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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action, Biography, History, Comedy
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Doug Liman


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Benito Martinez as James Rangel
Fredy Yate Escobar as Carlos Ledher
Alejandro Edda as Jorge Ochoa
Morgan Hinkleman as Christina
Lola Kirke as Judy Downing
Domhnall Gleeson as Monty 'Schafer'
E. Roger Mitchell as Agent Craig McCall
Robert Farrior as Oliver North
Jed Rees as Louis Finkle
Jesse Plemons as Sheriff Downing
Sarah Wright as Lucy Seal
Tom Cruise as Barry Seal
Jayma Mays as Dana Sibota
American Made Storyline: Barry Seal was just an ordinary pilot who worked for TWA before he was recruited by the CIA in 1978. His work in South America eventually caught the eye of the Medellín Cartel, associated with Pablo Escobar, who needed a man with his skill set. Barry became a drug trafficker, gun smuggler and money launderer. Soon acquiring the title, 'The gringo that always delivers'.
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The gringo that always delivers! [+64%]
'American Made' is a semi-biographical account of certain events in the life of Barry Seal, a TWA pilot turned CIA-informant who doubled as a drug-smuggler. Liman- Cruise combo had previously made the excellent 'The Edge of Tomorrow', and Cruise badly needed to bounce back from the fiasco that was 'The Mummy' earlier this year. Well, 'American Made' delivers, for most part!

Liman knows hows to capitalize on Cruise's charm (even at the age of 55), and make an entertaining movie around him. Liman has already said openly that this movie won't follow the pattern of a docu-drama and would not adhere purely to what transpired in Seal's life - i.e. historical accuracy will remain questionable (for instance, Seal was a plump, half-bald dude unlike the flawless-looking Cruise; Seal had married thrice unlike what's shown in the movie; even the timelines differ from actuality). It's strictly a commercial vehicle (come on, the tagline says 'Based on a TRUE LIE' - what more do you need?), with neat production values (the 80s setting is wonderfully rendered), first-rate cinematography and an assemblage of taut, breezy performances. Cruise is definitely in his zone here, juggling largely between the emotions of elation and discomfort. A tough job indeed, to condense someone's life into a 115 minute movie, but 'American Made' trots along like a little pony that seems to relish taking us on a fun-ride.

There are umpteen number of cackle-worthy occasions integrated adeptly into the screenplay (written by Gary Spinelli, with some obvious improvisation from Liman & Cruise) that at times, make the viewer exclaim "What the hell! Seriously?" but in a pleasurable way. Seal tries to poke fun at the characters around him - As a TWA pilot, he deliberately quivers the plane he's flying just to disturb the co-pilot's and passengers' slumber, while letting out a sly smile directed at the audience; he offers a pack of cash to the person whose property he crash-lands his plane (carrying large amounts of cocaine) on, and borrows his bicycle to escape from the cops; he is shown happily partying with the Medellin Cartel, even when he works for the CIA; at one point he has so much currency with him that he's stacked some of it along with the garbage pile..plenty of such larger-than- life yet funny instances that make the viewer dissolve into laughter. I laughed out loud when the local PD, the DEA, the FBI and the ATF all arrive at Seal's hangar at the same time to arrest him - what could be the odds of such a thing happening (for real)? But does it work as a scene in a film? Hell yeah, it does!

Bold move to subvert the obvious sobriety which is usually associated with movies/TV shows that deal with the National Agencies or the notorious drug mafia of South America (and loaded with heaps of life-and-death situations) - the crew is never seen trying to inject an aura of despair - even when Lucy Seal (played by Sarah Wright, who's at least 20 years younger to Cruise) laments on how she cannot trust what her husband says or does, they still hold onto each other.

