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Thriller, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Horror
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James Cameron


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Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley
Carrie Henn as Rebecca 'Newt' Jorden
Michael Biehn as Cpl. Dwayne Hicks
Lance Henriksen as Bishop
Paul Reiser as Carter Burke
Bill Paxton as Pvt. Hudson
William Hope as Lt. Gorman
Jenette Goldstein as Pvt. Vasquez
Al Matthews as Sgt. Apone
Mark Rolston as Pvt. Drake
Ricco Ross as Pvt. Frost
Colette Hiller as Cpl. Ferro
Daniel Kash as Pvt. Spunkmeyer
Cynthia Dale Scott as Cpl. Dietrich
Aliens Storyline: Fifty seven years after Ellen Ripley survived her disastrous ordeal, her escape vessel is recovered after drifting across the galaxy as she slept in cryogenic stasis. Back on earth, nobody believed her story about the "Aliens" on the planet LV-426. After the "Company" orders the colony on LV-426 to investigate, however, all communication with the colony is lost. The Company enlists Ripley to aid a team of tough, rugged space marines on a rescue mission to the now partially terraformed planet to find out if there are aliens or survivors. As the mission unfolds, Ripley will be forced to come to grips with her worst nightmare, but even as she does, she finds that the worst is yet to come.
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"I knew you'd come..."
ALIENS really does have it all. Perfect direction. Beautiful cinematography. Intense characters. Big guns. Action. Heroism. Courage. Battles. Friendship. Bravery. It is certainly the BEST sequel ever made in movie history, and one of the GREATEST MOVIES EVER MADE.

At its core is Lt. Ellen Ripley (played by the badass Sigourney Weaver), a warrant officer, and tough as nails. Her character is one of the greatest heroines of all time. Sigourney really does pull it off. No one else could have done it like her. Ripley's maternal connection with the young girl Newt is amazing to watch...but the ultimate scene is her final battle with the galaxy's most deadly creature - set to a pulsing military score (James Horner delivers in a big way!). Quite possibly my favorite fight scene of all time.

There's not really much else to say - just go watch the movie on DVD, and you will not be let down. You're in for a wild ride!!!


How to convert art into mass entertainment
Spoilers Ahead:

First is the film entertaining? Very much one of the most exciting lobotomized piece of non stop action put to film. Is it well acted? Yes Cameron gets great performances even from his supporting cast Weaver shines in this picture even more than Polanki's artsy DEATH AND THE MAIDEN. So why did I give it only 5 stars? BRAINLESS LOUD destruction of one of the best films in American cinema.

Let's start with the most ridiculous scene in the film: the showdown against the mass attack of the aliens. Okay, does everyone remember why we do not shoot aliens? Show of hands because they have? That's right they are full of deadly metabolic acid that ate through 4 decks on the Nostromo. Now class if we have say ten of these eight foot high 300 pound acid bags running around in our small room and we start machine gunning and firing grenades what happens?That is right WE ALL DIE. Evidently Titanic boy spent too much time underwater or he forgot to watch the original. They stopped an autopsy on one finger of the face hugger on Kane's face because it almost burned through the thick hull into outer space. Cameron has them machine gunning firing grenades at giant acid bags. Hello, gallons of acid would be flying all around burning everyone to death.

What is the story with Jim and the military? Why does he hate them so much? Go in the wrong bar and get your ass kicked? In the Abyss a SEAL team leader goes nuts tries to start a galactic war but hey loses a hand to hand fight against Ed Harris and a tall fat guy. Jim do you know what the training to become a SEAL is like? How many wash out before even becoming a SEAL much less a team leader. Try that out in real life; the SEAL would have killed Harris in 10 seconds the tall fat man maybe an extra 20 seconds for leverage problems. Here a whole group of MARINES just cannot find their way without Ripley leading them. Yes I get the whole feminist Rambo thing; sorry it lends the film a SALT quality. These are MARINES they do not cry or fall to pieces they have been trained to wring out almost every ounce of fear from their bodies like the SEALS by the way. Here we see the surviving Marines led by whining Hudson who we have to endure until he is mercifully disposed of near the end. How military people can tolerate this film; it is such a slap in the face. He did worse towards them in his dreadful overrated cartoon AVATAR.

