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Thriller, Action, Adventure, War, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
Peter Berg


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Liam Neeson as Admiral Shane
Beau Brasseaux as Navy SEAL (as Beau Brasso)
John Bell as Angus
Leni Ito as Japanese News Anchor
John Tui as Beast
Gregory D. Gadson as Lieutenant Colonel Mick Canales
Joji Yoshida as Chief Engineer Hiroki
Rihanna as Raikes
Brooklyn Decker as Samantha
Peter MacNicol as Secretary of Defense
Tadanobu Asano as Nagata
Adam Godley as Dr. Nogrady
Taylor Kitsch as Alex Hopper
Alexander Skarsgård as Stone Hopper
Jerry Ferrara as Sampson JOOD Strodell
Joshua Pence as Chief Moore
Rico McClinton as Captain Browley
Battleship Storyline: Based on the classic Hasbro naval combat game, Battleship is the story of an international fleet of ships who come across an alien armada while on Naval war games exercise. An intense battle is fought on sea, land and air. What do the aliens want?
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Great special effects - Bad storyline
To help him correct his life, Commander Stone Hopper (Skarsgård) drafts his little brother Alex Hopper (Kitsch) to the Navy. Soon after they find themselves on the deck of a battleship defending themselves, their crew, their ship and the faith of mankind against an invading alien foe.

The storyline of the film is as to be expected. Like in Independence Day (1996) we find ourselves in an seemingly impossible fight vs. an superior adversary and only the cunning of a few men and women can alter the faith of mankind.

The special effects in the film are somewhat the best I've ever seen and make it a wonderful experience, but the rather thin storyline disappoints me.

But still, do I want to see the film again? I have to say 'Yes'. This is a great "cure-my-Sunday-morning-hangovers-film". You can sleep through most of the film and still not miss out on anything.

7/10 – On account of the great special effects.
Worst movie I have seen this year
I vote this one and only because there is no zero. This is by far, the worst movie I have seen this year, and I watch a lot of movies.

Poor acting, poor story line, unbelievable all the way. Yes, it is a sci-fi movie but it lacks anything we have come to expect in sci-fi.

1. An alien race that can travel light years to invade us comes with only five ships, one of which crashes into a satellite. One would think that if they have a ship of that caliber it would be like a cruise ship hitting a dinghy. But instead, it is totally destroyed and crashes on earth.

2. One would think that the aliens who can travel light years would have shields for their ships and ray weapons. Nope, instead, they have weapons that fire line-of-site and and only fire explosive containers, which, by the way easily penetrate 12 inches of armor on the ships.

3. One would think that the alien ship bridge would not be protected by glass that is easily penetrated by a sniper rifle, which, by the way, after penetration kills the alien commander.

4. Alien ships that hop across the water? They flew from another planet but now have to hop.

5. Oh yes, and they arrive here with no communications and have to use ours.

6. The attack on earth made no sense. Why take out a baseball field and concrete highway supports?

I could go on and on and put many other things. Without a doubt, this is the worst excuse for a movie. I have wasted money on the DVD rental for sure. I would expect the well-known actors to be in higher quality films.

Save your money for something better; this one for sure is not worth it.
C'mon, it's not that bad
There may be some inadvertent spoilers in this review, so beware! I went to see this movie with my girlfriend expecting an action movie with (based on the previews) really good special effects. After the first 5mins of the movie, it became apparent that Battleship was going to mix in some comedy as well. Both my girlfriend and I were both laughing a lot at the beginning of the movie, and it loosened our original perception of the movie. Now, we were just there to have a good time.

For the most part, I was impressed. A good amount of the negative reviews I have read seem to not even be about this movie. I read one that literally stated, "Why did we have to slaughter these aliens that were just trying to get home?" They were obviously not watching the same movie. These aliens were trying to use our satellites to bring more ships to earth to take over the planet! They were piggy-backing on our technology because their communications ship crashed at the beginning. They weren't some well to do aliens who accidentally crashed and were trying to get home! This was an invasion! Another review said there were too many side stories... There were literally two. The main story arc deals with the main character fighting the aliens, and then his girlfriend is helping an army vet who lost his legs and they get into some trouble. That's pretty much it.

The one big problem I had was the super cheesy part towards the end when all of the old veterans working on the Mighty Mo are posing all over the ship and Hopper gives them the mini speech about asking them to do more for their country. Plus, the idea of running a WWII era battleship with about 10 Navy Sailors and 10 60+ year old vets is a little... unbelievable. I'm not 100% on this, but the standard crew for a Missouri type battleship is over 2000. That was just way too corny for my taste, but it didn't take away too much from the over all movie.

