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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Sci-Fi
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Stanley Kubrick


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Patrick Magee as Mr Alexander
Michael Bates as Chief Guard
John Clive as Stage Actor
Adrienne Corri as Mrs. Alexander
Carl Duering as Dr. Brodsky
Paul Farrell as Tramp
Clive Francis as Lodger
Michael Gover as Prison Governor
Miriam Karlin as Catlady
James Marcus as Georgie
Aubrey Morris as Deltoid
Godfrey Quigley as Prison Chaplain
A Clockwork Orange Storyline: Protagonist Alex DeLarge is an "ultraviolent" youth in futuristic Britain. As with all luck, his eventually runs out and he's arrested and convicted of murder and rape. While in prison, Alex learns of an experimental program in which convicts are programed to detest violence. If he goes through the program, his sentence will be reduced and he will be back on the streets sooner than expected. But Alex's ordeals are far from over once he hits the mean streets of Britain that he had a hand in creating.
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A huge letdown
This movie was recommended to me and I had high expectations... especially since it was directed by Stanley Kubrick. However, after ten minutes of the movie I couldn't stand watching it anymore. I'm sorry but guys walking around with jumpsuits and underwear on just isn't my cup of tea. It was a good story line but it just lacked everything that would keep me awake during a film and I honestly don't understand why people think this movie is so great. "OH MAN, HE KILLED HER WITH A GIANT PENIS!!!" I'm sorry but giant penises and elderly women don't make a great movie. Maybe it's just that British humor, where they get chased by cops or prostitutes in fast motion with weird elevator music playing in the background. I guess I just don't understand the greatness behind it.
One of those films you have to watch multiple times
It's hard to judge a film such as this. Its cold and hard, yet can be exhilarating and sarcastic. It can be average, yet it can be visionary. Exploitive? Satirical? Too many questions to consider when one watches this film.

Even after 34 years, this film still speaks volumes about our current culture, which many ideals are ringing true today. The younger generations are out of control due to lack of parental control, junk culture is becoming commonplace, violence is desensitizing the masses, and we all seem to be enjoying the ride on the way down. It's very difficult to find movies which can make such startling commentary, yet hold on to such accusations for an extended period of time. Nowadays, films are focused-grouped to death, conformity is more powerful than artistry, and money is far more important than quality. Kubrick took a huge leap with this film, challenging society to take a hard look at itself. Unfortunately, society wasn't ready for this film, which is why it is revered now more than ever.
Kubrick and the Art of Violence.
Stanley Kubrick has a way of telling stories about violence without actually exploiting them, or going into exaggeration. In DR STRANGELOVE, OR HOW I STOPPED WORRYING AND LEARNED TO LOVE THE BOMB violence as war was discussed, overheard, never truly seen until the final reel when a flurry of atomic bombs exploded into bright mushrooms as the song "We'll Meet Again" lovingly played in the background. In 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY Hal-9000 terminates an entire crew in a most chilling way and all we see is a computer screen indicating the termination of life. Now, in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, Kubrick actually brings a story about violence, and even then it is art directed within an inch of its life.

Alex DeLarge is the leader of a band of 'droogs' who move from location to location terrorizing their victims, putting them under outrageous acts of violence. When two of his 'droogs' refuse to follow Alex's path of destruction, he turns on them and beats them, until an act of reversal turns against Alex and he is brought down by the medical industry who decides to "reform" his heretofore sociopathic tendencies. One he is cured, an interesting chain of humiliating events that bring Alex even farther down ensue: he is, for example, now attacked by his very ex-mates, now policemen, and his ex-victims. Sometimes the cure is far worse than the illness. Karma is a bitch.

Kubrick has a particular way of visualizing his films. A CLOCKWORK ORANGE has a look and feel completely out of its time, closer to sometime in the future, and its torture sequence in which Alex is regenerated also looks straight out of a science fiction movie. However, this is not a science fiction film. It's actually quite difficult to categorize CLOCKWORK because it's something of a social satire, something of a drama, has comedic moments and deconstructs a musical for a horrifying rape sequence; however, its approach to the material gives it the feel of a hybrid out of time, out of place, but visually arresting and impossible to take for granted. It's this approach that makes the work the product of a master of direction -- it can be seen multiple times and every time a different perspective arises, and all one can be left with is with the notion that this is pure, ultra-modern cinema.
Awesome Movie
A pure classic movie. A psychological Thriller. One of the best of all time. Is a comedy and a horror all in one. You can't beat this movie. A oldie but with watching. You will love this movie. Makes you wonder why can't Hollywood make more movies like this. Made in1971 but is way before its time.

