIPS tells the story of the MV Maresk Alabama which was the first US cargo ship ship to be hijacked in two hundred years . I haven't bothered to research the history of American cargo ships being hijacked but I'm making a very educated guess that last time it was common place it was the British Royal Navy who were doing the hijacking which led to the war of 1812 . Therefore it's ironic that an American story is being told via a British director in this case Paul Greengrass

Greengrass is a former producer of the ITV flagship current affairs show WORLD IN ACTION . Afterwards he got lucky with the Bourne sequels which had shaky cam and elliptical editing . It some ways CAPTAIN PHILLIPS is an uneasy amalgamation of realist cinema and social comment and the director wastes no time in showing the difference between America and Somalia . Captain Richard Phillips and his wife get in to their car and on the way to the docks discuss their son's career plans . Cut to Somalia where Abduwali Muse is woken from his corrugated iron shed by armed khat dealers . You can see instantly the point Greengrass is making with life in America being boring but stable and life in Somalia being dangerous and potentially short but I felt this point was a little bit too obvious to be successful in any way

As the film continues so does the cinema verite style . The Somalians decide to hijack a cargo ship and like the Somalian plan as a film some things work and some things don't . I always wondered how it possible for a handful of pirates to hijack a cargo ship but this is easily explained by bringing a set of ladders with them ! Simple as that and the story is simply told which isn't necessarily a criticism as a game of cat and mouse is played out . It's fairly tense even if you know the outcome but one thing that constantly left me puzzled is why if you're making a real life story filmed in a realist style we have a Hollywood big hitter in Tom Hanks playing the eponymous captain . I never got the impression I was watching a character undergoing trauma and Captain Phillips was Tom Hanks being Tom Hanks which does drag the story down . As it stands I can understand why the film picked up six Oscar nominations which ended with the movie winning none of them
a mainstream production from the Hollywood assembly line
A Hollywood-produced, politically correct, big studio vehicle, helmed by a world-class action artisan Paul Greengrass, stars the most revered actor of his generation, Tom Hanks as the titular captain, whose screen image is a paragon of an orthodox ordinary Joe alike American hero, in this seafaring hijack inspired by a true event in 2009 at Somali waters. It is a retaliation of the vicious circle from the poverty-stricken to the hegemony which sardonically offers them the alms and simultaneously capitalizes on their natural resources and weaponry merchandising, so it is not easy to hold a phlegmatic perspective to watch the man-made terror without deploring the sad truth how things have ended up like this, for sure we should inveigh against the piracy felony, all the same we should also see through the phenomena and ferret out the nitty-gritty which induces the atrocious tragedies. We have both parties to blame and need a soul-searching examination on our own conscience.

Greengrass adopts an engaging procedure to re-enact the white-knuckle happening of how the ship is seized by four Somali pirates (leading by a scrawny Muse, played by the first-time actor, now Oscar-nominee Abdi), parallels the narrative from both sides, playing mind games and a hide-and-seek inside the vessel, this is the first half, culminated with the pirates take captain Phillips as the hostage in a lifeboat, floating back the Somali. Apparently from the hindsight, it is a preventable incident, considering it is a US cargo ship, no one on board is equipped with any firearms at all? From a gun frenzy country where campus shooting is rampant, it is quite implausible, but sometimes the truth is as simple as that, the pirates' boarding process is rough and ready, clearly the affluent corporate which owns the ship skimps on its defense system, although they are fully aware of the potential peril could happen anytime. Otherwise, there would be no big deal to defeat four sea marauders (one is barely a child) even they're equipped with AK-18.

Anyway, the second half, Captain Phillips is held captive within a lifeboat with the pirates on the billowy sea, since then, the film heavily hinges on Hank's performance to emanate the brewing desperation during the so-called "negotiation" between US rescue team (SEAL, frogmen are all standby) and the cornered pirates four. It is a precious platform to let Hanks finally have something extraordinary to offer, he completes it with consummate precision and sublimates the predictable fallout of the false hope. Unfortunately due to a crammed year with sterling candidates, Hanks is left out of the nomination list, quite an upsetting snub, but he plays a real person who lacks for a distinctive character except he is under an extreme situation, not showy enough is the detrimental disadvantage. Abdi is the MVP among the pirates four, not as irritable and impatient as the hackneyed short-fuse Najee (Ahmed), he is a human being with flesh and blood, he is the one captain Phillips can relate to under such circumstances, all diversities aside, basically they both work for their respective bosses and want to finish their jobs with minimal casualties. His bold final move can be interpreted as a smart judgment call, his American dream ironically fulfills in a different way, at least he can be plumb free of his ill-destined fate.

Nominated for 6 Oscars including BEST PICTURE (both Hanks and Greengrass are brutally snubbed here), CAPTAIN PHILLIPS is at best an unbiased recount of a man's individual struggle during a hanging-by-a-thread ride, and at worst, it is an unimaginative hostage story with jejune perpetrators wield weapons and demand unrealistic ransom, no one can beat the principled USS army, do you get the message?
Fine docu-drama but not much more
I'm a big fan of Paul Greengrass, but it seems that in Captain Phillips he was trying too hard not to take sides, having perhaps taken too much criticism for the partisanship of his brilliant films Bloody Sunday and Green Zone. It's not that I felt this new film desperately needed to make a political statement. It's just that it fails to make any statement at all. Or even to provide basic context for the events it depicts.

The production is certainly impeccable. The shipboard settings, the procedures, and Tom Hanks' character are so totally believable that it's easy to forget you're not watching a documentary. (*Mild spoilers*...) Hanks' initial efforts to safeguard his crew, and to calm the pirates, are clever and engrossing. But at some point, that impetus evaporates, and we're left with a very realistic, very tense situation in which the lead character no longer plays any part other than that of helpless victim. Things unwind like clockwork, with no particular twists or surprises. That may be how it happened, but it's not how to make a great action film.

I did appreciate Greengrass' effort to humanize the pirates. (If there's an Oscar going for this film, it belongs to Barkhad Abdi, for his nuanced performance as the pirate leader.) But the film stops short of any real exploration of the social or political pressures behind the incident it depicts. It fails to comment on the astounding spectacle of multiple billion-dollar navy ships and SEAL teams doing battle with four guys in a dinghy. It doesn't even address the obvious question of why a valuable merchant ship, registered in the most gun-happy country on Earth, and traveling through known pirate waters, doesn't have a weapons locker, or a security guard, or a single personal sidearm.

Tom Hanks is excellent as always, but this is not an Oscar-worthy *role*. Hanks plays on just two notes: first restrained and competent, then shifting quite abruptly to broken and terrified. This seems very realistic, and it's perfectly played. But it's just not that interesting. The script does little to analyze Phillips' eventual breakdown; it merely notes it as one more part of the scenario.

Bottom line, I enjoyed watching Captain Phillips, and I greatly admired the technique of both Greengrass and Hanks. But I didn't find the film particularly insightful, memorable or - considering the lack of character development or plot - exciting. It stands up well enough as a simple document of an actual event, but fails to tell me why that event might have been important enough to merit a big-budget movie treatment.
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