But..but..but the movie does feel a little stretched than required, especially towards the climax portions - we sense imminent danger when Seal chooses to rat out the cartel and when his brother-in-law does some pretty-indiscreet stuff (like carrying a money-bag in public with notes sticking out through the zipper, naturally garnering attention of the local PD, amongst others). We know there's a twist coming - one that offers closure. Domhnall Gleeson surely seems to having a ball playing Seal's CIA contact Monty Schafer. Cruise apparently did all(or most) of the flying himself - an amazing feat, as these scenes looked spectacular. We need Cruise in smaller-budget films (and less in franchise flicks, except maybe for the M.I series) where he can perform without worrying about the box-office outcome. After all, Cruise is still "the gringo that always delivers".

Verdict: Refreshingly breezy action-comedy!
Scarier than FRANKENSTEIN or THE MUMMY, Universal's latest Monster, The Gipper . . .
. . . will give American Youth the Willies as it murders the USA's favorite Grandpa, Tom Cruise. AMER!CAN MADE features clips from The Gipper's two most notable Horror Flicks, BEDTIME FOR BONZO and ALZHEIMER'S WHITE HOUSE. The latter is considered one of the Top Ten Fright Fests of All-Time, as a moribund Gipper seizes control of the international drug trade, a dozen banana republics, and the world's leading crime cartels. Just like Marlon Brando in THE GODFATHER, Universal's hideous Gipper mostly seems to stay above the Rampant Bloodbaths and Widespread Carnage, keeping his skeletal hands "clean" while snow-plowing the World to new heights of hypocrisy. Universal even includes Real Life "Archival Footage" of the Gipper's top Henchpeople, First Liar Fancy Pants Nancy and Vicelord George W.H.O. AMER!CAN MADE proves that this Gipper Monster was the USA's Public Enemy #1. Can't wait for Universal's Monsters-in-the-Oval-Office sequel about Red Commie KGB Chief Vlad "The Mad Russian" Putin's White House Sock Puppet-in-Chief, Don Juan Rump!
An enjoyable if somewhat lengthy movie
I was lucky to get an advanced screening. First off, at least it kept my attention the whole way through. I had previously seen Cruise in the "Mummy" movie recently released and was not impressed with his acting there.

In this movie he returned to form and therefore the story-line was far more plausible. I say story-line, but in reality it is one of those docu-drama's, being based on fact. I wonder how much was dramatization as there were some parts where you would ask "did this sh*t really happen?!"

Would I be inclined to add it to my DVD collection, no. It was good as a one time showing. I suspect the length of it worked somewhat against it. A long movie needs to build up to a crescendo, and whilst this had lots of action it never seemed to hit that top note.
Cruise is a hot shot pilot and actor. Be entertained!
Tom Cruise does the breezy hero better than most other actors working today. In a wholly entertaining American Made, he jauntily plays Bobby Seal, the hotshot TWA pilot who ran drugs for South American cartels and the CIA, became wealthy, and lost it all. Yet, he can be historically associated to the operation known as the Iran-Contra Affair, and in that his legacy can be certain.

American Made is Seal's story, a frenetic film about a mercurial pilot, whose love of his family competes with his love of fast planes and money. Although the film may make the uncertain life playing between the government and the cartels seem romantic, the guns both running and shooting are all too real to be seductive for your normal theatergoer.

Director Doug Lyman, having directed The Bourne Identity and Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow, knows a thing or two about fast pace, intrigue, and the limits of idealism. Here he takes a slower pace to allow Cruise to smile and play the almost clueless jockey who is seduced into high stakes because of money, but more importantly, flying. Offered a new, spiffy, fast plane to carrying around the drugs, and this seemingly good boy goes bad.

Music from the late 70's and early 80's such as Hooked on Classics and A Fifth of Beethoven keep American Made rooted in the past as we try to forget Cruise is a man of our times. Intercutting with notables like President and Mrs. Reagan brings home how near Seal was to the heart of things politic.

As he explains in voice over associated with tapes he made recounting his adventures, "I'm the gringo that always delivers." The same could be said of Cruise, whose youthful swashbuckling has taken him from Top Gun fame to present day success.

