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Crime, Thriller, Action, Music
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Edgar Wright


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Lance Palmer as Baby's Dad
Eiza González as Darling
Micah Howard as Barista
Morgan Brown as Street Preacher
Hudson Meek as Young Baby
Sky Ferreira as Baby's Mom
Viviana Chavez as Diner Waitress
Ansel Elgort as Baby
Lily James as Debora
C.J. Jones as Joseph
Jon Bernthal as Griff
Jon Hamm as Buddy
Baby Driver Storyline: Baby is a young and partially hearing impaired getaway driver who can make any wild move while in motion with the right track playing. It's a critical talent he needs to survive his indentured servitude to the crime boss, Doc, who values his role in his meticulously planned robberies. However, just when Baby thinks he is finally free and clear to have his own life with his new girlfriend, Deborah, Doc coerces him back for another job. Now saddled with a crew of thugs too violently unstable to keep to Doc's plans, Baby finds himself and everything he cares for in terrible danger. To survive and escape the coming maelstrom, it will take all of Baby's skill, wits and daring, but even on the best track, can he make it when life is forcing him to face the music?
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"Baby Driver" delivers, even if it doesn't quite make a clean getaway.
I am someone who has enjoyed Edgar Wright's work immensely. In fact, Hot Fuzz is one of my all-time favorite comedies. So obviously, I went to this movie with high expectations, knowing how much he can deliver a good time at the movies. After seeing it, I can say he most certainly did, although some things did drag it down from it standing toe-to-toe with his best.

First, the positives: the music direction is phenomenal. Nearly all the soundtrack utilizes a vast selection of music from the past 50 years, and it's clever in how it doesn't use super-overplayed songs (with a few intentional exceptions) and instead uses music most people have never heard before. This does a wonderful job of emphasizing Baby's encyclopedic love for music. How the film cuts with the music is truly a work of art. Each chase scene felt like a exciting, but focused rush I usually don't see in summer blockbusters.

The main character, Baby, has a backstory and arc that feels completely natural. His decisions throughout the film make sense relative to his situation, and Ansel Elgort does a great job portraying both social awkwardness and focused training. Most of the other characters are funny as well. Although I do feel like they could have fleshed out some of them more, most of them do get the job done. It is a bit disappointing, however, considering that even some superhero films this year did a better job with building their characters. Jamie Foxx does a stand-out performance which bought out most of the laughs for me.

Now for some drawbacks: the love interest fell completely flat for me. While Lily James' performance is solid, the material feels, well, a bit lacking. I felt they needed to better justify her and Baby's strong emotional bond. Since that spark isn't quite there, I ended up questioning why she played along with the events of the movie. That reason isn't quite given and it is distracting. Also, while the music is great, there are brief moments where they use a more traditional film score. If they wanted to show this bond Baby had with music, they should have completely immersed us in his ears, which they do, but in a couple scenes I felt as though they forgot or phoned it in. Silence can sometimes be as powerful as score, especially when it contrasts.

Despite some gripes, I do think Wright has made another solid addition to his short, but impressive, library of work. I do recommend you see this one in the theater if you get the chance, because we all know the last thing we need is another Edgar Wright film to bomb at the box office.
A stylish, technical marvel that is remarkably entertaining.
Baby Driver is a stylish, technical marvel that is remarkably entertaining. From the opening sequence, director Edgar Wright stamps his work with his signature uniqueness. Wright puts the spotlight on getaway driver Baby, portrayed by The Fault in Our Star's Ansel Elgort, as he rocks out in his car, while Elgort's co-stars conduct a well-rehearsed bank heist off screen. Immediately, from this one direction choice, you know this won't be a run-of-the-mill heist film.

What follows is anything but your run-of-the-mill heist film. Music is beautifully integrated into nearly every scene, adding to the unconventionality of Wright's approach to action. The sound editing perfectly blends the actions scenes with the accompanying music. There have been plenty of getaway car chases in film, most notably in the Fast and Furious franchise, but the flair that Wright adds with his own personal touch make Baby Driver's car sequences some of the best put to film.

The colors in this film are consistently bright and vibrant, matching the similarly colorful performances by the cast. Jamie Foxx is a standout here, playing the borderline cartoonish gangster, Bats. Jon Hamm and and Eiza Gonzalez portray a similarly over-the-top Bonnie and Clyde duo. Kevin Spacey is (naturally) excellent as the boss that pulls this mishmash of stereotypes together with his cold efficiency. Though most of these characters are written to be caricatures of familiar character archetypes, each and every member of this star- studded cast is able to pull it off.  The charisma that each of these actors bring to the film are one of Baby Driver's greatest assets.

