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Crime, Drama, Thriller
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Bob Rafelson


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Michael Caine as Victor
Thom Christopher as Jeweller #1
John Hackett as Gas Station Attendant
Dan Daily as Todd
John Seitz as Frank
Mario Ernesto Sánchez as Artie (Fishing Ace)
Judy Davis as Suzanne
Stephen Dorff as Jason
Marc Macaulay as Guard
Jennifer Lopez as Gabriela
Mike Starr as Mike
Blood and Wine Storyline: Bob Rafelson has stated that this is the final part of an informal trilogy he started with "Five Easy Pieces" and continued with "The King Of Marvin Gardens". In the three, Nicholson has now played son, brother and father. In this one, Nicholson is a wealthy wine dealer who has distanced himself from his wife with his philandering and from his son with his negligence. After he steals a diamond necklace with the help of a safecracker partner, Victor, things start coming apart. His wife sets out to interrupt what she thinks is another one of his weekend dalliances, but is really his trip to pawn the jewels.
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A fine vintage Jack & Caine
BLOOD & WINE (1996) *** Jack Nicholson, Michael Caine, Stephen Dorff, Jennifer Lopez, Judy Davis, Harold Perrineau. Fine devious neo noir and serpentine twists along the way with slick wine salesman Nicholson partnering with chronic, oily Caine (gleefully enjoying his scumbag role) for a get rich quick diamond necklace heist that only gets botched (natch) when his stepson Dorff starts to add up the heinous acts they've committed. Nicholson's attack on Caine is scarily funny. Directed by long-time Jack Packer, Bob Rafelson.
Intriguing and Compelling
This movie was gripping and held perfectly together by the actors. Jack Nicholson, Michael Caine and Stephen Dorff all put in memorable performances with Michael Caine rivalling Jack Nicholson with a mesmerising lunatic performance. It is a good movie and well worth seeing.
Clever Caper Flick with brilliant performances
Possibly the best Caper Flick I've ever seen. Michael Caine is fabulously creepy, and Nicholson does his usual turn as The Man You Love to Hate.
Stellar cast. Brilliant film making.

Jack Nicholson is typically brilliant. Judy Davis is positively compelling. Michael Caine does what he does when given a great script: exceptional work. Stephen Dorff is a great young actor, and Jennifer Lopez is stunningly beautiful, if at times out of her league here.

The script is good, the direction is excellent, and the film, in total, is a solid 8.5 on the 10 scale. Those who complain that the film is too violent shouldn't watch movies about crime. Crime is typically violent. (Despite the way it's depicted in most films.)

See this movie. Ignore the idiots.
Very enjoyable modern film noir
I thoroughly enjoyed the twists and turns of Blood & Wine's plot as I steered through it by some very interesting characters who were brought to life magnificently by a talented cast, especially Nicholson and Caine. None of the characters are white as snow but all of them, even the Caine character, elicit some sympathy. My only complaint is that the ending although poetic is slightly unsatisfying. Then again that could be because of my sympathy and bias for Nicholson's character. All in all very enjoyable, 8/10.
Almost the perfect plan
Alex doesn't understand well with his stepfather son with his wife. He has a mistress who is housekeeping and using a professional thief make a plan to steal from the house where his mistress Gabriela works, a valuable necklace. But things do not go as it should even if it manages to steal the jewel because even before he is ready to leave on a trip in order to sell the necklace has a serious quarrel with his wife leave him unconscious and goes with the suitcase in which he put the necklace.

Here begins a cat and mouse game with ugly results.

It's a thriller of the 90s with some good actors and should not be missed.
Key: Largo.
The story involves the theft of a multi-million-dollar necklace by thieves Jack Nicholson, who runs a wine shop in Miami, and Michael Caine, a safe cracker on parole. Nicholson packs his suitcase intending to leave his wife, Judy Davis, and his stepson, Steven Dorff, and run off to New York with his innocent girl friend, Jennifer Lopez. In New York, he intends to sell the hot ice to a fence and return to split the cash with Caine.

