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USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada
Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
Ridley Scott


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Nathaniel Dean as Hallett
Benjamin Rigby as Ledward
Callie Hernandez as Upworth
Tess Haubrich as Rosenthal
Amy Seimetz as Faris
Lorelei King as Voice of 'Mother' (voice)
Michael Fassbender as David / Walter
Carmen Ejogo as Karine
Danny McBride as Tennessee
Billy Crudup as Oram
Alien: Covenant Storyline: The crew of the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world. When they uncover a threat beyond their imagination, they must attempt a harrowing escape
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Ignore the reviews
Ignore the reviewers. This is an astonishing alien movie. Beautiful and awesome. Yes it is true that the scientist do choose to make 1 or 2 stupid actions here and there, but other than that: Wow Ridley.


My absolute favorite scene in the movie was when they all watched the video transmission that Shaw sent out some time ago. The fact that she sang Take me home, country roads by John Denver was truly beautiful. Imagine what she was going through, what her thoughts were at that specific time. Sitting in an alien space ship, millions of millions of miles away singing take me home. I don't know, I just truly felt something there. It could be that she was missing home or that she was excited to know where she came from, now that they were headed for the engineers planet.

I loved it, it was immersive, beautiful and awesomely mysterious. Go see it in the movies for a better experience, but watch it. If you are an alien (or Prometheus) fan, you are going to love it, if not, you are going to find it interesting.
I liked it, but if you still have questions from Prometheus, well??
May Contain Spoilers!!

I'm a huge fan of Scott, I loved the Alien movies and I must be one of the few that loved Prometheus..

It was said that Scott wanted this movie to bridge the story from Prometheus to the original Alien, well this movie kinda does this. It definitely gets back to the feel that the origin Alien movies had but if you were hoping for a continuation of the Prometheus story you maybe left wanting.

For me Prometheus was a stand alone movie and I didn't feel it needed to justify itself as part of the Alien Franchise, I thought it was a great story on its own.. I did really enjoyed this movie, but I was hoping for the Prometheus story to develop, I wanted to know more about the engineers, the amazing beings said to be our ancestors.. why they wanted to destroy us, their home world and history etc. etc. However, they have been brushed over in this movie and I felt a little disappointed about that.

I suppose in brief I would say this isn't so much a sequel of the Prometheus movie but more another instalment of the Alien Franchise.. Still a great movie though, that has its own merits...!!

The Alien fans should be delighted, this has the feel of the original Alien movies and the Xenomorph is back with a vengeance, and he's brought a few cousins with him!!

Prometheus fans.. meh.. maybe not so much...
Utterly heartbroken by this disastrous monstrosity
Dear Ridley Scott, You've ruined my life, you've ruined the lives of others, you've ruined your own life. I genuinely think you have a mental disorder. It's the only explanation. I have no words. I tried to write a fair, logical and critical review, but the 10,000 character limit wasn't enough to cover the sheer volume and perplexity and magnitude of brain hurting plot holes, editing, directing, story, acting and absurdity of the nonsensical destruction of the very thing you created. If I had the rest of your life to sit and explain the utter repugnance and absurdity of every choice you have made, it would still not be enough. Everything, is wrong. Even your own wrongs are wrong about the wrongs you've already wronged. I'm speechless. I'm just going to breath. Breath and try to remain calm as I remove every piece of Alien: Covenant and Prometheus from my mind. I feel dirty and infected, repulsed by this miasma of psycho vomit you have inflicted upon me.

My brain feels like the magical, inexplicable, story excusing black ooze... that's sometimes dust... and sometimes from insects... and sometimes is used as a plot device to explain absolutely nothing, and destroy people in vastly conflicting and apparently never ending ways, including itself. Perhaps from the ashes of my DNA, new life will be made. But apparently, not all the time. So I don't even have hope. Clearly, nothing makes sense anymore.