It's easy to heap praise upon this film's supporting cast, but Elgort is truly commendable in his first proper leading role. He is given a lot to do in his film, as his character Baby's personality differs greatly depending on who is present in the scene. Elgort's performance ranges from stoic in the presence of his heist crew, slickly charismatic around his love interest, and energetic to an almost child-like level when he is by himself.

When it comes to the script, there is a perfect synergy with every other the aspect of the film. The dialogue is often over the top, the characters are exaggerated, the plot is almost fantasy-like. The 80s action movie esque direction taken by writer/director Edgar Wright excuses some of the film's flaws. This isn't a hyper realistic, super serious action film. This is borderline fantasy at points.

The flaws of this film are largely based on personal preference. The second act of the film slows down a bit to focus on Baby's relationship with his love interest, Debbie. If you were expecting non-stop action throughout the film, this may bother you. These scenes are well done however, and just as unique and stylized as the action scenes. Also, if you don't take well to the over-the-top, fantasy-like characters and plot, you might see it as a flaw, instead of an asset of the film.

While a movie that I love, 2011's Drive, starring Ryan Gosling, was criticized for being largely style over substance. There are definitely similarities between Drive and Baby Driver; especially with both film's emphasis on style. While I don't think Baby Driver will be quite as polarizing, if Drive is a movie that you did not enjoy, you will find similar flaws here.

Baby Driver is loud, over-the-top, and unrealistic. But these aren't necessarily flaws, as all of these aspects add to the charm of this film. This is my favorite work from Edgar Wright so far, and one of my favorite films of the year.
Surprised I enjoyed this so much!
I really enjoyed watching this movie. I'm a huge fan of car racing type shows and even though this isn't technically one, Baby does car race against the cops. I loved Baby's character and how he was portrayed and his little music making quirks. In terms of cute couples, I feel like part of me want to give the trophy to Baby and Deborah but there was just something so passionate about Buddy and Darling (I mean, that guy went nuts when she went down)

The story was really nice. Nothing complex, no surprising plot twist at the end, or original, but there was something about the atmosphere of it that really made it feel unique. Extra points for the soundtrack. I'm not a huge oldies person but I really liked the songs that were picked out for this movie and how they were integrated into the story. Also the disabilities of the characters was interesting and I liked that they weren't used as weaknesses but strengths (and not even that, it was just another part of who they were)

Wouldn't dub this movie one of my favorites but I do recommend checking it out
Trailer showcases high potential, wasted in the actual film

The trailer held great potential for this movie - smartly timed moves to energetic music, explosive car chase scenes, a budding romance.

The actual movie - worth one discounted movie ticket for viewing at the theaters at most.


You start off with a catchy title 'Baby DRIVER' - so you'd think you'll be seeing Fast & Furious-style chases and such throughout, just like the trailer teases. Yet, the latter 1/2 of the movie is filled with long, long scenes of Baby.... RUNNING?!?

Then, add on all the lost potential - You can easily sing away to the ending song of FF7, but here in Baby Driver, you can barely put together a La La Land-like soundtrack. It's a total scramble of odd songs from across genres that don't really fit together - more like the ramblings of the director's mind - and what you get is nothing that reaches as high as the very first bank robbery scene, which setup lots of anticipation for it's timed wipers, etc.

Tack on paper-thin characterization - the assembled 'team' is barely interesting versus the FF team. Unmotivated and silly scenes.

eg. Right, you go into a building to get weapons, hear a super long blab about port cuts, and only get offered 9 weapons?! And instead of picking the 'best', Jamie starts a shootout, picks up random weapons, and blows the rest up?!? So -stupid- versus FF, where the team is offered the best, and they build and take the best to offer the audience a truly awesome race/fight scene later on. In Baby, it's an aborted effort. Why offer the goods if you're just going to waste it all?

eg. So many scenes are merely Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk.... all in the MIDDLE of an exciting fight/chase/etc. scene. Why, oh, why wasn't all this cut??

