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Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Franck Khalfoun


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Jordyn Utz as Young Belle
Brian Breiter as Teacher
Mckenna Grace as Juliet
Taylor Spreitler as Marissa
Thomas Mann as Terrence
Bella Thorne as Belle
Kurtwood Smith as Dr. Milton
Amityville: The Awakening Storyline: Belle, her little sister, and her comatose twin brother move into a new house with their single mother Joan in order to save money to help pay for her brother's expensive healthcare. But when strange phenomena begin to occur in the house including the miraculous recovery of her brother, Belle begins to suspect her Mother isn't telling her everything and soon realizes they just moved into the infamous Amityville house.
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I think it's the best sequel
Not sure whether this movie was supposed to be a sequel or reboot but it was 10 times better then that horrible movie with Ryan Reynolds from 2005 and all the other cheesy sequels like Amityville: the evil escapes, dollhouse, curse, it's about time, a new generation etc. To me the awakening felt like a good sequel to the original trilogy. It reminded me a little of part 2 the possession just not as brutal. Score was done really well and I liked the no nonsense spooky feel and atmosphere of this film and worked well without the B-rated style acting and cheap special effects a lot of the sequels suffered from. All the actors in this movie did a good job making the characters likable and feel real. and My only issue with this movie was all the cuts and some scenes in the trailers not shown, and in 1 scene there is a bad edit while they take James outside in his wheelchair. I wanted to know what the dialogue was but it was cut out during a conversation. I hope the director will eventually release an extended R-rated cut on DVD/blu ray. I would have preferred watching on the big screen to get the full experience. If it does end up in my local theatre on Oct 28th i will go.
After all this time of waiting we finally know what it's like...mostly fine.
After four or five years of countless problems in pre and post production, trying so desperately to get released this movie finally one of the saddest ways that is pretty unbecoming of something that fought so hard for so long, by throwing it out digitally for free, plus with a severely limited theatrical release later

The story is about a teenage girl named Belle (played by Bella Thorne) and her family that move into the Amityville house. Her family consists of her mom (Jennifer Jason Leigh), her little sister (Mckenna Grace) and her twin brother who is in a coma for two years (Cameron Monaghan). From there, freaky things start to occur around the house to the point where Belle isn't sure what is real anymore. Within a short amount of time of moving into the house with a terrifying past, it appears that her comatose brother's state begins to improve; however the tensions between Belle and her mother increase, making us wonder where the real threat lies in the family. Her possibly possessed brother or the mother that refuses to let anything stop her from making the family whole again.

Anyways, after all of this time of waiting and wondering what could be so wrong about this movie to warrant such a long hold on this production and I am still not entirely sure what the problem was. It's mostly fine. There are some problems with it for sure; particularly some scenes that are fairly obvious re- shoots/additional content filmed and edited in at a later date from initial production; because there are characters that practically have nothing to do with the plot aside from providing needless exposition about things we already know and also declaring that the "Amityville Horror" film franchise exists as movies in this movie's universe...that's perplexing to say the least. I mean, why? That's just confusing and also is something that kind of makes the lead character look dumb for not knowing about the Amityville house since the movies exist in her reality. I am curious as to what these 're- shoot' scenes had replaced, because I feel like there was probably some more material that delved into the relationship between the family or maybe the medical investigation going on with the brother, but was unfortunately cut and replaced with some pointless characters and uninteresting dialog.

Also there are some disturbing themes that the movie very briefly introduces, but does not flesh them out or resolve them in much of a satisfying way. Plus there is a sequence about halfway into this movie that feels out of place or cut incorrectly because a certain 'scare' occurs in this movie that involves the youngest sister, but then is completely dropped and forgotten literally in the next shot. It was jarring. There is editing like that which pops up here and there, but is never too terrible to enrage or confuse too drastically.

Aside from the gripes I've listed, I will say that this movie is still mostly fine. It has a decent enough story with decent enough characters. There's nothing groundbreaking in terms of its writing, but it works enough to carry itself along in its very short run time. The actors all do well in their roles, especially Jennifer Jason Leigh who has to play this mother at her wits end in her attempts to bring her son out of his vegetative state and will do anything to make that happen. There are times where she feels legitimately intimidating without playing it over-the-top. The majority of the scares work pretty well, particularly since this movie focuses more on character and plot and less on jump scares, even though there are some that happen from time to time. Luckily the jump scares that do happen aren't many, nor all that badly handled.

In my opinion, this is an okay movie; it has enough character development, story, scares and atmosphere to hold itself up. I feel that it has had a lot of fluctuation over the years in its quality and it may have been better if it hadn't gone through all those years of post-production hell. Comparing it to other films that have gone through similar experiences though, I will say it is probably one of the better examples of its kind. So if you give this movie a shot then you'll most likely watch it and be fine with going about the rest of your day. It won't stick in your mind as anything great, but a serviceable flick. Sometimes that's all you need from a little horror movie around Halloween time.
Much better than expected, best amityville film in years!
As an Amityville fan I have seen all of the films, so I was prepared to watch yet another straight to video flop of a movie, considering this films release has been delayed for 2+years I was not expecting anything special.

But finally this movie included everything that was missing from all the films since the evil escaped in Amityville 4. Im talking about the house! The house is exactly the same as the original movies even the interiors match somewhat.

I also think that possession movies have been done to death, but this was such a new a perfectly horrific idea for a possession. Seeing a loved one waste away from disease is horrific by itself, the desperation to do anything to bring them back to life makes you sympathize with the mothers insanity of believing demonic reanimation would allow her to see him alive again.

Having the characters discuss the amityville movies and the fact that nothing has happened in the house for 40 years was such a fun idea, getting to watch the amityville horror in the amityville house, that's something you would never expect. It was great!