Yours sincerely
Generic if entertaining
The first four Alien movies worked because of a certain Sigourney Weaver who made Ripley one of the most iconic characters in all of cinema. Their much-touted follow-up, "Prometheus", billed as a kind of prequel, was hardly memorable, despite being directed by Ridley Scott, though it did give us a reasonably memorable character in Michael Fassbender's robot David. Now we have the much anticipated sequel to "Prometheus" and one that gets back to adding the word 'Alien' to the title.

"Alien: Covenant" is certainly better than its predecessor though when it was over I didn't feel as if I had actually seen anything. This is a generic, if entertaining, sci-fi movie that adds nothing to the genre or to the 'Alien' series, at least nothing we haven't seen before; indeed it feels like bits of "Alien" and "Aliens" stitched together. On the plus side, it looks good, has a decent climax and Michael Fassbender, reprising his role of David as well as a new, identical robot called Walter, is outstanding, proving that, whether playing a human or something more mechanical, he remains one of the best actors around.
Star (Wars) of David
I was left more than a tad underwhelmed by the Alien prequel that was 2012's Prometheus. It started well, had a spectacular finish and sucked like a smelly Alien egg in the middle. Expectations for this one were almost as non-existent as Theresa May's integrity but, against my better judgement, I went to see it anyway in the desperate hope it wouldn't suck (at least not too much). I'm delighted to report that, for the most part, it doesn't.

A sleek and highly intriguing opening sequence quickly paves way to a more-of-the-same, spaceship-crew-awake-from-hypersleep-to-answer- distress-signal-on-hospitable-planet-and-unwisely-check-it-out shtick. And then it gets really good!

I won't spoil it too much for you, but what Ridley Scott delivers this time around is a visually arresting, very exciting and thoroughly engaging mash-up of Alien & Prometheus surrounded by slasher movie tropes with gleeful riffs on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and a jaw-dropping moment lifted straight from the prologue of John Boorman's Zardoz shaping its centrepiece. Hell, he even cheekily integrates key beats from his own Blade Runner which, hopefully on this evidence, is a good omen for things to come from Dennis Villeneuve's imminent sequel.

But, just like its predecessor, AC's real ace trump is Michael Fassbender, returning not once, but twice as the 'idiosyncratic' David, and his doppelganger upgrade 'brother', Walter. He excels in both roles, but it's the former who gets right under your skin. Via Fassbender's android Hannibal Lector spin, we get the perfect vessel to deliver Scott & screenwriters John Logan & D.W. Harper's impressively bleak musings on the future of mankind. It's also interesting that this is the second set of prequels from one of Fox's biggest tent poles (see Star Wars episodes 1-3) to feature an anti-hero at its core. Kudos says I.

Sure, there's plenty wrong with it too: there are no annoying characters around like there was on tap in Prometheus, but most of the cast are mere Facehugger/Xenomorph grist for the mill. Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup & Danny McBride give strong, solid performances and do enough to register interest, but next to Fassbender's powerhouse turn, its weak tea.

Also, Scott relies too much on repeating dialogue, action and music cues from his 79 original (and even Cameron's Aliens) than try and create something fresh. He executes everything with maximum efficiency and the set pieces come off more enthralling & attention grabbing than they've any right to be. But its crystal clear Scott's heart is firmly with David & the big existential questions.

The creatures are a hit & miss bunch too: the Pan's Labyrinth like Neomorphs are suitably ghastly and effective, but the more traditional monsters come over like brand obligation bit-players in their own movie. They're far from a box office red herring, but they're not much more than an after-thought either.

Griping aside, Scott has largely redeemed himself with a pacy hybrid of bloody exploitation slice & dice action and hardcore life-the- universe-and-everything science-fiction philosophising that resonates loudly with the gloomy here and now. This is a Summer blockbuster with brains and a vision that, even at its most predictable and downbeat, never forgets to entertain. You may be able to spot the pay-off to AC coming a mile away, but it gets the one it needs and the one you want to see. And Sir Ridley doesn't let you down. Roll on Episode Three!
You canceled Blomkamp's Alien 5 for THIS?!!!
After the amazing Alien and Aliens, (and I believe the hard done by Alien 3), we had a string of utter tripe from this franchise, and this is no better.

