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USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada
Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
Ridley Scott


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Nathaniel Dean as Hallett
Benjamin Rigby as Ledward
Callie Hernandez as Upworth
Tess Haubrich as Rosenthal
Amy Seimetz as Faris
Lorelei King as Voice of 'Mother' (voice)
Michael Fassbender as David / Walter
Carmen Ejogo as Karine
Danny McBride as Tennessee
Billy Crudup as Oram
Alien: Covenant Storyline: The crew of the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world. When they uncover a threat beyond their imagination, they must attempt a harrowing escape
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Utterly heartbroken by this disastrous monstrosity
Dear Ridley Scott, You've ruined my life, you've ruined the lives of others, you've ruined your own life. I genuinely think you have a mental disorder. It's the only explanation. I have no words. I tried to write a fair, logical and critical review, but the 10,000 character limit wasn't enough to cover the sheer volume and perplexity and magnitude of brain hurting plot holes, editing, directing, story, acting and absurdity of the nonsensical destruction of the very thing you created. If I had the rest of your life to sit and explain the utter repugnance and absurdity of every choice you have made, it would still not be enough. Everything, is wrong. Even your own wrongs are wrong about the wrongs you've already wronged. I'm speechless. I'm just going to breath. Breath and try to remain calm as I remove every piece of Alien: Covenant and Prometheus from my mind. I feel dirty and infected, repulsed by this miasma of psycho vomit you have inflicted upon me.

My brain feels like the magical, inexplicable, story excusing black ooze... that's sometimes dust... and sometimes from insects... and sometimes is used as a plot device to explain absolutely nothing, and destroy people in vastly conflicting and apparently never ending ways, including itself. Perhaps from the ashes of my DNA, new life will be made. But apparently, not all the time. So I don't even have hope. Clearly, nothing makes sense anymore.

Yours sincerely
Stupidity for the sake of a movie
General descriptions of the entire movie: Highly trained astronauts have no idea of minimum safety protocols, have no self control and act like 16 year olds, the aliens that created the other aliens are complete idiots (and live basically in the stone age - from how their civilization is showed in the movie). The main protagonist has lost of hunches that something is wrong but does nothing although she has seen that her hunches were right up to that point. And lets not talk space exploration basics, which completely lack, like we lost 86% of our crew and all our heavy equipment and have potential hazardous biological materials on board and we somehow see it fit to continue the "mission". This movie is other crap, they could have made it more credible, but no, they preferred to go with stupidity and explosions, and a bit of nudity.
please no more Alien films from Ridley Scott
a crew responsible for thousands should contain only the smartest people. here nobody ever heard of quarantine or security protocols. the plot is boring and predictable (last 10 minutes of the film make you: "facepalm"). you also have two class quality visuals fx that range from poor to really good. sry as hard as i think, there is absolutely nothing good about this film.
Worst Alien movie and an insult so its fans. -Spoilers-
This movie is not worth the money. Its the worst Alien movie i have seen and i have seen all Alien (xenomorphs) movies.

You don't care about the characters and they are so god damn stupid all the time! My god its an insult to watch and they flushed all the lore down the drain.

This movie is about droids and not aliens or the engineers. It does not explain anything at all and it totally kills Prometheus handling.

Im happy Sigourney Weaver did not sign up for this crap.
Creator destroying own creation? Yea, that's Ridley Scott.
I don't consider Ridley Scott to be one of the greats. He just has a lot of hit and miss. And he has more miss that hits. And this was another gigantic miss. And then the ones he hit, he goes back and destroys them. Just like all the directors cut or final cut or whatever cut version he released for Blade Runner that ruined the movie. And he's doing same thing to the Alien.

Before watching Prometheus, to prep myself, I watched the entire series again. And then I realized that it was James Cameron who should be credited with the series success. Not Scott.

In Covenant, perhaps Scott was trying to impress the audiences with visuals, not realizing that may have worked in 1980's but not anymore. Thanks to orgy of special effects thesedays, people don't get impressed by visuals.

And the twist he was going for at the end, I saw it coming as soon as the fight scene didn't show the winner. It was so painfully obvious.

Wish it was Cameron.
You know the drill by now...but now the plot holes are starting to bother me: 70%
This sequel to "Prometheus" and prequel to "Alien" treads the well-worn path of films in this franchise: a spacecraft intercepts a distress signal and changes its course in order to investigate...and then the crew come face-to-face with the horror that is the alien species which will either eat them or use the humans' bodies as a means of incubating its alien offspring.