And you end up with a miserable ending versus the 'enemy' at the end. Baby steals one car, crashes it into the bad guy's car. Then, Baby gets out, steals another in the parking lot, crashes it again into the bad guy's car. Then, gets out.... you get the idea. Just how fast can one kid get out of a car, break into another, jack it, and drive it into the bad guy?! So unbelievable.... not only for the changing of cars, but now it's become "Baby Car Crash" rather than "Baby Driver".

Spacey dies in an equally lame way in the end - simply shot dead. Not even uses the full potential of Baby here at all, who stands with his girl looking all stupid at the men coming to shoot him dead instead of 'Running' so well like he did earlier in the movie. Why, Baby, Why don't you RUN???? Because it's not a Driver movie anymore and you're facing death.

The movie does stick with you afterwards and you do wonder, what if the fullest potential of the idea had been written into the movie? Imagine if it had Top 10 hits, rocking cameos by top singers, FF-style car chases, an amazing team fighting to escape the cops, etc. Yes, it would have broken Wonder Woman records and become a cult legend.

Instead, Baby Driver slowly deflates after the first bank robbery and leaves everyone with a yawn at the end for the immature ending. (It's also unbelievable how the the girl is characterized - every girl I've talked to who watched it rolls her eyes at the unbelievable way she 'falls in love' all so suddenly.)

You're also left with the tapes. Such unbelievable potential, wasted. It could have had Spacey listen to the 'Mom' tape, setting up the reason he protects Baby in the end and his life changes, realizing the 'love' he once had, but nope. Nothing done with it that would have moved the viewers.

7/10 because it's unique enough to stick in your brain for a day or two after. Otherwise, I'd rank it lower for the fragmented plot, weak characterization of most of the characters, poor pacing, etc.
Next level of style
Baby driver is easy to watch , but hard to make . The style of world of cinema has been changed . This film is the next level style in world of cinema . All the characters are massive . The music doesn't have any relation with the story . But the music is driving the car in a magnificent way .I can practically see the effort of crew members who work in this movie . In a one sentence,baby driver is a whole package for every kind of audiences.(Every movie lover should watch baby driver)
Starts out great, falls apart halfway through
This movie had a lot of potential. It started out great, but it began to fall apart rapidly just after the halfway mark.

A more complicated plot could have developed, but the second half just seems rushed. The movie could have gone in several different and more fulfilling directions, but it went full cheese instead. Disappointing. It ends up being just a variation of "The Last Ride" (2004).


It's a given that being in debt to a crime boss means your debt will never really be cleared, so that's okay for a movie.

And you can suspend disbelief for driving physics and non-deploying airbags...


Doc sending the third crew to meet with arms dealers was totally unnecessary for the job they had the next day, because they already had all the equipment they needed, so that whole scene was forced just for a plot device.

Bats proved he was willing to kill for no reason, so there's really no reason he would have left Joe alive.

There is no way Buddy would have been able to escape all those cops swarming him downtown. Then Buddy shows up again later after getting shot in the chest. Superhuman villains in a non-superhero movie tend to ruin the whole thing.

Doc remaining in the place from where the heist was launched at risk of being caught for no reason (even though he knew it was botched) made no sense, just like his sudden change of heart in "helping" Baby made no sense.

Oh and Jon Bernthal is only in the movie for about 10 minutes, so not sure why he was given top billing, when he's pretty much just an extra with a couple of lines. Baby's deaf foster dad had more lines (sign language) than Bernthal, yet he's not considered a main character.
If Vin runs on Diesel, Baby runs on High octane
Baby Driver

Maybe the title for this review is a little misleading. This movie unlike Fast and Furious 25 (I've lost count) isn't all CGI crash bang and a wallop. Instead here the audience are treated to engaging characters and a thoroughly engaging storyline. Don't get me wrong there are some wonderful set pieces involving some fantastic car chases but all four wheels are placed firmly on the ground. Believable action, no jumping over submarines or parachuting cars out of planes here.