To add to the crazy heroic treatment of this character, Cruise himself flies the planes, and in one sequence puts the plane on auto to drop bags from a trap door. He's listed as in charge of the plane stunts. His fine acting in this robust film is no stunt. It's real entertainment.
Great Film
Yesterday we were decided where to have lunch and we figured why not a movie with our meal, so we headed to our favorite theater without even checking what was playing or when. When we arrived the only film that was playing within the time frame we arrived was "American Made" so we bought the tickets and headed to our seat.

To break it down really short and simple I'd have to say that this is probably one of the best roles played by Tom Cruise, probably his best-acting hands down; this wasn't your typical Tom Cruise at all in which we'd anticipated. The story adapted to film was very nicely done, American Made had a great cast and all of the actors pulled their roles off very well. The cinematics and photography for the film were perfectly on point as we watched closely to see if we could catch little goofs to share but we didn't catch any.

American Made turned out to be much better than we'd expected and its content is a much needed to be viewed by all.
Just a hell of a lot of fun!
'AMERICAN MADE': Four and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

A biopic based on the life of a former TWA pilot, named Barry Seal, who became a contract pilot working for the CIA, as well as a drug smuggler for the Medellin Cartel (in the 1980s), and later served as a DEA informant. The movie stars Tom Cruise as Barry Seal, and it costars Domhnall Gleeson and Sarah Wright. It was directed by Doug Liman (who also directed Cruise in 2014's 'EDGE OF TOMORROW'), and it was written by Gary Spinelli. The film is a modest hit at the Box Office so far, and it's also garnered mostly positive reviews from critics. I found it to be a highly entertaining, and pretty educational crime biopic.

In the late 1970s, Barry Seal (Cruise) was a bored pilot working for TWA, and also smuggling illegal cigars into America. He's approached by a CIA operative, going by the name Monty Schaefer (Gleeson), and offered a job flying clandestine reconnaissance missions over South America. Seal is later asked to be a courier between the CIA and General Noriega, and during this time he's also asked to fly cocaine into the US (on return flights), by the Medellin Cartel. The CIA pretends not to be aware of this, and continues to employ Barry; while moving him and his family to Mena for safety. Seal continues working for the cartel, and the CIA (making tons of money), while also trying to keep his wife (Wright) and daughter happy.

The movie is surprisingly entertaining, from the opening scene till the very last (and that's a pretty high compliment in my opinion). It's just a hell of a lot of fun! Cruise is amazing (like usual) in the lead, and he pretty much makes the whole movie work (on his own almost). Liman is a decent enough director too, but this movie is all about Tom Cruise (and he totally sells it). It's also amazing how he can make a character that should be pretty unlikable, in any other film, totally lovable (despite all of the immoral things he does). The movie is just a blast to watch, and that's saying a lot for a biopic (in my opinion). I usually think they're boring.

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Seal Is Still Unknown To Most Americans...This Will Change That & Everyone Should Know About Seal & Mena
f you're like me you want to know more about Barry Seal. Short of conspiracy videos I've not had a lot of success save for Daniel Hopsicker's film which I did find scattered if informative...still heavy with conspiracy stuff yet has a ring of truth. Now we get the big one: The made for your entertainment Hollywood version.

It's definitely good enough it should find an audience, having Tom Cruise paints Seal more as a likable criminal. Seal as pawn playing all sides like they were playing him to which he might as well make some major bank. But, the thing that shouldn't get lost is that this is about a man who really lived and a government agency that absolutely ran amok. Lives were lost and destroyed to which we really don't see that to any extent here. This fairly spit, polished, and filtered version based on the book American Made gives what I would term a peek at the top as it never delves too deeply in favor of pure entertainment..