Character development is almost non existent, with the vast majority of people there simply to die.

Danny Mcbride might as well have had a leash on him, for all the acting he was allowed to do, and James Franco showed more charisma than anyone else in the movie...and he died before even having a speaking role.

The film has gone down this ancient feel/setting, which didn't work in AVP, or Prometheus, and just flat out bores to death in this film.

And the "twist" at the end was so obvious that there was an audible "DUH" and "NO SH*T" from onlookers in the cinema during the reveal.

Ridley Scott's last two films have led me to believe a couple of things.

1. He can't do jack without a GREAT script 2. His movies look good, but are boring as hell 3. Alien was a fluke! It was a mess of ideas that all came together and somehow worked, but that was by accident and not design...or at least not by Scott's design.

Unless Cameron, or possibly Blomkamp (hell even give David Fincher another go) get involved, or perhaps someone equally as talented, we're just going to see Ridley Scott spew his old man, self indulgent philosophical man juice all over our faces for the foreseeable future

It was an OK by film standards...but by an Alien film standards it was pure muck.

And a final note. A TWIN ANDROID FIST FIGHT AKIN TO X-MEN belongs nowhere near an Alien move.
Alien is back with new Aliens and stupid astronauts.
I was very excited going into this movie but became concerned when I saw mixed reviews following some of the press screenings. This reminded me a lot of Prometheus because of how mixed and divisive that movie was. For me, I thought Prometheus was just alright. I loved the visuals but some of the deeper, "what is the meaning of life" kind of stuff sort of bored me. When I saw a few negative reviews for the movie I was nervous that there would be too much of that and just feel like Prometheus 2.

I was very pleased with the final movie. I thought that although they still included some of the existential elements from Prometheus, it wasn't in your face like it was with the previous movie. This one had the perfect blend of philosophical elements while still giving you all of the Xenomorph (or Neomorph) action that we have come to expect as Alien Fans.

While I was first watching the movie one of the same things that really stuck out to me was Michael Fassbender's performance. He made me love him as Walter and despise him as David all at the same time. Of course, the Fassbender vs. Fassbender face off that this all culminated to was probably the coolest scene of the movie (Which is saying a lot because of all the cool Alien gore we got in this film). Speaking of performances I was genuinely surprised in how good Danny McBride was.

Now let's talk about that ending. I thought that the ending was a cool twist but it was very predictable. The second I saw Fassbender on screen I turned to my friend and said "that's David". While it was predictable, I could see it being thrilling for those who didn't expect it and it did a nice job of setting well for the next film.

Now that I've listed that highlights of the movie, here are some of its downfalls. The main problem with this movie is stupid the characters are. The perfect example of this is when the nurse character slips and blows up the entire ship. The first thing I thought to myself was what idiot decided that she was fit to go on this trip? I feel like they had a raffle to see who would be NASA's doctor for a trip and her name was pulled out of the hat. And of course, this movie continues the trend of sticking your face over the mysterious alien egg. Every. Damn. Time.