Since it's been many years since I've seen "Prometheus" (I saw it during its cinema run as well), I have to say that I'd already forgotten the details of it when I sat down in the cinema to watch this latest instalment. For that reason, I'd suggest that you watch "Alien: Covenant" soon after watching "Prometheus", if you can, unless you have a really good memory! That being said, I did recognise Guy Pearce from the previous film...but drew a blank later on in the film when the character Elizabeth Shaw is mentioned...and she was the main character from that film! In other words, I couldn't remember what happened to her at the end of the previous film.

When I saw a trailer for this film many, many weeks ago, I have to say that I did find it started off as if it was a film about humans colonising a new planet and then the trailer seemed to morph into an ad for a new "Alien" film. It made me wonder if I had missed some sort of break between trailers for two different films. I'm still wondering if a scene from that early part of the trailer was actually in the film! That being said, yes, "Alien: Covenant" does start the story off with a spacecraft (the "Covenant" of the title) travelling through space, carrying a cargo of breeding age humans, to colonise a new planet. Apart from one male, all the other humans are in suspended animation (anabiosis), seeing as the planet that they are going to is so far away. This being part of the "Alien" franchise, you know that things are going to go pear-shaped pretty quickly!

At times you wonder if the narrative is just meandering, like the spacecraft repair scene...but it is actually tight, as it moves the plot forward...eventually.

The ending of "Alien: Covenant" is obviously the starting point to another sequel, but I do wonder how well it will explain the aftermath of that ending as well as providing a bridge to the events of the original "Alien" film. i.e. presumably there is a lot at stake with the ending of "Alien: Covenant" but I'm not sure that there was any signs of how that played out in the original "Alien" film. It just seems going around circles, which isn't really satisfying, from my point of view. Going around in circles...yet another distress signal...with yet another spacecraft going to investigate, like a fly into a Venus flytrap...with yet more lethal aliens to encounter.

From memory, I found the earlier film hard to follow and looking at my review for it now, that is confirmed, along with some other elements of the film which I had forgotten. Even though "Alien: Covenant" tries to spend more time explaining the origin of the aliens, I have to say that that often raised more questions than it answered for me! It mentions "the virus" and I have to confess that I have no memory of that concept being used in "Prometheus"! There's also scenes of what looks like fungi being trodden on by humans, which releases what I assume to be "the virus"...and that really doesn't make any sense to me. Is it a virus? Is it fungal spores? How does this all hang together? Okay, let's talk about all the other things that bug me about this film...the plot holes, if you will, or just the absurdities…

One thing that bugged me a lot in this film was just how rapidly large, lethal aliens developed in such a short time. Of course, this is narratively driven, as the film wants to focus on a very short period of time and it's "required" for the aliens to develop quickly as a result. Well, that just made me wish the film was set in another context! E.g. on a farm, where the alien could prey on livestock...or small children...before it was big enough to kill even armed adults. Perhaps this was still an issue in the original "Alien" film...but I suppose it was just less pronounced in how quickly the alien grew to a scary size.

Also, in this film the alien seems different in kind from previous films in the's more akin to a psychopath in a slasher film than something that needs to kill humans in order to eat or create offspring.

Even though I shouldn't have thoughts like the following, I can't help myself! Okay, I'm having problems with the notion of just how sustainable a human-alien co-existence would be. It seems to me that the aliens would be an existential threat to which case, if they no longer have any prey, how on Earth are aliens themselves going to continue multiplying?

Miscellaneous notes:

* The end credits have an "In memory of" for Julie Payne. Not sure who she is.

* Katherine Waterston as Daniels "Dany" Branson is good...she is small in stature but continues the franchise's form in having strong female characters...she's the alpha female, so to speak.

* Looking at my notes for "Prometheus" I noted the stupidity of the crew in that film...with this current film, I have to note how the latter part of the film is just Murphy's law writ large (ignoring the franchise trope of how humans keep coming into contact with the aliens!).
Not just disappointed, I am angry.
I started going to the movies when I was about 8 or 9 years old. I am now 71 years old. My oldest daughter and I have tried to get to the newest movie, every weekend, for the past 35 years. When watching movies, I never complain about the actor/actress in the movie. My concern is the writer/director of the movie. Acting,now, is like working at McDonald's was when I was growing up. There is so much money involved in movie making that with a few classes, young people can make a living in the movie industry. I have a nephew, living in L.A., that started right out of high school working with a crew that puts "set's" together for movies and TV. He even got credit at the end of some of the movies he worked on. Amazing that a person can get credit for putting furniture on and off a set.

