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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Horror
IMDB rating:
Zak Hilditch


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Bob Frazer as Andrew Lester
Peter Hall as Farmer
Bruce Blain as Bank Guard
Brian d'Arcy James as Sheriff Jones
Dylan Schmid as Henry James
Spencer Brown as Train employee
Danielle Klaudt as Female Teller
Kaitlyn Bernard as Shannon Cotterie
Anna Louise Sargeant as Hotel Maid
Roan Curtis as Victoria
Thomas Jane as Wilfred James
Mark Acheson as Pawn Shop Clerk
Neal McDonough as Harlan Cotterie
Tanya Champoux as Sallie
Molly Parker as Arlette James
Michael Bean as Funeral Operator
Patrick Keating as Mr. Stoppenhauser
Peter New as Counterman
Graeme Duffy as Good Samaritan
1922 Storyline: A simple yet proud farmer in the year 1922 conspires to murder his wife for financial gain, convincing his teenage son to participate.
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Worth A Watch
Stephen King is considered as one of the best novelists in the horror genre & not without reason. Post the stupendous success of IT, Netflix has delivered another movie based on a Stephen King novella of the same name. The movie stars Thomas Jane & Molly Parker of House of Cards fame who plays Arlette James. The movie set in 1922's rural America is about a family of 3 - Wilfred James(Thomas Jane), his wife Arlette & son Henry. The movie is narrated by Wilfred - a farmer who owns 80 acres of land. His wife Arlette has been bequeathed 100 acres of land by her father. While the wife wants to sell all the land & move to the city, her husband & madly in love teenager son have other plans. Wilfred manages to poison his son's mind & conspires with him to brutally murder his own wife. What happens next forms the crux of the story. The movie starts off a bit slowly but picks up pace soon. The movie gets scarier as story proceeds further. The plot is well scripted & will keep you entertained. The characters are well etched & the screenplay is commendable. It does give you a feel of how America was in the 1920's, when it was yet to become the economic & military superpower that it is today. It does provide you a glimpse of rural America & highlights certain aspects of American rural life, hitherto unseen in any other movie. Special mention needs to be given to Thomas Jane for his performance. The movie does fall short in the spooks department. While it does have its share of scary moments, you are likely to be disappointed with the thrills. But if you are a sucker for horror movies, this one is worth watch.
A good novella
A whole movie about a man, who didn't listen to a woman, ending up dying horribly, destroying lives around him.

Casting is spot on. Actors looked organic together. Acting is on point. Thomas Jane, being the star of the movie, respectfully carried his character. However, half the time I couldn't comprehend his words, but I'd say it's more of a 'me' issue. Molly Parker had twice less screen time to show us her character, but still did her job just right. Dylan Schmid is a discovery for me. Playing a supporting role at such a young age can be quite demanding, he killed it nonetheless, no pun intended. All the other supporting actors did their job well. I loved the atmosphere of the sets, yet I wasn't completely convinced about the time setting, looked vague to me. The story could be predictable to the letter, but fortunately, it wasn't. I can't say, if it's thanks to either the original novel or the screenplay, since I've not read the book. Still, the plot gradually progressed, a little surprise here and there, it's well done. The story as a whole gave me Dostoyevsky vibe, which I highly appreciate. I really used to enjoy reading his novels. Also, I like, that the most dreadful part comes from the whole concept of this man single-handedly destroying so many peoples' lives fatally, rather than those 'spooky' corpses. Soundtrack was satisfying, really nice. On contrary to all these advantages, though, the 'rats everywhere' idea wasn't interesting, to my taste. Corpses looked kinda goofy: they gave me more of a smile, than an uneasiness. The thing with adaptations often is, that film makers try to give every detail possible from the original writing, than try and create a finished product, so their works may have a lot of plot holes. This movie isn't the case. I can definitely say, that during watching the movie I haven't had a thought about something being missing in the narration. In conclusion, I think the story may seem ordinary, yet is performed so qualitatively, that I really can't say anything bad about it.
Thomas Jane's one of the finest performances!
Based on Stephen King's novella of the same name, 1922 is like Stephen King's own version of Allen Poe's timeless classic THE TELL-TALE HEART story that set around here Wilfred James, a Nebraska farmer with a bitter wife named Arlette and a loyal son named Henry. This hardworking but not-too-successful farmer finds himself under increasing pressure from his wife when she clearly started to express her frustrations living in the country and wants to sell her all of the 100 acres of land that she got inheritably and move to the big city. Through their disagreements, when Arlette threatens to divorce him, taking the son with her, Wilfred plots to murder her and methodically persuades his son to become his partner in crime. This is beautifully done, an effectively slow-burn horror-drama directed by Zak Hilditch and like the way Carla Gugino turned GERALD'S GAME into her own showcase of versatile acting talent, this time almost an unrecognizable Thomas Jane delivered one of his best performances in career, IMO. His deeply sincere & committed performance as an early 1920s manipulative, desperate farmer with a slowly rotten psyche…was not only an absolute treat but surely this year's one the best so far that deserve some recognition in the coming award season.
That accent though
I thought it was fantastic and am kind of surprised by the relatively low rating. But, and this is probably the big one, I love slow, plodding, tension building plots and this one delivered on that front, for me at least. I did have to turn on the sub-titles though because I couldn't understand half of what Thomas Jane was saying, but I didn't live in Kansas (or wherever it was supposed to take place) in the 1920s so who am I to judge. I also loved Molly's portrayal of the strident, bored, ambitious housewife although I almost sympathised with Wilfred for her single-minded desire to leave, and the threat to take everything away from him. Almost. In the end it was an excellent cinematic portrayal of what happens when a moral dilemma results in the wrong avenue of choice.
Getting ratty
Adapted from a Stephen King short story, 1922 is a slow burn psychological thriller of a conniving man who once made a wrong decision.

