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Drama, Sci-Fi, Romance
IMDB rating:
Daric Loo


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Jordan Ladd as Rachel Arai
Sarinya Vorasarun as Funeral Attendee
Scott Butzbach as Funeral Attendee
Stacey Ann Shevlin as Sandra Shaw
Chris Degner as Coffee Shop Customer
Marion Burton as Inspector Raines
Marc Van Enk as Funeral Attendee
Marie Wilson as Lisa Arai
James Gleason as Willy
Renee Dorian as Elaine
Ryan Alosio as Ben Hahn
Kim Poirier as Christine
Corey Sevier as Alex Hahn
Awaken Storyline: Alex's dreary life is reignited when he meets Rachel, the woman of his dreams. The only thing that stands in the way of their perfect, serendipitous relationship is that Rachel has recently passed away.
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A pretty interesting story with average acting.
I don't really have anything against this show, but it did seem a bit bland. It was interesting enough with the concept of the story, and the acting wasn't so bad, but I just didn't get the 'kick' out of it.

The characters felt a bit too directed, like "Here is a man and a woman. Now fall in love". But the back story did make it more believable.

I'm guessing the moral of this film is to believe in your dreams, and it was pretty cool how the film makers made it literal.

Don't really know what to say about this film. Interesting but bland.

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one of my top 5 movies of all times ..
one of the best and the most romantic movies I've seen in long years... its like a beautiful dream that you feel seriously sad that it had to end ... every thing is wonderful .. the music, the scenes, the story, the acting is brilliant and so innocent and heart touching specially from jordan ladd who really caught my heart and my tears fell when she had to leave .. great great movie by all the meaning of the word ... very cozy and warm to watch with your girlfriend if you have one both of you will never forget it, maybe surprise her one night and rent this movie trust me it will be a night to cherish for long years... for me i don't have a girlfriend so i had to watch it alone but still my night was very memorable... romantic people around should dig into this immediately its an experience of a life time... i don't want to get much into the story since the movie it self is very simple it should be watched it cant be told its like those scenes you memorize in your head from childhood days maybe or rainy winter nights that when you recall them randomly you get a smile on your face ..

thanks .
Never stop dreaming
Yeah, i know what you are thinking right now score is around 5.0 it must be a terrible movie...(Error sound) you are wrong! This film is about dreaming, but why would you believe in dreams, you ask? Well, why not? Difference between real life and dream is almost equal to none. When you are dreaming you think its real, so from dreamers perspective that's also reality like this one when i'm typing a review. OK, it's to put dreams philosophy aside, as i know really nothing about it :P. I really enjoyed the movie, even more than i hoped to. So if you like the subject and a good romantic movie, give it a try it won't hurt i promise. But if it does let know that i'm wrong. Sorry if i bored you with this, and i hope you enjoy the movie! I give it 8.0 only because i really liked the subject and i guess i love romance, objective it should be around 7, 7.5.
"Your shirt looks like you have been sleeping wearing it"
I didn't expect a much but I got sucked in small doses. I even took a couple hours naps 'in a half' time :) Not a bad thing. There is a lot of dreaming in the movie! Movie reminds me from a TV-series Awake (Shame it ended just after one semester). Awaken also resembles to a movie called The Lake House (2006).

A smiling lady, Rachel (intriguing Jordan Ladd) is waiting to get in a coffee shop for her morning coffee and makes a toast with Alex, the keeper and owner of the place. (conscientious Corey Sevier) Clearly Rachel seems very keen of Alex but a little crestfallen Alex is coming from a slow and soon to be closed and sold out Coffee house and lacks a determination and carpe diem kind of mind set replying straight to Rachel's approach going to drinks..

Awaken is quite mellow and relaxed romantic story. But not at all a average or generic one. The plot is pretty and solidly flowing experience. Nothing irritating or too much underlined. Maybe a fraction compliant ending for my taste but I'm not complaining. I liked the story and this is quite fresh in a category of romantic movie or shall I dare to say fairy tail.
A Great romantic movie
Of course its 10/10. A wonderful movie with a perfect acting. the idea of the movie itself is great, which i was waiting for along time to see a movie just like that. Mixing romance with dreams is just WOW. I enjoyed this movie and you'll too. the story is about Alex who works for his own coffee shop and met a girl (Rachel) but she passed away in that day. But, when he had slept he dreamed abut her and he kept dreaming for the next 10 days making a great romantic story. He figured that she also dreamed about him the same dreams but in the past (2008). The ending is also great and i loved it. OK, watch the movie and you will enjoy it.
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