I put in my summary that I was not just disappointed in this movie, but angry. I am not angry at the movie, the actor's, the CGI, or the Director. I think that I am angry at the movie industry for allowing this kind of crap to be put in the theater. I am angry, because I actually paid money to see this piece of crap. I am angry because Riddley Scott promised so much more. I thought that "Prometheus" was actually pretty good,despite it flaws. It was a movie about possibilities and that is what science fiction is for. The possibilities ended when the mentally Ill android, destroyed the Engineers. I am now done with this series of movies, there is no more story to tell. A mentally ill human (Weyland), created a mentally ill android (David), who created Xenomorphs that kill humans. That's it folks, the story is over,no need for two more pieces of crap like this.

Thanks to Alien Covenant, I am done going to the movie theater. I will not pay another dime to go to the theater. We movie lovers are being abused by the movie industry. I have told you a better story in less than a thousand words then this piece of crap told anyone on planet earth. Ridley had 97 Million dollars to tell us a better story and he didn't. If you have not paid to see it, don't pay to see it. Wait until it comes to your steaming device and see it for free. That way you can't be disappointed or angry. Please forgive the rambling.
Much Worse Than I Could Ever Have Imagined
No suspense. No Horror. A permanent stain on the franchise that makes you feel dirty after having watched it.

I had pretty much no expectations going into this film. I had avoided much of the marketing material beforehand and knew very little about it other than it being a sequel to Prometheus, which I actually thought was a half decent film and a worthy prequel to Alien.

I'm not sure what went wrong with this film, but it is no exaggeration to say it is one of the worst films I've had the misfortune of sitting through. There is not one redeeming scene. The story is disjointed and quite frankly a complete mess. The editing is horrendous, the score completely forgettable and the cinematography is weirdly terrible.

Even Michael Fassbender cannot save this awful dirge. The CGI xneomorph will haunt my dreams for quite some time. Not because it's an imposing and scary alien in this film, but because the CGI is some of the worst you'll see from a movie this year.

Alien and Alien 2 were as close to cinematic perfection as you're going to get. Please avoid this dreadful film.
Unbelievably Horrible
First off I want to state that I am a HUGE Alien Fan. I of course have seen all the movies but as well have read almost every novel about this incredible horror sci-fi creature that has been published.

After watching this film I walked out the theater asking myself "What in the world did I just watch?". Along with the other reviews of completely horrible decisions by characters, the overall story and plot are ruining this franchise. The writers for these stories need to be dismissed as well as the director Ridley Scott. This franchise has the capacity to be a huge ongoing story for our new generation. Instead it is being buried.

The idea that the entire Alien species was developed by some android in the future is preposterous and sorely takes away the intrigue that made us love and fear these creatures.

For those who want to watch a film about an Android that is contemplating his existence and where he falls into the grand scheme of the universe this film is for you. The title should have referenced that instead. For those who are looking for a film about the Alien creatures (Xenomorphs) save your time and composure and just watch the originals. I apologize for not being as eloquent and detailed as other reviews but this is my first review. That shows that this movie was so horrible I felt the overwhelming need to say something and inform others before they make the same mistake I did. Thanks for reading.
Absolute garbage from my hero director
Remember when Alien was about…the alien? Hey! Here's an idea; we know what scares people. Throw that out the window and let's just take sniveling, weak characters and some CGI and try to loosely tie together 2 other movies with a weak plot. Yeah. Great idea, Sir Ridley.

I am catching the next shuttle to Mars and making an appointment with Rekall, Inc., to have any memory of this movie forever erased from my head. There are several major issues with this film:

-There is no strong protagonist. After the bumbling captain (Billy Crudup) is killed off, the teary- eyed, whiny and weak Daniels takes over (if you call it that). All of the human characters are weak, stupid, insubordinate, or a mix of all 4 and are constantly crying. You will never like any of these people.

-A weak story and plot. Wrong planet, wrong premise, and incorrect segue into what will be the original Alien movie. No explanation needed.

-Don't morph the alien. We don't breathe in the alien from spores. There are not 50 different variations of this alien. We are too confused and dumbfounded by this plot to fake interest in new and unexciting variations of the alien.

This whole movie is a mess from beginning to end. Why in the world would Scott wreck such a beautiful concept? True horror is simple, unseen, and magnificent. It is clear that Ridley has sold out to the big studios and has been forced to pollute this franchise with Avenger-esque flash and fury because we are not allowed to think and imagine anymore. We can only sit while the whims of the studios are rammed down our plugged-in throats for two hours.
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