My favorite movie 11 June 2001 | by Ayatollah (Florida) – See all my reviews Without a doubt, my absolute favorite film of all time. I first saw this movie three years ago and I have been in love with it (and Stanley Kubrick) ever since. I never get tired of seeing this movie. Why it remains so under-appreciated (at least by "casual" movie viewers) is beyond me. Everything is great; acting, direction, cinematography, the sets, everything.

Something that I don't think anyone else commented on was the Russian motif. The names of the droogs (Alexander, George, Peter, and Dim...short for Dimitri) are decidedly Russian. The singer referenced in the record store, Johnny Zhivago, has obvious Russian overtones. The statement made by the Minister of the Interior about the "peace-loving citizens" is a direct reference to the name that Soviet government representatives applied to their people when talking about the Cold War. Red seems to stand out from other colors. And, of course, who could forget Nadsat, the Russian slang language? I wonder what Burgess and Kubrick were trying to suggest about the future of Ingsoc (those familiar with "1984" will understand.
A controversial and offensive masterpiece.
Anyone looking to watch A Clockwork Orange might be wanting to revisit some of Stanley Kubrik's work and might be interested in studying this film. Those who have already seen this film tend to already have strong opinions regarding this dark sci-fi movie but for me, I approached this film recently to obtain an opinion for myself and study one of the great masters of cinema.

The fact that this film was regarded as one of the most controversial films ever made (rightfully so) sparked genuine curiosity to give this flick a full viewing and while I have large issues with the film, the experience as a whole was both satisfying and a learning experience.

This story centers on "Alex" our main protagonist and his gang of hoodlums set in a not so distant, dystopian Great Britain. The beginning portion unfolds Alex's dark and twisted soul as we watch him and his gang fight, rape, and kill. When he's eventually caught, he undergoes controversial "treatment" to be cured of his dark soul.

I first appreciated the inmate concepts of this story and the type of questions the story attempted to raise to the audience. Furthermore, much of the psychological ideologies surrounding freedom, choice, good vs evil, and selfishness were extremely thought-provoking. It had a way of making me feel self-exploratory despite the character's complete inability to relate with (hopefully) any viewer.

Performances were top notch; especially from the lead: Malcom McDowell. His performance felt so authentic there's never a single moment that feels fake or forced with his dark character. As always, Stanley Kubrick directs the hell out of this. His commanding and authoritative shooting style is apparent in every frame of the picture and he does a wonderful job at sucking the viewer into this terrible world to the point of enthrallment.

While all these positives make for a great movie-going experience and when Kubrick is at the director's helm not much can go wrong, the film's biggest downfall is indeed its controversy. Disturbing subject matter in this piece is indeed vital to the essence of the story but taking off the gloves when it comes to fighting, rape, and killing (especially the rape) make this so incredibly disturbing that it's difficult to muscle through. I found that A Clockwork Orange was not only offense because of its disturbing content, it was personally offensive in so many ways. Frankly, these extremely rare and offensive movie experiences are not quite the reason I enjoy films in the first place; stories can still be thought-provoking while not morally offend and damage the viewer internally. In addition, a viewer looking to study the work of Stanley Kubrick can still experience some of cinema's greatest and transcendent experiences without feeling like their conscience has blackened.

It's understandable that not everyone feels this way; just as stated before, opinions about this film are all across the board. As time has passed however, A Clockwork Orange has stood out has one of Kubrick's finest and has been adored by die-hard fans so much its fan base has grown over the years.

The best advice to give is to see it for yourself. Much like all other Kubrick films, relying on anyone's opinion won't help one bit. Seeing it and deciding for yourself is the best course of action. That being said, despite it's strong artistic merit, I wouldn't recommend seeing it simply because of the morally offensive and sickening content that most don't appreciate. Overall, it's been the hardest one to review in a long time because it's not a simple: see it or don't see it. There's much more to this picture than that. If you do decide to see it though, be warned and well prepared. If not, that's probably just fine too.
Best movie ever made
A Clockwork Orange is the finest film that has ever been made, in my view. Stanley Kubrick has made so many masterpieces, and is by far the best director that ever graced our world. A Clockwork Orange is simply his finest hour!

The film grabs you and glues you to your seat from start to finish. Malcolm McDowell gives us a shining example of superior acting, and the movie is as perverted as any of Kubrick's masterpieces (and then some!). It contains horrifying violence, extreme emotions, perversity and weirdness at it's very worst. It all boils down to serve you a plethora of thoughts for you to take with you and contemplate, after the film ends.

However, with all the perversity bursting out of this film, you will probably NOT like this film the first time you see it. I know I didn't. Fortunately, I gave it a second chance, and thought: Hey, it was actually not bad at all. After the third time, I was lost for words.