Baby Driver follows the lead character played by Angel Elgort who is named Baby. He's a young man with a special gift. He can make a car sing enabling him to be the best wheel man in the business. However an hearing deficiency caused by an accident when he was younger plagues him with a constant ringing in his ears. Music helps combat this and the beat of his favourite tunes help him perform car manoeuvres that would put the Stig to shame. Think of the music as being the fuel to his ability just as the sun is to Superman. Baby owes a debt to criminal mastermind Doc played by the excellent Kevin Spacey. By driving for him Baby is able to pay back the money he owes. I'll not go into too much about the storyline because as it unfolds it grips the audience and doesn't let go. The superb performances by all, well written material and the superior direction by Edgar Wright give us reason to invest and care about the characters on screen. In reality they're the bad guys doing bad guy stuff. Robbing banks and so on but it's hard not to root for them. Baby however isn't a bad guy he's just a guy caught up in the circumstances that life has dealt him. His goal to ride off into the sunset with the love of his life just out of reach. I recommend Baby Driver. It's not just a movie for people who like cars and car chases. It's a movie for people who like characters and good story telling. A refreshing action movie. Baby is fast but too cool to get furious.
Fresh, Fun and Original

Without spoiling anything, the movie is about a young getaway driver, Baby (Ansel Elgort) who's parents were killed in a car accident. As a result of this event, he damaged his hearing and therefore, constantly listens to music to drown the humming noise in his ear. He is pressured into working for this kingpin (Kevin Spacey) and works as the driver of a crew in a series of robberies. Baby meets this waitress named Debora (Lily James) and falls in love with her. Arguably, this was the weakest aspect of the movie. This is because there could have been more emphasis on character development and the relationship between the two. Their relationship simply did not feel strong enough to justify the life changing and threatening decisions Debora made in the final third of the movie. However, despite this the plot was exciting and the pacing was spot on. 8.5/10


Baby Driver was a beautifully executed movie and it was a fresh breath of originality. This film has Edgar Wright written all over it. The action sequences are smooth and easy to follow and the colorful cinematography is gorgeous. Baby driver has the perfect blend of fast cuts and long shots which make the movie visually stunning. 10/10


Baby Driver is an action musical. The music plays a huge role in the film and it is in perfect sync with all the shots and events that occur before us. One of the things that Baby Driver made me do is leave the movie theater desperate to listen to the entire music score and it is indeed a combination of a variety of different songs which perfectly suit the style and plot of the movie itself. 10/10


Baby Driver employed a greatly talented cast in Kevin Spacey, Ansel Elgort, Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx, Lily James and Eiza Gonzalez. As one would expect the acting was fantastic from all of the cast members. 10/10

It is definitely worth the watch. Edgar Wright does not disappoint!
Baby, Does This Movie Rock'N Roll!!!
The trailer that first advertised British writer & director Edgar Wright's "Baby Driver" made it look like a Young Adult knock-off of French producer Luc Beeson's "Transporter" franchise with rugged, austere Jason Statham. Fortunately, nothing could be farther from the truth. Indeed, the films both deal with elusive getaway car drivers. Despite their apparent resemblance, these movies share little in common except for their automotive audacity. Comparatively, "Baby Driver" is nothing like Wright's earlier comic trilogy "Shaun of the Dead" (2994), "Hot Fuzz" (2007), and "The World's End" (2013). Two of those movies dealt with supernatural creatures, while "Hot Fuzz" constituted a police parody. Furthermore, "Baby Driver" is nothing like Wright's other unconventional outing "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World" (2010). Indeed, Wright performs a 180 with "Baby Driver," a straightforward, white-knuckled, R-rated, crime thriller about blood, death, and consequences. Meantime, unlike the usual bombastic summer release, "Baby Driver" isn't an outlandish escapade. Instead, it is a superbly staged, adrenalin-laced actioneer which rarely pulls its punches. The first three-fourths of this Atlanta-lensed saga is top-notch, while the final fourth marks time with the hero's atonement for his crimes. Another thing that differentiates "Baby Driver" from most summer movies is it is neither a blockbuster prequel nor a sequel. Nobody gives a bad performance. Indeed, Wright surrounds his handsome, earnest, young leading man, Ansel Elgort of "Divergent," with a robust cast, featuring Jamie Fox, Jon Hamm, Jon Bernthal, and Kevin Spacey. Jamie Fox and Jon Hamm are unforgettable as a pair of unhinged hoodlums who abhor each other, while Kevin Spacey towers above both as the wily mastermind of all the film's crimes. Clearly, something about Edgar Wright's tale of mayhem and murder appealed to these Hollywood veterans, and they indulge in being both evil and obnoxious. Honorable mention goes to behind-the-scenes veteran stunt coordinator Darrin Prescott of "John Wick" fame as well as the hundred or more precision drivers, riggers, camera bike riders, and stunt doubles who helped him orchestrate several harrowing but realistic driving sequences that never turn into the bizarre tomfooleries of the "Transporter" movies. Hey, I loved the "Transporter" movies, but "Baby Driver" strives to keep things realistic.