Is it entertaining to see a man get himself into the most unimaginable situation where you go from driving a bus in the sky for TWA to having so much much money you can't find enough banks or buildings to put store it in? Why yes it is! And the way Tom mugs for a videocassette camera retelling his story is interlaced (Seal may have actually done this for many reasons including his own safety) between scenes of outlandish occurrences and action as Barry Seal's unique criminal empire is pretty much built by The CIA. We know that part of this is absolutely true so it's not very hard to question anything here and it's often better than fiction.

This movie is filmed wonderfully with some action that includes a harrowing short runway takeoff high in the Columbian mountains. They did a fantastic job of filming this and as well as a later controlled ditching. I think it shows that Cruise is a pilot himself as the detail is impressive. I recommend this movie. This is close to the story of the century since the aliens haven't yet landed. Who in The CIA thought this up? Who gave it the green light? Are these people psychopaths? The fact they did and got a colorful character like Seal almost demands further investigation, but for now here's the big-screen sanitized entertaining version and it's pretty good.
Doug Liam and Tom Cruise make such a great pair
Very few directors have tapped the clown in Tom Cruise the way Doug Liman has. He had directed Tom in Edge of Tomorrow which was humorous and was set amidst a post-apocalyptic alien invasion. American Made is just as humorous and is also set amidst an invasion of sorts except this movie is a true story. Captain Barry Seal had the adventure of a lifetime before falling prey to a monster of his own doing. But what an adventure it might have been for this man to smuggle contraband into and out of the States.

I felt Tom Cruise did a great job portraying the pilot in an extremely light-hearted and funny way. Cruise is known for playing roles that ooze oodles of dare-devilry. But most of those roles are of fictitious characters. For once Tom plays a real man whose daring knew no bounds. Captain Barry Seal was like a real-life Ethan Hunt. Hence I feel casting Cruise as Seal was an extremely appropriate decision and should help in filling Universal Studios Entertainment's coffers.

If you were awed after seeing the aerial sequences in Dunkirk, wait until you have seen this film. The planes are subjected to go through some intense acrobatics which will please you. If you were disappointed with Cruise after watching The Mummy, I can assure you that you will heave a sigh of relief after watching this film. The film's story is not only engaging but also witty and hilarious. There are hardly any stagnant moments so the probability of you getting bored is very low.

A very ironic thing about American Made is that in 1986 when Barry Seal must have gone through whatever turmoil he did, a young Tom Cruise played a pilot in Top Gun which released that year. Did he know he would pay a real-life pilot who was very relevant during those days almost 31 years later ?

Watch American Made . Don't watch it for Tom Cruise's stardom. Watch it because you deserve to watch an entertaining and great film on the big screen that coincidentally has a superstar playing the leading man. I humbly apologize for the length of this post but sometimes I just can't control myself from pouring my thoughts out
Just another clichéd 80's biopic that is low on facts
NONE of the history in this movie is accurate! Barry Seal started running drugs and getting in trouble with the law in the late 70's, before Reagan was even President.

Cruise's performance is one-dimensional at best. I was never a fan of his acting. IYAM, he is overrated.

There was also a part of this film that was never explained, and that was, why was he video taping himself? It never did explain what happened to the tapes he made, shown in the back of his car in boxes.......

Yeah this movie sucks out loud. Oh yeah, he dies at the end. And then it wraps up with clips of Ronald Reagan talking about the 'Just Say No' campaign. This is intended to make him look like a hypocrite.

This is on par with Sully, a Clint Eastwood snooze fest. "Let's wrap a story around an obscure event and sell it as more exciting than it is"

No wonder the box office is suffering. The Hollywood Libu-tards feel the need to lecture the young people who hadn't lived through the '80s now.
Making America Great Again! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I'll always part with my hard earned $$$ to see a Tom Cruise movie whether it's good or bloody awful (e.g."The Mummy") such is the power of his Star👽. But this one was on the money. Thank god! Very clever writing, great casting & editing plus authentic 80s set designs went into this movie gem. A bonus is that you even get to hear a genuine Lestat De Lionheart laugh in there too. That's movie magic for a die-hard fan.
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