Overall, despite it's dumb characters and predictable ending I really enjoyed this film and am looking forward to the next installment. I give Alien: Covenant an 8 out of 10.
It's a Great movie but some questions still needs to be answered
Saw the movie today in Dhanbad,India. It was a good movie full of thriller, suspense and surprise. I loved Prometheus (2012) it was a masterpiece so i went to watch the movie with very high expectations as it was directed by Ridley Scott and i liked both of his movies alien (1979) & Prometheus (2012). so after watching the movie i was little disappointed because i wasn't expecting this from Ridley Scott because Alien covenant is a mixture of alien (1979) & aliens (1986) and i was expecting something new from this movie but disappointed. Besides this, this movie fails to answer the questions left by Prometheus for example- who are the engineers? why they created us? why they wanted to kill us? what was the perfect origin of the alien life? who created the aliens? what was the reason behind the death of engineers in LV-223? etc. I was expecting the answer of these questions Nonetheless the movie was good i liked it but it could have been much better. So, i will wait for the third part and i hope we might get answers of these questions in third part. Thanks.
Definitely the definition of a "reboot"
What I mean by that is Ridley Scott took his science fiction classic and create this prequel trilogy (this is the middle instalment according to him) and created a different vibe, feel, almost a different direction entirely. Prometheus and now Alien Covenant have an artistic almost interpretive dance feel to them. I love Prometheus but there were plenty of complaints about it basically that it lacked the Alien connection. Covenant fixes that. It gives you more to the same storyline but brings back the Aliens in a big way. Maybe we won't understand the full picture until the third film but so far I'm intrigued enough to stay with it. Covenant is unique in that it gives us that familiar vibe that the original Alien and Aliens and Alien3 brought to the table but still keeps that fantasy, history aspect that Prometheus built. That does make the first half of the film a little dry, slow moving and it doesn't build the suspense all that well. However, once Ridley Scott mixes in the horror and darkness that made the original Alien a classic things start to come together. There are some truly first rate horror scenes and they utilize some of the more classic visuals (the Alien in the chest) and recreate them to great success. I love the concept that to make it fresh and new rather than coming out the front...the Alien comes out the back. Simple but effective.

I read one review that really trashed the cast of the film calling them monotone and boring and stereotypical. I didn't get that at all. Are they as memorable as some of the original cast, no. I do think they tried too hard on Danny McBride's character as "Tennessee" but he does get a good story arc and McBride is actually very good in the role and has some tense and emotional scenes. Michael Fassbender returns to his role as David and also Walter, the Androids. I recall Fassbender being one of the best parts of Prometheus and he was good in this but I felt something was off with the character development and something was missing. Still he did well. Katherine Waterston was fantastic as the heroine of the film. Whether or not on purpose she has the look and feel of an Ellen Ripley type character though a little softer around the edges. I would love to see her take over in future instalments of this franchise. Billy Crudup and Demián Bichir round out what I consider to be the main and supporting cast with a few other third string characters as well all played well enough but without a lot or any back story. The film might actually have too many characters who are ultimately not much more than fodder for the Alien(s).

Ridley Scott is a sci-fi legend in the directors chair of course. It is obvious he is very passionate about this franchise and he has or has had ideas in his mind for a very long time about the lore behind the Alien franchise and how it ties into human beings. He might be taking it in a very intellectual direction and I think we are all okay with that but he'll want to be careful to remember what we love about this franchise as well which was the horror and survival nature and isolation. While not the best of the series it holds its own and hopefully represents a good bridge between Prometheus and the end of the new trilogy that links all the series together. 8/10
The Shaw problem
This is my first review here on IMDb some please excuse any possible transgression.

I must say I had 0 need to watch a new Alien movie, but I liked Prometheus despite it's short comings. In the weeks before this movies, I had a bad feeling about this as I read rumors on the net about Dr (no knows in what, but at least someone tried) Shaw's fate. I was relieved when I saw The Crossing(?) and I thought the rumors were wrong (as those acted as if they were lovers, no not friends). But boy was I wrong. Yes Shaw is the Alien, not in the Aliens way, tho. Her body (well her reproductive organs) was used used to create the Xeno eggs, probably while she was still alive, judging by the growths on her neck and head. This is not the Newt treatment, this so much worse.

I don't even start to comprehend what are the motivations of David, as he seems more human than android. but in an utterly stupid way. He is not Lucifer, not a space Hannibal Lecter, he is just a space rapist who was strand in a big budget movie, while he would be more at home in a hentai.

People seem to not like the movie but like David, but please wake up, this is all made for David the Space Rapist.

There is nothing profound in here, 0 at all.
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