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Alien: Covenant
USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada
Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
Ridley Scott


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Nathaniel Dean as Hallett
Benjamin Rigby as Ledward
Callie Hernandez as Upworth
Tess Haubrich as Rosenthal
Amy Seimetz as Faris
Lorelei King as Voice of 'Mother' (voice)
Michael Fassbender as David / Walter
Carmen Ejogo as Karine
Danny McBride as Tennessee
Billy Crudup as Oram
Alien: Covenant Storyline: The crew of the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world. When they uncover a threat beyond their imagination, they must attempt a harrowing escape
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One of the worst movies I've seen in 30 years
This is my first review on IMDb and I'm going to keep this one brief. It boggles my mind with the budget of this film that they would make something so horrific. I went to the 7pm IMAX showing and the hard drive arrived late, so it was canceled. I then went and had some beverages at a nearby pub and waited for the 10pm showing, I was that excited to see this movie. Started off great, kind of pulled you in, then it was empty for almost 2 hours. A series of absolute ridiculous events (that my 5 year old could do a better job of writing) happen and decision making that only someone with a true death wish and unbelievable lack of common sense would make, we see over and over. As a matter of fact, the only film I've seen worse than this in my entire lifetime is Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. The only good thing about this epic failure, is the tremendous previews before it starts. Anyone associated with the making of this boondoggle should consider other avenues to make a living. How did this clown show make it out of the cutting room? Bad story, ridiculous acting, no sense of direction, no fear factor, no scare factor, only offensive bloodletting that you would see in a slasher film (which consequently there's hundreds of......and all better than this movie)'s an abomination. I'll end with this note, this experience was so dreadful, that I actually went out of my way to put a review on here so hopefully save someone else from the 4 hours of my life that I will never have back.
A Worthy Entry into the 'Alien' Franchise
I am a huge fan of the Alien franchise, and consider Ridley Scott's 'Alien' to be one of my favourite movies, so when I heard he was returning to direct the sequel to 'Prometheus' I was very excited to see what he had in store. After watching this film I was glad that I was extremely satisfied with the overall result. It successfully recaptures the tension and suspense of 'Alien' while also being a decent sequel to 'Prometheus'. First and foremost, this is clearly an Alien movie, and there are numerous elements of the film that provide satisfaction for die-hard fans of the series such as myself, with the inclusion of things like Jerry Goldsmith's beautiful 'Alien' score (now remastered by Jed Kurzel), countless nods and references to the original film, and a creature that sparks the same amount of terror in audiences as the one in 1979. All of the cast members showcased amazing performances, however the stand-out was definitely Michael Fassbender, with his portrayal of David, the android from Prometheus, as well as Walter, a new and extremely different android. The cinematography was beautiful, and special effects of both the creatures, and spaceships were top notch. The film provides answers to burning questions from 'Prometheus' as well as creating new and intriguing questions for a possible sequel. My only flaw of the film is that it falls victim to the clichés of horror, and can prove to be obvious when a character is about to be killed. Luckily, jump-scares are minimal, as the film relies much more on tension and suspense to create fear. All in all, I believe the film is very good, and will definitely be adding it to my Blu-Ray collection.
Far creepier than Prometheus, but Alien is still the Best
After the Prometheus which though well made was bit of a disappointment due to less alien action, I found the sequel Alien Covenant to be a very good work and more scary too. The effects as expected are excellent and the performances too are impressive. We don't have to wait until the interval's over for the action to start. Once the alien(s) comes into the picture, the nightmare is quite relentless until the end yet thankfully, it isn't overly done either. There is a satisfyingly good mix of horror and drama. How it ends suggests another sequel the way Prometheus did which annoys me slightly. I'd prefer there is a completion to a story in a movie, irrespective of a sequel later or not. Katherine Waterston as the "Ripley"(if I may say so) here does a neat job although Noomi Rapace in the Prometheus impressed me more. But the actor who's truly the life of the movie is Michael Fassbender as Walter/David. This is the first Alien movie where a male character seem to get the most footage, and Fassbender does his best. And is The Covenant Ridley's best alien work yet? Of course no, that is still the Alien(1979) by a mile. However The Covenant is still a very good entertainment.
Much Worse Than I Could Ever Have Imagined
No suspense. No Horror. A permanent stain on the franchise that makes you feel dirty after having watched it.