All in all, it was a lot of fun. The movie had great special effects, the interplay between the actors was amusing, and at times, just plain funny. The story was okay, there are a few things that were kind of left hanging, but this isn't supposed to be some artsy, independent film. I disagree with the reviewer who says that "It's an action movie" isn't a good excuse. I say it is. If you want moving dialog, Oscar worthy acting, and a swath of top name actors... This probably isn't the movie for you. If you just want to have a good time, have some laughs, see some great special effects and walk away from a movie with a smile on your face, go see this movie.
went in with low expectations but actually enjoyed it
ill have to browse other movie reviews to compare but i watch a lot of movies and rarely give bad reviews to action or suspense type movies which i enjoy. 007 skyfall and con air may be the only movies I've ever truly hated but anyway i heard a lot of bad reviews on this movie and was really skeptical but it came on HBO so i decided to watch it and i think its one of the better sci-fi movies I've seen since starship troopers or independence day. it was hard to overlook rhianna being a character in the film but she did an OK job. i don't understand people saying the movie was "boring", i mean there was action almost the entire way through once the invasion came. like i said im pretty reasonable, i enjoyed waterworld as well even though thats considered one of the biggest bombs ever.
chicken burrito and kentucky fried chicken
This is my first ever review on IMDb and after watching this movie a few hours ago I was compelled to register on IMDb so I could play the Battleship guessing game with you (similar to the original Battleship, only that it's not).

Q1: How does a radio telescopes work? Do they

A - Detect and collect data on radio sources

B - Shoot some type of visible light laser beam to another solar system in the hope to communicate with aliens?

Answer: B - It's hard for someone to imagine how a signal is sent.

Q2: What would be the best way for an alien ship to travel once on earth?

A - Fly

B - Hop on the water (in one direction) like a cross between a water strider and a frog

Answer: B - Also staying true to their weapons system which only work line of sight.

Q3: Once the alien destruction robots are launched to attack and weaken the human defense, do they

A - Destroy 20 unarmed helicopters

B - Ruin a field where kids are playing baseball

C - Destroy the only remaining docked Battleship equipped with Harpoon and Tomahawk missiles

D - Attack some concrete pillars holding up a section of a freeway

Answer: A,B,D - Who would ever think that the USS Missouri had a better chance of attacking the aliens as opposed to a freeway.

Q4: Your a bad-ass alien who traveled ten's of light years to take over another planet, what do you bring as a personal weapon?

A - A ray guy than can evaporate anything in sight

B - Any other type of projectile weapon

C - A knife that looks like a screwdriver

Answer: C - The only weakness being that it takes this weapon 20 seconds to warm up, giving a double leg amputee enough time to walk up to the armored alien kick-box it in the head and take off it's helmet.

Q5: The humans have fired a tomahawk missile at your alien ship. What do you do?

A - Try to shoot it down with your own weapons

B - Try to maneuver your ship out of the way

C - Have your alien ship hop directly into the missile

Answer: C - Oh yes that's right the alien ship is only equipped with grenades and it can only move in the direction it is facing.

Q6: Your building an alien war ship that will be used to take over a planet. What material do you use to protect the bridge?

A - A type of super strong metal

B - Glass

Answer: B - Taking over a planet is not so easy when a few sniper rifle rounds breaches the hull on the bridge and kills the alien commander.

If you got 0% then watch the trailer and save yourself from having your intelligence insulted.

If you got above 1% then steal a chicken burrito, become captain of the navy in a few years and save the planet from an alien invasion by taking commands from an officer 20 ranks below you.
the worst movie ever?
I apologise for giving this movie 1 , I wish have given it a minus figure how it is averaging above 5 is beyond me. Firstly Liam Neeson hold your head in shame for agreeing to be in this was the 30 silver coins worth it to put your name to your 5 minute appearance. Everyone else don't bother holding your head in shame as hopefully we will never see any of you act again , unfortunately we will have to listen to Rhianna release 25 albums a year. This film had every ridiculous cliché in the book , the woman in the navy football team , really , the outsider who falls for the admirals daughter who yes saves the world , the useless aliens who come from a million galaxies away then get beaten by 90 year old veterans on a decommissioned warship (why did it still have live missiles on it) , oh & yes lets ruthlessly exploit the plight of wounded vets for entertainment. This film is juvenile , crass & just plain garbage. Put it this way my wife just watched speed 2 again , remember how bad that is well its Citizen Kane next to this.
An Awesome Cheesy Good Time!!!
I would just like to say 'thank you' to all the haters. I had very low expectations because of all the negative reviews, but this movie was a non-stop action extravaganza. It has very little to do with the classic board game, but that doesn't take away from the fun. This is truly a summer blockbuster. Alex Hopper is the lazy slacker brother of Commander Stone Hopper. When Alex gets arrested, trying to impress the daughter of Admiral Shane, Stone makes him join the United States Navy. Seven years later, Alex is still a slacker but he must step up his game during the RIMPAC naval exercises. During the same time, five alien spaceships crash land in the sea. They begin to attacks the ships. Alex is forced to become the leader and fight back against the aliens. Like I said, this film is extremely action-packed and worthy of a viewing. I highly recommend BATTLESHIP!!!
Bad is a small word
Up until today 40,716 people rate this movie making the average note 6.2. What? How? I mean did anyone see some type of plot in this movie, some type of fluidity, some type of acting? Don't tell me it has great FX cause those alien ships are not even close to let's say the Transformers franchise. I mean in term of FX this is the Moon and Transformers is the Sun. Transformers 3 hat 195 mil budget and this had 209. What did those people do with the money?