Hicks is the only one who faintly resembles a real life marine and even he would be lost without Ripley to hold his little hand and figure things out for him. More is not better; you know this started the whole endless explosion yelling shooting screaming arguing genre that was brought to full fruition with MAN OF STEEL. ALIEN was a masterpiece better acted better written devoid of all the brainless anti military mass audience crap that is a trademark of a James Cameron film. I always like him better when he was in the background on GALAXY OF TERROR. What he did to ALIEN cannot be truly described here but I refer readers' to the South Park episode about what Lucas and Spielberg did to Indiana Jones with that Crystal Skull crappola. Look Prometheus was awful but it was not as brainless as this. This was TRUE LIES blended with ALIEN; the result was idiots running around spouting stupid over the top jock dialogue with some truly cringe worthy moments basically every time Hudson speaks. If I were you Jim I would not go into a lot of military bars for a long long time. Mediocre at best, turn the volume down your ears will thank you later as well as your brain.
a movie that worked twice
When I see 800+ reviews, I think "do I have anything to add here"? I haven't read every review here, but I DID want to share how my experience of this film changed over time. I will preface it by stating that I had recently purchased the wonderful 'director's cut' of the film. The theatrical release would only rate an 8 out of 10, but Cameron's re-edited version is a solid 9.

I found it interesting that when I saw Aliens in the theater, in my late teens, I loved it for a straight-forward action film. When I watched it again now, as the father of a toddler and a newborn, and with the scene of Ripley discovering her daughter had died put back in (can't believe they ever cut this crucial element), it suddenly had an incredible new depth. Ripley's discovery of Newt, and the strength of parental love, gave new meaning to everything Ripley (and the Queen alien) did. The action and humor were still there, still great, but now there was so much more....a whole movie within a movie. Anyone who poo-poos Newt as a plot device to the story is likely childless, I would guess.

One more reviewer mentioned that the QWERTY keyboards probably wouldn't be around in the future. I have to add to that all the smoking early on. Probably something taken for granted in 1986, it now seems like cigarette smoking may become extinct in a few decades....

"Maybe you're not up on current events, pal, but we just got our asses kicked!!!"
Truly terrifying, truly magnificent.
When Alien was released in 1979, I'm pretty sure millions of people worldwide were terrified after viewing the film. I'm also sure they thought the film was incredible. Then came Aliens in 1986. It, believe it or not, made the first Alien look like nothing, if you ask me. I certainly love this film and I think it's one of the best films ever produced. James Cameron not only directed Terminator, but he also directed this masterpiece. It's such a classic.

The visual effects, the sound editing, the acting, the make-up, the costume designing, the ideas, the directing and producing, and so much more, it's all genuinely wonderful and it's what makes this film so good!

It's the best Alien film out of them all, and I really mean that. James Cameron did an amazing job, and didn't let anyone down, as I'd imagine, and to this day, hasn't let anyone down with this entirely great film. A must-see film for those Sci-Fi fanatics who haven't already seen it.
Hands down one of the best sequels ever!
Back in 1986, sequels had become very common (Superman, Star Wars, Indiana Jones), yet people were suspicious when they heard of a follow-up to Alien, Ridley Scott's acclaimed sci-fi horror from 1979. Most of the criticism was aimed at the fact that Scott had nothing to do with the new movie, which had been entrusted to an unknown (at the time) named James Cameron. Fortunately, Cameron had shown he knew the genre two years earlier with The Terminator, and by perfecting the skills he had developed on that film he delivered Aliens, which still stands out as one of the greatest science fiction flicks of all time.

Given how the first film ended (all characters but one died), Cameron wisely decided to radically separate his movie from the original, and he does so from the very beginning by having Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) wake up from her cryogenic sleep and make a shocking discovery: although she hasn't aged at all, 57 years have passed since she left the Nostromo, meaning everyone she knew is either dead or very old (in a particularly heartbreaking scene, she talks on the phone with her grown-up daughter, who is full of resentment for her "unjustified" absence). In addition, no one believes her story regarding the alien since, as she's told by scientist Carter Burke (Paul Reiser), the planet where these creatures allegedly lived has been successfully colonized. Suddenly, though, all communications with LV-426 are inexplicably interrupted. Thinking there might be some truth to Ripley's tale, Burke asks her to join him and a group of soldiers on a mission to uncover the mystery. And while most of the participants are in it just for the money, our heroine realizes this is her only chance of confronting her worst nightmare and overcoming it for good.