I had pretty much no expectations going into this film. I had avoided much of the marketing material beforehand and knew very little about it other than it being a sequel to Prometheus, which I actually thought was a half decent film and a worthy prequel to Alien.

I'm not sure what went wrong with this film, but it is no exaggeration to say it is one of the worst films I've had the misfortune of sitting through. There is not one redeeming scene. The story is disjointed and quite frankly a complete mess. The editing is horrendous, the score completely forgettable and the cinematography is weirdly terrible.

Even Michael Fassbender cannot save this awful dirge. The CGI xneomorph will haunt my dreams for quite some time. Not because it's an imposing and scary alien in this film, but because the CGI is some of the worst you'll see from a movie this year.

Alien and Alien 2 were as close to cinematic perfection as you're going to get. Please avoid this dreadful film.
terrible movie - terrible plot - terrible science
The plot and the science were simply awful. A spaceship traveling across the galaxy with an ax on board? The hysterics of the crew!? The hysterics especially of the female crew!?! C'mon man. This stuff is not remotely believable. These people would be the very elite of the space corps - trained to solve problems without much screaming, shouting and drama. There was no effort to monitor or analysis the planet before going down - let's get down there guns blazing, that's how you do this!

Question - are we really going to put a bunch of cowboy types up there on our mission to colonize other planets? What's with the guy smoking a cigarette? Can't we at least have it be a high-tech vaporizer!! This is a completely insulting plot. I can't believe that someone looked at the screenplay and said, OK, yep, let's go with this. Deflated the Alien brand I would argue.
"Prometheus," it's not, but perhaps third time will be the charm?
2017's "Alien: Covenant" is my most anticipated movie of this year, so far. My expectations were high for this picture, and while I feel that I was somewhat disappointed, that may have more to do with the fact that I was expecting something totally different from what I had been lead to believe what the film was about.

I hope that makes sense.

I was not on the bandwagon of "haters" for "Prometheus" (2012), a film I liked, though I realize it was not without its problems and gaps in logic. Most disappointing of all, I guess, was that I wanted it to be a more definitive connection to the film it claimed to be a prequel for - Ridley Scott's infamous 1979 landmark sci-fi/horror flick "Alien."

"Alien: Covenant," which was also directed by Ridley Scott - making him the only person to direct more than one "Alien" film - is a better film than "Prometheus," if only slightly. I attribute this to the fact that "Alien: Covenant" does contain a stronger connection to "Alien," but has a very open ending and still leaves some questions unanswered by the time the credits begin to roll.

I'll avoid going into the plot, since the previews will more than likely provide a general idea of what's in store for prospective viewers. And while most of the extended cast members are nothing more than cannon-fodder for the grisly sci-fi/horror that's to come, three performers do stand out, one being Katherine Waterston as Daniels, another being Billy Crudup as Captain Oram, and Danny McBride as pilot Tennessee.

Katherine Waterston becomes the strong female lead that has become so characteristic of this series. She's no Ripley (Sigourney Weaver, from the original "Alien" film series), but Daniels holds her own. Early on, she experiences a horrific tragedy that's the result of a natural disaster in space, and she has to pick herself up afterward. And when she realizes the danger that they're in, she doesn't hesitate to lead her comrades to safety. Billy Crudup's uncertain Captain Oram has it much more difficult, being that he becomes the newly promoted captain of the Covenant spaceship through the same tragedy, and does his best to be a capable leader, which I thought was a nice touch. And Danny McBride, as Tennessee, was perhaps the most surprising of all. McBride, usually known for comedic fare, makes a surprising turn into science fiction with his role as the heroic pilot in "Alien: Covenant." If the audience is willing to cheer for anyone aside from Daniels, it's probably him.

For me, the film really begins to pick up in its second half when the Covenant crew begins to see the danger that they're in. At this point, the film retreats to the frights that we've become so accustomed to when watching the "Alien" series.

"Alien: Covenant" wasn't a bad movie, as some of the reviews coming in here seem to be suggesting. As with any film of this sort, you need to watch it yourself, filter out all the external noise, and make up your own mind.

