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Crime, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
S. Craig Zahler


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Vince Vaughn as Bradley Thomas
Dan Amboyer as Longman
Geno Segers as Roman
Michael Medeiros as Mismatched Eyes
Rob Morgan as Jeremy
Fred Melamed as Mr. Irving
Pooja Kumar as Denise Pawther
Clark Johnson as Detective Watkins
Tom Guiry as Wilson
Don Johnson as Warden Tuggs
Udo Kier as Placid Man
Jennifer Carpenter as Lauren Thomas
Brawl in Cell Block 99 Storyline: A former boxer-turned-drug runner lands in a prison battleground after a deal gets deadly.
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Good film, but Not quite Shawshank
17 October 2017: a good prison movie. Comic actor, Vince Vaughn normally does comedies, but he was good in this flick. Lot of scenes had me LMAO. On IMDb, Character actor, Willie Carpenter's credit is missing, but it does show in the ending movie titles.

I like the fact that it did Not have a lot of useless profanity. Too many prison films and other R rated flicks have too much unnecessary cursing and nudity. I also like that in the beginning, he did not beat up his wife played by actress, Jennifer Carpenter from the cable t.v show, "Dexter" when he finds out that she has cheated on him. He took his anger out on her car, which I was LMAO funny. If only more men would beat objects in anger instead of hitting girls and women, the world with women would be better. Women and teenage girls get so much abuse in this country and in the world and the public do NOT need to see more of it on film. I hate to violence on girls and women. So it was good that the violence was kept to a minimum on her when she was held captive.

The dirty cell with the shitty toilet was what a real prison hole should be like and should have been used when the character Andy Dufrane was sent to the hole in Shawshank. I was glad when he finally put his shoe padding in his electric belt and proceeded to stomp two bad guys skulls and ears together. Not realistic, but very funny. It would have been more realistic, if his shoes were steal toe work boots. I could not stop laughing at that scene and the fight scenes that came afterwards.

Character actor, Udo Kier was okay as a well-dressed flunky, but still looks like a vampire in the "Blade" movie. Some of the fight scenes with the guards were okay, but Not realistic and when he got hit, we should have seen blood. Also the bad guys would have hit him in the head and cracked his skull open.

Actor, Don "Sonny Crockett" Johnson was Not effective in this movie at all. Don's best role is still the series, "Miami Vice". He should have taken warden lessons from actor, Bob Gunton as warden Norton in "Shawshank". Bob really knows how to play mean and sadistic. The cops would have shot him in the legs or arms and heck, if he had been an African American or Hispanic American, the cops would have killed him on the spot. I liked the near ending with the rifle hidden in the grass and Udo Kier and the other bad guy gets shot. Ending with Vince being shot by the warden was perfect.

Overall, worth watching, but "Shawshank Redemption" is still my all-time favorite and the best prison flick of all time in movie history followed by "Midnight Express".
OK, where do i start
this one had some promise but the problems begin as soon as Bradley throws a punch

the fights are choreographed out of proportion the bones breaking sounds like someone siting on a bag of cheerios this almost feels like an m night Shyamalan movie (and no one needs that)

don Johnson's character is so one dimensional it almost doesn't exist

watch it for the gore, but don't expect A material
Thought it was some kind of send up...
I didn't even know that the main character was Vince Vaughn until I came here to write a review! The first few lines of diologue screamed B-Movie at me, so I just assumed it looked a bit like him... so he's broke, right? To illustrate how touch-and-go this movie is, there was a scene with Christian Rock blaring in Vaughn's car when he was doing a drug deal, and I thought it was going to be one of those religious conversion movies, you know the type - financed by a parish collection plate from a small church. So I kept watching for the lols.

If you listen to this movie without watching, (as I did when I had to rest my eyes from the gaudiness of the set) and you can't tap into how wooden, corny and ridiculous the dialogue is, then you are probably under 16 years of age. This is dialogue by numbers, written by someone who can't count, for people who don't want to.

But oh, if you actually watch the movie, everything, the set design right down to the effing sound effects, then you really get a sense of how utterly misguided this madness is.

Look, I am not out to rain on anyone's parade, I am just totally miffed at how this movie can get a 7.6 on IMDb. Maybe the movie industry is employing troll factories now as well.

Watch only for the agony.
Did I watch a different film to everyone else?
I read the reviews, the constant applause and praise for this film. How good the fights were and the great acting. WHAT?! What film has everyone watched because what I see was a B movie (at best) with terrible acting, a story line that was predictable and the fight choreography has got to be the worst I've seen. Vaughn cannot do fight scenes, he is extremely awkward and very slow, and considering the film hints he has a history of fighting I would've believed that Mr Bean was a UFC fighter more!
this is one weird movie
Vince Vaughn is great. Don Johnson is great. Jennifer Carpenter is horrible. Everyone else is fine.

The writing sometimes hits the mark and other times comes off as corny (the cream metaphor had me wincing). There was only music playing when the characters were in a car, and I thought that worked well. The plot doesn't make much sense.

The main thing that distinguishes this movie is the brutal violence. Besides that there's not much going on. If you like that kind of stuff, this is for you.

My opinion is that some movies have a structure and plot that can support extreme violence. Here it just felt weird, bordering on comical. It may be that the movie was going for some kind of retro-exploitation angle that I just didn't appreciate.
Without all the weird politics this would be a decent gore/revenge flick
OK, so we'll start with the well spoken soth'n gentlman / sociopath ex-drunk cuckold who physically and verbally dominates his cheating wife and rips a car apart with his bare hands, only to "work it out" by having a baby and becoming a courier of drugs for a what appears to be a neo-nazi gang... he's the "hero"

The villains consist of black prison guards, Mexican gangs and I sh*t you not... a creepy German middle-man and a sadistic Korean abortionist keen on cutting off baby parts in-utero. (They work for the Mexican cartel guy for some reason)

Subtle this movie ain't.