Thomas Jane plays Wilfred James, a poor farmer in Nebraska. His wife named Arlette (Molly Parker) dislikes the farming life and just wants to sell her share of the farm and leave to the city with her son. Her husband can rot for all she cares.

Their son Henry is sweet with the young girl in the neighbouring farm which makes it easy for Wilfred to manipulate his son to do a dastardly deed in killing Arlette.

This despicable act unhinges Wilfred, plunges the family and even his neighbour into a spiral of darkness. Wilfred sees visions of his wife and his house is plagued with rats. His son runs off with his pregnant girlfriend and on to a life of crime.

A fog of doom overhangs them all, Wilfred is slowly being driven insane. The film is well acted by Jane, there are some disturbing scenes with rats. It is essentially a gloomy ghost story.
Uniquely Good
1922 is the latest novel adaptation by Stephen King, and wholly character driven, and a huge departure in many ways to his recent films, It and Gerald's Game... two films I found somewhat disappointing... but this is uniquely good, because it's so selfless, so unpresumptuous or needing of attention... it just is, and in that is a viscerality, a gristly and enduring experience that sets it above the others.

Damn good movie.

My Rating: 9/10 (Netflix)
You really have to listen
Watched this due to the reviews on here, all i can assume is that a lot of the reviews are from Americans. The dialogue was very hard to follow and made the film a bit of a pain really, totally spoiled it for me and my wife. The story is pretty good showing the gradual decline after the wife is murdered, but the language really puts a dampener on the whole film. I gave it a 5 because of this.
Thomas Jane does it again......
This is the second time I have seen a show stopping performance by Thomas Jane.

Jane seems to have endless range and talent as a character actor. He fits seamlessly into a role, leaving you utterly convinced. 1922 is no exception. Jane's cut it with a sickle corn belt accent works wonderfully in the context of this slow burn, psychological thriller, with a supernatural twist.

The story's got a 20's USA grit and grease that works beautifully when accompanied by strong performances all round and Jane's simply wonderful lead character. A man who makes a Faustian deal that has ramifications he could not have predicted.

This film is n one to take you time and chew over like fresh tobacco. Yet if you have a mind 1922 is really worth anyone's and everyone's time. Ten out of ten from me.
Slow, boring and not worth the time spend : 1922
Another weekend and another one of those Netflix originals. The second Stephen King adaptation from the Netflix stable did not live up to the 'above-average' show by its predecessor Gerald's Game. Although a big fan of Stephen King, this is one book/short story that I had not read and should have ideally kept me intrigued throughout as I didn't know the story.

However, this crime/drama/horror movie ended up just being a below average crime/horror flick with an average drama quotient. The story-line surrounds "A simple yet proud rancher in the year 1922 conspires to murder his wife for financial gain, convincing his teenage son to participate. (imdb)". This is all I can tell about the movie without revealing the very little the movie has to offer. From the word go, the movie was slow, boring and pertaining to a lifestyle I probably cannot fathom 🙂 . The lead actor Thomas Jane was very good in his role, ably supported by Dylan Schmid & Molly Parker. – Nothing really wrong there. However, the script, CGI, direction and story were loose and unappealing.

Let me keep things short by saying I have seen a lot better movies in all three genres and I would have skipped this one had I read a review before ! 2/5
I haven't read '1922', but it seems like classic Stephen King to me.
'1922': Four Stars (Out of Five)

A new horror flick based on the novella, of the same name, by Stephen King. It tells the story of a farmer, in 1922, who murders his wife, with the help of their 14-year-old son, in order to keep their farmland. The movie stars Thomas Jane, Dylan Schmid, Molly Parker and Kaitlyn Bernard. It's received mostly positive reviews from critics, and it was released on Netflix through their streaming site. I found it to be effectively creepy and disturbing.

Wilfred James (Jane) lives on a farm in Hemingford Home, Nebraska (in 1922), with his wife Arlette (Parker) and their 14-year-old son Henry (Schmid). Wilfred and Arlette are unhappy in their marriage though, and when Arlette inherits 100 acres of land, she threatens to sell it and apply for a divorce. She wants to then move to the city, with Henry. Wilfred won't have it though, and Henry doesn't want to move either, because he thinks he's in love with a local girl (Bernard). So Wilfred convinces Henry to help him murder Arlette. The crime then continues to haunt the two, in extremely disturbing ways.

The movie isn't especially scary, or even that suspenseful, it's just really creepy; in pretty disturbing ways too. This is something I think Stephen King books have always been really good at, and their film adaptations (at least the good ones). I haven't read '1922', but it seems like classic Stephen King to me. Thomas Jane gives a great leading man performance in the film, and it's pretty effectively directed too. I'm both glad and sad that I watched it.
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