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Crime, Thriller, Romance, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Trent Haaga


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Carlos Antonio as Large Man
Walker Babington as The Neighbor
Sheila Vand as Monica
Sam Eidson as Dwayne
Lucy Faust as Skinny
David Maldonado as Ken Mckenzie
Alisha Boe as Violet
Ajay Mehta as Sam
Eric Podnar as Leroy
Michael Beasley as Officer Stevens
68 Kill Storyline: It started with a couple dead bodies and $68,000 in stolen cash. Chip Taylor's girlfriend Liza had the perfect plan to rip off her rich sugar daddy. It should have been an easy in and out kind of deal. Nobody would get hurt and they would come out of it with enough loot to solve their problems. But things started going wrong as soon as they were inside the rich man's house, and for Chip it was only the beginning of the longest, most terrifying ride of his life.
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"An above average movie, a good thrilling experience for a one time watch"
It is a movie about a guy who falls in love with a girl and then finds out she is not all like he thinks she is.

Maybe the story-line is something we have always seen before but this movie took it to new levels. The starting of the movie was perfect even the middle part at the end I was kind of getting disappointed but it soon changed. It had all these good kind of thrilling scenes, unexpected scenarios etc. The ending was good and unpredictable. The actress who did Liza did a very good job. Altogether it was an action packed movie good for a one time watch.

Yes I would ask you guys to just check it out.

Notable Acting

Annalynne McCord

Matthew Gray Gubler famous for his acting the movies 500 days of summer and many more

My Rating 7/10
A fast moving comedy horror thriller which makes both genders look good.
Anyone who thinks the new Ghostbusters film is good purely because it has all female leads should watch this. The story is about Chip and his strong minded girlfriend Liza. She has a sugar daddy who she plans to still $68000 from with Chip's help. Liza has a different idea of how to do the robbery and it ends in two deaths and a kidnapping. There is thin more double crossing, more deaths and a lot of blood.

The characters are genuinely different to most films but still believable. Liza's brother was my favourite character and probably the most psycho of them all. I also loved Liza for being a strong woman but ordinary too. She knows what she wants and happy to kill for it if necessary. Although it has strong females the males don't really come over as weak and pathetic which normally happens with a strong female. Chip has a lot of bad things happen to him by women but ends up as the winner at the end.

The film has some thriller elements. It is also funny in places. It also has blood gore with limbs being chopped off and Liza's brothers sexual perversion.

This is a genuinely different but good film. I have seen a lot of films and never really seen anything like it. Give it a go.
Not Good
Seen at SXSW 2017. Story was initially intriguing and somewhat funny (the notion that stealing $68,000 would bring a lifetime of happiness for a struggling couple). There were some surprises along the way, but the acting was poor and the characters weren't especially likable. The story got cloudy and there was an attempt at a random romantic subplot somewhere in there. Overall not a recommendable movie, and I was not happy I saw it.
Forget about the rat race
Chip (Matthew Gray Gubler) is a regular guy who lives in a trailer park with his crazy prostitute girlfriend Liza (AnnaLynne McCord). Liza is oversexed and clearly inspired by Sheri Moon Zombie. She decides that her and Chip will rob a client of 68 thousand dollar. A duel killing and a kidnapping later, Chip finds himself in a Tarantino style grindhouse hell going from crazy woman to the next.

I loved the character of Liza, Violet (Alisha Boe) and Monica (Sheila Vand). Even Dwayne (Sam Eidson) another improbable character, was interesting. For those who like Sheri Moon grindhouse type films, give it a view.

Guide: F-word, sex, nudity (Sheila Vand)
Tries too much to be something that could never be
I understand that this is a low budget movie, but i can find some equally styled and budgeted flicks with a lot more quality and purpose.

Although i understand this is the point, the storyline is not plausible at all, it is overacted (and badly) and filled with unnecessary and pointless sexual and violent innuendo. And i say innuendo , because the scenes are so poorly executed that it is well visible it is not real.

For me this seemed a parody with no sense nor good taste.