The interview room (with a random old glory on the wall) scene is ridiculous. The cop asks a few exposition questions to establish Brad as a "patriot" including "do you want to cut up the flag and send it to Putin?" to which his answer of "I have two in my house" which is enough to convince the cop that this skinhead meth dealer is a morally righteous man (Turning on the Mexicans and saving the cops helped too)

the rest of it is just as full of cringe.

The only way this movie is as high rated as it is must be paid reviews and bot-farms rating it 10/10
A winner, but not the film we were expecting
Bring a strong stomach with you to S. Craig Zahler's Brawl In Cell Block 99, a casually vicious ode to 1970's exploitation that pulls no punches, kicks, backhands or wet-crunchy head stomps that will make your balls retreat up in those nether regions. Zahler is also responsible for 2015's incredible horror western Bone Tomahawk, which set him on the messianic path to bring hard hitting genre cinema back to the forefront of our awareness. He's proved here that he plans to make that his long-game plan, with an utterly unapologetic, icily paced prison flick that ramps up into levels of violence that shake and stun. Vince Vaughn, that neurotic, rotund teddy bear, sheds his image as well as his shirt to ruthlessly pummel anyone that gets in the way of his quest to save pregnant wife Jennifer Carpenter after a drug deal gone bad, an area of employment he only entered to provide for those he loved. Stuck inside a minimum security prison, he's visited by a deliberately sinister old gentleman (Udo Kier, whose very presence solidifies the film's perpetual eccentricity) who uses the man's captive wife as leverage, and orders him to get himself transferred to a hellhole of a facility run by a nasty warden (Don Johnson, sadism incarnate). There's he's forced to fight tooth, nail and skull to stay alive, and fight he does. It all sounds rather lively, doesn't it? Not so much. Zahler is fascinated by subverting stereotypes and upturning genre expectations, going ballistic here with the film's patient, slow-cooker pacing. There's a Tarantino vibe to the wait vs. payoff in terms of violence especially in the last side of the third act, but it's much more perverse and played up, and if the carnage in Tomahawk made you queasy, you'll go full chunder with what Vaughn inflicts on his fellow jailbirds here, and shudder at Kier's casually evil approach to his job. Zahler has given the ol' German another chomp at the bit in terms of roles, as he hasn't done much in years, but he'll turn up again next year in the director's 'Dragged Across Concrete', which headlines Vaughn and Mal Gibson, so there's that to wet your panties over. Like Tarantino, Rob Zombie and others, Zahler like ms to handpick actors from bygone eras and showcase them in his roster, a quality I love in a filmmaker and one that shows they've done their research. Vaughn is an absolute demon here, a man with a specific, patriotic code of ethics and honour, but also not one to shy away from getting his hands dirty. Don Johnson is riding the wave of a magnificent comeback, his characters here has a southern prince exterior, with evil positively oozing from beneath. This was not the film I expected, not should it have been. It's unique, purposefully dodging expectations, and hits home with the crippling impact of Vaughn terrifying fists. An unconventional winner.
vince is one tough guy
vince Vaughan gives the performance of his life in this prison revenge movie. i heard it was extremely violent, but it's movie violence and if you're expecting it, them it's not that bad. vince is basically a decent fella who gets caught up in drug trafficking, sent to prison and must commit a murder to pay back a debt. that's about it. don Johnson is a long way from Miami vice days. but not bad.
Did I watch a different movie to everyone else?
I have seen lots of positive reviews here but I have to say, I just don't understand why at all. By the time the credits rolled, I just couldn't really work out what I had just watched but I knew it wasn't good.

The movie gets off to a promising start but quickly spirals into one laughable set piece after another.

I love Vince Vaughn and for the first 30 minutes of the movie you are genuinely invested in his character and the development of the movies plot but once his character finds himself back in prison, the gigantic plot holes and laughable action scenes completely ruin the movie.

Without spoiling too much, the basis of the story line involve Vaughn's character trying to locate a particular inmate who he has been blackmailed to eliminate for some criminals on the outside. To do this, Vaughn needs to make sure he is relocated to the maximum security prison wing where the Target is located by causing as much trouble as possible.

What ensues in Vaughn's seemingly indestructible character flawlessly and effortlessly beating up an entire prison yard of gang members, snapping prison guards arms in half, stamping on people faces till their heads crush, scraping peoples faces across the concrete until there no skin left and just skull showing, snapping legs in half, crushing heads in doors, stamping on people heads over a toilet bowl until their entire head comes off and anything else that you can think of that should usually make you wince but just makes you laugh because it all looks so bad.

You are supposed to believe Vaughn is locked inside a maximum security prison yet he somehow keeps finding himself alone with groups of guards and criminals who he is able to dispose of easily and slowly and without taking any significant damage himself.

Vaughn looks and feels like a real tough guy in the movie so the idea of him being in prison and getting into fights with the other inmates and guards seems completely believable but it all ends being executed so badly that I was just shaking my head and laughing for most of the movie.
How on earth are people giving this positive reviews?? The only reason I came to the page is because I was certain it was going to be an all-time low rating. Without a doubt one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Vaughn's "acting" is painful to watch. I honestly recommend you watch it, because it is epically bad.
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