After the fourth time, there was little doubt in my mind, that this was the finest film ever made, and regardless of how many great masterpieces I see, A Clockwork Orange still towers above them. I'm sure you'll agree, if you give it the chance it deserves, although it may require for you to see it more than once.

Boring 1970's attempt to shock
I watched this film on its original release, I also watched it a few days ago, I was hoping that with age it may have appealed to me more, but unfortunately it failed to hold my attention now, just as it failed to hold my attention way back then. The director has chosen to use graphic sex and violence to gloss over a bad script, feeble plot and mediocre acting. This film is remembered today for all of the wrong reasons. If looking at full frontal nudity is your thing, or unrealistic violence turns you on, then this film would probably appeal, but if you like a movie to entertain or to be thought provoking, I should give it a miss.
A sick, twisted masterpiece
A Clockwork Orange is my favourite film of all time, and deservedly so; I've watched it 10 times, and it never fails to disappoint. Whether you love it or you hate it, you will never forget it. It's a disturbing and dark film, but if you can stomach it, you'll almost certainly like it.

The film is an adaption of the novel of the same name. The story follows Alex Delarge, a young boy who participates in the old "ultraviolence" with his "droogies" (or, in other words, he beats up, steals from and rapes people with his friends). The "ultraviolence" is, indeed, ultra violent; the "Singin' In The Rain" scene is sickening, taking a sweet song that we all know and love and changing the way we think about it forever.

Georgie, one of his fellow droogies, talks about the "Cat Lady", an old woman who runs an health farm off in the countryside. On the weekends, she's all by herself; the perfect target for some ultraviolence, Georgie says! So the next day, they decide to head off to the house. Alex attempts to make his way into the house using the phrase he has always used: "Excuse me, can you please help? There's been a terrible accident!" Alex asks if he can use the Cat Lady's phone to contact the emergency services, but The Cat Lady refuses.

And we soon learn why, as she realises the words the "young man" said at the door were awfully similar to the ones quoted in the newspapers about an incident with an author (which also involved Alex) and so she phones the police who agree to come down to her house (although she doesn't think it necessary). Alex, however, has managed to make his way into her house and, after some talking, fights her and murders her. Alex, for once shocked with what he's done, runs outside to his droogies. But they haven't forgotten Alex beating them up earlier in an attempt to show who's leader, and smash a milk bottle over his head and quickly flee, leaving him to the hands of the police who soon arrive. Alex is arrested and taken to prison.

I won't go any further into the plot, as the plot really starts from there. But I will say this again; the film is very dark and sick. There are some scenes which, even on my 10th viewing, still shock me. It is frightening at times and does not ever hold back. But if you are still willing to see it, then you will love it. Each and every scene in this film is vivid and memorable. The only thing which turned me off initially was the language this film uses. The original book used a unique language called "Nadsat" and it still uses it for this film. First time around, watch the film with subtitles on (unless you've already read the book) or you will not understand it. Read up on the language, there are many sites with a Nadsat dictionary. Other than that, this is a masterpiece with not a single flaw. Some would dispute that fact, calling it over-the-top violence, but for everyone else, it's a timeless classic.
my favorite movie
Talk about a cinematic experience!! Stanley "the genius" Kubrick took advantage of every directorial technique available. The dialogue, the outstanding performance by Malcom McDowell, the music, the sets and cinematography, and the story development are all top-notch. This movie should go down in history as the movie Stanley Kubrick along with Strangelove, 2001, Barry Lyndon. Malcom McDowell should have received a nomination. His performance was the key element in this movie. The viewers feel sorry for the "hero" in his downs. This was the film that made me adore the ninth. The slang in this film surpasses any dialogue i have ever heard in any other movie. My final point: anyone who has seen a movie should see this.
Disturbing yet pointless movie
This movie sucks!! From the clothes, to the retarded mix of English and Russian to the theatrical way the violent scenes are shot. The theatrical shooting of the violence, makes it impossible to take it seriously. I've seen more graphic violence in modern TV-series than in this over-rated crap.

Malcolm McDowell has always been repulsive in every movie he has ever appeared in, which made him good for the part of the psychopath Alex I guess. The only part where he was more repulsive was as Caligula in the movie Caligula.

The movie has a lot of offensive sexual symbolism and the awful soundtrack and the annoying classic music is probably symbolistic as well. But I really don't give a damn, what it's suppose to mean. It's just stupid, disturbing and pointless.

A Clokwork Orange is as dumb as it title and it's one of those movies that you leaves you un-easy after watching it, even though there is no point with this movie what so ever.

If you feel like you HAVE to watch this movie because it's considered a classic, don't put yourself through the torture. It's classic BS and it should be avoided completely.
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