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USA, UK, Dominican Republic
Drama, Thriller, Adventure, Horror
IMDB rating:
Johannes Roberts


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Matthew Modine as Taylor
Santiago Segura as Benjamin
Claire Holt as Kate
Yani Gellman as Louis
Mandy Moore as Lisa
47 Meters Down Storyline: Two sisters are exploring the deep blue sea until something goes wrong. As they submerge 47m they encounter a creature that only wants flesh and blood. As they fight their way back to the top, they shortly run out of oxygen. With only an hour left they're not only racing against time they are racing against life and death.
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Nice Movie, Realistic, Could have used more creatures
Overall a nice movie, realistic, could have used more creatures, scope of using an angler fish was good in one scene(flash light scene). Lesson learned: Not to go cage diving if the cage is holding off to rope, make sure steel cable is being used. My review has ended, but I have to type to meet the minimum requirements to post my review.
If I could give this 0 I would.
** spoiler alert ** (maybe - assuming there's a story line)

This movie is rubbish from the outset - unrealistic and unbelievable on many levels.

Works on the drummed up emotional fear of sharks. I think the cameras should have focused on the marine life and sold the footage to nat. geo.

Comparing this movie to JAWS....yeah right..."don't reach young blood"

Some huge holes in the movie: * Amazingly all the shark equipment and cage fall apart on *the day* (even the backup stuff) - like half the rig falls into the water. Cage falls apart.

* Dive time & charts - the 2 girls who are 'trapped' have less than 9 mins bottom time. Period. They are there for 1hr+ while a crap rescue effort is on the way. Maybe even buddy breathe etc.

* As they dive, goes from a summers day to a dark tank in less than 20 meters. Follow the bubbles up.

* Poor preparation by those on the boat who actually run the shark diving.

* typical music plots...

*...and the list goes on....oh this movie is just horrible.

The only thing this movie does is cause the uneducated to fear sharks even more...and in typical Hollywood human fashion - anything we don't understand...we kill (e.g. King Kong, Planet of the Apes...)

Seriously - save your money
Don't waste your time on this garbage movie.
Basically the movie is about two women trapped in a steel cage on the seabed 47 meter below sea level. How this movie possibly got an average rating of 5.7 is beyond me. Screaming and shouting for help in one and a half hour make the movie just annoying. It's Worse Than Passing a Kidney Stone. I know a lot about low budget film making and I understand that this film is not necessarily the worst low-budget film ever made... but it comes very close. Here are my two main gripes: Who signs off on it's production? Are they proud of their work? Do they have any concept of shame? I never do reviews but felt this was worthy.
Awful Garbage
This trainwreck starts first and foremost with the screenplay. The writing is awful. Sure, the idea was kind of neat. But it was completely bastardized with all the other bullsh*t in the screenplay. The reasoning for why they even get into the cage in the first place is so lazy and contrived that I was immediately taken out of the movie. It was shoved down our throats in the worst way possible. The three act structure of this film is a mess. They attempt to do some sort of twist in the beginning of the third act, but it completely falls on its face and is rendered useless by the end of the movie. When the film actually ends, you realize there was no point for it to ever happen. This film has some of the worst dialogue of the year. This was originally supposed to be straight to home video, but then the distribution studio decided to give it a theatrical release... and it f*cking shows. It looks, sounds, and feels like a SyFy movie. Not quite as bad as something like Sharknado, but put this into perspective: Sharknado is made trying to be stupid. This movie actually took itself seriously, and it completely and utterly fails. You hit a trifecta in this film: terrible script, terrible dialogue, and terrible acting. The performances are so cringe-worthy. I think I squirmed more in my seat watching Mandy Moore and Claire Holt choking on their dialogue than I did at any of the stuff involving the actual sharks...
47 meters down
we went to the drive in to see this movie and i have to say it was the stupidest movie i have ever seen. really has no story line. yes there were a few scary moments when the sharks would come from out of no where but i figured it would be better than it was. previews had you wanting to see more. i would like to have seen more action in the movie than two girls plummeting to the ocean floor and staying there the whole movie it never shows anything after that. by far the stupidest movie I've seen yet.
Well, it has water...
This movie is utter crap. Outside of their being water, nothing about the movie is accurate and most of it is completely ridiculous.

Just start off knowing that compressed air from 3000 psi tanks at 47 meters will be empty in under 20 minutes with a very experienced and calm diver. An excited diver will have less than 10 minutes. The movie gets worse from there.