Weak plot (better done in another hundred movies), unlikable and not credible characters, and a very predictable story line.

Apart all the sex and violence, it felt somehow like a movie for kids.
There's always one Chip left in the bag
68 Kill is a little known independent film written and directed by the barely known Trent Haaga.

To start with, it was never going to take the world by storm, and it was never going to get very much fanfare..., throughout history most people won't even realise that this film exists, let alone watch it, but for those that do, well make of it what you will.

During its entire run (barely breaking an hour and half) I couldn't decide whether I liked 68 Kill or not, part of me did, rooted in the protagonist Chip is lot of empathy, you really feel for Chip and the horribly frightening and nerve-racking position he's in, a part of me screamed out "Thank God that's not me, thank God I'm not Chip!"

Chip's girlfriend Liza is, well just a tad psychotic, the kind of girlfriend you'd do everything to avoid in reality, which begs the question "How the Hell did these two end up together in the first place?"

You just know Liza is a loony the very first time you see her, and it only get's worse and worse as the film progresses; Liza is so frightening because girls like her DO exist in the real world, making her a highly relatable threat.

Further into the film, Violet joins the fray..., and after a while you realise that this girl is just as bad as Liza, boy can Chip actually get a break or what, poor guy! Violet is played by the very young and very novice Alisha Boe, her performance is the weakest of the three main characters, she doesn't connect properly to the character and that will be because of her inexperience.

Overall I decided not to hate the film, but you know it really isn't the best and that's understandable..., if you want to watch 68 Kill then please do just to try and expand its reach.
A Surprisingly Awesome Movie That Knows When to Deliver the Thrills or the Laughs
I went into this film not knowing much about it, and by the end I loved the non-stop ride 68 Kill delivered. It was really interesting how the movie reversed a lot of the thriller/horror tropes, where the main character, Matthew Gray Gubler as Chip, is abused and ordered around by all of the strong women in the film. The first woman, AnnaLynne McCord as Liza, is Chip's girlfriend and she has the bright idea to rob her boss/sugar-daddy. The heist seems to go off without a hitch, until Liza murders the husband and wife, much to the surprise of Chip. Here they also meet the second woman, Alisha Boe as Violet, as Liza shoves her into the trunk of their car to sell her to Liza's serial killer brother. Having finally crossed a line Chip couldn't accept, he escapes in the car and begins the journey that would lead to the third and final strong woman, Sheila Vand as Monica. All three of the women are crazy to varying degrees, and the story weaves all three of them in and out of the story with Chip as their target of love, anger, and violence.

To avoid any spoilers, I'll avoid talking too much more about the story, but I loved the pacing of it. Where it really only slows down for one section, and that slower part sets up the rest of the film which is balls to the wall crazy in the best way. The acting is all top notch, with the standout definitely being AnnaLynne McCord, her abusive crazy girlfriend character dominated every scene she was in, and I'd love to see her in more movies. Her eyes just looked so crazy, and I really believed her character. There were some things in the middle with the story that I didn't love, including an apparent roofie that's never shown or explained, and other characters impressive and unexplained following abilities. However, everything lead to such an awesome climax, that all of the other lesser parts of the film completely worth it. I also loved how 68 Kill made me laugh out loud uncontrollably multiple times throughout the film. It doesn't necessarily play for the laugh in an obvious way, and the comedy is definitely dark, but I found multiple scenes hilarious.

I would definitely recommend this film, as long as you don't mind some violence and gore with your dark comedy thriller. If you'd like to see the video version of my review, you can check it out here:
All money has blood on it......
A wonderful film full of energy, verve, humour and great characters. Despite the constant mayhem and fun Mr Haaga also manages to include some strong feminist commentary – love all of the gender reversal stuff – and a sub text about what the dollar is really all about, in both the title and the theme that all money has blood on it.

This film mixes a heady concoction of the best bits of Tarantino, Rob Zombie( not a lot of "best bits" to choose from I'll admit ) John Walters and Stuart Gordon but produces an original film that represents another step forward for the genre craftsman Mr Haaga to add to his excellent work on "Deadgirl" and "Cheap Thrills".