I had to give only 9 stars because the use of photos of the actual real house slightly ruined the (are we in the movie or real life idea). It looks like the characters decided to move into the filming location in toms river used for the first 3 movies, and that Bella is looking at footage of the real house. Then they watch a movie which looks more like their house than the real house. It just doesn't work... but I love the movie version of the house, so I will try to forgive it.

The characters were all very likable, the little girl was so cute, most of the amityville kids are just annoying. The ending was satisfying, he got to die. Pulling his body out of the ring was great because as a viewer you always think, why can't they just stand in the garden. The house can only hurt them in the house.
Good movie but I expected a greater deal from the ending
I gave it 8 out of 10. The movie had good jump scenes and a good story. I liked the fact that it made references to the older movies to clarify the plot. I expected more from the ending, I think I expected a twist but , all in all, good horror movie to watch! The actor had a good performance I recommend!
Quit before the end
I usually watch movies until the end, but this one OMG.

I stop watching 30 minutes before the end, WOW if they wanted to milk the cow with that one i guess they have failed.

At least the movie Leatherface had some sick moments this one does not. Bunch of 20 something teens try to figure out if the legend is real or not, i felt like i was a teenager again and watching the original movie in the film haha what.

Sorry this one does not pass the mark no wonder its free on google plus.
predictable and full of clichés
The original Amityville horror (1979) spawned a hardcore following and had the mystery of being based on true events. Being an instant hit it created a franchise sadly going downhill after part two. A remake (2005) did bring the story to the new kiddies in town and it had to happen, 2017 brought the story back again.

Bright thinking of the production to bring back the original story and some parts of the original flick is shown. So far so good but let me say that this was the best part.

There's nothing scary at all in this flick. Of course they tried to add some jump scene's but they are so predictable that it doesn't work. On the other hand all the killings are done off-camera that it becomes so low on horror that it is really bad.

And so cliché, the sister being the outcast, a Goth chick, really? Nope, this wasn't really worth watching for me. Just watch the 1979 version and forget the awakening.

Gore 0/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 2/5 Story 1,5/5 Comedy 0/5
Amityville in title only.
Amityville the Awakening is finally here after many, many push-backs and delays. Was it worth the wait? Well like many films that use the Amityville name, not really.

The cinematography is fine, the actors are okay. One of the biggest issues with the film itself is the audio, there are plenty of scenes where dialog is drowned out by background sound.

The film starts off on a good step, using what looks like old police footage to explain about the Defeo murders, unfortunately from there the movie makes a steady decline into worthlessness.

Instead of making the movie about the house, murders and haunting, they choose to focus on a bratty girl and her vegetable of a brother. The haunting takes a back seat to the family drama, which makes the movie even worse. Poor pacing, poor writing, the movie is less than thrilling.

Let's put it this way, there's a reason why they opted for a limited theatrical release and putting it up for free on Google play in October through December. It's a film even the producers and directors can't stand behind.

The reality is, the original Amityville was popular because it was portrayed as a true story, so the family drama was more humanized. With these other films, it's about the horror and this film completely ignores that.
Good performances but a pitiful script
This movie had enough to be good but I did not make it, the only thing a highlight is the cast and performances, they try to do what they you can but with that script simply does not give.

The script was lousy, too slow, nothing happens in most of the cinema beyond the closing doors, some voices, windows that open and flies, but everything is minimized, it does not compare with none of the predecessors. The family is supposed to come to a house haunted and do not feel that terrifying atmosphere and in my opinion the true villain of the movie was the mother played by Jennifer Jason Leigh who is an excellent actress has seen her in The Hateful Eight, The machinist and recently in the series Atypicall and his Characterizations always work, make one hate and catch annoyance. Here she succeeds, is an odious mother and only thinks of her attachment to the sick son leaving one side to his other daughters. All fault is She has and enjoy that they will kill her. At some point they want to give us a understand that he stopped believing in God and wanted to worship Satan if he that he saved his son, they do not say it but it's what they want to give us to understand and not understand why not say it, that would have been Excellent

Finally Cameron Monaghan is wasted, if he is afraid of makeup and its crazy expressions (thing already seen in Gotham) but one I would hope that if in the whole film did not do anything, at least look at the end and no, it is thrown through a window to finally die because they simply pull you out of a circle around the house which protected the '' supposed '' demon or evil spirit. A complete stupidity

The secondary characters have hardly any relevance, I thought that the Thomas Mann's character would be more important since at the beginning sale pretty but then no more does not reappear.

I liked to mention the previous films and even the book. Beautiful throne with that look of Gothic charm, I do not know but this woman It fascinates me, unfortunately in this film could not look like but like I said sorry that it was not the fault of any of the actors but of the script.

The truth was I expected much more, I had not been able to see it in movies because not hard nor 1 week and I guess I already know the reason for that. I stay With the Remake of 2005 there are innumerable films about this event of real life (about 15 CAN BELIEVE?) and the first I could not finish it, supremely boring or my mood with any of the others, none have good reviews then really they do not encourage me
Finally a good horror!!!!
Obviously the average crtic thinks that a movie with the Amityville name should never ever happen again especially when it's a bigger budget film. Well they did and did an amazing job. This movie proved many critics wrong so much that it was prevented from being released for years. A 5.1 on IMDb? I think not!! A solid 6.8 definitely.

It's a shame us horror fans were punished because of egos and Hollywood bs. If you go in to this just wanting to be entertained and not thinking what should and shouldn't be you'll whole heartedly enjoy this film. Obviously there was no one that moved in to the amityville house that was based on any character in this movie. But I don't care same way I didn't care that penny wise is a fictional character
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