The main problem with Alien, some have said, was that, as great as it can be, the characterizations were reduced to the minimum (not that it really mattered, with Ridley Scott ensuring the film retained the right pace and suspense throughout). With Aliens, character development is the last thing fans should worry about, Cameron being fully aware of each individual's potential and exploiting it as much as he can. Ripley, who was just part of an ensemble in the original, is now allowed to carry the whole film, and boy, does she carry it: rarely has there been a more solid, compelling female role in a genre movie like this (the fact that Sigourney Weaver is the only actress, thus far, to have received an Oscar nomination for a science-fiction film is further testament to Aliens' immortality). The supporting cast is equally good, with a multitude of different characters ranging from funny (regular Cameron collaborators Michael Biehn and Bill Paxton) to weird (Lance Henriksen's android Bishop) and bringing something extra to the movie's unique atmosphere.

Ah, the film's mood: that's the other aspect Cameron deserves all the credit in the world for. On a superficial level, it could be said Alien was a horror movie, while the follow-up is more action-oriented; that may be true, but one should also notice that every single spectacular battle scene actually oozes tension, never leaving the audience with a pause to breathe or relax. In fact, Cameron has succeeded where many other directors would have failed: he stayed faithful to the original's tone, but managed nonetheless to make the film undeniably his own.

Relentlessly creepy, occasionally very violent and consistently compelling, Aliens is a pitch-perfect piece of adult science-fiction. Watch it on a double bill with Scott's version and you will get four hours of genre film-making at its finest.
Intense, jaw-dropping, brilliant "analog" action flick
Many times replicated, never equaled, Aliens is the best action movie of all time. There is nothing that even comes very close. It's hard to articulate the effect this film has had on me. It's one of those rare cinematic experiences that doesn't spoil with time and so-called "maturity." The first time I saw Aliens was at a friend's house. I was 13 and I was totally blown away. I'm now 31 and Aliens still rocks my world. Where Alien is stark and slinking and great in its own way, the sequel is bombastic and balls-to-the-wall.

So many scenes stand out. I'll never forget my initial viewing of the terrifying, kick-ass sequence where the creatures first attack the Space Marines ("They're all around us man!") However, the brilliance of this film lies in the fact that the "quiet" scenes are as powerful as the action-packed ones: The hint of romance as Hicks demonstrates his assault rifle to Ripley; the look of despair on Ripley's face when she's told there are families colonizing the planet.

I will always love Weaver for her achingly intense performance here. I've never seen another like it in the genre. The supporting cast is wonderful, as well. Standouts include Biehn (also awesome in Terminator), Henricksen, Reiser and of course Bill Paxton, who practically steals the show.

You look at sci-fi/action flicks today, and most of em are soulless exercises in CGI. Cameron's models and costumed monsters are much more effective than anything George Lucas tried in the Star Wars prequels.
Oh No Aliens's? ses?
If you need to read a review to validate a 5* movie of this calibre, then clearly you didn't get this movie or you haven't seen it yet. For shame sir!

James Cameron had the insurmountable challenge to follow up Ridley Scott's epic "Alien" (1979), and it was a suicide mission at best. How can you possibly top one of the most tense, scariest atmospheric movies ever depicted at the time?

Well the next best thing works surprisingly well, by taking Sci-Fi's greatest slasher movie and turning it into a mini guerrilla war film. I know that sounds immature, but it so obviously works when it comes to big gun toting, foul-mouthed marines blasting aliens away. Where do you think the 1993 video game classic "DOOM", would get its inspiration? AND YET considering its heavy emphasis on all out action, it carries a superb 3 act narrative that constantly becomes stronger & larger. Sigourney Weaver is again superb as ever, fully solidifying Ripley's character and status as Sci-Fi's greatest heroine. And finally, "Aliens" introduces us to the colony and size of Sci-Fi's scariest alien race.

On a budget of 18.5 million, THIS is the template movie every action blockbuster EVEN by todays standards should aspire to. It's a solid education, and one of the few sequels that works just as well as a stand alone title.

Final Verdict: It doesn't have the nerve shredding fear that the first one so expertly depicted, but "Aliens" will challenge you on how far you are willing to go with these soldiers efforts. Considering how bad this franchise eventually got, we'll always have these two staggering titans for decades to come. 10/10.
Different Worlds
Different Worlds

Spoilers herein.

I've just rewatched `Alien,' `Aliens' and `Alien Resurrection.' Considered simply as films, each is a fine film but they come from worlds that are more different from each other than the normative world of now is to the world of any of them. Just viewing them is a course in filmmaking.