Baby (Ansel Elgort of "The Fault in Our Stars") is a fearless, young hellion with a taste of tunes and reckless driving that converge once he takes the wheel of any vehicle. He survived a traumatic childhood after his contentious mother and father slammed their car into the rear of a tractor-trailer and died. Baby escaped grievous bodily harm. Nevertheless, he carries a couple of token scars on above an eyebrow and across his cheek. Wright sketches in Baby's background when he doesn't replay the scene of the accident that killed his parents. Meantime, he spent his teen years stealing cars and keeping the Atlanta Police in his rearview mirror. At the same time, he became a wizard with recording music in any format and grooves to his iPod whenever he careens around town to drown out "the hum in his drum" caused by tinnitus. Writer & director Edgar Wright provides us with a protagonist both sympathetic and charming. Baby doesn't brag, he just drives, and when he holds onto the wheel, he can go anywhere--if there is anywhere to go. Literally, he can thread the eye of a needle in his stick-shift cars, and he can escape from predicaments that seem well-nigh impossible.

Initially, we see Baby drive the getaway car after a bank robbery, and he leads the Atlanta Police on a spectacular chase. Afterward, while the well-tailored criminal mastermind, Doc (Kevin Spacey of "The Usual Suspects"), is dividing up the loot, one of the robbers, Griff (Jon Bernthal of "The Accountant"), minimizes Baby's role in the hold-up. Griff warns Baby that one way or another Baby will wind up with blood on his hands. We learn from Wright's fast-paced, expository dialogue that Doc discovered Baby because he stole Doc's Mercedes. Since that incident, Doc has used Baby as his wheel-man. Moreover, Doc keeps him on his payroll so the energetic rapscallion can pay off his debt to him. Basically, "Baby Driver" boils down to a morality yarn about a young thief who doesn't want to see anybody die during the commission of a crime. Unlike the rest of the characters in "Baby Driver," Baby is the only one with a shred of decency.

The sobering but exasperating thing about Baby is that he doesn't elude the long arm of the law every time and that makes him more believable and vulnerable. Fortunately, few of Baby's asphalt antics are so impractical that they could be considered preposterous. After an exhilarating opening sequence where our hero delivers Doc's accomplices without a scratch, Baby embarks on an odyssey that alters his life. Primarily, Baby falls in love with a cute, young waitress at a 24-hour diner where he likes to drink java. Debora (Lily James of "Cinderella") walks into Baby's life and she turns him every which way but loose. Once he has repaid Doc for everything that he took from him when he stole his car, Baby plans to quit crime. In fact, he is on the straight and narrow and delivering orders for Goodfellas Pizza when Doc crosses his path again and convinces him to come back and drive for him. "Baby Driver" boasts some of the best, high-speed driving sequences since the crime thriller "Drive" (2011) with Ryan Gosling. The thieves conspiring with Doc are a cynical, ruthless bunch who would prefer to exit in a blaze of gunfire than submit meekly to the rehabilitative options of the criminal justice system. Wright ramps up all this anarchy with a dynamic but diverse variety of tunes that Baby listens to according to the occasion. The hit songs in "Baby Driver" are reminiscent of those in the two "Guardians of the Galaxy" sci-fi space operas. Consequently, Ansel Elgort should be on the road to superstardom, because nothing about "Baby Driver" is infantile.
Little more than a mix tape with dull characters and clichés attached to it
I read an early tweet that described Baby Driver as 'a mix-tape with a film attached to it' and that proved to be an accurate comment. The tweeter may have thought this was a good thing, but I certainly don't.

Yes, there are some good tracks and the action sequences are elaborate and frenetic (a little too frenetic, actually), but the characters are dull, unlikeable and bear very little relation to the real world. I simply did not believe in them, especially Darling, the sassy, kick ass stock character that only a fool would consider to be a strong female character.

Then there's Baby, whose laconic, boyish demeanour makes him a rather uninspiring protagonist. His romance with Debbie, a cute little waitress, is yawn-inducingly clichéd, too.

If you want a stylish heist film that isn't so bloody try-hard, then watch Drive. It's an exercise of style over substance much like this film, but it has suspense, atmosphere and characters that could actually exist rather than blaring music, mind-numbing action and flat, hateful comic book characters.
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