Coming back to the plot you will see huge holes and as the movie advances you'll start thinking that this is a comedy show. Let's not forget that aliens came to Earth with an incredible machine, traveling hundreds, probably thousands of light ears and in the end we beat them with plain all gun powder. It's like the polish fighting German tanks with cavalry in the WWII.

Acting? What is that? Nobody knows cause you don't get that in this movie. How do you become a Lt. Cdr. in such a short time? Even in Mongolia it's not possible and believe me not many people know where that country is.

I'll end saying that it a complete waste of your time seeing this movie but still, if you want to get angry and don't know how it's a good therapy. The worst thing is that the hole concept, you know: scientist searching for a planet in the "Goldilocks zone"( or habitable zone ), finding it, establish some kind of contact, preparing for a visit, preparing for a journey, finally answering the big question, we are not alone, ends up in a complete failure.
What is wrong with people ? A movie that delivers on what it promises . .
I went into the theatre expecting very little and found the movie altogether very enter entertaining. I can enjoy all kinds of movies and generally these kind of popcorn flicks let me down, but I honestly think this has been harshly judged.

I don't understand some people or their reviews, I genuinely think they don't have realistic expectations going into some movies. This is not a masterpiece like the godfather but is a 9 out of 10 on the guilty pleasure list. Its not short on action and is comparable to transformers, if not more focused on the action as opposed to the annoying teen love story.

If you expected shawshank redemption, pulp fiction or something with substance, you deserved to have your money taken and deserve to be disappointed. I am not American, but could still enjoy the usual over the top "Go U.S.A." save the world storyline because its a simple action flick. This did exactly what it said on the tin and for me was a superbly enjoyable action flick.
What "Battle LA" could have been.
OK, first of all, yes, this movie has more holes than the surface of the moon. Some of the plot points, tactics, technical gaffes, etc. etc. etc. are so bad and stupid as the be insulting. Seriously, if you are up on your military technology at all it's best to go to this movie seriously drunk so that you won't care about the dumbness.

That said, it's actually a pretty fun movie. And, yes, I think it's better than Battle Los Angeles or even the latest Transformers. Why? Because this movie didn't make the same critical mistakes of trying to have Acting in the damn film. Nothing slows down a good action flick like a damn love story in the background, or the hero dealing with his feelings or, worse still, putting brats in the line of fire. Battleship had none of that - just a bunch of thick-headed do- gooders doing what they do best and not really learning a whole lot about anything, including themselves, in the process.

Another thing I like is that there is an appreciation for the warships and the people who serve on them. The timing of the ACDC music for the going-into-battle scene is perfectly done. You can't help but smile.

The alien technology is actually pretty imaginative and the animation is good. It's not as over- the-top as Battle LA - where there was so much going on you get overwhelmed. But when the aliens want something blowed up, they do so with conviction. Mind you, some of the technical deficiencies of the alien technology will leave you wondering how these creatures managed to cross a galaxy. But try not to worry about that - the writers sure didn't.

The cast is OK. Neeson is decent as the admiral or whatever, and even Rihanna does an acceptable job. We're not talking about "Apocalypse Now" kinds of performances, but it wasn't horrible either. It was at least semi-believable.

Look, this ain't no "Bedford Incident". But it's a pretty decent way to kill a couple hours and snarf down some popcorn. All the folks griping about the technical problems - well, it's all true - but who cares? This movie doesn't pretend to be realistic. Hell, in the credits it's "Based on the game by Hasbro," so go in prepared and enjoy.
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