SCUBA Magazine actually did a brilliant article on monumentally inaccurate this movie. It is full of spoilers so if you intend to see it, don't read the article but, don't see it unless you and your friends want to make your own episode of MST3K
Simplified to the bone
This claustrophobic shark horror is strictly simplified to what its title says and offers very little else. So unless you are into a movie what happens when you are 47 meters down and surrounded by sharks, then skip this title.

Baring the story to the situational minimum has the downside that we don't learn much of the trapped two sisters. One is an outgoing blonde and one is a careful brunette. The other has done some diving before and the other had a boyfriend who dumped her - that is pretty much all we get. Both have good bodies and nice faces, and audience gets a lot of angles.

Once underwater, the focus is divided between the sisters who turn out to be largely interchangeable. This weakens the story as apart from a sour twist towards the end there is not much happening that wouldn't have worked with just one girl down there. Another recent "damsel with a shark" story The Shallows shows how much more effective that could have been.
47 Meters Down
Also called "In The Deep", how thrilling can a film be which sees the greater part of it set in darkness or semi-darkness and with only two characters? Thankfully, the answer is not much better than this one. Two sisters – Americans, of course – on holiday in Mexico, accept an invitation to go down in a metal cage and view great white sharks in situ. The introvert is not so keen, but bows to her sister's desire. The cable snaps, and they are goners, or are they?

At one point, it looks like there could be a supernatural angle here, or perhaps something way out as in the 1989 science fiction film "The Abyss". No, nothing supernatural or extraterrestrial.

There are some excellent special effects, and although film buffs will inevitably think "Jaws", the influence is minimal. The film loses one point for the not quite believable penultimate scene which is revealed to be an hallucination (although that was forewarned), and because it passes the Bechdel test!
Shark Bait
Everything that can go wrong, does go wrong in the best horror thrillers. "Storage 24" director Johannes Roberts' suspenseful shark-swarming spectacle "47 Meters Down" may not be as entertaining as last summer's delicious shark derring-do "The Shallows." Nevertheless, this hour and a half epic will keep you poised on the edge of your seat as you gnaw your knuckles in dread. Surprisingly, this raw-edged thriller almost went straight-to-video. As deceptively simple and straightforward as they come, "47 Meters Down" doesn't pull any punches, particularly with its surprise ending. Indeed, this is not your usual summer movie where everything works out in the surf for the heroines. Although it doesn't let anybody off the hook, Roberts' eighth big-screen directing endeavor holds its characters accountable for their poor choices. Most summer blockbusters furnish a wonderful, guilt-free ending where all narrative threads are knotted neatly and everybody lives happily-ever after. If you think about it, "47 Meters Down" is the kind of movie that should chomp up summer audiences. Cast as older and younger sisters respectively, Mandy Moore and Claire Holt decide to swim with sharks to alleviate boredom. Ultimately, they wind up like those early western pioneers who tempted hostile Native Americans and had to circle the wagons to fight them off. Moore and Holt are the primary characters, with some peripheral characters, such as the boat crew that they out ride with to see the sharks. Otherwise, Moore and Holt try to work things out for each other under circumstances that would be terrible to endure considering the predicament.

Happily, the premise of "47 Meters Down" is simple and straightforward. Lisa (Mandy Moore of "License to Wed") and Kate (Claire Holt of "The Vampire Diaries") are spending a vacation in scenic Mexico. Lisa's boyfriend has dumped her because he complains that their relationship lacks spontaneity. Kate coaxes her withdrawn sister back out of her shell, and they date a couple of local guys, Louis (Yani Gellman of "Jason X") and Benjamin (Santiago Segura of "Hand of God"), for diversion. Yani and Benjamin tell the gals about a guy, Captain Taylor (Matthew Modine of "Full Metal Jacket"), who offers underwater shark sightseeing excursions. The gals descend into a shark cage just below the waterline to admire the fearsome majesty of Great Whites. No sooner have they climbed into the cage than one wants to take a picture of the other. Lisa takes a waterproof camera from Kate, but she accidentally drops it in the drink. The instant the camera sinks below the surface, a predatory Great White shark appears with jaws agape. The camera disappears into the shark's gullet. Mind you, British director Johannes Roberts had set up the situation before this ominous accident with their two dates, Yani and Benjamin, hovering five meters below the surface in the same cage as Great Whites had circled them. Nothing happened to the guys. Initially, everything goes well after Lisa loses the camera, and Captain Taylor submerges them five meters beneath the surface. Lisa has second thoughts, and the girls are ready to come up. Suddenly, something goes haywire, and the winch holding them suspended in the water snaps. Trapped in the cage, the two sisters plunge to the bottom of the ocean. No sooner has the cage slammed into the ocean floor than the entire winch plummets and lands atop the cage. Lisa and Kate can communicate with each other because their diving masks are equipped with microphones. Deep down as they are, however, they cannot communicate with Taylor. Naturally, this is the point at which the heroines behave like foolish characters in a scary movie. Kate swims up 40 meters to communicate with Captain Taylor. Repeatedly, Taylor warns the girls to remain in the cage since sharks are swarming all over the place. Instead, Taylor says that he is sending one of his crew, Javier (Chris Johnson of "xXx: State of the Union"), down to give them replacement air tanks. Nevertheless, Taylor warns that switching air tanks during a dive can induce nitrogen narcosis which produce hallucinations. During their time on the bottom, Kate proves either her bravery or her stupidity. A shark almost munches her, and she scrambles to take refuge in a nearby cave. Eventually, Lisa leaves the cage, and she has a close encounter with an open-mouthed shark charging at her.