Ridley Scott's `Alien' is the most impressive, knowing that it was only his second film, that every effect is physical, and that the budget was so low the spacecraft is cobbled together from used aircraft parts. Even at this early point, Scott has the ability to create a unique look and has the mastery of craft to coordinate every element (acting, score, movement) to reinforce that look. That he chose Giger to base the look on was brilliant. Organic darkness -- evil embodied in living things. The alien ship, though only briefly shown, is a sequence that will live way past the time that the monsters of the series are forgotten; that blending of beast, environment and narrative is unique in all filmdom. Really amazing that the sequels didn't go back to that ship. Scott has grown to be one of our best and most original filmmakers -- Alien and `Blade Runner' (with `Forbidden Planet') are the very best `real' scifi films we have, meaning films that are not just adventure films.

Where `Alien' is scifi in the service of horror, `Aliens' is scifi in the service of action. Aliens is a war film, and equally impressive as one of Cameron's earliest. Movement and conflict. More emphasis on the familiar is necessary for this approach, so we see the sets and costumes less adventuresome. This is a thrill which uses the trappings of scifi only as another thing with which to impress. The mood created is projected not into the image as with Scott, but into the theater as something to amaze. Cameron hasn't evolved at all from this film, only been given ever bigger effects with which to amaze. So one might consider this his most `genuine' film.

`Resurrection' seems to not be as admired by the fan base. But I think it every bit the equal of the other two. In this case, we also have a new director, a European with two fantasy tales under his belt. But those set a tone that is strikingly weird: the tone not in the setting, but in the psychological space in the story. And that's what we have here. In Cameron's film, every character is a stereotype. Here, every character is an anti-stereotype: the black guy isn't jive; the cripple is the toughest; the sex kitten is a robot... even the hero isn't really. This is also the most cinematic use of the camera, using the psychological eye. Scott dwells, Cameron moves, Jeunet examines. He doesn't mind annotating the past films (rather like Van Sant's `Psycho' annotates Hitchcock's).

The only negative thing I note in the sequels is that Weaver isn't adaptable enough to understand and get behind these diverse visions. She understands Scott. Cameron doesn't really care, but she is outclassed by Jeunet.

Seeing any one of these enhances the appreciation for the other two.
A functional plot built up with the most vivid and beautiful and demonic effects
Aliens (1986)

I had a revealing experience these last two days. I heard "Aliens" without watching most of it (I was in the other room). And the script is really really bad. I mean stupid bad, with these quasi military people fighting against the monsters and saying canned military things that are taken not from real army dialog but from other movies. The events really boil down to a series of missteps, and even though this band of Marines is made of tough "hombres" sure enough, they can't seem to get along, or get things done, or even hold their overly heavy weapons up straight.

I did watch for part of it, and I have seen the movie more than once before, and I'm a fan of the first one, "Alien," from 1979 (on the heels of the "Star Wars" craze). I expected it to be pretty good, like the first one, which has real character development and an original kind of premise. But...well, think again.

Hey, I agree with most--the set design, the sense of action, the light and camera-work, the whole larger than life experience of being in this forbidding place, this is all great. Even the over the top "movie music" is appropriately symphonic and big. There's no way around the fact the movie is well made, and feels convincing in these palpable terms. It looks great top to bottom, and even on contemporary terms (we are a quarter century later as I write), it is sophisticated. It has aged well. If that were all that mattered--and for some it might be!--then all is well.

But for me, I was still thinking there might be some interesting, chilling plot to follow. This second installment, always confusing in its plural title "Aliens," is filled with a combination of stale ideas (taken politely from the first round) and romping action adventure boy stuff. It is if more intense than the first (more fighting, more firepower), but it's far less creepy. It has more goo, and more gore, but less horror, and less fear.

As with the original, the lead character is a woman, and indeed a whole bunch of the Marines are women, and so this is no simple manly movie. But it remains a macho movie, or a "machisma" one, and that will suit many viewers fine. But if you are remotely interested in the science fiction aspects, or even the terror of the first movie (which was truly terrifying), you might be disappointed to find you are continually battered instead. It's great battering, but if you actually listen to the dialog (when there is any--the best parts of the movie are merely sounds), you'll see what I mean.

James Cameron, the director here (and not the director of the first one, which is credited to the more original Ridley Scott), does the famous Cameron thing, playing a kind of "Star Wars" game of making an epic suited for about a 17 year old. Not that older people (and younger) can't enjoy it, but movies have their target points, and that's it here. You can see it in the dialog and plot, of course, but also in the overall feel of things, which is a combination of early computer games (1986 is a long time ago in those terms) and swashbuckler classics. It's a vivid, fast movie.