Ridley Scott has lost the plot...
I was really looking forward to answers left by Prometheus and a continuation of the story in what was a great revival of the Alien franchise. However, any crew that has a member wearing a cowboy hat, denotes morons that must be exterminated in as many graphically violent ways as possible... except that we've seen that before, many, many, many, times. The story must have been written on the toilet having a lengthy poo after a particularly heavy night of booze. At least I assume that from the total lack of originality or creativity of any sort. The characters are two dimensional and the plot is wooden with gaping crevasses in logic. I'm not going to list them as other reviewers have already done so. Needless to say, well before the middle of the film the only reason you carry on watching is so you can cheer at the ridiculousness of the actions of the crew and the inevitable disasters that befall them all. If Mr Scott has taken the same approach to the Bladerunner sequel, I'm pretty sure he will lose all credibility and respect from his sci-fi fans, not to mention a visit from the hit-man I will employ on their behalf.
A fascinating turn in different direction
Personally, I expected way less out of this movie - I expected a mediocre thriller which the current ratings seem to classify it into.

The previous Alien movies focused more on the alien itself and the human protagonist (Ripley). In Covenant, the focus is shifted onto an antagonist David - an artificial intelligence robot designed to act as a commanding officer aboard the seed ships. David, as well as newer and updated versions of David, are all played by Fassbender whose acting was almost mesmerizing.

David is an extremely complex individual, and the way the writer combined his intelligence with creativity to create a "perfect human" (Michelangelo's David, who he is named after) is quite impressive.

This perfection and superiority of David is often contrasted by weaknesses and irrational decisions of human officers.

I feel as if this entire plot, who links the origin of Alien and the story of David greatly enriched the whole universe of Alien. The story of the seed ship and the question about whether or not humans are replaceable makes it a solid science fiction piece.

Finally, even though a significant part of the plot, the aliens themselves felt less important.

Overall, highly recommendable even if you are not familiar with the Alien saga.
Really disappointed !!!
I went to the cinema with big expectation, because the Prometheus movie was not bad at all and the covenant trailer was promising. Unfortunately what I experienced, almost make me leave the cinema hall before the movie end. So unrealistic story... Imagine galactic ship with a mission carrying 2000 people and few thousand embrions, receive some signal with unknown source and just decide to abort the mission and go investigate on a unknown planet. There is a storm, but safety is not important, the most of the crew just go with there single vessel. Then they go out on the unknown planet and they don't use any kind of environment protection suits!!! And there are many more stupid acts, non typical for a space ship crew, but maybe for 5 year old children playing video game. Totally disappointed!!! The worst Alien movie ever!
Immensely Disappointing Film That shouldn't Be Praised For It's Mediocrity.
I have to say. I was more eager than ever to see this film. The trailers were great (if not slightly spoiler filled) I was super keen on seeing Danny McBride playing a serious role, and I was more than eager to see something that would pull the Alien up from the nose dive it have become.

But when the credits rolled, oh man was I disappointed. This movie is actually a massive step down from Prometheus.

The problems with this film are vast, but some struck me more than than others. For one, it actually felt amateur. Considering Ridley Scott made the iconic origin film, it's hard to understand how tragically he has failed to grasp what makes the Alien film great. There is no slow burn atmosphere here. No tension build up. No creepiness to the xenomorph itself. It just fails to do anything that the predecessors do.

The film also makes the same mistakes as Prometheus did, by giving the characters terrible motives or at best, strange decision making capabilities. Nothing really makes sense. There are so many times where you wonder to yourself, 'if this is suppose to be such an important mission, why are they making such ridiculous choices?'

My next big gripe is with the visual effects. They are awful. Again, a huge step down from Prometheus (which at least had that going for it). The action scenes with the xenomorph were spastic and often hard to follow.

Characters were plain, story was beyond boring, plot was ill thought out, and the only likable character who makes sense is the villain!

It just failed overall to make a decent movie, and I am tired about giving movie justice just because 'at least the effects were good' or 'at least the sound was great'. If the film can't stand up with its own story, then it is a bad film. And as sorry as I am to say, this is a bad film.

Neill Blompkamp should be handed the reins, as at least he has vision which could benefit the franchise.
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