During one harrowing incident, Lisa and Kate find themselves in the middle of an armada of sharks. Roberts spends more time on creating suspense in "47 Meters Down" than dwelling on blood and gore. She is shrewd enough not to wear out her welcome, and "47 Meters Down" clocks in at a trim 89 minutes with little to detract from the eerie shark scenes. The first part of the story takes place on land as Roberts and co-scenarist Ernest Riera have the girls go out on a date with two locals who intrigue them about the shark cage stunt. Predictably, Lisa is far too timid to take such a dare. Kate goads her older sister into doing it so she can prove that she isn't as boring as her former boyfriend has claimed. The rest of "47 Meters Down" occurs at underwater. Of course, none of those Great Whites prowling the depths where our damsels-in-distress await them are genuine predators. The CGI of the Great Whites is flawless, and "Stardust" lenser Mark Silk's cinematography is appropriately murky given the ocean depths and prompts paranoia. Just when the gals imagine they are alone, a Great White materializes unexpectedly with cavernous jaws ajar! Although several peripheral characters inhabit this PG-13 epic, the action focuses largely on the sisters. These sympathetic souls never get a break, and you may experience anxiety as they deal with one setback after another. Just remember, no matter what happens during "47 Meters Down," you must stay in your seat.

(Author's note: if you enjoyed "47 Meters Down," you should see the 1971 documentary "Blue Water White Death.")
Could have been better, way better. This is how it should have ended.
I came in expecting this to be absolute trash, like it should have premiered on SyFy, but it wasn't that bad. There's really only two things I'd like to point out and it all occurs in the last 10 minutes. This review contains spoilers....

Okay, so we finally hit the point of the movie where they need to get to surface before one of them (who was bitten by a shark) bleeds out. Not only are they swimming in the dark with little to-no vision of these massive sharks around them, but they have to sit for 5 minutes to stop the Nitrogen Bubbles from going in their brains -- which would kill them too! This was the moment where I thought the movie would SHINE, 5 minutes -- in the dark -- in ultimate terror -- with sharks all around them? Let's do this!!!!

Nope.... the 5 minute timer 'starts' and no more than 15 seconds in, the man from the boat calls out 4 1/2 minutes to 3 minutes left. We are just starting this "5 minute" scene and it lasted no more than 45 seconds, if that. I'm not saying it should've lasted the FULL time, but the audience missed out on all the suspense it was building.

Then, we get to the surface to have this corny scene of the sharks attacking them, even to the point where they were being pulled onto the boat and one came up out of the water to bring one of them back under again... Now after all of that I'm rolling my eyes like "corny? yeap --- that all just happened," but then I was pulled back again.

Everything we just saw from her finding her sister, escaping the cage, the climb, getting back on the boat --- was all an illusion from Nitrogen narcosis. I was like YES! This movie just mind f#$%ed me and we are getting the dark reality of this tragedy. It's the darker side of the stereotypical "happy" ending. I was with it!

BUT!!!! once again, DENIED! The following, and closing scene, shows her snapping out of the hallucination to have the coast guard comes down, rescue her and bring her back to the surface.... yawn.

Movie ends right as she's hitting the surface. No follow up. No extra info. No dramatic scene with the sister. Nothing.

If I could change anything: End it with her in an hallucinated state and the oxygen tank meter reading zero. I know that's dark --- but man, that would have been an ending.
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