You will notice, in retrospect, some "Avatar" features that are interesting, beyond just Sigourney Weaver. Foremost, this is a military affair, very right wing, go-get-em stuff, but with the admirable (American) rise of the individual above the chaos of both internal logistics and the logic of the evil outer world.

The monster? Monstrous. The famous designer H.H. Giger is not involved here except by carryover from the first. It's a good thing he was the originator because the basic visual and sculptural quality of the monster, the planet, the ships, and the sets, is under Giger's brilliant sway, and is a defining quality of the film. It makes no biologic or engineering sense, but so what? It looks great.

In all, clearly, there are amazing things here, taken on their own level. But there are discouraging ones, too, for those who are willing to pay attention. The little blonde girl at one point says, "Mommy...I mean Ripley, I'm scared." And Ripley (Weaver) says, "I know, Honey. Me, too." That's the core of it all. Don't forget your grenade launcher.
Could Hardly Be Improved.
Rarely does a sequel do greater justice to an idea than the original. But 'Aliens' manages it in spades.

The music and sound score alone are absolutely mesmerising. If you haven't got a good system, you're missing-out big time. Here's a simple thing; just listen to the 3 latches locking into place when Ripley's 'lifeboat' is recovered by the deep-space explorer. You can't see them, but you can hear them, ker-k-link, each in succession, right around your sound stage. The noise tells you that they haven't just latched, but latched and locked. Listen with you eyes shut, if you don't believe me. It's that meticulous attention to detail both aural and visual that makes this movie a true work of art. There really is no need for the sounds to be there at all. But they are, and they convey complete fidelity to a scene that lasts just seconds.

Here's another. When the marines are crossing the rain-swept depot to the airlock, its windy and wild. When they get inside, the ambiance completely changes. it's still noisy, the wind continues, faint but audible and there is lots of dripping water, but now there's also a strange, claustrophobic intimacy, and I'm quite at a loss as to how that has been accomplished. Yet the mood-change is hair-raisingly palpable.

These set pieces are completely seamless throughout the movie. Strange, gloomy, suggestive, broken; the ghost of dead technology appears to haunt them as much as any alien demons. A thin, whining, electronic note does the work of tense music, it suits the circumstances perfectly, as well as providing a foil to any ambient sounds that the engineers and director thought appropriate.  

The sound and sets earned it two well-deserved Oscars.

Tension builds and builds again. It's a fairly well-worn formula of gradual attrition. Ripley's valliant rescue of the ambushed and trapped space-marines must have any viewer at the edge of their seat. And on it goes, tighter and tighter, until finally we are squeezing through air-ducts.

Acting is pretty formulaic but entirely believable. People we've quickly grown to like get killed suddenly and nastily, smug Apone, and macho Drake. The alien queen brings the movie to a perfect climax. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there was absolutely no CGI in this. Proof enough that it isn't actually needed, and is never as good as the real McCoy.

And the script, by the way, is excellent.

As a comment upon sexuality and survival it is a very telling one. The female is deadlier than the male. It draws from a simple Darwinian premise, that she makes a greater investment in the production of the young, and will therefore go to more determined and ruthless lengths to ensure their survival. She knows her genes are in the offspring: momma's baby, poppa's maybe. Males are simply expendable seed-carriers of convenience.

I've docked a point for what strikes me as technological incongruity. The continued use of old-fashioned 'querty' keyboards for example, and CRT/VDU. The latter have all but gone to the scrap-heap now, never mind hundreds of years hence. Check-out the roll-up screens in 'Red Planet'; now that's more like it. Also, a sophisticated android like 'Bishop' surely suggests the probability of 'mechanised' marines. Or at least, a self-propelled remote for entering the alien hive. Bomb disposal squads already have those today. Bishop himself should have been able to simply plug-in and interface with the uplink. Or even communicate by WiFi. Though these things would compromise drama, their absence compromises its science-fiction credentials. And I am certainly no purist.

But, golly-gosh! - nit-picking aside; this is an absolute crackerjack of entertainment.

I believe it has only one other challenger for the crown of greatest sci-fi horror movie - Carpenter's 'The Thing'.

You split 'em; I can't. 

It's 22 and 26 years since their creation, and no-one has managed to raise the bar. What does that tell you?
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