At the last moment, Nicholson has an argument with his wife, she clobbers him with a poker, frantically throws some clothes into Nicholson's suitcase, and drives off with her son. The necklace is stashed in a compartment of the suitcase, although neither she nor Dorff knows it.

They find out soon enough. Nicholson and Caine track them to Key Largo and there are arguments, fights, a car chase, until Davis and Caine wind up dead, Dorff takes off in his new boat for the horizon, Lopez drives off alone with one of the stones, and Nicholson winds up in the hands of the law.

It has a lot going for it. Nicholson and Caine rarely go wrong. Judy Davis does hysteria well. Jennifer Lopez is a natural actress, a beautiful young woman with a cantilevered rear end. The locations include some of the more colorful parts of Florida. And there's one effective action scene during, and immediately after, the car chase.

So why doesn't it work any better than it does? It's a mean-spirited movie. Every character seems greedy, spiteful, and deceitful. There's nobody to root for. It's easy to argue that this is rather more like real life than having good and evil splashed across the screen, but the values don't go much beyond that. No one has any particularly generous impulses. If someone dies, they simply disappear from the story. The only scene in which a genuine conflict of motives appears is when Nicholson is rooting around the bloodied body of his dying wife in an overturned car, searching desperately for the stupid necklace and sobbing with remorse at the same time. And even this is undercut by pettiness. Her last words to Nicholson: "**** you." The ill-considered roles cripple the performances too. Nobody is poor, but no one has a chance to do much more than try to outwit the others. It's also disturbing to see actors we like, like Caine and Nicholson, in parts so petty. They're fine when they are outrageously malignant and venomous. (Nicholson ululating hoarsely and limping through the snow with an ax in his hands.) But realistically, as reprobate as the rest of us? Nope.

I also can't understand why the location shooting doesn't take advantage of Miami and the Keys, where it was clearly shot. We see mostly interiors and back yards. Even a fishing boat in the Gulf of Florida feels claustrophobic. There's no sense of space or even of the city. And the photography doesn't help, somehow nudging a viewer into the perception that southern Florida is chilly rather than shimmering in humidity and heat. Where's the sweat? John Huston's "Key Largo" was all shot on a Warner Brothers' sound stage and does a better job of establishing the atmosphere. Finally, the MacGuffin -- that million-dollar necklace -- bespeaking a lack of imagination. Sounds like a job for Charlie Chan.

Well, I don't mean to be too harsh. It's not badly done. It's just that so many opportunities for it to have been better were missed in the script and in the direction. Disappointing.
An Effective Film Noir
It would be hard for any film to fail that had Jack Nicholson, Michael Caine, and Judy Davis in its cast, and "Blood and Wine" certainly succeeded. It is an effective film noir with far more than the usual complement of charismatic sociopaths and plot turns. Their no heroes in the movie, only predators and prey. It is great fun.
Michael caine is extraordinary - film is so-so
Michael Caine gives one of his greatest performances, and that really is saying something. How many times have you seen someone overshadow CJck Nicholson? Well it happens here. Caine's character is at times pathetic, at others funny, and at others deeply nasty, and always believable.

Jennifer Lopez looks astonishing in this but her character is a cypher. The script is so-so, as is the direction, but it is worth watching once for the Caine masterclass.
mind blowing performances and great film noir pacing
This may be the best Steven Dorff performance I've seen. It blew me away,very demanding role played beautifully.And Nicholson and Caine were something else, great chemistry and top-notch acting.Judy Davis is great as always (love this actress). Jennifer Lopez must be the luckiest bad actress in the world.I mean, 2 excellent film noirs (this and U-Turn) and working with the likes of Rafelson and Stone??? The movie has great pacing and tension.Michael Caine and Steven Dorff shine here, even more than Nicholson. Loved the amorality of the movie (that's one of the reasons why I like the film noir-genre in the first place). Great scenes and atmosphere.It would be a definite 10, but Jennifer Lopez annoyed me, so...just 9/10.
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