Love the direction, cinematography, script and soundtrack and the film feels very much a cohesive and satisfying whole. The performances are very strong – with Matthew Gray Gubler becoming the indie comedy thriller leading man of choice - a post John Waters era James Stewart "everyman" who you automatically like and want to succeed. AnnaLyne McCord gives another remarkable performance, proving that women can be incredibly strong and sexy without being exploited or reverting to a femme fatale stereotype. It's great that Ms McCord has opted for much edgier material than her earlier CV would have automatically lead to ( maybe as the young foil to Cameron Diaz in some lousy rom-com or some such?) She has a feline, reptilian beauty that is perfectly matched to the role she plays here ( she was also stunning in "Excision".) Who knows what she is capable of if someone produces the roles for her? Sheila Vand ( after her performance in "A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night" ) is also becoming a very interesting screen presence and Alisha Boe is a heart meltingly sweet in her role who almost, but not quite, makes us forget Ms McCord when she is off screen. So brilliant casting Mr Haaga as well.

I enjoyed the entire movie from start to finish but I have to say that a couple of the set piece scenes deserve to become cult classics in their own right. The "Pop Music " scene ( particularly in the context of what just happened in the film ) is hilarious and deserves to join the pantheon of those in car music movie moments such as the "Wayne's World" Bohemian Rhapsody" episode and the "Trailer scene" is approaching the family meal time scene in the original "Texas Chainsaw Massacre " for creepy fun.

Deserves to gain a cult following and I can't wait to see more from the director/writer and cast.
It kills to watch
A good movie with its budget.IFC midnight together with Alliance media did a fantastic job.The screenplay was not all that great.But the movie was able to open arms to good acting and directing.The costume designing was also great.The video editing deserves credit as well.I think giving this movie 6/10 is fair.
The Bat-Poop Crazy Film of 2017
Chip Taylor's girlfriend Liza had the perfect plan to rip off her rich sugar daddy. It should have been an easy in and out kind of deal. Nobody would get hurt and they would come out of it with enough loot to solve their problems. But things started going wrong as soon as they were inside the rich man's house, and for Chip it was only the beginning of the longest, most terrifying ride of his life.

Let's start by discussing the cast. Matthew Gray Gubler is perfectly cast as "sad sack" Chip. Gubler's facial expressions alone should really make him a bigger name than he is. His range of emotion in just his eyes is very intense. AnnaLynne McCord is his partner-rival as the stereotypical crazy-beautiful Liza… something she is quite good at playing, as seen in "Excision", which coincidentally also starred Gubler. The duo also both starred in last year's festival hit "Trash Fire". Are they the new Hepburn and Tracy?

Alisha Boe, who is distinguishing herself on television, is the breakout star here. Although she was unknown to me before "68 Kill", her strong screen presence suggests that offers are going to start pouring in. She has the look, she has the personality. Heck, she could make one great Marvel superhero, for example.

The film as a whole is great in its bat-poop craziness, and the perfect vehicle for director Trent Haaga. I have been watching Haaga grow as a filmmaker for decades, from being a Troma darling to "Cheap Thrills". With "68 Kill", he has really hit the mainstream, with some bigger name actors and production value that could easily be mistaken for a Hollywood film. He does touch base a bit with the punk rock look of the gas station attendant, and the climax does seem to be something that would fit in alongside "Terror Firmer". Fans of Troma will enjoy this film, as it just keeps pushing the envelope in ways that we never see anymore.

The black humor is endless. We have the "happily ever after" scenario that is quite funny given the amount of money involved. We have lines like "what Dwayne does is his own business" when what Dwayne is doing is certainly more than just his business. This is the blackest of humor with tongue more than firmly placed in cheek.

As with many films, this is not for everyone. Those who are easily offended will be offended. The violence is over the top, the sex is gratuitous… and frequent. But if what offends some is what excites you, this is going to be a must-see. The movie plays March 24 at the Boston Underground Film Festival (BUFF).
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